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  1. yeah its harder unlike the pre vote but its funny i just got 11 extra vote out of 10 video dont know what was happening hope i will fingure out tommorow :)))))
  2. omg where is this place? wasnt it beautiful?.. btw, SH was holding kim joong kook's name tag. was that mean she got it :)))))
  3. try searching for @Lha_san on every sns and you will find out artists always leave their mark on their own works ^^
  4. i fell in love with MR right when she hit Chan Woo Not many female characters in kdrama could defenced themself like MR #belikeMiRae
  5. Noooooo! eun woo just fall back to #4 while soohyang is near #5 im starting to think that arohas also vote for soohyang
  6. omg i was always enjoying watching the astro's members imitate EW in MIIGB. its hilarious lots of idol group doing parody of those popular kdramas so as the show ended i was hoping that astro would make a parody too. *finger cross* btw, i have 30 vote/day. Should i give it all to SH?
  7. anybody here? Mom is on Knowing Brothers I think she said she was being recognized more by youngers pp after MIIGB :)) Heechul: what is the male lead's name? Kang Ho Dong: Cha Eun Woo =)))) seems like the knowing brothers members did not watch the drama 2 seconds cameo of MR
  8. oh great and can we have a fanfic for woojin and jung boon too these two were so adorable and it seems to me that there were something going on between them too
  9. aww, i like so yi hyun too this is good wow she bought a piano just because she promised to play it one time
  10. really, wow i quit watching RM a long time ago guess i have to watch this :)) do you know what ep it will be? dang it i always missed her vline :(((
  11. yes i noticed that days ago too and was about to talk abt it but then the silly me was busy reading other's posts till i totally fogot abt it
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