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  1. I think this is legit unfortunately there was a violent negative reaction from "some" fans. So i don't know if this will come true.
  2. I think Love is not the appropriate term to use, it should be twisted obsession. They are just fans like us but they act like they know what is good for her As someone mentioned here, all these bruhahaha just because of a clip in happy camp On another note, I think these CP haters are just a minority (Most likely immature fans who has a lot of spare time) specially after ELOD, so many are shipping them because of their chemistry.
  3. its as if Reba can decide who will be her male lead. its not like she is solely funding the production A great actor no matter the age should be able to convince the viewers that he owns the role. And i believe they had screen testing before finally deciding the actors - lets just see. Those fans again are "know it all". I do hope the Reba and the ML would be able to pull their roles. They are so obsessed with R, that they see her as goddess, the most perfect being and want her to be with a perfect god too They should also think that she is just like us but got luckier in the genetic department
  4. It's the age thing again.... I think it depends on the people in the relationship, as long as they are happy. Personally for me, I am ok with a 10 year gap. But 20 year gap...kinda no For those fans, I kinda get why they don't agree, I think they are measuring it by their own standards. I know they love R so they want to match her with some they think would match her by their standards - match in terms of look, popularity and so on. At the end of the day, everything depends on V and R.
  5. ur fort is chipping little by little havent thought of looking to the other co stars. But yeah they would know and seems to be supportive.
  6. @katfindlay thx so much for inviting @水蜜桃 over here I have information overload reading everthing . Thank you so much for pasting every information on our CP. Have a hard time getting info about them as my mandarin is also basic. I was a bit sad before because this cp thread had so little pages and even when pb started it was still stuck to 8 pages . I am also happy to know that there are many guangre shippers in china as well. For international fans, we ship them a lot and wish they are real because of the chemistry they have . Again, thank you so much for sharing the information here! 谢谢你! I am quite currious about that tiktok mm posted, they said that there was a guy in the background? Also, do you think, they might release the uncut version of ELOD?
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