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  1. I'm being realistically optimistic But I gotta crush you this time my dear, no special epilogue The timeslot will take a break this week (just checked, they gonna do reruns of the new weekend drama) new Weds/Thurs drama will start broadcasting next week
  2. I was thinking the same! BRING ON THE DIRECTOR'S CUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 제발!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Just a quick one - I think he had decided to take on this project after receiving the script for the first 4 episodes - Bogum thinks Jinhyuk is very straightforward when it comes to love, and he said he would probably do the same but might not be able to do as far. - He talks about his acting controversy in earlier episodes, he accepts people comments as he knows he is still short of something. But he comments this is really the way that he yawns and said maybe he should have his mouth open wider next time. - Scenes that leave him the lasting impression: Yeonja's apologising to Jinhyuk / Soohyun's tangerine preserve scene. - Sighs his 20s is passing real quick and wants to get the most out of it, and when it's about time he will enlist without hesitation. - When asked about the crying acting, he said he it does feel sadder watching the preview with the OST that comes with it (E15 Preview has Baek Ahyeon's OST). - He said P.O. is a loveable cutie. - He praises Director Park Shinwoo for getting things into fine detail, especially the seaside scene in EP1, when Soohyun envisages people dancing and next to them there's a lady is dancing with a guy in white shirt. He comments maybe it's something that the audiences won't realise too. - He is now busy on his Fan-meeting Tour, and will start looking at new project in April. He wants something that is different from Kim Jinhyuk, and to try acting in different role. = OK. That's it for now. Don't know what I'm typing already. *Goes back to sleep*
  4. I would love to but currently the interviews are flocking in... and many of them overlaps with each other Maybe I should do a summary instead... Let me rest for a few more hours then I'll do it (it's midnight here... maybe by then some sites would have translated everything... LOL) Everyone bursted out laughing, as I read : )
  5. Not that I know of at the moment But I think that song will probably release with the Drama OST on Jan 29th! Will let you know again
  6. LOL don't think you'll ever need to watch... yeah many thought the drama will be such a flop but look how it turns out? I'm grateful to the writer who didn't take a classic, cliche route for the plot; and I've always known Kyo & Bogum have got a great taste in choosing a script. OMG YES! I thought about that too... I can only put it in this way cause I felt the reason she told him for the second break up was quite invalid and out of the blue: - to me she was completely fine after they made up in Seokcho till she met his mum at the cafe, as we all know she started to look down herself further from that bed hug + wedding photoshoot event, however i see that's just lack of confidence and there's nowhere near breakup) - that's the same reason of her kept pushing him away initially and also led to their first breakup). I know she has always been afraid of him getting hurt from malicious rumours because of their relationship and all that, but if it wasn't the meetup with his mum, which basically throws her off the cliff, and Jinmyung's incident with his friends just adds fuel to the fire - she was forced to retreat (look how long it took her to break up with him, she was so reluctant!). So I do think the main reason for the breakup was because of his mum, not to mention her strongly worded plead. But she didn't want to cause a rift between the family, so I agree she purposefully said to them both that it's not her fault. [ @dukesa1122 OMG after I found you basically said the same thing after I typed everything T_T... LOL) I suggest every time when they go through turmoil in life, Soohyun should look at their photos first XD Photographs are their loyal cupid XD Anyway just my shallow two cents, and I gotta say this is where we need to read the script book - I checked and their official release will be on Feb 1st! : ) = @rosiepeonie188 OMG chingu! You were there today? Was it crowded?
  7. I love her Miracle in Cell No. 7. It was just so heartbreaking. Oh i was referring to her drama works... Encounter is the best out of all so far (I was saying she can finally redeem her reputation for drama) I was sceptical at first, not because of the pairing of Kyo & Bogum, but mainly because I didn't like any of her previous work and thought this is going to be so cliche (Remember my previous post?). However, since Kyo & Bogum (both are my fav k-actor/actress) have accepted the role, I decided to trust them and give it a try. Compared to drama, her movie works are much better and ditto on Miracle in Cell No.7! <3 Plus, I'm going to write myself a shopping list for Encounter so I'll be able to get them all when I'm in Seoul later this year ; )
  8. No you guys can still send an email to boyfrienddvd@gmail.com‬ (Country, the quantity of Bluray / DVD you would like to buy) It is still on demand survey stage (intention of purchase) so it is worthwhile to send it anyway! The more demand they get, the more bargaining power we have (Commentaries, all sorts of unseen footage, director's cut, ENGLISH SUBTITLES, etc etc) PSW is one of my favourite K-Drama director... I'm always in awe of his work (even the script are meh) But I gotta say this is YYA's best work so far... I'll try to follow her work from now on Ooooh you gotta let us know how you're getting on! I'm gonna wait for Director's Cut then... hehehe I was still in my own cave 3 weeks ago but how did I miss that anyway? Thanks buddy, another item on my Encounter shopping list then ; ) Looks like many of us are going to stuck for life then! I'm always willing to talk remember ^__^ The more they spend time together, the quicker the bond developed... which is a good thing ^__^ I like how Congressman Cha calls Jinhyuk as "Jinhyuk-ee" (If I hear it correctly during the live stream) Soohyun's face when she found out Jinhyuk has been visiting... hehehe proud fiance (i see her as his fiance when they got back together) <3 <3 <3 If only she sees her own happy pictures earlier................... T___T @bohmi Could they release English version too? Unlikely. They don't normally publish versions for other languages. Unless someone can convince some kind of publisher from the UK/US to release one... which is... hard...
  9. Seems Hyosun Unnie is a fan of the script! She always uses quotes from the drama for her caption! I think they have hired some crew members who are based in Havana during their stay... so it kept to the minimum possible (and it is easier to manage too) The group photo in Cuba includes the dancers too... how nice of them ^__^ But true I believe there are more unseen footages
  10. Script book... novel book... photobook... COME THROW AT US! YYA has defo redeemed her reputation from this drama. I didn't like any of her previous drama works at all (I apologise to those who are) P.S. How's your trip? Having fun in Seoul?
  11. I hope the K-fans can use their power to convince the writer to release a script book T__T Or at least can someone interview the writer?
  12. Three passionate kisses (Morro Castle, Hotel Balcony, Snowflake) without the help of drone and they're all close-up shots! Not to mention other pecks, kisses of our dear OTP! I'm pleased! They did it just right and devote themselves as much as each other (didn't overdo it, no awkwardness - omg I've seen a lot worse) Of course I signed up ^__^
  13. This really depends on the production team. Normally if they have high demands from the international fans... they will have it Korean, English, Chinese But it depends... let's hope the DVD is going into production first ^__^
  14. Kyo's Instagram Update: Translation: Thank you for loving the drama "Encounter"
  15. Maybe some of the cast will appear in a video during the FM. How is the DVD btw? Have they got enough people to process with it? I wonder if tvN will arrange them a reward vacation for the cast & crew?
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