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  1. Many thanks for this! I am enlightened now!!
  2. For me, it doesn't matter if that last part was a reincarnation, imagination or afterlife..as long as they're together in the ending. I am already good with it. Overall, I will miss this drama!! This drama has been my weekender!! Huhuhu. My Saturday and Sunday is not complete without my ManChan couple!!
  3. Yes! They did! Actually, they met first before YW and CM so they are really meant for each other.
  4. So far..I am satisfied with the ending! Will post my realizations and thoughts after watching it with subs tomorrow. At least, we got to see our ManChan couple together again! Right? Im just confused whether it was reincarnation or afterlife? Idk either. P.S. My gosh!! KSH come back in the dramaland already!! Can't wait for your return!
  5. GAHD!! KSH is soo handsome!! Hotel Blue Moon!
  6. This is sooo painful!! But then if Im not.mistaken..MW said that they will meet again right?? Am I right??
  7. I can't take this!! MW is already leaving!!! Huhuhuhu
  8. Both of them are crying huhuhu my couple!! KCS hugged MW tight!!
  9. Hahahaha I know what you're thinking..seems like we're going to have the bed scene already? Lol
  10. This is so sad. Only ManChan couple is left.
  11. Annyeong! Annyeong, Hotel Del Luna chinggus!! I have been a silent reader here ever since Hotel Del Luna began. Since tonight is going to be the finale, I thought that I should post something about my realizations about this drama. First of all, I have been an IU fan since Dream High days and I have watched several of her dramas. This is her drama that I really followed through since the very first ep. Also, for Yeo Gin Goo, I have also seen some of his dramas and I know he will be really good!! At first, I never thought that their chemistry would really work but then, right at the very first ep, I can already feel the romantic excitement (that cringey feeling if y'all know what I mean? ) between them. After the first 2 eps, I must say I am already hooked to this drama since usually, it took me 4 eps before I get really hooked into a drama. I already want to see on how these two would develop as the story goes on. Story wise? It is really nice!! It is JJANG! P.S. I have been a fan of Hong Sisters! hihi that's why I have been expecting a lot from this drama!! And, truly! They never disappoint!! Cinematography? Check!!! I really loved it to bits!!!! It always left me in awe and amazement! So now, let's go back to our couple! I really wonder on how their story would end after watching ep 15. KCS let go of JMW even if is will be difficult for him. Letting go of someone you love is really difficult especially if it is someone whom you really love. That selfless love of Chansung!! But really really really ( with my fingers crossed) I AM REALLY HOPING FOR THE BETTER. I would not hope for the best for our couple since I don't want to be left disappointed and sad. But I know Hong Sisters has something in store for all of us. I believe in them. Thoughts for the upcoming finale tonight? So, I don't know if someone already said this but Kim Soo Hyun is having a cameo right? I think he will be the new owner of the guest house? or not? anyways, I'm really happy is going to have a cameo! I still have a lot to say but I am going to post again after watching the final ep! OMG OMG!! This is it! We only have less than 2 hours left!!! Let's all brace ourselves everyone!! Cause I am sure the final ep will be another roller coaster ride! Let's watch Hotel Del Luna well to the end!
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