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  1. @snitchdream08 I don't think so, I'm still think she is deleted comment tagged SJ by herself or her sister, anyway SJ also did the same eventhought we all know he likes her a lot so let's think positive they are trying to hide their relationship from those stalkers and PMY has her new project now, if in the future they are end up or not end up together, keep smiling, both of them didn't force us to ship them, just ourselves love them and want them being together.
  2. @snitchdream08 Old comments tagged SJ were deleted by her team, PSJ also did the same before PMY does, he always deletes comment tagged MY. @twoparkcouple when they are in London and Paris on August, SJ was caught by fans many times, the day after he is still in Paris but there is no picture about him being caught by fans, do you guys know what I mean?
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