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  1. After 3 months of the Guardian‘s finale, I finally watched it again, and cried hard again. And I made this little video myself, like the lyric describe, when Shen Wei and Yunlan were dying, all those good memories were just their illusion.
  2. Really want to share this fmv with you guys, the bgm in is a original song made by the yilong fans, both lyric and music. I was so impressed by this one:
  3. crying scene from ZYL, this show how good his acting is, especially when he was smiling and crying, really looking forward for this new show.
  4. If you are Mac user, go with iMovies, if you are PC user, go with https://www.shencut.com/ it's free and powerful, but not sure if it has English version a not... I assumed everyone in this forums are girls so am I, I live in Canada, but born in China so actually my Chinese is better than my English. btw I have to keep mention this: most of the fmvs I posted on my youtube channel are authorized re-uploads, I'm not the original editors, credits are listed in the description. For ZYL I made few fmv myself this is one of them:
  5. btw I want to share my channel with you guys, I post ZYL fmvs from bilibili daily here at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgtVszEPPni6x0QGSl7hjHA ps: all of them are authorized re-uploads from the original editors, enjoy!
  6. I just find this forum, feel like finding a new family now
  7. I've send them a private message in Chinese about request on ig, looks like that account is pretty active so should be able to see my message, let's wait and see what happen.
  8. Let me know when you have one, I'll share them with my Chinese friends!
  9. Yep I make fmvs myself too, currently I'm using Vegas Pro, just google you should be able to find some free versions, if you're Mac user Final Cut Pro is recommend, iMovie is also a good free tool to start with on Mac. Other option is Adobe Premiere Pro, it can be used on both Mac and Windows
  10. ok so I'll try send them Chinese message, we just want them to open sub contribution to public on YT right?
  11. Let me know what I can help, I speak Chinese and have account on YT, just not sure where and who should I communicate with.
  12. I made this fmv myself, so the EN sub is quickly add for this one, really like yilong and baiyu's friendship, enjoy!
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