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  1. @stroppyse @supergal99 @triplem @USAFarmgirl Since I have a 4 days-off this week, I had plenty of time and started watching this drama. Actually, the sypnosis didn't attract me that much first but when I saw that so many chingus were enjoying this, I gave it a try. Well, I have to say that I was quite surprised how good the acting was. I agree with @stroppyse that JY's stalker is HM. The hammer he sent looks a lot like the hammer YHJ left for NM in the past. There is a reason why HM is blaming JY. If NM hadn't betrayed his father, then in his mind, he wouldn't have lost his mother and sister as well. When HM was arrested and convicted, Oh had already left her husband with SJ but he had no idea about it. He didn't know that Oh had witnessed that YHJ was a killer. All his life, HM has always been seeking for acceptance and love from his father. He never really believed Oh's words, when she declared that she cared for him despite his behaviour. This is the reason why he doesn't show up at her restaurant. He is longing for her but there is still some doubt in his mind. Nevertheless, I have the impression that YHJ is using HM in order to make sure that NM becomes the person YHJ wants him to be. YHJ stated that since NM didn't want to give up the idea that emotions, empathy and love are weaknesses, then he needs to ensure to destroy everything so that NM comes to the conclusion that love and empathy are indeed weaknesses. For YHJ, there is no doubt that he sees in NM's intelligence his true heir. From my point of view, YHJ is a great manipulator which NM knows pretty well. So the fight between brothers is something that YHJ has planned in my opinion. He knew how HM would react, when he compared him to his younger brother... he knew that he would get upset. On the other hand, I have to admit that I don't really like NW's brother. The fact that we saw him with a bloody knife, when his parents died and he looked somehow guilty. Then the conversation between HM and him after HM had bullied the boy (reminding him that with his actions he could kill someone) gave me the feeling that he had experienced something similar ... There is some jealousy from his part towards NM. What bothers me is that HJY has never declared that NM also saved her life and was even willing to sacrifice himself for her. I mean, the brother should be thankful for that. Moreover, if NW hadn't entered the farm while looking for Lucky, then the father would have never noticed that NM had feelings for NW. He is blaming the wrong person here: YHJ should be the main target, not his sons. As for the report Park YH, she is not so different from YHJ in the end. She is like a psychopath who enjoys people's suffering. She thinks a lot like HJY. She sees herself as superior and she also has this image "the world is like a jungle". Sure, her methods are different from YHJ because she doesn't kill anyone physically, however she is trying to kill them morally. She was the one who manipulated the victims to visit the ceremony. How stupid people can be, because she was the one who wrote and published the book?!
  2. @sava2sava YW is somehow his weakness because he has not passed the bar exam, yet CKS has realized what he has gained through him: he likes tutoring YW. To me, he acts a lot like a father. He was happy, when he saw YW's reaction with the watch and the card. He did smile a little bit. Moreover, YW is able to find details which have always helped CKS each time (the bullying f. ex. in the last case). Thanks to YW, CKS looks more human, he shows more emotions than before.
  3. @evie7 @triplem In the last episode, YW and KS made both a mistake. First, YW did attempt to report to CKS about Ham's visit, since he called him twice. So KS's reproach is actually not right. Yet, I have the impression that KS didn't use YW in order to lure Ham because we are shown that only after mentioning that YW had the same idea than Ham, KS realized the impact of his words. We shouldn't forget that KS advised YW to hide from Ham. Nevertheless, he was the one who put YW in front of Ham. On the other hand, I liked that KS admitted to YW that he was not his weakness.
  4. @lydliem Thanks for posting the link with the video of Lee Myun Bak. This made me appreciate even more the drama Lawless lawyer. Striking is that now this former president is about to be judged for corruption, tax evasion and other delicts. It is clear that by copying the video of LMB, the writer and director attempt to sensitize people for being more critical, to outline the power of manipulation through the media.
  5. @Dhakra who is more genuine and honest? This was your reply. Then let me ask you this : to whom is she honest? To MiKa, not at first. She acts as the nice fiance... Then does she show her jealousy in front of LDH? Not really, she tries to deny any deep commitment from LDH towards MK. Later, she bought the things for MK which she hid from LDH. To me, she is not direct and honest with LDH. If she was honest with LDH, she shouldn't have pretended to be drunk and go to the restroom... she could have told him how she felt. She only reminded where LDH came from. She never speaks about her feelings. You take her words as face value: "You can do whatever you want as long as it doesn't get messy" But her words sound as if she was giving him the authorization to have the affair for a while. So she keeps acting as if she is the owner of LDH.
