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  1. Sorry, I can not root for KIW at all, although the actor is doing a terrific job. You wonder why a woman after 5 years of marriage can fall in love with another man? After reading your comment, I have the impression that you are describing the woman as unfaithful and as easily swept away. I can understand why YMR falls for the surgeon because during these 5 years, she had been abused by her husband. SJW acts the exact opposite of her own husband. SJW will do anything to protect her, the husband will do anything to imprison her while claiming to protect her. From whom did she need protection in the past? Who was threatening her? No one, except the husband. YMR doesn't love him any more, I wouldn't either in her place and it is her right to do so. How can you overlook the domestic violence? The marriage lasted 5 years because YMR couldn't divorce him... if she had had the means, she would have left him a long time ago. It is a common knowledge that an abused spouse should leave the husband, the opposite often happens because the victims believe that if they keep loving the violent spouse, he might change due to their love which NEVER happens!! (the savior syndrome that @zenya22 mentioned) Don't forget that each painting with flowers represent her body full of bruises... So have you seen how many paintings that were in her studio? She must have been hurt very often. My major problem is not the face... I really dislike KIW for many reasons: his violence, his selfishness, his ruthlessness, his possessiveness and his delusion. This is not love at all.
  2. I really enjoyed reading your long analysis. I agree with you that WHK and dr. Ha seem to be similar which explains why WHK fell for him at some point. However, I would like to add that in my opinion, HR played a bigger role in creating a riff in the couple SJW-WHK than it meets the eye. First, we shouldn't take as face value what HR said about WHK, she was not a talented artist and HR was the one who ran the gallery. Notice that for 5 years, the gallery has not been working very well and during this time, HR was the one running it and not WHK. Secondly, in her argument with SJW, one sentence from her caught my attention. Notice that HR didn't say that SJW was always by her side, but ON her side. With these words, she implies that SJW would always choose to follow HR's advice or even to believe HR over someone else and in this case, I sense that SJW might have more listened to HR than his wife. And this would explain why WHK resented her husband and decided to cheat on him. To me, SJW is not aware of the negative influence HR had on his marriage. First, he will question WHK's decision, once he discovers the identity of the lover... Actually, SJW needs to realize HR's true nature. Don't forget that I compared her to a preying mantis. As such, a mantis can not share her flower to anyone else. In my opinion, HR is delusional herself, when she considers herself as a flower: unchanging love and big ambition. In reality, she is a preying mantis which can be cruel and ruthless. Notice that she has no problem to throw YMR under the bus for her own interest.
  3. I am expecting this week Shinim literati purges to happen and that the riff between YN and the King will be even bigger. His brother perceives more and more YN as a thread. Based on wikipedia, YN leaves the palace saying that he will live as a commoner. I do think that this is about to happen.
  4. 1. If he got caught by the police, this would have created a scandal. KIW did trespass a property, threatened a woman and assaulted a man. If the media had noticed it, then there is no way that he could have covered it up. 2. Furthermore, these two episodes revealed that KIW was not attracted by YMR's face in reality which made me realize afterwards that KIW didn't fall for YMR the woman at all. Remember that he started crying, when he saw this painting... We all thought that it was because of the woman in the painting but she didn't look exactly like YMR. To me, KIW was moved by the painting itself because it represented happiness and freedom. The woman there was holding a gladiolus indicating she was mentally strong and sincere. She embodied all the qualities his mother had not had since she had killed herself. When he saw YMR, he noticed the resemblance. So from my point of view, he fell for the painter YMR and not the person herself. Notice that he wanted to keep all her paintings to himself which shows that he had a deep connection with her paintings. He even knew how to interpret the painting with the cistus. He was the one who named it: a self-portray by telling her that the flowers resembled her. Secondly he recognized the presence of YMR due to the paintings and got very emotional, when he saw the new pictures. That's why he treats YMR like a possession because in the end, he is more after the painter than the woman herself. This also explains why he refused YMR to become famous. With her paintings, he could feel what freedom and happiness was... however, the moment he "destroyed" her career, he actually hurt YMR so much which could no longer love him. The argument about her career must have been the reason why the abuse started. But since she kept painting, he could still beat her, as despite everything KIW had the opportunity to see new paintings. She started focusing more and more on the flowers due to the bruises which KIW liked. So the circle vicious was created... the violence was the reason for her new paintings and KIW was somehow aware of that but since he liked her pictures, he had no reason to stop hurting her, if she wasn't obedient. @avondale16 So far, I like the story... my only complain is the acting of the female lead. The first YMR was definitely much better.
