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  1. Re-watching the end of ep 3 where Joon-young plays Moonlight Sonata and happy birthday for Song-ah has me clutching my heart at how beautiful this moment was. The way he spoke to her through music to console her, one of top most beautiful and heart-wrenching moments in the drama. I'm gonna have terrible withdrawals now that it's ended
  2. Has anyone bought the director's cut DVD before for any drama? I just wanna know if it's worth it for me to spend that $240 something.
  3. I must rant. Why, WHY is everyone around our main characters so freaking mean, selfish, and heartless?!?!? As sweet as ep 9 was, ep 10 was pure torture to watch that it left me feeling so full of anger and astonishment. First of all, Minsung. She tells Song-ah that if it were her she wouldn't have liked Doonyoon, sayings that's how a true friend show be. No matter how betrayed you feel, how could Minsung not have taken into consideration that Songah held in her feelings for so long just so she doesn't hurt her? Can she not relate how painful it is to have an unfulfill
  4. I'm really curious about the sequence of the scene where Songah is in the car with Jungkyung, whether it was after or before she goes to Joonyoung's place. Like several of you have mentioned, it's more likely that it's after but I wonder how it plays out. Does Jungkyung show up at Joonyoung's place? Which would totally ruin the moment between our Dimples couple ugh. On a side note, the password to Joonyoung's apartment is Jungkyung's birthday isn't it? I'm SO in love with the recently released OST by Heize and Punch. I've been spazzing to my friends about just how amazing th
  5. I'm just so sad that Joonyoung was the one to break the pinky promise he made with Songah. She wanted to share her good news with him and for him to share his troubles with her. But even in ep 5, when they were taking a walk, Songah asked him "Did something happen today?", Joonyoung never actually answers but replies with "I don't know why I think of you on bad days.". He evades her question and doesn't really talk about what's troubling him just like in ep 6, when Songah actually wants him to share his thoughts. But as this relationship progresses, I think there'll be a point when Joonyo
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