  6. First, he was even moved before. If not, he wouldn't have brought her to his hotel room, when she was drunk. Then don't forget that Mi Ka saved his life!! Only after discovering the miracle, she only tried to approach him. Striking is that she tried to move his heart, yet she already had touched his heart (the rescue, her tears after getting rejected for the audition). Striking is that Beth acted as Holly G. from Breakfast at Tiffany, when LDH proposed to her. She didn't appear as herself. Hooly G. symbolizes free spirit, someone who sees marriage as a cage hence she refuses marriage. Therfore her choice for this character gives the impression that she is not really into this marriage.
  7. @alekaonu @chatterbox22 @jl08 I have to say that I have a soft spot for Im Ba Reum who is socially awkward but has a good and kind heart. The way he tried to help the elderly woman with the flyer was really telling. It made me smile how Cha Oh Reum saved him and even came to help the woman with a different approach. Nevertheless, I observed that IBR and COR have both some misconception about each other. Oh Reum described IBR as privileged and strong which is definitely not the case. He had to fight in order to become a judge. He worked hard and just like her, he has a strong sense of justice which OR doesn't realize. He is just a pragmatic. On the other hand, IBR still thinks that OR comes from a privileged and rich family, after seeing how close she is to the son of the CEO. I hope, OR will discover where IBR comes from because she still doesn't perceive all his good actions. IBR has problems to show his true feelings and intentions because he is afraid of getting hurt. Moreover, I sense that he might perceive OR has someone above his station. She has connections to powerful people aso.
  8. @Dhakra Long time no see, chingu! Your perception of Beth is interesting. I quoted your two comments because I have so many things to reply to these observations. In your first comment mentioned above, I noticed a contradiction. You say that it is normal for Beth not to treat DH like an equal because this is an arranged marriage. On the other hand, Beth refused all his proposals as she wants him to love her. In other words, her marriage should be based on love. And that's the reason why I can not really accept BSB's behaviour. If she wants a marriage for love as she loves him, then she should treat him as an equal. BUT she never does. I don't doubt that she has feelings for him but she is definitely responsible for this mess as well. Helping him in the business will never move LDH's heart for her, rather reinforce the impression that it is an arranged marriage. By always mentioning her wealth, connections and her skills, she makes LDH feel inferior which makes it difficult for LDH to see that Beth loves him. By blaming LDH or Mi Ka for the situation is not entirely correct. Since she refused all his proposals, I would even dare to say that she is not his fiance. Yet, in front of a business partner she will say it otherwise. So she treats LDH like a possession in my opinion. To conclude, when it suits her, he becomes her fiance. Now that she feels threatened, she will use the proposals as a legitimation for being LDH's fiance, whereas she actually refused him. It was her right to refuse LDH which I could understand but now she shouldn't act as if someone had stolen her fiance, as she was the one who turned him down! For me, LDH is not really tied to her. From the start, I pointed out Beth's mistakes: First, she was overlooking one big factor: time. She thought, she had plenty of time which is not true. She doesn't possess time nor does she control it. Since Mika is able to see the clock in each individual, we are reminded that time is precious and our time on Earth is limited. The fiance has not realized it yet. Here again, she thinks that as time passes on, LDH will move on from Mi Ka. Yet, waiting makes her feel insecure therefore she tries to buy Mi Ka. Moreover, her second mistake was timing. By waiting for his love, she was missing the right timing. She thought that as time passed, LDH would come to love her. Her thought of process is similar to "time heals wounds". In her mind, time will make him fall for her but she is wrong here too. Interesting is that LDH has a similar attitude. He also believes that at some point, he will get bored and moved on. Third, she was misjudging LDH's personality. She expected that his heart would change due to time, on the other hand she was doing nothing to move his heart. Sure, she helps him but this doesn't distinguish her from a friend. A friend would help too. She is too passive in my opinion. She should have seduced him, she should have tried to move his heart but she did nothing. Striking is that she wants LDH to sacrifice his time by going to an origami academy so that she can get her origami cranes. Her request shows that she believes, if LDH sacrifices his time for her, he will come to think of her and come to love her. Nevertheless, her request makes her look like a spoiled child, as she is seen as someone who wants to get origami cranes at any cost. Beth is not direct enough. At the beginning, she told him to think hart why she refused all his proposals. She never told him directly: "I want you to love me back". LDH proposed to her many times but she refused, yet she didn't do anything to change