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  1. I must rant. Why, WHY is everyone around our main characters so freaking mean, selfish, and heartless?!?!? As sweet as ep 9 was, ep 10 was pure torture to watch that it left me feeling so full of anger and astonishment. First of all, Minsung. She tells Song-ah that if it were her she wouldn't have liked Doonyoon, sayings that's how a true friend show be. No matter how betrayed you feel, how could Minsung not have taken into consideration that Songah held in her feelings for so long just so she doesn't hurt her? Can she not relate how painful it is to have an unfulfilled love? She did slap herself in the face when telling Joonyoung that she knows everything about Songah and that they have no secrets. Little did she know huh. As she may still be angry and unable to control her emotions, I can give her a pass but she really hurt Songah by acting that way. I'm hoping their friendship can be repaired. It's not worth it at all, breaking off such a precious friendship over one guy. This also applies to Hyeonho. In ep 10, both of our main characters apologized to their best friend for liking the same person their friend liked. Why are they the only ones who are apologizing? It baffles me. Joonyoung and Songah were also hurt in the process, keeping your feelings hidden for so long is also very painful. But these friends of theirs are rather selfish huh, only thinking about their own feelings. I am deeply disappointed in these so-called friends. Next the arrogant Simon. Who does he think he is acting all high and mighty thinking he can control every aspect of Joonyoung's life however he sees fit? From who his friends are, to how he should attract the public attention by "advertising" his private family life, and then in the next episode he moves on to Joonyoung's relationship with Songah. He's not even his manager yet, which I hope never happens. This guy was terrible from the start. Next on we have Professor Lee. All we have are terrible professors in this drama, every one of them are looking for self gain. I hate how she's using Songah and I also hate how despite knowing, Songah still goes along with because she desperately wants to get into graduate school. Haena might have been very harsh when pointing it out but it is true. I know how hopeless Songah feels being lowest ranked in the class and how this might be her only chance to get into graduate school, but is the sacrifice worth it, especially after the fact that she'll have to be with that disgusting professor for a couple more years? I'm more on boat with Songah later on working for the foundation, it makes more sense. Then, Jungkyung, oh lord. I was thinking maybe she'd starting redeeming herself after how the master class turned out but how wrong I was. Like many of you have stated, she twisted Joonyoung's words. He never told her to wait. I was so dumbfounded when she said that to Songah. Like girl, who said what? Get over yourself, he's not coming back to you! Ugh! She just had to say those words to Songah to cause another misunderstanding making Songah have a seedling of doubt, especially having seen the handkerchief later on. And what's with her picking Franck's Sonata? What a blow it was to Songah's confidence seeing Jungkyung and Joonyoung playing that piece. Lastly, the ending scene of episode 10 with Songah. Her expression though, seeing Joonyoung and Jungkyung play together. Sigh, my heart can't handle this pain. Phew that was a longer post than I anticipated lol Well my dear fellow friends, I must go back to ep 9 to help me get through the rest of the week until next Monday~ Peace out
  2. I'm really curious about the sequence of the scene where Songah is in the car with Jungkyung, whether it was after or before she goes to Joonyoung's place. Like several of you have mentioned, it's more likely that it's after but I wonder how it plays out. Does Jungkyung show up at Joonyoung's place? Which would totally ruin the moment between our Dimples couple ugh. On a side note, the password to Joonyoung's apartment is Jungkyung's birthday isn't it? I'm SO in love with the recently released OST by Heize and Punch. I've been spazzing to my friends about just how amazing the OST line-up is with so many A-lister singers and more coming. Literally all the songs are so beautiful~ My favorite out of the bunch would be Midnight by Heize and Punch as well as Love Me by Punch which I find myself humming often. Anyone else have favorites?
  3. I'm just so sad that Joonyoung was the one to break the pinky promise he made with Songah. She wanted to share her good news with him and for him to share his troubles with her. But even in ep 5, when they were taking a walk, Songah asked him "Did something happen today?", Joonyoung never actually answers but replies with "I don't know why I think of you on bad days.". He evades her question and doesn't really talk about what's troubling him just like in ep 6, when Songah actually wants him to share his thoughts. But as this relationship progresses, I think there'll be a point when Joonyoung will be able to share his troubles with Songah, which will be a great turning point for them. So far my heart is just breaking for Songah, this is the second time her heart is breaking and it's just so painful. The last scene of ep 6 was done so beautifully by Park EunBin, her acting is just so detailed. I'll be slowly dying until Monday comes again~
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