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  1. On 2/3/2020 at 11:11 AM, andra3 said:

    I wonder if something happened between Jiwonnie and Kmedia ? bcoz she she don't had any interview since TTWWNIL ??? 

    Sometimes I wonder about the lack of interviews, media coverage of HJW too. Is it a personal choice or is there something  between her and kmedia especially with her agency focusing more on youtube exposure than mainstream media. I love that Haewadal is reaching out to the fans in a more personal way in youtube but I do wonder. Still, hoping for the best and brightest for our Jiwon this year and always. 

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  2. Hello!


    It is great to see a lot more Chocolate lovers coming to the thread. The drama deserves the love it gets. It is a well crafted production that was given a lot of thought from the cast, script, music and overall aspects of the drama.


    Today, read that the Chocolate OST is inumber 8 in Yes24 top 10 best selling albums from Jan 20-27, 2020. All the rest of the top ten are kpop sensations. Awesome!


    The BTS are also a joy to watch especially the interactions between HJW and YKS. They are such a hoot. 


    Shout out to all chingus! Had a good laugh reading posts from the new pages. 

    @40somethingahjumma Miss your insights. 


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  3. Hello to everyone in the thread! 


    Chocolate drama is not only a gem to watch but coming here and reading thoughtful, introspective, funny insights is a treasure trove as well. Been a silent reader and decided to come out and join the party. 


    My two cents...


    The ending had mixed reactions from a lot of people but I was quite satisfied with it. The drama is a slice of life, deals with realities, and issues are not resolved magically and instantly. Even with CY still missing her sense of taste and smell, life goes on for her. There are two scenes that resolved this issue for me. It is when she said that, "I will climb the mountain with one leg," and when her brother confirmed that her food taste more delicious than ever. And now, she has Kang who can season and taste her food for her (have to throw that one in, haha). 

    Kang's lying about his mom to CY  may be self preservation as well as protecting CY. Guess he believes it was the best thing to do at that time. They both have suffered a lot from the accident and chose to deal with the trauma in their own way. Kang closing himself off and CY living selflessly for others to a fault. But in the end, it is Kang's mother's legacy that brought them together. Actually, it was his mother who brought them together the first time when they were kids. Kang learned cooking from mom to make other people happy. He cooked for little CY and now as adults together in a relationship. Ironically sweet. 

    The overall production is so beautiful and most of you have dissected thoughtfully. It is admirable how the scenes were more deep and heartfelt through the director and casts' collaboration especially HJW and YKS. According to HJW's latest interview with MCY (Haewadal YT Channel), she suggested that CY should stay with Kang and lay beside him because she felt that you don't want to leave some one you love in that state of exhausted sleeping. And, it worked beautifully (like the kneeling scene on the beach). 

    Want to add that the music tied the story together too. We know that our leads have great chemistry in their on and off screen interactions, but these two make beautiful music together too. Just perfect! Their rendition of "You and I," is so soothing, cool, and sexy and the same time. Eargasm! 

    It is hard to say goodbye to this drama. Re-watching pretty soon. Carpe Diem!



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  4. Thanks for the Chocolate bts Englis sub links.


    HJW and YKS do have a world of their own most of the time and looks like even the production had fun with their interactions.  The last behind the scenes and HJW and YKS messages has bittersweet feels for me. Somehow, I can feel the sadness that their drama shoot ended and they have to say goodbye to their characters and each other. 


     It is so refreshing to see how the director respect what HJW and YKS put in the table with regards to the drama. Their work is very collaborative as seen thru the bts. JW coming up with the suggestion to stay with Kang while he is sleeping is brilliant. The scene felt so much more deep and heartwarming. 


    And, how is it even possible that a duet could be so full of chemistry?! HJW and YKS make beautiful music together. Their "You and I" version is so soothing and a pleasure to the ears. Their voices blended beautifully. Love it!

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  5. It has been so lovely to see our HJW every week and we are saying goodbye to her character and the drama, "Chocolate." Yes indeed, Chocolate is a beautiful and thoughtful drama that will linger in my heart for awhile. It is one of the best dramas in the more recent times with quality production, amazing acting and chemistry, and poignant OSTs. Congratulations Jiwon and the rest of Chocolate cast and crew. :kiss_wink:

    Now, on the her movie "Collateral."

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  6. 9 hours ago, dianah de guzman said:

     thanks for taking back KNG on the list! Haha! But more than my love for KNG (:D), i really think they are a good match in terms of acting (drama and action).. so no doubt it will be a hit project.

    Hehe, welcome chingu. :P Agree that he is one of the more consistent and good actors of his generation and indeed, would be a compatible acting match with JW. 


    Personally, I don't have a favorite K actor or someone I "fangirl" like Jiwon. Maybe except Yeo Jin Goo but he is too young for Jiwon, hahaha. Maybe a noona/dongsaeng drama for them down the road. The boy can act. 