his heart. She is not frank and honest with him in my eyes. Finally she is mixing up social status and love. Since she has everything (only heiress, many friends aso), LDH can only fall for her. She is overlooking other aspects: emotional connection... A man can fall in love with a woman who has nothing. Wealth and social status have nothing to do with love, yet she thinks somehow like that. When she realized that a woman was after her man, she used money to separate MK from LDH because for her, a person coming from a lower social class can only be after social status and wealth. After the last two episodes, her behaviour really outlines her mistakes and her wrong perception of LDH and Mi Ka. She thought, Mi Ka is after LDH because of his wealth and status, hence she tried to bribe her. Moreover, she still doesn't try to move LDH's heart. She just asks him to have an affair for a while and stop it. He should behave like a man from his social circle. BSB doesn't know how to move LDH's heart. Now, she thinks by spending time with him during the weekend will solve everything. Beth definitely lacks showing any deep feelings and emotions. We shouldn't forget that LDH was moved by Mi Ka's eyes and expression. So who is showing more genuineness and honesty in the end? Mi Ka might have not told him her reason for her strange behaviour, yet her despair and her answer (like at the end of the episode 2: "I need you") were sincere and direct!! Beth is more putting a mask all this time: the smile and the good manners on the surface (inviting the driver f. ex.), while she is hurt and upset. Moreover, I am also questioning the deepness of her affection for LDH. Yes, she is hurt, when she witnesses that LDH has started loving Mi Ka. She remarked that she noticed something dangerous in LDH's gaze. Why dangerous? Because she gets aware that LDH could get out of her control. But her comment "Don't have too much fun!" underlines that she has never understood why LDH has closed his heart to anyone so far. Her remark makes me think Either for her love has something to do with entertainment or she is denying that LDH could really love Mi Ka. Her remark makes me wonder if she really knows LDH that well. Is LDH a man who is following his urges and instincts, if we take her remark into consideration? This man has never enjoyed anything in his life for a long time and the moment his heart starts beating again (a symbol for a rebirth, coming back to life), she perceives him as someone with a lack of moral or someone who is led by his feelings and instincts. As conclusion, I disagree with you. Beth has to change if she wants to get LDH's love. All her attempts prove to me that she hasn't realized her own mistakes. She blames LDH and Mi Ka for this but she is responsible too. She needs to approach LDH differently: being more emotional, genuine and direct!! Actually, she is now acting behind his back which underlines again her dishonesty. I am pretty sure that if she hears from LDH why Mi Ka approached him, she will doubt this explanation hence we see her at the hospital in the preview. I have the impression that she will try to find out if Mi Ka is seriously ill. Besides, I disliked how she displayed her power in front of Mi Ka (she could get any information about her!!), this was actually scary. Finally, she also lied to Mi Ka by stating that her action would make LDH waver. Her words made it look like LDH had been in love with her but he never was. So she was lying to MK trying to make her feel guilty. I can understand why Beth has to react to this situation but her methods are totally wrong. There is a reason why LDH accepted this marriage, he doesn't want his future wife to share the same fate than his sister-in-law, if he were to marry someone from a lower social status (which his father will never agree to). Notice that the sister-in-law is not even allowed to speak and express anything during lunch. Even her husband who loved her ends up asking his wife to close her mouth. LDH reminded his brother that he was the one who made his wife unhappy. LDB chose love over business and ended up unhappy. Now, he is eager to become the future heir. That's why he is happy, if LDH was caught being in love with a woman the father has not chosen. From my point of view, it is connected to loss. He must have loved YSD's mother. I have the impression that their father has the idea that an arranged marriage is a better way to prevent any hurt. His attempt could be that they won't experience any pain, if their spouse and partner had to die. Moreover, LDH's first love must have reinforced this belief. But if my theory is correct, then this is totally nonsense as you can not go through life unattached. This is no life at all. @bedifferent @USAFarmgirl @triplem @blademan