  5. I like "Nightmare"... really fits KIW's personality. So far, I like the story very much too.
  6. I bet, HR will reveal the existence of YMR, the face of WHK... I am quite sure that she knows Dr. Ha was WHK's lover. From my point of view, she set a trap for WHK... Dr. Ha knew about her love for SJW, just like he was attracted by WHK. Striking that SJW has definitely rejected HR. When she confessed her love for him, he told her that he only considered her as a friend and part of her family (if I understood it correctly) and he wished no change at all. If she kept pursuing him, then at some point this would affect their relationship forever. Yet, I am expecting that at some point Dr. Ha will side with SJW and help him to protect YMR. I have a more negative opinion about HR.
  7. To me, he was already attracted before the plastic surgery. So he fell for YMR and not her face. He only gave her WHK's face in the last minute. Then he realized his mistake, when he called her WHK. He apologized later. I mean, she has dressed herself like WHK hence he made a mistake. But he is falling for her because of her heart. He was moved, when she cried in his arms, although he couldn't see her face. Sure, he was a little confused and wondered about his heart. The most important is that he feels the most comfortable, when she is dressed simply. His desire to protect her goes beyond his love for WHK... he keeps comforting her, encouraging her... she is definitely moved by his gentleness. So next week, it looks like the identity of the secret lover will be revealed... the meeting of Ha and SJW near the bridge is the scene where Ha reveals that he was her lover. SJW will be really hurt and YMR will comfort him. Dr. Ha meets YMR/WHK.
  8. It has already aired. The RAW version has already been released. I have just finished watching the episode 9... and so far I understood, SJW wants to cancel with contract signed with KIW. HR told him that the gallery meant a lot to her. Furthermore meeting WHK/YMR affected KIW a lot. He wondered who WHK was as he felt attracted to her neck and throat. He thought, he was going crazy... and this proves to me that her face wasn't the real reason for his obsession. SJW's mother knows now what SJW did and she was upset. I have to say that HR'sbehavior was really disgusting. After KIW's departure, HR's first thought was to know if the contract had been signed. She didn't even look at YMR which was shaking and short of breath. HR even wondered why YMR was acting like that. This shows to me that HR has no heart at all. She can't even put herself in YMR's shoes, what the wife has been put through... She thought, she wouldn't get caught but SJW discovered her trick and got upset. For the first time, SJW and HR had a real argument and HR revealed a lot about herself. Dr Ha met KIW... so he is now wondering if the surgery with the VVIP is linked to KIW.
  9. I can definitely return the compliment. Yes, this is a very naive belief to think that if YMR remained by KIW's side loving him more, he would change hence she needs to return to him. Moreover, it implies that the spouse didn't love her husband enough before, her love was not strong enough to affect him. Thinking like this, people are overlooking that YMR did love him in the beginning but the abuse destroyed her love for him. 2. I really like your idea that someone else might have targeted YMR but KIW got in the way hence he got shot. This could be YR. Or let us imagine that YR was the one who wanted to deliver YMR to KIW hence there were bodyguards around YMR. However, the moment YMR realized the betrayal, she fought with YR and could get a gun so that when her husband appeared, at some point she shot him. As for the story of Hyacinth, I think that both women WHK and YMR can represent Hyacinth. Zephyrus as Dr. Ha killed his lover HK with the accident, he was indeed jealous of SJW. As for YMR, KIW is indeed Zephyrus because he was jealous of the world. He wanted YMR for himself, he didn't want anyone to see her at all. Notice that the fake death of YMR corresponds to the death of Hyacinth which became a flower. Death = Rebirth... YMR was reborn as she changed her face and identity. She is no longer the YMR who was scared and mute, she has transformed into a determined woman who fights against her inner demons and fears.
