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  1. I believe too that Ip-Saeng will change for the better but he will also become Eunseom's biggest supporter in the end because once he witnesses how Eunseom is able to gain the support of the different tribes, he will realize the importance of generosity and courage. The result can be much more rewarding than deception and greed. Due to his selfishness, he never achieved anything. I don't think that he will forgive the traitor from the Wahan because he didn't forgive the Saram who got tortured later. He just saved him, yet he still resented him. Notice that he told the man, he should always remember that his life was saved by an Igutu which shows that he wants the man to feel remorse and guilt. @Sakurafairy It was said that there were still 5 Neanthals alive.
  2. @lightbringer06 After reading the recap from dramamilk, I came to realize the huge difference between Tagon with Saya and Eunseom. The latter helps the others without asking anything in return therefore the woman from the Momo tribe chose Eunseom's back as their sign. I have the impression that Eunseom's journey will be to meet different tribes and help them so that at the end of the day, all of them decides to choose Eunseom as their leader because they feel gratitude. That's why he will meet the Neanthals too. With the support of the different tribes, he will be able to destroy Arthdal and stop the tyranny of Sarams. In other words, Eunseom will gain power without asking for it and his reward for his good deeds will be to become a real soldier and even have a huge army. And this explains why Eunseom is so different from Tagon and his twin brother. Both suffered that's why they chose to become selfish and self-centered. On the other hand, Eunseom who suffered a lot too never gave up his morals and never tried to use his own misery in order to torment others.
  3. Well, he has been raised by Taealha, a very ruthless, greedy and selfish person which influenced Saya greatly. Saya is just like her hence his love for Tanya is not selfless and pure. I don't feel sorry for him as he chose a path where he killed and injured innocent people. Did he need to poison Tagon's half-brother? No.... He just considered him as a pawn. He is not interested in justice, only in power so that he can escape from his prison. If he becomes the heir, he can live proudly and enjoy his position. He is not wondering about his true origins. I have been thinking about what Saeutnik whispered to Eunseom, just after he talked about sins. What if Saeutnik fell in love with a Neanthal and she became his wife? He decided to protect her. That's why Saeutnik could tell him that he was not a sin because he was the result of love. That way, Eunseom discovers his true origins.
  4. My prediction is that he will die. First, he has been cursed. Remember that he is associated to the mirror, an object and not a person. He is a reflection of Aramun but he is not the real Aramun. Since he believes that Aramun is an Igutu and he is proud of his identity, he thinks that he is Aramun. He has no idea of the existence of his twin brother, the real Aramun who can ride the quickest horse on Arthdal. Don't forget that Saya doesn't view the godly objects (the star bell for example) as something important. He only supports this belief as it helps him to gain power. His true goal is to become Tagon's heir. Yet, as a mirror, he will be the reason for Tagon's downfall. Notice that he was the one who pushed Tagon to go against Asa Ron so that Tagon could become a king. Since it worked, Tagon will rely on Saya and his advices won't be good in the future as he trusts Tanya too much (blinded by his love) and will believe everything she says.
  5. I have just realized that all this tragedy happened because of the White Mountain Clan in the end. Asa Ron's ancestors and his tribe made sure after Asa Sin's departure to change the belief as they wanted to get more power. That's why they ensured that no one would know that Aramun was supposed to be an Igutu. They even created rumors that Igutus would bring disaster in order to isolate them. Therefore Tagon's father hid his son's true nature from the others. And this explains why Neanthals and Igutus had to be eradicated and Asa Ron supported this plan. That way, he could ensure that there would be no Igutu who could represent a thread to the Asa clan. In other words, Tagon could have become Aramun if the White Mountain Clan had not created a false belief. However, Asa Ron's clan never realized that they could never win against gods' will. Aramun would happen no matter what... Then Tagon and his "son" want to use the new belief (White Peak Mountain Heart) in order to get power. Sanya likes this belief because it doesn't demonize Igutus, quite the opposite. Igutus are worshiped, since Aramun as an Igutu is supposed to return. However, I don't see Sanya as a true believer because he told the high priest from the White Peak Mountain Heart that he didn't really care for the godly object (the bell). So in my opinion, he views this religion as a tool to get more power so that he can live in the sunlight. In my opinion, he will claim that he is Aramun.
  6. @mademoisellesia The long preview looks so good. I have the impression that ES is put on that small raft as a ritual, like f. ex. if he survives, then this means that he is the true Aramun. They have been waiting for his return.
  7. I have the impression that KYG's father had remorse and wanted to stop the Jang society and reveal its existence, however the other members like PJW disagreed. That's why he was framed with the murder of his wife. PJW decided to take control of Jang society. From my point of view, he has been eliminated because just like 15 years ago, there was an inner fight among the Jang society. Yeom is definitely part of it. To me, the organization reminds me of the hydra, once a head is cut, another head appears.
  8. Exactly... Furthermore, it also contrasts with the friendship between KHF and ZWW. Although ZWW never revealed that she had a boyfriend, HKF didn't get upset and always sided with her unconditionnally. His friendship with CHK was not deep and real as GZY had perverted their relationship. Striking is that despite the fight between CHK and DW, they were able to overcome this and DW could even realize Chu's feelings for ZWW.