  9. @triplem @USAFarmgirl I agree with @blademan that the time clock could be also depending on a person's will and determination to live. We heard how her situation changed abruptly but she couldn't become depressed or commit suicide as she had her mother and her brother by her side. She felt responsible hence she needed to support them. Nevertheless, I don't think that's the only cause for the length of a time clock. I also think that Mrs Oh could have the same gift as she reminded LDH to consider time as something precious. To me, it looks like LDH had stopped to live hence he has no time clock. In the episode 3, we hear his heartbeat again which underlines one more time that LDH is still not living again as he doesn't enjoy life yet. We shouldn't forget that he was about to die, when Mi Ka saved his life. In other words, LDH would have died back then, that could be the explanation why Mi Ka is the benefactor of LDH. Since she changed his life time and destiny, she is rewarded by him. The man was a living corpse thus he had no will to live. Now LDH is able to stop her clock by standing next to her. Striking is that his interest for something just lasts 3 months and that's the exact amount of time Mi Ka has left. The more he shows feelings, the more time she receives. He is expending her life time. Yet, like the doctor pointed out, LDH is making a mistake: feeling for someone can not fade away like a passion for a hobby or object. The expression "fading away" is linked to limitedness hence indirectly to death. Notice that LDH has a weird perception of time: for him, everything is futile and temporal. Feelings fade away, just objects can be removed or become less interesting. In other words, he doesn't see the time as something precious because his focus is on the end, on the results. At the end, there is only disappearance and death. I also observed that he chose a painting that outlines the idea of mortality and finiteness because there is a blossoming tree in the painting. It is blossoming and as you know, at some point the blossoms will wither. The leaves look a lot like the leaves LDH saw floating in the air. Back then, we had the impression that time had stopped. Yet the falling of leaves is a symbol for withering. LDH has not realized that time is precious, yet he decided to spend time with MiKa showing that LDH has already changed. He took some of his time to be with Mi Ka. On the other hand, BSB doesn't still understand that time is precious. Notice that she wants him to spend time by going to the origami academy. Her wish outlines that she is also only focused on the results: she wants to have origami cranes. Yet, she is not really asking that LDH spends time with her. HE has to spend time FOR her but not with her. I hope that Mi Ka won't die in the end that her life is depending on LDH's love, yet I have the feeling that at some point one of 4 leads will die. LDH, BSB and the director J. make all the same mistake: they don't consider time as precious, they believe that they have everything and they can do everything. Maybe LDH is a little different as he is afraid of living.
  10. @antoniaclamens @Anna Tan @40somethingahjumma The blind masseuse can not be the person who sent the parcel to BSP because he received it in the beginning (episode 1), while the masseuse was hired a little later. AOJ had no idea who BSP was, just like CMS or NSJ. However, @zenya22's remark made me realize that the masseuse could have been planted there as a spy that's why I think that there is someone who helped NHJ (HJY's mother) and WHM via BSP since he knew the link between BSP, WHM and NHJ. NSJ was the one who hired the masseuse, she mentioned it to CMS ("there is this famous masseuse"). Because of this, I am now wondering if the person behind all this could be someone outside the 7 Club who has been a Gisung citizen for a long time and knows that inner circle pretty well. Someone who even knew CHB's true face.... Therefore it is definitely possible that this person has not been introduced yet. However, this made me think about BSP's father. Who is his father? BSP has the name of his father... not from his mother.
  11. @NoonaE @antoniaclamens @sava2sava @40somethingahjumma I would like to point out that there must be someone among the 7 club that is working behind CMS's back. Why? NHJ, HJY's mother, lives in Thailand hence she couldn't know that AOJ has been chosen by CMS for the position as mayor. Either it is NSJ or head of prosecution, Jang Sang Il. NSJ doesn't like AOJ, besides she sees him as a thread. Besides, the mother of HJY, is living in a comfortable loft. How could she manage to start a new life abroad? The mother had no idea, HJY was involved in the defense of the detective HMW. Someone else is pulling the strings... someone who knew where BSP had disappeared, when to send the notebook at the right moment, when to send the stone and the pictures of CMS/AOJ's crimes, who knew that HMW had helped NHJ to disappear...
  12. I guess, BSB must have heard LDH's love confession to MC at the end of the episode!! We will discover it in the next episode...
  13. Yes, that's the reason we say that you can learn a lot through History, to ensure that something terrible like Third Reich never occurs again. For example, when G. W. Bush Junior did touch Citizen and Human rights after the terror attack (September 11th 2001), he actually copied Hitler. In the name of safety and security, Citizen and Human rights needed to be changed or even removed. That was his explanation and excuse, the same excuse Hitler had in order to fight his political enemies. Torture became allowed. This is a dangerous step... in any democracy. I try to use recent events and make an analogy to Hitler in order to sensitize the students, not to blindly follow politicians' ideas or to be more sceptical/wary about any major changes in constitution. In Germany, it is impossible to remove any Human rights under any circumstances, they are immutable in the Constitution.