  10. Actually, I am expecting the opposite direction. We are about to witness WIK's downfall and not redemption. To me, he is on his way where there is no return, especially, after YMR had her plastic surgery. WIK has been able to abuse his wife for so long (her home was like a jail) because he was powerful. However, I sense that his obsession will make him lose focus on the company. Right now, he acts a lot like his father hence the father is okay. But notice that he spends more and more time outside his office, even postpones meetings that's why I am expecting him to neglect the business. Don't forget that his father remarried and he has a step-brother... the identity of the heir is not confirmed yet.
  11. But he was never in love with her. It was rather an obsession because he tried to change her. Having the face of her mother was not enough, he wanted to transform YMR into the image of his mother. That's why he chose for her the clothes and the jewels. Moreover, WIK forced her to become a housewife supporting her husband, just like his mother. Remember that no one knew the face of WIK's mother and it was the same for YMR. That's why he didn't let her become a famous painter. Sorry, WIK used to beat his wife hence I can not consider it as love.
  12. 1. First, the teacher has always judged people based on their social status hence losing his job because of someone whose father is convicted and who is poor and "weak" infuriated him so much. To me, his character was consistent. 2. Our protagonist let people believe that her father was into "politics" hence he had money and connection. The girls might have been rich but I doubt that they were that "powerful"/ had a lot of connection because if so, then they would have visited a different school. 5/6. The episode 4 revealed that KSM was held captive for a long time and he is taking some medicine due to his trauma. In my opinion, KSM used the fire incident from 13 years ago in order to escape from that man (person with a black cap). In my opinion, KSM is not related to the woman who was a victim (stabbed). Notice that when he jumped with Lee Ahn, he tried to protect him by risking his own life. I also sense that KSM feels guilty towards YJI because he didn't reveal everything he knew. He is involved... but in reality, he is a victim as well. So his goal is not to catch the culprit of the arson from 2005 but also to reveal the misdeed committed by someone among the police. Each time, they try to close a case very quickly. From my point of view, since LA's father was an officer, EJS's father might have used the death of LA's father to stop any investigation on him. Another theory is: KSM was held captive for a long time and the man responsible for this could be the victim of the last stabbing: the man played by the actor Choi Duk Moon. Notice that he moved a woman from that hospital... the woman with the ring is someone who is protected by this man. She is an important witness... and the person behind the arson could be someone who is after the character played by CDM. However, the man with the black cap is showing himself to KSM, it was as if he wanted to tell him that he was looking after him, asking him to unveil the whole mystery. Maybe there are two persons involved in the stabbing and arson... one stabs, while the other tries to cover up the tracks by creating a fire so that certain evidence would be erased... a person could go missing/ or a body could exchanged so that a death is faked. The chains were there as a reminder for KSM: the person was telling him that this man was linked to his terrible and painful past. So far, I like this drama. The mystery is quite intriguing.
  13. Based on the preview, it looks like a kiss might have happened because the court lady and friend noticed some changes. I guess, the kiss will be more a peck because PMS is about to appear. I was surprised how YT/MP's mistress got shocked, when she heard the name DM. So maybe she thought that DM had died due to her betrayal... and she just realized that DM was still alive and could be after her.
  14. The drama is supposed to have 48 episodes (30 minutes), in other words 24 (1 hour).
  15. In my opinion, the priest/cop will die this week after JSH meets him. The question is: will he be able to retrieve the items (whip and ring) before? I have the impression that the ex-prisoner owns himself an item: the cap... the question is if they can stop him from committing suicide before.
  16. I disagree with you. YMR expected her death at any time... that's why the painting with the cistus is called a self-portray. Moreover, she knew the meaning of that plant: tomorrow, I'll die. Secondly, the moment WIK told her that the flower reminded him of her: she would resemble the flower, he recognized clearly that YMR had changed. This is what WIK saw: Secondly, only after this conversation, YMR added the fire... so the burning flowers were announcing her imminent death. Besides, you are forgetting that he warned her that he would kill her. So he already showed murderous tendencies. While reading your comments, I have the impression that you think that YMR might not have been hurt, if she had followed WIK's wishes... And in my opinion, this is just an excuse for WIK's actions because the moment she disagrees with him, she is beaten. In other words, YMR is not treated like a wife but like a possession, a doll.
