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  1. Ep 2 is soo sad i dont know if i should continue watching it But I really want to see them happy at some point so i guess ill have to keep watching. Im confused whats the focus of this drama from now on? Hye Ja trying to get back her young look? How the two still have understanding for each other regardless their looks? I kind of expected it to focus on how the two become successful in the careers they chose But I guess not anymore, now it focuses more on the time travelling and its consequences. Han Ji Min scene at the hospital was crazy omg!! Her eyes got all red and felt helpless. Ok last post i was happy Nam Joo Hyuk was good again, but in ep 2 honestly it was all thanks to the director who got the best angle/lighting of him at the end and kind of cover his weakness. But hes certainly improved.
  2. Wowow I didnt expect I would like ep 1 so much!!! Decided to watch it bc I love Han Ji Min acting, and hoping she would help Nam Joo Hyuk act better like in Weightlifting Fairy when I totally fell in love with him (but NOT in other dramas he was soo bad). And it turned out to be really good. Han Ji Min is good as always, her character is so relatable. Nam Joo Hyuk acting is good again omg im so happy hahah, his character is so pitiful like Hye Ja said. And they definitely have chemistry yay! The way he looked at her at the end omg i melted haha Hoping it will be a heart warming drama, but the preview for ep 2 doesnt look so good. Its usually hard to write time travelling story well so im a bit worried. Pleaseee let it continue to be a heart warming, kind of funny with Son Ho Jun character, and relatable. Im having more faith with JBTC now after Sky Castle!!
  3. Its cringey but i like it though? I mean its fun and put a smile on my face and thats all i look for in a drama. As long as the characters are not too unrealistic. Yoo In Na is not bad (i like her over acting more than Lee Dong Wook's stiff face) but her voice is a bit annoying even though i dont understand korean. I assume the character voice is supposed to be like that idk. But its kind of funny so i dont really mind. In ep 1 i thought her character is sooo annoying but i do like her personalities later on the ep, asking around on how to do stuffs and staying firm regardless of what people say. Cant wait to see more of her development! I used to love LDW in My Girl but his eyes get so sleepy for some reasons in his recent dramas and i just lost focus lol. Hoping he will improve in later eps!
  4. Wowwow the drama is crazy!!! Lots of people said that the drama reflects reality but now i feel like it gets way too dramatic. But i think bc of that, i cant stop watching haha. Sometime i hate the characters sooo bad but then sometime i feel bad for them. Hmm really good writing i guess. Also the casting is amazing! Most of the casts were not so popular but they have been in heapss of dramas/movies (they looked soo familiar so i looked them up and the list of dramas/movies they were in were impressive). So its like they were really good at acting but didnt get the recognition they deserved before this drama. Still wondering why its not as popular to the international kdrama fans, but i guess quite a lot of good dramas like signal or reply series were also quite underrated. (and many more but i havent watched them). My thoughts on ep 16 - im still not certain that coach Kim/ her assistant killed Hyena, though the drama is leading us to think that she/he is the one. But i guess it makes sense, as the other residents in Sky castle dont have clear motives (the parents, even Hyena's dad) or they have alibi (most the children, except Ye Seo and Woojoo but based on their characters and whats shown in ep 16 they dont seem like the killers). Am i missing anything hmm? I was in the library while watching pro Cha got kicked out of the house and had his pyramid broken lmao i was trying so hard not to laugh. Definitely best scene of ep 16! But omg how crazy is coach Kim, saying that she loves Ye Seo and lied about seeing Hyena. I wonder how she got the exam info - Could it be the male teacher in school leaking it? I was hoping coach Kim was just a side villian, everyone has good/bad sides, which would reflect better the story of how parents affecting their children and the edu system in general. But seeing how the drama goes, coach is the main villian of the drama bc shes crazy. Still i dont like the fact that Hyena is portrayed as a hero to most of characters in the drama. She is brave and smart but also has flaws. I wish she wasnt so manipulative and went around provoking other, but instead taking real actions so that she wouldnt get killed :((( (though im not sure which actions can be taken given the education system/schools are so bad)
  5. Woahhhhhh I have never seen a more frustrating character/male lead-ish like pro Jung. He clearly had people genuinely care/worry about him; eg the female professor, Guem and his mum, ON; but he took it for granted and kept saying no one ever care about me~~ WTH???? I understand that he did not have parents loving him like others but there are soo many others who care for him while he used it as an excuse to be selfish and actuallyyyy hurt the people who care for him???? (he clearly hurt Guem and the female professor's feelings) Anyway I may as well skipp most frustrating part to watch Guem Nam hehe. The last scene was what we all have been waiting for for monthss. BUTTT seems like ON still hasnt realised that Guem is her husband based on the preview for the next ep. Guem says that hes prob the one she has been looking for while our fairy sees Guem turning back and asks herself why didnt i realise it when he has always been here. So what does the hug mean?? Simply bc she misses him? Now we only need a kisssss
  6. OMG is it just me or at the very very end of ep 11, even after the preview for ep 12, pro Jung asked a student is it possible if after the husband died, the dear reincarnated as the (2nd) husband and lived with the fairy?????? WTH is that supposed to mean???? Are they trying to make pro Jung kind of her husband now so it would not be weird if she ends up with him at the end?? I assume its not in the webtoon, noooo one has mentioned this happened!! This is making the fairy seems really out of character. I was hoping to see a drama where both male and female leads fall in love regardless how many lives they have been through. OMG ive never got anxiety watching a drama before!!! Just bc the production team wanted pro Jung to be the male lead, they really ruined the whole webtoon and its message behind. SOOOOO DISAPPOINTED. And his reason for being selfish doesnt convince be at all I mean some people have been through really tough times but they are still very nice to others so it should not be an excuse for being selfish. Thats just my thoughts idk.