  14. @NoonaE Well, the reason why I am comparing it to Hitler and Nazi dictatorship is because I am a History teacher in Germany. So I hope, this is not too much. But you are right, she acts like Hitler in the sense that she uses laws via her courtroom to kill people, the ones who represent a danger to AOJ and herself. Since AOJ has been a thug and gang leader, he reminds me a little of a leader of the SA (Sturmabteilung), a paramilitary wing of the NSDAP (Nazi party). The SA played a huge part in Hitler's rise to power in 20s'-30s'. The SA-troops were used to bully and persecute Jews, political enemies and even spread terrors on the streets. Their behavior was similar to thugs!! However, I don't know why but I am connecting NSJ to Eric Röhm, the leader of SA because NSJ and CMS have been childhood friends. Like NSJ with CMS, Röhm was a close friend and long companion of Hitler whom he met in 1919, when the NSDAP had just been created. At some point, Hitler decided to get rid of Röhm and ordered the blood purge in 1934 (the event is called "The Night of the Long Knives"). Röhm was killed and this massacre was legally approved afterwards!! I have the impression that something like that is going to happen. Since AOJ and NSJ dislike each other, at some point CMS will be forced to choose between AOJ and NSJ. I sense that NSJ will be abandoned by CMS. The rivalry for CMS's favoritism makes me think of the rivalry between SS and SA. When the SA was disempowered by Hitler in 1934, the SS (Schutzstaffel = Protection Squadron), also a paramilitary organisation of NSDAP created by Himmler, became the winner of that struggle and the most powerful organisation in the Third Reich. SS people were passionate supporters of Nazi ideology and participated actively in the persecution of people. To conclude, AOJ could be seen as a combination of SA and SS.
  15. @sava2sava @40somethingahjumma @kjoy The blind masseuse is treated as if she didn't exist, as if she was not a person. They don't pay attention to her because she is blind. But they are all forgetting something: blind doesn't mean that she is deaf or mute hence she is a witness. In my opinion, she can recognize people by their voice. Because of her blindness, they think that she is not dangerous to them. Once AOJ ensured himself that she was disabled, he no longer paid attention to her and spoke freely. That's why they are negligent as they feel, she is not a human due to her disability. She is just a tool hence she represents no thread to them. However, I have the feeling that she will help BSP and HJY. She is close to the source.
  16. In my opinion, she might change her mind because of her mother. HJY and BSP want justice because they lost their mother, therefore I am suspecting that something similar might happen to KYH. However, I have also noticed that KYH wears a black dress, when she is introduced to the 7 Club, whereas HJY has white clothes on after accepting the truth. @NoonaE Yes, the judge Cha reminds me of a dictator. Ruler cult is a typical phenomenon for any dictator. Other criteria are propaganda and control of the media, the use of laws and the religious aspect. Hitler transformed The Weimarer Republic (first Germany democracy) by changing the laws and it was legally done. First, he seized the opportunity to abolish or diminish human rights, when the arson of the Reichstag happened: "For safety reasons, a way to deal with terrorists." That's why it is important not to forget that laws doesn't necessarly mean justice. Hitler created laws in order to exclude political enemies, Jews and other minorities from German society. On the surface, Hitler was not breaking the laws, just using it in order to get rid of the opposition and people he considered as parasites. But people seem to forget that Hitler was not alone in this. He had the support of the industrials, banks and willing supporters who believed in his ideology.
  17. It seems that BSB will try to buy Mika. Moreover, she will make her feel guilty by saying that LDH is wavering. By saying this, BSB gives the impression that LDH has loved her which he never did. So in my opinion, Mika might decide to leave LDH's side first, only to feel regret.
