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  1. To me, the grandfather seems to prefer NS3 over NS because he is listening to him. He has understood that the company is more important than anything else (pride, aso). Look how NS3 decided to follow Seo's recommendation and didn't accept ORR's proposition. He knows more about the technology than NS. He pays attention to the people who are working with him, he works diligently... In my opinion, if someone is more interested in getting rid of NS3, it is Seo. The latter has no idea that NGH is favouring NS3... When he discovers this, he will realize that even if his daughter gets married to NS, he will never become the CEO... if NS3 is the heir of NGH. Something caught my attention: YN said in the last episode that she wanted NS to return to the office as soon as possible. Her words made me think that YN could be interested in NS because of PK Group. For her, NS is the grandson and once he takes back his seat, he will become the future CEO. She cut ties with her father and she knew it: she has only NS left as option. That's why I have the impression that her love for NS is not entirely selfless.
  2. https://www.dramamilk.com/mr-sunshine-kdrama-live-recap-episode-5/ Here there is a recap of the whole episode.
  3. JW did lie to DY, when he said that he wasn't hurt. He got burned on his arm and hid it from her. He lied to his friend, when he said that it was nothing. It must have definitely hurt. But he is very secretive too... hence he is always trying to pull a wall between him and the others. I believe that DY will play a important part in the relationship between SA and KJK. She knows SA very well hence KJK needs to realize that TH is not SA's best friend but DY. On the other hand, I can feel that SA might help JW and DY as she is the one who has spent a lot of time with both of them.
  4. @Ahpheng @USAFarmgirl I have just started watching this drama and I must say, I got hooked right away for many reasons: - the cinematography is so beautiful - the story is intriguing and the characters well written - the acting is superb. When Eugene Choi says that America is his home, we can understand where he is coming from. In his childhood, he was a slave on the run and now that he has returned, he is not treated well either (bad remarks or f. ex. the chicken offered by the lady working at the tavern). Striking is that EC has not realized yet that while he was away, Joseon changed: The Gabo reforms abolished slavery and class system and this is exactly why EC resented and hated Joseon. People treats Lady Ae Shin much better, she is even described as a noblewoman therefore in his eyes, the class system is still existent. I feel that Ae Shin is also ignorant because she was raised in a privileged environment. It is easy for her to call GDM a traitor, when she has never experienced herself such an injustice. She was never treated like trash all her life, how can someone be loyal to a country, when the country is treating him or her like things or even as if they were nothing? Moreover, Ae Shin was born much later hence she never witnessed that there was slavery in Joseon. It is also easy for her to say that each life should be considered as precious, when in reality this wasn't the case. DM was right: she had no idea that her words were not true in Joseon. On the other hand, AS did save DM and as such, she showed that she would stick to this statement. As we can see, GDM and EC have more in common: both resent Joseon and its society for being treated like trash... yet their path is different. GDM is much more brutal, he is definitely seeking revenge, while EC is still hesitating if he should seek revenge and use his position to do it. EC is much calmer. It is interesting that while EC is taking his time to remember the past (the different places where he hid), he not only remembered his suffering but also he discovered that people did help him. He realized that the slave hunters did save his life. GDM rather rushed to his home town and killed the people responsible for his parents' death. That's why I feel that EC will realize that his image of Joseon has not been entirely correct. Besides, for the first time, he sees a noblewoman taking sides, hears that she is treating commoners very well hence she is very appreciated by people. EC had a rather negative image of aristocrats. His perception of Joseon will change. Moreover, since he helped this young boy, the latter will show him affection and welcome him. On the other hand, I believe that EC will realize that his home country America is not different as at the end, USA will give up on Joseon and allow Japan to take over Korean.
  5. The moment NS was awake, the mother wanted to destroy NS3 so that there would have been no problem. NS3 had filled his purpose. ORR is now reunited with her son... she no longer needs a replacement. Moreover, the existence of Ns3 represents a thread to NS in the sense that someone could use this against NS: see f. e. Seo. David is not a traitor in the sense that he is protecting NS3. He lied to ORR but NS3 is his son. He said it to the chairman that he did it out of love for NS3.
  6. No, he rejected Tae Hee hence we have to assume that he has never dated before.
  7. @triplem 1. I was surprised as well. In the sypnosis, it is written that his father is a congressman and his mother a doctor. Either the sypnosis is wrong or KJW is somehow lying to DY in order to explain why he chose to become a house helper. By turning himself into a orphan from a low social class, no one wonders why he decided to become a house helper. People would consider him crazy if he said that he comes from a wealthy family. 2. I have the impression that KJK might not be upset that she lied about her actual situation. So far, SA has paid too much attention to appearances and social status, yet KJK doesn't seem to be that kind of person. He was kind with DY, although the latter is not rich. Maybe he will help her to see that all this doesn't matter. She needs to define herself differently. We heard that she loved being in the center of the attention but felt hurt as she was pushed back, when TH appeared in her life. I think, she needs to talk freely to TH.... she will discover that TH never considered her as below her and her way of thinking came from the people she heard at the restroom. TH never considered her as a maid...
  8. @jongski Thanks for the compliment about the avatar!! @Latte_Anyday After watching the last episode, it is quite clear that So Mi's love interest will be Ga Ram: he is already calling her "noona". So we have here a noona romance. I guess, we are all falling for Kwon Jin Kook, my dear @alekaonu. He is definitely interesting as he has all the qualities: funny, charming and cute. Just like the Prince charming in Cinderella, he is looking for Sang Ah. He doesn't know her true personality. What I really liked was that TH gave him some advice believing that this would help him. But since TH has no idea how her friend has been living, she didn't help him at all. Sang Ah didn't delete the number of her former boyfriend hence I guess, due to her past experience she no longer believes that someone from the upper class would be interested in her. Besides, I sense that the guy will resurface again.
  9. I really liked the ending, although I wished that the bad cop had been reprimanded for his wrongdoing. YHJ had the biggest punishment. He lost not only his "fans" and his son HM, but also his reputation as strong serial killer. He became a weak monster forgotten by everyone. It was great to see that he received an article about his victims (his son included) which showed him that he never deserved the attention in the first place like PYH did, rather the victims. It was like another slap in the face...
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