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  1. What I love about Encounter... To me this drama tries to show forth various expressions of love. I am particularly inspired by JH’s expressions of love for his friends, family, enemies and especially for SH. Watching how JH expresses his love for people around him, I am reminded of this quote from apostle Paul to the Corinthians. “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.” We saw how JH treated his mum, so gentle and kind. When mum confessed her actions to him, he was gentle to help her see that he was certained she loves him and she did it because she had no idea how much he loves SH. He was careful to help her see that SH understood mum’s behaviour too. He was not angry and kept no records of her wrongdoing. I cried at that scene. Putting myself in mum’s shoes, it would have been so touching to be handled in this manner by someone whom I had hurt. I am especially touched by how JH trusts, hopes and perseveres in the face of SH’s uncertainties and fears. At first, he considered to break off with her because he thought his love for her had trapped her in feeling guilty for causing hurt to people around her. After remembering his promises to her and seeing how she was happy with him, he chose to trust, to hope and to persevere. To some, JH maybe too idealistic but I liked how SH put it across to her Mother who was saying hurtful things to SH after her Father was taken away by the investigators. SH’s mum was hurting and she said many things that hurt SH. She wanted to make SH feel guilty by telling her her Father confessed because of he wanted her to be freed from Taegyeong group. She told SH she was regretting confessing to the investigators and told SH not to feel grateful towards her. She told SH she was hard hearted person and would survive this ordeal so SH didn’t need to be kind to her. SH responded by telling her mum that both of them should try to encourage each other in times of hurt. Mum replied with pragmatic “how will that help?” SH did not give up but told mum that’s how some lived and even if it was uncomfortable and even if it didn’t work, they should practice encouraging each other. Perhaps that’s what being idealistic is all about, to convince the realist or pragmatic side of us to just believe, just trust and just hope even when it is difficult. Perhaps practice will make permanent the ideals.
  2. My take on JH's character is that he is a sensible man who measures his words and actions carefully. He puts a lot of thoughts and consideration into his words and actions. He doesn't return evil with evil out of anger. He doesn't hurt or tries to be rude even when he disagrees with a person's actions. When he was confronted by SH's mum, WS's mum and recently WS, he was not rude and did not react impulsively. He did not let SH know about these meetings as he knew she would feel guilty and worry incessantly. In the recent meeting with WS, when WS mentioned that SH was his woman whom he fell in love with at first sight. JH with very measured words told WS that SH was a woman that people fall in love with (almost telling WS that he could understand that WS was still in love with SH) and corrected WS to say that addressing SH as his woman was a one-sided action and he would ignore it. And when WS continued to intimidate JH by putting him down as a young ordinary man and JH should seek out another partner more suitable for him. JH responded to say that there's not right or wrong in love and love just happens. He would use his ways to take care of SH. Again, when WS met JH in the hotel after he became co-CEO, WS told JH when JH commented that WS's actions were hurting SH whom WS expressed to love. WS replied JH that he joining the hotel as a co-CEO was acting out of desperation to protect what he loved (SH) and challenged JH to see whether his bravery would prevail or his desperation. JH responded saying that he was not privy to WS' past or his experiences, thus it was not his place to judge but deliberately hurting someone was not ok for him. For me, JH spoke his mind with firmness and gentleness without the intent to shame or hurrt WS even when WS was anything but kind. He gave the impression that he was not trying to judge WS' actions but only to reflect to him how he was hurting SH. Even how he spoke to HI when she went direct to SH about JH being sent to Sokcho. Although he disagreed with HI for going direct to SH, JH responded with kindness. I don't get a sense that JH is someone who will suffer in silence or he is a pushover. He seemed to operate based on his own principles or moral compass. He not confronting his mother directly for telling SH to break up with him behind his back was not because he couldn't care for SH's feelings. He ran towards her and hugged her and asked her why she didn't tell him. Comforting her for the hurt his mother had inflicted on her was the first thing he thought to do. He wanted to talk to her about it. He did not react like WS who bought SH expensive material things after his mother hurt SH which made her feel like he was buying her over. Moreover, I feel JH was thinking carefully how to relate to his mother's concerns. If he were to show his hurt and pain, it might further confirm for JH's mother that SH was such a terrible partner and her father's scandal was affecting JH. He had to swallow all the pain and put up a brave front for his mum so that she would not think worse of SH and her family. He knew he couldn't change his mum's way of thinking overnight thus he needed more time and careful planning to win this war.