  18. @NoonaE @triplem @40somethingahjumma @sava2sava @antoniaclamens @evie7 This episode marks a turning point in KYH's life. Not only she loses the trial but she also gets demoted. In other words, KYH is facing a similar situation compared to HJY. In the beginning, the latter lost a trial and also got her lawyer licence suspended, here KYH becomes the laughingstock of the prosecution office because she trusted her inspector too much. Like AOJ and BSP pointed out, she is a victim. Both made the same mistake: they put their trust in someone and got betrayed. Yet, unlike HJY who didn't return to Gisung in order to ask from CMS some favor or support, KYH makes a rash decision. CMS only needs to mention HJY to her that the prosecutor decides to become close to CMS. Her jealousy is her driving force. Striking is that after the humiliation, KYH is even more focusing on her career than before. If we compare HJY and KYH's situation again, we realize that both got demoted in the name of justice and truth. However, while HJY never regretted her decision, it seems to me that KYH showed some regret. In her eyes, she made a mistake hence she apologizes to CMS. Interesting is that KYH's ambition is finally revealed. Her wish is to become the most powerful prosecutor by CMS's side. To conclude, KYH is different from HJY because the latter has always been driven by her strong sense of justice and fairness, whereas our prosecutor appears to be more attracted by power that's why KYH was so eager to become the spiritual daughter of CMS. In other words, their admiration for CMS had two different sources: for HJY, CMS appeared as a fair and humble judge, while KYH saw the power behind the robe. This explains why CMS preferred HJY over KYH because her affection for her was more genuine. But we have to remember that KYH knew about CMS's power because of her mother. Nevertheless, the introduction to the Seven Club is quite interesting because on the one hand, we see KYH's reaction, when she sees the true face of CMS: AOJ is on his knees in front of CMS. These two pictures outline her shock and disgust. On the other hand, she realizes the closeness of CMS-AOJ's relationship. She is not at all pleased, nonetheless after witnessing AOJ's bowing, she shakes AOJ's hand again and adds: "I don't think that I knew you very well, Chairman." She even congratulates him. This handshake is really telling. Despite knowing what kind of man he is, KYH is willing to overlook it in the name of power. Her conscience won't stop her to become an ally of a criminal. AOJ has become the face of the 7 Club, since he is running for mayor election. By the way, the number 7 reminded me of 7 capital sins: lust, greed, gluttony, sloth, envy, pride and wrath. Behind the surface, they are evil and selfish people. What caught my attention is that NSJ didn't want KYH to enter that circle. When she begged CMS for mercy, it is clear that NSJ had never had the intention that her daughter becomes the spiritual daughter of CMS. Actually, I have realized that she was herself jealous of HJY and wanted to become herself CMS's heir. But CMS had never intended to make such a choice. It has always been either KYH or HJY. That's why she warned NSJ about showing her true feelings. NSJ wanted her daughter to be a righteous and good prosecutor, she wanted her to remain pure, however NSJ has never realized that by being next to CMS could be the cause of her daughter's wrong choice. As we can see, although HJY and KYH admired CMS due to their parents, their education was the reason why HJY and KYH chose two opposite paths. Now, the question is: how far KYH is willing to go? Moreover, I have the impression now that NSJ could have a change of heart in the long run as she doesn't want her daughter to become dirty.
  19. The fourth is Head of the prosecution Jang I. D. The fifth is the one who owns the newspaper of GS. I can't remember his name. The sixth is the lawyer and former judge Go In Doo The seventh is responsible for the money transactions. @triplem
  20. What a turn of event!! I have been wondering if the body of HJY's mother has been switched with CJA's body. Since no one from her family came to confirm the death of CJA, they could bury CJA's body elsewhere. Nobody would have suspected that it was the body of HJY's mother. I mean, CJA had been stabbed, even an inspector could have noticed the stabbing.
