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  1. Hoping for a good finale. I like the character JYT; he is smart and flexible ... expecting a good ending for his character too.
  2. YJ told MS to let him live in one piece till the wedding because she did hit him hard after he was telling her that they won't go outside much during honey moon, they probably will stay in the hotel most of the time ....
  3. If the writer is any good like how I think, it's understandable for Nam Shin is moving towards destructive and acting evil. He was raised wrong and up to now he is living in misery. His character needs to hit rock bottom then: 1. When he hits rock bottom, the only way is going up = redeem himself or break free from everybody and just to live for himself. If his character is written as main lead. 2. The end of his miserable life because NS robot is written as main character thus human soon should go extinction because you can't control robots anymore, they'll replace human being = grandpa got his dream come true. (this drama is a sci-fi after all) However, base on my experience watching K-dramas in the past. The writer is always screwing up the last couple episodes because of losing direction and too many loose ends to tight up. Viewers end up suffering for a while ... hahahaha.... In K-drama, there are two types of heroine: either smart, filial, independent and use her head well or selfish, impulsive, displaced her brain somewhere but cute ...
  4. @luckione YJ once said that he changed his name because he did not want his brother got more confusing after he faked his memory loss
  5. After watching this drama, I re-watched "Healer" because of PMY. What's wrong with secretary Kim has simple plot, funny characters, beautiful actors, nice clothes and bags, nice cars, and many kisses ... a very light heart drama that I was looking forward to see every Wed and Thurs nights ... I don't know what to watch next since the drama ends so fast
  6. I am a big fan of Infinite L (Kim MyungSoo) so I do pay close attention to his acting. I am very happy that Miss Hammurabi with him as one of the main leads received many praises and the drama was a success. Please, if anyone who can translate my message to Hangul, translate it and post it on Naver or any Korean forum so Kim MyungSoo could read it. First, he needs to improve his posture, he needs to stand up straight or he will have a hunchback later all. By standing up straight he shows his confident and his height since other fellow Korean male actors are very tall. Second, he needs to genuinely smile, not a tight lipped smile when he purposely stretches the lips to right side to show the dimple. We've already known he has two dimples. Thirdly, when he acts angry, he should not cringe his teeth because it shows unnatural and bad acting, just use emotional memory and go all out by not worrying that your face won't be handsome. Because, handsome guy gets more handsome and cool when he is angry, and Myungsoo will look handsome no matter what he does to his face. Please work on your angry acting and stop cringing teeth. Finally, because he is an idol so he always has to worry about his image, however; when you are acting, you need to show your emotion, and not worry about your image, then you will become a better actor. I am always looking forward to Kim Myungsoo -- an actor with new work, new drama. Because I am your true fan, I wish that you will improve and become one of the best Korean actors. Regarding Go Ara, she is pretty, good crier but I am sorry to say this, she is bad at every dramas, and always overreacting.
  7. I watched the drama up to the part the real human Nam Shin comes around then stop. Visit this site to read spoilers and some interesting reaction from the drama viewers. About the robot NS3, he is perfect because his mom and David built him to be perfected, to smile often and have no flaws -- he is a man, a co-worker, a boss, a son, a friend, and a companion that any human would dream to have or to befriend with. Because it is NOT human. Then here is a real human being Nam Shin who was forcefully taken away from his mom at young age, who forced to say hurtful words to his mom in order to save her life. Who has to live with an abusive grandfather and grow up with evil people around him who only waits an opportunity to take his life. He has to be cruel in order to survive, he plotted his escape to look for his mom but was murdered. He was lucky to survive, however; there is his clone walking around, perfect in every way replacing his place and probably here to stay. If he doesn't get mad or try to destroy it, then HE IS NOT HUMAN, he is saint. It doesn't matter what was the reason for the robot to exist in his place, they can't be coexistence ... IMO, I don't think anyone could peacefully live knowing your clone is somewhere around you. The writer has done beautiful job to implement reality into the drama, but why I stop watching it because a weird twisted love between the girl and the robot could put a human life in danger. When she said she would risk her life too if he got exploded, I thought "writer, please you should have written this character is an orphan because she doesn't give a shred about her dad, her friends, or the people who grew up with her." The character gives me the impression that she would kill or endanger human Shin if her toy or slave got taken away. Uhm, ... this girl is insane. Because the actor who plays NS3 is handsome in real life, many viewers are detached from reality. I hope that at the end of drama, us -- the viewers and writer don't forget that human makes mistake but nothing should place above human -- even a perfect robot.
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