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  1. Just finished the entire episodes... came here to ask if anyone know when the next season be...? That was a real cliffhanger (which btw made me stayed up till 3am!) surprised also of quite a lot of biases here... everyone got their own and is respected of course... but just in case someone’s keeping a tab, i am on Team Sun Oh too..!!! Not for so many reasons that u have... i just like Jojo and SunOh’s visual...! I know that could really be swallow, but i am here just for fun and for some heart fluttering moments, JoJo and SunOh have really shown that.. so my questions again, when is the Season one... and can some point me to the webtoon English pls...if there is...? thanks
  2. Thanks for sharing this review.... exactly what i want to say...!
  3. That makes us three!!! Hahahaha Started watching subbed..Yang Yang alone have brought me to the world of esports..(and then Xian Li... hahahah). he is just so gorgeous behind computer... just can’t get my eyes off him...well, even back on Love O2O...and i am sure you all know what i am saying...! Hahaha But other than YY, though he alone is enough for me..hahahah, but all other characters here are just as equally great ... they all have a story to share..! And tbh, even there isn’t any loves lines and scenes, the story itself is interesting enough...well at least for me...and like i said, never played games so all the more this will be interesting to those who play... right...? Cant wait till they officially form a new team...! Glad to see familiar names on this thread...from the other thread..hahaha great to see u all around here..!
  4. when i thought i got over already... well guess i am not, i am back to episode 1!!! hahahahah! i just noticed that on the episode 1, Appledog was already their manager... it was SP that defeated K&K. never looked at that few months back..my eyes were just focused on HSY.
  5. Anneyong, I suddenly missed him. Will there be any drama he will be doing soon?
  6. no, totally not...! never too late to join convo! the more the merrier! welcome aboard! and yeah, this senior was a total creep...! TN was totally naive... see how HSY said... she is the only one who could "wake" him up... i read that differently - bwaahahahah... and i am sure some of you here knows what has actually "awaken" that time he said that! hahahahah
  7. I find this true... turning dreams to realities and the sacrifices behind it. the time were the 4K (One, Demo, Grunt and 97) pretended to sleep and HSY fixes them all, their short convo there amazes me... though they seem to be playing but they are as well nervous, determined and are even researching on how to plot their game for the following day. that was pretty cool. What HSY said to Little Xiao, that his days as a hero has already past, but he what he is hoping now is these boys feature.. that was pretty touching too..! now i will be feeling empty without it... like you all. on a brighter note, at least i would be able to cook dinner earlier now!!! i normally finish one subbed episode before i start my chores coming back from work!!! hahahahh!
  8. sorry, i am a little confused on this... did Wu Bai had scandals (all the more sex scandals???)??? i find him soooo innocent looking, especially seeing him here after his "a love so beautiful" drama... i am a bit surprised too that he got 2nd lead, when he is definitely a male lead material...
  9. ok.. just finished subbed 37... and like most of you... i find the celebrity match edit is just way too disappointing... count me in with those fans online to see GUN on the real action scene... even behind his monitor... i could just imagine how handsome he would be and i could go off jumping over to him like TN did after! i totally agree as well to the number of flashbacks... that could be lessen too. some are essentials, and i get that, but not so repeatedly for a lot of times. i love how he is now so expressive, the way he is talking to TN, the way he just all opened up to her. their convo on the plane after the breakup is just so touching too! the way he said, she changed him... she made him human again... that was just.... aawwww!!! moments! on the side note: i will feel empty when this drama is over... i will probably stalk HSY on some of his old series and movies for a little bit more till i am ready to move on... lastly, i just love how HSY smile... he looks more handsome smiling... though i love him too when he is grumpy..! i can't help but to giggle whenever he does sweet stuff to TN, i am giggling with her... oh my heart!!!
  10. i love how HSY protected TN during their parents confrontation after that drunken TN scene. everything he said was completely opposite to TN, to protect her, and he did not as well rub to TN that it was her mom's fault that he stayed away... that was nicely played...tried to play that scene over and over again coz i thought i was reading the sub wrong... i was answering back like TN... it was after his serious note i came to realize how he want to play things out. very clever...! I will completely empty once this drama ends. i will probably spend sometime re-watching the entire episode and finally not skipping any scenes this time around, i promise.
  11. Ohhh...that’s what it is...! I would love to know that those roomies/KK members said...! Must be really fun to tease these two.... and exactly my thoughts...! Wonder if they’ll make Kdrama adaptation on this.. must be nice..! Khamsamida..!
  12. Ok i lied i cant help but to be curious what are they talking about in 32... where HSY was talking to his BFF with i thing One hearing the convo...and same with TN talking to Ya Ya with other roommate... what was it about??? Are they planning to elope
  13. My precious moments... the night he dropped her off her house...! The way she tries to erase that wrinkles on his forehead was just soooooooo sweet... that indeed deserves a kiss... eeiiiiiiiiii....! Watched without the subs yet so i can see them more clearly...i will understand them later but for now let me squeelllllll...! Eeeeeeiiiiiiiii wanna scream on Veronica Park tone “awweeeesssoommeee!”
  14. I'm Chinese although we speak English all the time.


    I watch Go Go Squid ep by Croton Media on Youtube when they're posted. So those aren't subbed.


    As my Chinese isn't good enough I'll rewatch the subbed ep again when they're posted legally.

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