  21. @40somethingahjumma @triplem@nateko @antoniaclamens @evie7 AOJ: "For you that moment is right now. That’s why you and I should never let go of this opportunity." This scene is important because it clearly outlines that AOJ has found his purpose in his life. But what is his goal in his life now? Becoming the mayor of Gisung or is it more? CMS offered him the opportunity but now, I am wondering if in this particular scene, AOJ has already something else in mind. Furthermore I am questioning too if AOJ ordered the murder of the Mayor Lee or it was CMS who ordered it through AOJ. So far, the killer didn't connect CMS to the murder. Finally, it appears that AOJ has already dreamt of realizing the Golden City project. He has the plan in his office and was so happy to look at it. In other words, the Golden Project is definitely linked to AOJ, but does CMS have the same dream? BSP said that AOJ has always been the puppet of CMS. Yet, we could observe that in the last two episodes, AOJ has stopped seeing himself as CMS's puppet and servant. He visits her without any invitation, he asked her to visit his sacred place where there is an altar dedicated to her father. Like I had pointed it out earlier, I saw a riff coming between CMS and AOJ. Who is the real heir of CBH? AOJ sees himself as the spiritual son of CBH. He might have done the dirty work for him but he was close to the man, whereas CMS only seems to remember her father as a judge. She has an adulation for her father (that's why she chose a golden statue), yet it seems that AOJ was CBH's real pupil. For her, CBH should be venerated as a god, AOJ has a different approach: CBH as the average man therefore his campaign video turns him into a humble and dedicated man. He is actually copying CBH's image. AOJ remembers every words from CBH. He told BSP that he has the money and the law on his side because CMS is siding with him. This declaration reveals his true thoughts: he doesn't see himself as CMS's tool, rather the other way around. To me, he is mixing up cause and effect. He became rich and powerful because CMS helped him as she was willing to do so. He doesn't possess CMS as judge. On the other hand, she perceives the exact opposite: AOJ is just a tool in her kingdom. Yes, CMS and the others think that they are from noble blood, whereas AOJ is just a peasant and thug who became rich because he did their dirty work. HOWEVER, AOJ is right... he has power but a different kind: power from his gang/thug past. CMS has not seen it yet. It really reminds me of Hitler's rise to power. On January 30th 1933, the Reichspresident Hindenburg nominated Hitler as chancellor due to von Papen's suggestion. The latter thought that once Hitler is nominated as chancellor, they (conservative current) will use his popularity to do their own politics. He had planned to "enframe" Hitler implying that they will be able to control him. Hitler would be the face of the new government so that if there were some problems, then the chancellor would be hold responsible for this so that the popular party would lose credibility. But how did they plan to control him? In the new government, Hitler had only two ministers belonging to the NSDAP, the majority came from the national-conservative current (nobility and rich industrials). They thought, they had the upper hand because they were the majority in the government. However, they underestimated Hitler because Frick, a NSDAP member, was the Minister of Interior (control over the police forces). Frick could order arrests and persecute people by giving orders to the police. Now, you will ask: what has this to do with this drama? AOJ has been nominated by CMS and her character appears to be a combination of Hindenburg and von Papen. Hindenburg was longing for the restauration of the former German empire that had disappeared after the defeat in WWI. I have the impression that CMS chose AOJ because he was not strong compared to the others and would remain her puppet as he had been her puppet for 18 years. She also imagined that she would be able to control AOJ, as he has never been accepted by the others. They all look down on him. By becoming a candidate, AOJ enters the inner circle. Since there are 7 people in that circle, we have to imagine that AOJ has no power compared to the others. He is in the minority. CMS thinks that AOJ is "enframed" but she is overlooking something. Just like Hitler who had the SA and SS by his side, AOJ has his thugs under his thumb. So @40somethingahjumma is right, the bow has become a facade and farce. You can see some parallels with Hitler and Hindenburg. Here Hitler is bowing in front of Hindenburg for political exploitation as he wanted to get the support from the conservative milieu. The divide and conquer is about to happen among the inner circle. Little by little, AOJ will seize power and I have the impression that at some point, CMS might become more and more powerless due to AOJ, just like with Hitler and Hindenburg as she loses her disciples. Yet Hindenburg remained president until his death and became Hitler's puppet. To conclude, the moment CMS offered him the mayor position, he already had something else in mind. Just like AOJ, Hitler was not accepted by the nobility and monarchists as he came from a low social class. He had no noble blood, yet at the end of the road, he became the dictator of that country and all the others became his tools and pawns.
  22. Well, I have no problem to buy it because there are many examples in History that prove how naive, stupid or blinded people can be. Even if they see something bad, they will give an explanation for that. Let me just mention: Third Reich and Hitler. The famous director Leni Riefenstahl contributed to Hitler's cult.