  7. Some people were saying that its ok that KG heartbroken now cause in dramas the ones heart broken first usually get the girl in the end but NO now this is the other guy kissing the girl first, and in dramas its usually that the guy with first kiss will end up with the girl Sorry im just soo frustrated! Waiting a whole week to watch Guem Nam and now we get the kiss of ON and prof. Seriously though, like i said before it would be sooo weird and out of character if ON chooses someone who is not her husband in past life cause what shows was that she loves him and her FAMILY dearly. Whats the point of showing that and happy family in past life so much if she ends up with the one who kills her husband?? Now netizens also think the same!! I would hate ON sooo badlh if someone else played her cause i hate clueless characters, unintentionally hurt both male leads (but now prof is getting annoying so i dont mind him getting heart broken ugh) but i mean its Moon Chae Won so i cant really hate her hehe. That being said, now i hope SJH and MCW can appear in a different melodrama together. SJH doesnt have amazing acting skills yet but mannn his eyes say them allll. (Like netizens said) how can he have that look in his eyes when hes sooo young? Now i want to read the webtoon but apparently someone said the webtoon is similar ish with so many scenes of prof Jung, is that true? Then where can i see Guem Nam scene
  8. OMG ive never agreed more with knetizens before. Park Bo Gum is sooo sooo good looking that its sooo distracting whenever he smiles and OMG he keeps smiling every few minutes i hate it!! The whole 2 episodes were like CF of PBG smiling. All I could think of while watching from the lady buying apples was that oh yeah if ive ever seen a good looking guy like PBG trying to sell me apples i'd definitely buy it HAHAH orr when he was introduced to the office saying he was the most handsome guy out of new interns i was like yep yep couldnt agree more orrr when knet say why would a president go after a new intern i was like dude if an intern is THAT good looking like PBG who wouldn't?? But putting his look aside, i dont think hes portraying very well the character. Its just soo.. awkward - whatever the jin hyuk did from talking to his parents to friends to Song Hye Kyo. Everything the guy did is just awkward (plus normal people dont smile that much lol) except for when he got drunk that was GOLD! Since im a fan of PBG im blaming either the writer or director cause he did soo well portraying different characters in the past, while jin hyuk is supposedly an easy character. The character is not innocent but naive for giving an interview like that seriously though how can he can get a job with that? Talking about Song Hye Kyo, shes beautiful as always! From Won Bin to Kang Dong Won to Hyun Bin to Jo In Sung to Song Joong Ki to Park Bo Gum she has worked with ALL of them but its pretty amazing how she looks good pairing with anyone. But again the writing man. Cant they put more effort effort in the conversations between JH and SH instead of having them smiling at each other and the odd music in the background? Like the scene at claw machine was so cringe, awkward and no chemistry at all. The only scene i like was when they were drunk their acting really saved the script honestly. I feel like this drama is kind of slow and gives a vibe of Noona who buys me food, which I dropped after a few episodes. So these 2 are types of drama that people either hate or love. But with Encounter since I love PBG so much I can only hope that the drama and script and his acting as well as SHK's will get betterrrrr. Because ill defs keep watching bc of their visuals hehe.
  9. Ok im the biggest fan of dramas that we dont know who the male lead is HAHAHA i mean i hate it at the same time but the curiosity keeps me watching. And this used to happen with I can hear you voice before hehe, my poor lee jong suk was so hurt broken at the start. Anyways back to this drama. Im team Kim Guem for sure! I have watched a few drama of this actor in the past but i barely remember him, but now i sure do hehe. Hes just so sweet, innocent, kind! Same goes to our fairy ON, Moon chae won may not be as beautiful as other actresses but she does have an image of a kind, elegant woman. Ok now its my thought on who ON ends up with. ON is someone who would put her family above all else, so she would definitely choose whoever is her husband and I dont think she would just go with her feeling in the present timeline. Yep for me, it doesnt matter if shes blushing while thinking of KG kindness or worrying a little too much for the professor. ON loves her family in previous life (the husband and her children) and all the scenes have showed us that she was the happiest with them. Now imagine she would end up with a total stranger who is NOT the father of her children, woudnt it be weird considering her personality? Thats why im hoping KG is the husband, and not just the wind god (?) or the dear. It would make more sense since he seems to have better connection with her children and together they would be a happy family whereas the professor doesnt seem to like her daughter so much. Honestly though, they wouldnt just have characters such as daughter and son for nothing. Im keeping my hope high since KG could remember exactly what happened in the previous life hugging her from the back hehe. But thats all i got from it. Anyways ill just wait for next week to find more hints (im loving this they keep leaving hints for us to figure out hehe)
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