    Love her personality and attitude. She is an antithesis of a superstar. You guys are right that she would rather spend her time with family, or pursue interests that aid her craft or just learn new things. 


    One article mentioned "Chocolate" will air the 2nd half of the year or towards the end. So, it may be November. I am following one of Greek staff of the drama (her account is private but thank goodness, she accepted my request), and the location, Nafplio, Greece, is breathtaking. In my bucket list now. 

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  7. Hi ladies. Really, KNG ignored JW. :angry: Was it in one of the awards show? Saw a video but I am not sure who was the actor. Scrap him from the list then. A variety with Lee Seo Jin would be epic. Their personalities would be great variety TV, haha. 


    I am curious though, who are actors or actresses close to our JW? From what I have seen (pictures of old, media interviews) she used to hang out with a few. Now, looks like she mostly hangs out with her staff, family, and non-celebrity friends. I like it that she is family oriented and quite understandably that at this point of her life, she would value real friends. 

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  8. @andra3 yes, zoomed and looks like Jiwon. 


    @strwbrry and @dianah de guzman, not familiar with scriptwriters as you are (:D) but since we are talking about drama casting for Jiwon , would like her to have a reunion drama with Lee Seo Jin. I think they have one of the best pairings and chemistry.  A saeguk drama with Lee Joon Gi. For movies, action with Won Bin and drama with Kim Nam Gil. A girl can dream, right? :lol:

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  9. 20 hours ago, strwbrry said:

    Aha! If I have to choose a least fave character, if it includes the movie, I dont like her in Life Risking Romance ( @drakelaw peace sis! :D ) I find Jane quite annoying, i am not impress with Jiwon’s acting in there too comical hahahaha



    haha, No problem sis. The story is interesting enough and I think there is good chemistry, but  quite agree with the HJW's acting. Not her best here. Maybe it is harder for her to tone down the aegyo in "lighter" roles because it is her most natural self, hehe. Will definitely have to check out Chronicles of the Blood Merchant. 


    Agree that is so great we are able to interact and discuss more about Jiwon's acting, dramas, movies and a  glimpse about her personal life. Like most of you pointed out, I admire her for choosing anti damsel-in-distress roles and usually opt for strong female roles especially with a male-centric society in Korea. Her being a multi-awarded actress both in dramas and movies is a testament to her passion and love of her craft. Till now,  number of junior actors name her as the actress they aspire to be. In my opinion, at this point of her career, she has nothing more to prove but enjoy her work, and be the cool boss of her agency, :wub:

    10 hours ago, strwbrry said:

    Yet, the result is always better anyways whoever her male lead is coz she have this thing of ‘i-will-let-you-shine’ . 


    True, her male partners usually become more famous and sought out after they partner with her. The magic of HJW. 

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  10. So far, it is unanimous for Kim Hang Ah as favorite character. :blush: My next favorite is Gil Ra Im and Hwang Jini. Both characters seem strong on the outside but vulnerable and sensitive on the inside. I like how they defy the odds of their situation, excel in their field despite the challenges, and came out with their values intact. I like her Hospital Ship character as well. How about in movies? Closer to Heaven is bittersweet but love her in As One. Her thrillers were very good too. A lot of people may disagree but, "Life Risking Romance," is quite a very good watch. The only movie I have not seen of her is Chronicles of the Blood Merchant. How was it?


    @strwbrry Think I have read the rumors too about the guy. Good for him if it is true. As @andra3 said they were close before or maybe more than that, we do not know. And your comment about Jiwon's love life as a black hole is too funny but so true. We need a little light there, hahaha. In the end, it is her decision but as fans we do like to see her happy and settled down. For now, it is living vicariously through her drama like Oh Hana. I pray she will find her Won soon. 

    Nice talking with you all! Keep the post coming. 

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  11. 3 hours ago, strwbrry said:

    Just a thought! Since we are about to be introduce to Jiwon’s new character Moon Cha Young. From all HJW’s character role who is your least favorite if any :sweatingbullets:


    I am still thinking which one is my least fave though :P It is quite hard huh. Hahahaha


    I think this is a great way to celebrate HJW's comeback to drama land and productive sharing while we wait for her drama. :D


    Without a doubt,  it would be her in character in WHIB for me. So Joung seemed indecisive and shameless at times because of her situation. HJW gave the character heart that had it been played by any other actress, I probably would just hate on the character. But, I sympathize and empathize with her. 


    Would like to name a favorite character but it is more harder to choose than the least favorite one. Perhaps Kim Ang Ha is my number one favorite character.


    And a totally unrelated but funny topic (I think), I dreamed last night about HJW and an actor she was paired in a movie with. (Actor clue: movie was like 14 years ago and she played a detective)  Looks like I was in a movie or drama taping/set with her and we know each other, ha. :joy: Anyways, saw her and the actor secretly held hands and being sweet. Then I told her, " I knew it, you are in a relationship with him." HJW replied, "Yes, for two hours." Then,I woke up. Crazy!

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