  23. @triplem @40somethingahjumma @RobinM @evie7 @nateko About the romance: to me, it doesn't feel rushed or forced because BSP has always been a part in HJY's life without her knowing. He has observed her for a long time therefore he came to like her. That's why he told his uncle that he trusts her. He knows what kind of person she is. Notice that in the beginning he provoked her all the time hence he made sure that she wouldn't see him in a positive light. Yet, little by little he showed her a different side of him so that she was intrigued by him. HJY can now fully grasp BSP's pain and feelings hence she is trying to comfort him. They have so many things in common: loss of a mother, the injustice and helplessness not to unveil the truth of the past events, aso. CMS tried to convince HJY that BSP shouldn't be trusted because of his past (criminal record). However, HJY has never decided to follow someone's advice without questioning it. Like I had written before, HJY is a person who dares to question authority as consequence she has never been a blind follower of CMS. Her love and admiration for CMS was based on her role as judge. Trust goes along with faith. Nonetheless, her faith in CMS got shaken, the moment CMS made decisions not to accept the evidence. Since BSP had predicted CMS's behaviour, HJY's admiration for CMS got diminished as she clearly revealed herself as partial and unfair. Yet the events in the last trial clearly showed that CMS was manipulating the court. One more reason to question CMS's advice and words. @sava2sava about HJY's father, Ha Ki Ho: I doubt that he is just doing it because he wants to protect his daughter. From my point of view, HKH is just a naive and blind follower. Let me explain the reason why I interpret the father as a believer of that Cha cult. We discover that the statue of CBH has been modeled after one of the pictures HKH took. The latter is so proud of this. But more importantly, we have to look at the pictures HKH has been taking all his life. The vitrine of his studio is really telling: All these pictures have something in common: they are stagings. The photographer wants to give the impression of happy families. First, these pictures were not taken outdoors but all in the studio hence they don't look natural. In fact they don't represent the reality. If you look at the family picture of CBH and CMS, we have CMS standing next to her father, while the father sits and looks much smaller. So based on this picture, you have the impression that CMS is much more important than her own father. However, BSP's words contradicts this version: "Cha Byung Ho worked as a judge for 37 years. He was above the law and reigned as if he was the King". However, since the photograph took such a picture, we have to understand that HKH thinks that his pictures represent the reality. Furthermore, only two families are represented there: the Cha family and his own family. Other people are not shown which underlines that he doesn't pay attention to other families at all. We know that both parents were photographs, however they were totally different. HJY's mother was shown taking pictures of her daughter outside and she wasn't even giving any direction to her daughter. She wanted to take snapshots and not stagings. Moreover, it seems that she even visited sites (see the scene where HJY is waiting at a desolate building) therefore her goal as photograph was different: she wanted to show people the reality and facts. Striking is that there is also a picture of CBH in AOJ's sacred place. Here, we see a different kind of picture: CBH is eating. This black and white picture contrasts a lot with HKH's picture (CBH holding a gravel and a lawbook, see the statue of CBH) because in the former picture, the man is shown eating. This underlines his human side: CBH is not a god, but a human who needed to eat like the others. That's the reason why CMS is upset because she views this "temple" as a danger: her father should be viewed as a god and not as a human who liked sundae soup. Ha Ki Ho mentioned to his daughter that the judge Cha Byung Ho helped him and his wife financially, when HJY was younger hence he feels so indebted towards CMS. As a result, he wants to take care of CMS. He has another reason to side with her as she was the one who found HJY, when the latter was searching for her mother. Let us not forget that HKH was the one who compared CMS to Mother Theresa twice. So for him, CBH is his god, while CMS is Mother Theresa. After her death, she will become a saint. Notice the hesitation of HJY, when HKH asked her to stop working for BSP. For him, he committed a blasphemy, a crime as he tarnished CBH's unveiling ceremony. The man seems to forget that BSP wasn't the one who first tarnished the inauguration but AOJ. The latter tried to use this event for his own campaign, in other words it was a political exploitation. As conclusion, I compare HKH to a sculptor from the Middle-Age who worked in a cathedral. He is a strong believer hence he wants to use his skills in order to expand that new religion. Actually, he is the one who leads people to believe in that cult. He was the one who staged the judge holding the gravel and the law book aso. CBH knew how to use his skills as he knew how innocent and naive he was. However, his wife was different as she was able to see that these stagings didn't represent the reality. She wanted to look what was behind the picture. In my opinion, HJY's mother was the one who started the whole "investigation". Since we saw that CJA was followed because she had the chip card. we have to imagine that CJA must have met her before. After the transaction, HJY's mother was caught and once they found out that she had no longer the chip card, they went after the human rights lawyer. @antoniaclamens
  24. @antoniaclamens Thanks for the compliment again. You are right that BSP hasn't already judged YH because of her close relationship to CMS and her mother. He still gives her a chance and I think that he is right to do so. About the romance: BSP asked HJY in the first episode if she was already seeing someone. Our heroine replied that the reason why he hired her was because he was interested in her. Therefore from the start, BSP tried to get close to HJY. Sure, he said such a thing as he wanted to keep his true intention hidden from her first. Yes, I don't believe that this question was not entirely fake. He even mentioned in the first episode that he wanted her to become his partner. So he had already planned what he wanted to do with her.
  25. @40somethingahjumma@triplem So far, I have the impression that the orphans' name are used for illegal transactions, like tax evasions aso. Since they are orphans, no one will look into their financial situation. They use their identities in order to create accounts so that money can be wired easily. The children are too young to discover that they own an account. That also explains why CMS knows the name of the orphans very well. On the other hand, we can not be so sure what happens to them, when they are older. I guess, they can become a part of AOJ's clan or they are discarded (human trafficking).
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