  17. Just because they are still married officially, he is not entitled to receive anything from her. First don't forget that she tried to get divorced. So marriage or not, she wanted to leave him therefore she was kept imprisoned. Why should she try to help him, when she has to rescue herself first? She could have died from the abuse.
  18. But don't forget that she wasn't supposed to get a plastic surgery after she had called HR. The latter had told her that SJW wanted to help her differently. So when she prepared her escape, she had planned to fake her death so that her husband would stop looking for her, then she would live with her friend's help. But her plan didn't work out because WIK didn't buy her death. Secondly, she met SJW by accident where SJW could reveal her that he would do the surgery. When she had moved her mother to the different institute, she never mentioned the existence of a second daughter: her new face... that's why when she visited her mother later, the staff couldn't recognize her as the daughter. Now, she can no longer claim her mother as the director has already seen the daughter's face. Back then, she could have mentioned the existence of a sister... so that she could have claimed to be the other daughter. Besides, the reason why YMR wanted to run away from her husband is not just the physical abuse, but also it was about the loss of her own identity. Don't forget that the main problem was YMR's identity. When she realized that she had the face of WIK's mother, she felt that her husband didn't love her. Then WIK also tried to change YMR, to have her turned into his mother's image... that's why he chose her clothes, her hair style, her jewels aso. The moment YMR disagreed with her husband and wanted to act differently, she was beaten therefore she never lived her life as YMR. Her identity was taken away from her, even her face as she had the impression that her face was the reason for her husband's obsession and violence. In fact, he wanted to transform her into a doll. And this explains why she was not allowed to show her paintings to the world... it was as if her voice had been even taken away from her. Finally, we shouldn't forget that HR was the one who asked her to live under her real name, since she asked her to cut ties from SJW and not to rely on him. The moment, she started living in that flat, she had to live as someone without an identity. Like I wrote above, asking help from her friend looked like a stupid move... but she needed a name and number in order to sell her painting. Since she didn't want to rely on SJW more than necessary, she called her friend. JHR had been cleared about that. YMR did respect her wish.
  19. Like I said, it is easier for outsiders to say that but for someone who was never able to live as YMR for so long, giving up her name and everything... is a heavy burden, especially due to her new face. No, she is not the woman she used to be due to the abuse ... she has never been able to live with her own name for so long: she was just WIK's wife. Well, for the husband it won't be that easy to claim his wife because she has a new face and the moment she starts living as WHK, it will be difficult to prove that YMR was his wife. Moreover, the moment YMR sells her paintings through the gallery, she can get what she wants.
  20. @zenya22 @ktcjdrama Well, I know, from a rational perspective it does looks stupid to ask her friend to call her YMR and not use another name. But since she has changed her face, I suspect that hearing her name from her friend is the only way for her not to lose her identity entirely. I mean, she looks completely different hence we shouldn't underestimate the impact of the plastic surgery on her mental disposition. Keeping her name means that she is still herself. If she loses her face, her name and her passion... then it would mean her death literally. Don't forget that during her 5 years of torment, YMR's psyche had been so much scared that she was on the verge of losing herself. What we are all talking about is YMR's personality. From a gladiolus she turned into a cistus. Now, through her paintings, we are seeing her transformation. YMR is actually trying to find herself again through her paintings. However, she can not sell her pictures under her name which underlines how important her name is to her. Don't forget that she wanted to sell her paintings before and made her name famous. Besides, she can no longer act as the daughter at the institute. So officially she has already become the friend of the daughter. So the surgery had an impact on her life: - She is no longer recognized as the daughter - her friend wouldn't have recognized her, if she hadn't mentioned her name....using her name had a function: it created a new bound between her friend and herself because now she looked so different. If she had used another name, I doubt that the friend would have felt so close to her.... it would have been as if she was talking to a stranger. I hope, my explanation is understandable. Actually, she can not create a new identity with a new name because it would mean that she would have to pay for fake ID. Fake ID would be a way to discover her whereabouts as WIK has always been able to track her through fake ID. Right now, she is living without any ID at all. She has no real identity.
