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  1. I'm happy found join this group :heythere:


    It's a little bit late to share about Monthly house drama. Just marathon watching episode 1-6 yesterday. This drama rarely promote by JTBC. It has a warm heart story. I love the cast, JSM n KJS are good pairing. Also 

    Been watched yesterday episode, so far that's the best episode for me. 

    This drama has a great OST too :heart:

    Can't wait for tonight episode :allgoodlol:


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  2. 12 hours ago, peggygordon said:

    Awww...we've got another update IG video.

    Happy working to our queen 


    @gm4queen please show me which rules point number said we can't embed IG post??

    As long as I know if we want to provide more that 3 pictures we should show in hidden content.


    But If there's a new rules please let me know 

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  3. When i see the video of Hospital Playlist cast singing The Classic Ost, suddently it bring my memories my first time adored SYJ. The Classic always give me Nostalgic moment. That's the first Korean Movie i watched. 


    I hope to see SYJ had another Movie/Drama project with Jo In Sung.

    That would be a great pairing.



    Anw, i feel happy SYJ got the highest voting now on Baeksang award tiktok. 980.000 vote. Near 1.000.000 vote

    Please keep voting and send our love support for our queen. :heart:


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  4. 1 hour ago, Furmom_jds said:

    HI! Sorry to post this topic here, i will delete this if this is not permitted. 

    I just want to share it. 




    a friend DM me this link. It's a twitter from Koreaboo page, like 40 minutes ago. 


    They just won't stop. 




    Please delete this.

    We are in BinJin land. Just share all love and peacefull think about BinJin. :heart:

    Can't hardly waiting for Baeksang Award. 

    I really wish both of them walking together on red carpet.

    But if not. It's my happiness if both of them enjoy their "just the two of us" somewhere   :blush:


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  5. 52 minutes ago, cybertron said:


    Heard that YJ is the one and only actress he sent a food truck..

    That's right.

    He's send foodtruck on Pretty Noona project.

    SJS kind of easy to teased man. Gong Hyo Jin also said that during their interviewed at The Master Sun. (I ship both of them too LoL)

    But seems SJS looks more comfortable with SYJ. And offcourse Ye Jin easily teased him.






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  6. 1 hour ago, Susan said:



    While lurking in her shipping thread withHB someone posted her interview from the Fact, back in 2018 so i came here to read it. This is something that i was curious



    You have almost never been involved in controversy or scandal, and especially you seem to stay away when it comes to a hot romantic rumor topic. Is there a secret?

    Although there was an absurd rumor, but it never happened at all. It was with actor Kim Nam-gil, after taking two consecutive series, the movie "Pirates" and the drama "Shark", which led to a hot romantic rumor topic, but I had never been to a date so it didn’t make sense from the beginning. I want to be in a real romantic rumor topic.




    ok why did she have to mention this? I mean this rumor was 4 years ago (from 2018 when the interview was made)

    Why  she had the need to deny this again? She already did it back in 2014.


    She was bothered when they paired her with KNG and not with JHI or when they accused her of being gay? It seemed odd. 




    Why she Deny this again?

    1. Because she only have 1 big rumors dating with actor (from the first time she's been an Actress until 2018) i.e with KNG.


    2. SYJ-KNG has working together for 2 project drama&Movie. (Almost 3 Times if both of them accept The Pirates 2).


    3. If you read the question, i though you Will know why she's bring KNG name on it. It state "You have almost never been involved in controversy or scandal". That's why i said on poin no.1 SYJ only has 1 rumor dating until 2018.


    While with JHI people said that they look good together and asking them to be real couple. But none rumor blow between them on media like SYJ-KNG (on that date).


    SJY being gay? Sorry If i asked this, are you SYJ haters? She must not answer that kind of gross rumors.



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  7. 23 hours ago, cybertron said:


    And i personally think i enjoy SJ - SR moment more than SJ-SD.

     SYJ have a very great chemistry not only with the male lead.

    Actually i would put SR-SJ chemistry also but i'm afraid many second lead shipper Will kick me here LOL :lol:

    Yes, offcourse i love their pairing also. And i enjoying SR-SJ bickering, especially when he asked his ring back :lol:


    KJH said on one Interview that he was Amazed to watch SYJ&HB acting. He learns many thing from them in and off screen. 




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  8. 4 hours ago, thi2018 said:

    Somehow... I'm such a huge fan of her...because it might interfere with acting,  I couldn't get to say these words until now after the shooting was over that I'm her fan..actually. .I didn't get a chance to tell her that. Then later on I met her in the car as the character Park So Chan...how was it even possible!  Well..it was like oh my god I'm going to have a shooting and I couldn't really hold my tears. Of course

    Senior. .. you really are...I couldn't really say this properly back then: I'm your very truly/heartily fan :heart:


    Ah, that's why i feel his acting really sincere.

    When he first time hear SeRi voice on radio and also in Car scene, that's a touching moment that makes me teary everytime i watched that scene.

    Lucky him, he can acting with his idol, Son Ye Jin. No wonder she's became Nation's first love because she made everyone want to be love.

    The actor who plays as PCS also said, SYJ influenced him a lot. She was looking at him as Pyo Chi Soo. It was outstanding. The reason why PCS role received so much attention is all thanks to SYJ. It would've been impossible if he was alone.

    Well i never read many news where many cast in one production praise an actress like SYJ. 

    And i also feel that all character in CLOY looks more "Live" when it met scene with SYJ.

    Such as SeRi-Ahjumma moment, SeRi-PCS bickering moment, SeRi-her Team work, SeRi-Insuranceman, That moments touch my heart personally and always give me a warmhearted everytime i rewatched CLOY. :heart:


    @ChunSungIm gosh...I hope people in that area always safe. Sad to know that virus has infected in South Korea.


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  9. First of all sorry If what will i said bother some of you...But if we would like focussed discuss related with BinJin couple please said it in BinJin thread.

    Don't get me wrong, i'm trully BinJin shipper.

    I'm just afraid we'll have the same situation like last year and delated by moderator :sweatingbullets:. (That moment always keep on my mind and such a trauma for me.)


    There are much more beautiful stuff we can discuss about our lovely queen Son Ye Jin here.

    So let's us spread our love to SYJ


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