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  1. well i just read this article and found myself very angry, why those people treat her so bad.... https://www.allkpop.com/article/2019/07/song-hye-kyos-words-were-twisted-by-korean-media-so-the-original-interviewer-set-the-record-straight Song Hye Kyo’s Words Were Twisted By Korean Media So The Original Interviewer Set The Record Straight Song Hye Kyo had recently sat down for an interview while she was in Monaco for a promotional event. There, she opened up about her future plans, thoughts on fate, and her desire to wear a tiara on her birthday. However, various Korean news reports twisted her words to make it seem as if she thought “it was her fate to get divorced” and that she “wanted to be treated like a princess “. As netizens began to believe the news reports and criticize Song Hye Kyo. Article: [Exclusive] Song Hye Gyo shares feelings after finalization of divorce... "I need time alone to myself this year"... "I feel like a princess.” Source: SpoTV News via Nate (netizenbuzz translation) 1. [+666, -206] Doesn't sound like something that should be said from the party at fault??? 2. [+592, -156] I support Song Joong Ki!! I hope he finds happiness with a better woman 3. [+548, -139] I wonder who her next man will be 4. [+60, -27] Can she even sleep a night without a man? 5. [+49, -9] She means she's taking a break this year and getting back to dating next year 6. [+48, -21] What's with the rumors about how she has a rich old man in China? She should clarify that too. And take some time to herself not just this year but for a long time, especially after all those scandals with all those men. 7. [+45, -20] Take all the time you need in Hong Kong~ you can even move there if you want to 8. [+40, -6] She has such beauty and wealth, what is she like in real life that all those male actors leave her in the end? 9. [+39, -3] She wants to wear a crown on her birthday...? 10. [+33, -4] She wants to wear a crown on her birhtday? Because it makes her feel like a princess? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ She's not a little kid.. isn't she almost 40? 11. [+33, -7] She's 40 next year but wanting to feel like a princess... what a dream... please start acting your age and stop being so immature... 12. [+32, -18] I bet there's an unspoken ban on Song Hye Gyo among male celebrities... although I'm sure another one will fall into her trap thinking "It'll be different with me" The translator named Miss J, who helped Song Hye Kyo with the original interview, stepped up to set the record straight. The original question was: “If you were allowed to wear one of the tiaras, when would that be?” That was why Song Hye Kyo claimed she wished to wear one on her birthday. Her full response was: “If I were allowed, I would love to be able to wear a tiara on my birthday, on November 22. When I put on a tiara, I feel like a princess.” Secondly, Miss J clarified that Song Hye Kyo wasn’t referring to her recent divorce when talking about “fate”. The original question asked about how she chooses her next projects. “How do you decide what projects to work on?” Lastly, Miss J revealed that the Korean press failed to report on Song Hye Kyo’s answer about her preferred fashion style. When the interviewer asked “What type of jewelry do you prefer?“, Song Hye Kyo replied, “Of course, I wear luxurious jewelry when I’m working but I prefer to dress in minimalistic styles on a daily basis. I think that’s just my style.” Miss J claimed it was unfortunate that the Korean media made her sound like a privileged princess when Song Hye Kyo was actually humble and down to Earth.
  2. Hello there, After so many time i've been silent reader, it time for me to join this Forum its so hurt because so many false rumor which think the sinner is kyo right now, i only pray hoping kyo will be strong, and the truth will reveal and i need you guys as kyonatics/hyebaragi,,,, since i am so sad
  3. Hi all i heard a rumour that DVD cut Director is canceled due their internal problem is that true ?
  4. i will....i will read it. Don't be worry i wiil read it chingu
  5. i already missing them So i search for HPL Fanfaction, and none of them make it and i remember someone here said she will make fanfaction if the ending not statisfied So can i get the fanfiction now?
  6. So i heard that, HPL warp up party will be tomorrow, i really want to see KJW there. So if i want to watch the wrap up party live, where i can watch it by live?
  7. After i said they not going to break up. Why i feel dou t, when i see Ryan is trembling in preview I trully wish the ending that they start a family, and have kids....
  8. after watching the preview, i am confident they not break up, i think when Deok mi say "i need time" this is to her parents, Doek mi seems guilty to Ryan, and i think Ryan will support and forgive Doek mi for what happend in past. I am very confident, Ryan is logic person
  9. So, its seems this night i will count on you guys for the recap, there's a little chaos in my country during announcement of ellection, and social media been blocked, someone said blocked by government and someone said by hacker. Hope the internet still going well until tonight, coz if i cannot watch or know the story about tonight episode i definetily will cry
  10. woowwwww i love your plot, so its mean they have 3 children?
  11. Hello all, i am new fans of Jae wook from Indonesia. Fall in love with him when guest but decide to join this forum because HPL. Nice to meet you all, and please guide me to know him more
  12. I have same wish like you. I hope the ending is they get married and having a kids, or a daughter who became a fangirl like her mom. It will be funny to see Ryan's reaction handle 2 fangirl, his wife and his daughter
  13. well i'm trying to be Positive here, for my curiousity i google it again : "Subtitle: Love once!" After separation, Yoon Gyun-sang and Osol (Kim Yoo-jung) try to forget each other, but still two people are hard to erase each other and pride makes a big decision like resolving something .. 2 years The result, which Osol knew, is a very different atmosphere ... Can prestige and heal be treated to each other's wounds and be happy again? ": its said that 2 years, but maybe not separating 2 years, maybe they already reunite before 2years and the writer bring us to look in their relation in 2 years. Again, trying to be positive but still worried about the ending inside
  14. Well...if it happens and jtbc will make ending like @mushforbrains , @turtlegirl, and @cantbreathe prediction. I will join them, maybe i can prepare for matches to burn jtbc bulding.... Burn with my anger.... At least give me wedding scene please....
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