  21. Yes and no... JHR told him that SJW was interested in a woman who looked like WHK. So he knows but since he hasn't met her yet, he is not aware of the real resemblance. The friend is a doctor... but you are right that he is a womanizer. In my opinion, he didn't love WHK that much because he said that she was mean and pretty which didn't sound like a compliment. In my opinion, he seduced her because he couldn't bare to lose to his friend. The staff definitely prefers SJW over him, despite the number of surgeries he does... the staff perceives SJW as the better doctor and surgeon. Why? Because his goal is totally different from Han's goal: he wants to help people, while the other wants to make money in the first place. He will do anything for money, even if it is a risky surgery. I doubt that KIW will be able to get YMR so soon because due to JHR's maneuver, YMR is now forced to act as his wife. JHR thought, YMR only had to act just for one meeting but this won't go the way she wants it. WHK will be pushed to keep acting as SJW's wife. Remember that she was the one who asked YMR to keep her distance from SJW which YMR did and now she is the one who asks the opposite. At the end, SJW and wHK will explain why she lived in that flat. It is her studio where she paints... the shoes/ the paintings so YMR will claim that she is painting in order to prepare a huge exhibition. This will save the gallery. YMR wants to help SJW as she feels indebted towards the plastic surgeon. Moreover, she likes him as he acts the opposite to her husband. @zenya22 I agree with you that YMR made a mistake by contacting her friend because the risk is higher than she can be discovered. But we have to realize two things: JHR forced her to distance herself from SJW and not to rely on him in the episodes before, hence YMR listened to JHR's words and wanted to respect her promise. However, since she was not able to sell her paintings, she had to rely on someone else: her friend came to her mind. Notice the changes: this time, YMR explained her situation to her friend. So now, she knows the true nature of YMR's husband: abusive and possessive. Yet, I doubt that she told her that the surgeon gave her the face of his deceased wife hence it is normal that her friend would call her YMR. However, it disturbed me that the friend would scream her name... That was too unrealistic. @ktcjdrama She can not leave the country due to her mother. As for a different job, she did work for a while at a restaurant... However, I can understand why she can not quit painting. It is her passion...
  22. I have the impression that WIK will be the one who reveals the identity of WHK's lover to SJW: his best friend doctor Han. And in the episode 7, it was already implied: he wanted to date the girl that SJW was interested in and he knew that the woman would look like WHK. To me, he helped his friend HR who wanted to be with SJW so badly... and he was himself interested in WHK. The doctor knows HR very well and is quite supportive of her. And WIK's involvement will be the trigger for SJW to cut ties with HR and doctor Han. HR has job thanks to SJW, just like doctor Han. SJW is the main plastic surgeon. He wrote a book, was invited to participate to a radio program...
  23. It doesn't end soon since 20 episodes are planned (40 episodes - 30 minutes). @eerylin-heaven you're welcome. Honestly, they should have released this song first because it is the best in my opinion.
  24. @eerylin-heaven We are all waiting for this OST!! I don't understand why it wasn't released first.
  25. Last week, I had written that OYS would refuse to work in the drama because of LGJ and my prediction was correct. Then I had also imagined that the presence of the journalists in the ALWAYS building would be caused by LGJ's move. So now I believe that since KJR declared that OJS was his woman, our stalker was forced to change his tactics. He can no longer approach her, so just like in the past he will use her fame in order to isolate OYS. This time, he wants her to return to her job as actress because that way, OYS will become again "My goddess, our goddess, the universe's goddess". So here are my new predictions: - The writer Lee asked to meet OYS in order to make a new job offer: the proposition is the bait. However, OYS might become reluctant because she realizes that LGJ could be behind it. - Then her reluctance and the discovery of the manager that OYS has a boyfriend are the reasons for the CEO to intervene: He wants OYS to accept the offer, this is the chance of her come back. - Therefore the manager is asked to talk KJR about the break up... Now, the question is: when will this scene with the journalists happen? We have two possibilities: before the writer Lee made the new offer as LGJ wants to ensure that she can no longer work at the law firm... However, we see that KJR is still clueless for a while. Right now, I have the impression that the meeting of the journalists could be the cliffhanger where OYS decides to affront the journalists and make a statement which surprises everyone: either she is dating KJR or she is working there as she is thinking about changing her career. From my point of view, LGJ must be behind all the events again because he has realized if he can not have her, then this time her fame will be the reason why she can not have a boyfriend. Yet, the CEO and the manager don't realize that they are just playing in his hands.
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