  3. My sense is that SH is still very much in love with JH. Her taking off her ring etc just show to us she lacks the confidence that they being together will bring him happiness. Possibly, she fears that they will have to part eventually when her very public life becomes too unbearable for JH or his family so might as well end it earlier. Thus, if JH refuses to leave even when she pushes him away, she will cave in and come back to him. In the earlier episode, she attempted to leave JH after she read about him receiving bad press from media because of her. He refused the break up but gave her space instead. SH went to look for JH once she realised she missed him and needed him in her life.
  4. Wow... u got my imagination running on full gear... Let’s be greedy and go big. I propose 3 mins kissing at El Malecon beach, 3 mins kissing at the balcony and 9 mins kissing (and more) in the room.
  5. I like your rendition but I’ll take away ex-Husband part so that we can extend kiss scene at El Malecon beach from 3 minutes to 15 mins.
  6. SH has gone through so much pain emotionally. Crazy in laws who were not only controlling but abusive emotionally. Crazy parent who sacrificed her daughter to satisfy her greed for power. Gossip hungry media who feed on her every move. It is no wonder she lacks the confidence to bring happiness to JH. She needs a determined JH who will not give up easily and have enough courage and forgiveness for both of them to stay and not leave no matter what. You go JH!
  7. Please don’t frighten me... nobody is going to disappear right? SH is not going to disappear in Cuba and JH is not too right?
  8. That’s beautiful! SH has made peace with her mum. There’s hope in this relationship.
  9. Sigh... can there be a ray of light to this long tunnel of darkness... SH run away with JH to Cuba NOT Sec Jang! Leave this insane place where everyone seems to have an idea what happiness for both of you should be without consulting you.
  10. Seeing both SH and JH so sad makes me so upset with JH’s Mum’s meddling... I hope she quickly redeem herself. How can 2 considerate and loving persons be in so much pain... everyone who knows them can see their sadness... JH’s mum... please stop this pain...
  11. This is beyond sadness... her breaking up words contained so much pain.... poor SH... poor JH.
  12. I am not a fan of JH’s mum actions. And yes, I love @bebebisous33 analogy of the preserved tangerines as a symbol of devastating love of JH’s mum. Too sweet for one’s welfare. I believe parents should not rush in to “save” their children from pain. Of course, I’m not talking about life threatening types. Pain (when not life threatening) has its purpose in life. As a parent, when we rush in to “save” our child, we deprive them of a chance to learn and grow from the process of handling pain. We also inadvertently made our child less tolerant of pain. So even if JH’s mum’s “rescuing” JH from pain by asking SH to break up is from a place of good intention, it is a no no for me. That’s why in my earlier post I said her behaviour was impulsive. I do see hope for her though. She had shown that she was conflicted. She was drinking on her own. In the preview, she mentioned she will sow what she reap. She was crying when she said that. Perhaps she knew what she had done was wrong and the negative effects her actions carried. That’s good. To me, that meant that she wasn’t ok with what she did. She felt guilty. Compare this with WS’s mum and SH’s mum. They never express guilt or pain for their behaviour. Hopefully, JH’s mum will right what had done.
  13. I can’t help but rewatch Park Bo Gum’s crying scene and Song Hye Kyo’s seated by the bed crying scene... My poor babies... Who can remain immune to that outpouring of sadness... Those 2 can really act. I’m so impressed. The emotions are raw and painful. I will brave through the pain because these 2 put in so much effort to convey their emotions. Standing ovation for 2 wonderful actors.
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