  9. It was me who wrote this. In my opinion, the kiss with MZ showed that he could start a new relationship with her as he believed that she had feelings for him. So in his eyes, he saw her feelings as a way to use for his own interest. That's why in the end I am not surprised that he got married during that time as his feelings for WW were not real. He got obsessed with her because he couldn't accept that he had lost control over WW. He thought all this time, he could control and manipulate her. Once she told him that she no longer loved him, he realized that he could no longer control her. From my point of view, he used WW's feelings for his own interests that's why he could be so indifferent and even rude in the past. He knew how to play her: her guilt, her feelings aso. I believe that 321 won't change his behavior with his wife, except if he is married to MZ which I doubt. Now, I understand better why the writer created CKH's friend. He was used as a contrast to DW. It becomes clearer why DW became HKF's husband. Unlike her former "boyfriend" (CKH's friend), once DW realized what kind of woman KF was (loyal and fierce), he accepted her. He didn't try to force his own point of view on her, like he said: he just wanted to protect her. Little by little, he could impress her as he never asked anything in return: she has to become his girlfriend officially. Unlike the friend who claimed to love her, he was more obsessed with her sex appeal than with her personality. He imagined that HKF would sleep with CKH... which showed how little he knew KHF very well.
  10. This saeguk is very different from the usual ones, not so dark. I mean, GHR could have been tortured but she wasn't. I have the impression that we won't have a huge angsty love story. What I love in this story is how the female protagonist is written. She always takes the lead, she confessed her love first. She even dared to kiss him, while YR still hesitated. While he is pursuing her, she is definitely pursuing him as well. I love how the prince allows her to do what she wants and makes sure that she doesn't suffer so much.
  11. @angelbeast90 Furthermore, the other clue that PMJ has definitely changed and has become a real politician is his answer to CYJ. He told him that politics were here to find the answers to the problems... how to reduce emissions aso. So his answer contrasts so much to his attitude in front of Yang. Sure, he has a different approach but he doesn't see politics as an outsider any longer. He spoke as if he already belonged to the system. Han did this in order to punish the citizens, he wanted them to suffer as he was well aware what kind of man OYS was: a future dictator who wouldn't tolerate critics and disobedience. Opponents would have been arrested. Han wanted the citizens to select their own president in order to let them regret later that Yang had been a good president.
  12. Actually, PMJ didn't accept the offer from Standford because deep down, he had this wish to become a politician. When he accepted the proposition of CYJ to run for the presidential candidacy, his reason was that he needed to stop OYS, yet he never wanted to get this position. Yet, as time passed on, he changed his mind. First, he expressed that for the first time he wanted to have power so that he could pass this Antidiscrimination act. Just before resigning, he had become a real politician who wanted to get elected but due to the revelation, he chose to reveal everything. That's why it was important that his ex-colleagues (the 4 avengers) decided to meet him and asked him if he wanted to run for the next presidential election. Once he got to hear that he still had supporters, his smile in the end gives us the answer: yes... this time he will do it. He was just waiting for a signal. A great ending ... I would like to have a second season. It is not just that the identity of the VIP has not been revealed, it would be interesting to see him struggle again, how he deals with foreign representatives (see the comparison with the US delegation for FTA).
  13. Me too. I like this open ending and if they start a second season, I am all for it.
  14. No, I don't think so. It was said earlier that as a candidate, he needs to leave the Blue House 30 days before the election. Well, I have to correct myself. I believe that he withdrew his candidacy because of Han.
  15. I have to say that beating up the criminal until he has to be hospitalized was not right which pushed the criminal to get revenge. That's why the house of officers were robbed. JHR blamed KMJ for the incident with his daughter but in reality, he was as much responsible as all the others in this violent incident. All this proves that police are not allowed to use extreme violence (the end justifies the means) because the result will be that the criminals will do the same as well. A vicious circle with no end. The boundaries between good and bad are no longer visible. JHR might have justified this in the name of justice, yet he turned his officers (turtles) into violent machines. They let them become drug addicts. They became even worse than the criminals that they were chasing. HTJ's marriage and KYG's family were destroyed. Deputy commissioner Park even risked the life of many people and he didn't feel any remorse. As for Yeom, I am now wondering if her real purpose was not to get rid of the Jang society, while she is in reality a corrupted cop, although she doesn't appear in the ledger. Notice that she allows now DCK to destroy the Jang society. The latter needed the ledger in order to purge the prosecution and the police office.
  16. @triplem I am still thinking, it is Han... Sure, the episode 14 gave me the impression that the tailor Kim could have created a fictive VIP. Yet after giving some thought, I started doubting it again due to general Eun's words who also thought that Kim might be the VIP.
  17. The thing is that Turtle 2 (Chan Hee) was addicted and we heard that people from the Jang society like the district prosecutor were drug-addicts. In my opinion, the addiction is important as it was a way to control and manipulate them. Especially Chan Hee shows symptoms of brainwashing. However, it doesn't look like it is the case for JHR as he is the one who started this. There is one common denominator between HTJ, her ex-husband Yoon and even JHR: their hatred and their guilt. Yet all of them blamed the wrong person in reality. Yoon blamed his wife (not just for choosing herself over him) because she tried to rectify a verdict and dug in a case. JHR blamed KMJ for the robbery and the pain suffered by his daughter. If KMJ hadn't taught them about the thumb, they wouldn't have hurt the criminal's fingers. HTJ blamed the turtle for this terrible experience. HTJ felt guilty because she didn't protect her husband, JHR felt the same because he wasn't there, when the robbery happened and Yoon blamed himself because he wasn't even able to protect his wife too. Remember that in the first case, a child was abducted in order to trap the father who had committed crimes. So their method was to use crimes in order to catch the bad guys so that they end up in jail. The end justifies the means, yet the problem was that the detective Jang (the one who was killed) must have noticed changes and was killed. Now, here is the question: why did JHR kill KYG's mother? One possibility is that JHR wanted to hurt KYG but his wife prevented it therefore she got killed. Another is that he wanted to get rid of KMJ but since he had left the house in a hurry in order to meet the other detective Jang who got killed... From my point of view, the creator's identity of Jang society is not solved. JHR is the one who recruted and trained the turtles but from my point of view, there could be someone else besides JHR.
  18. I would like to add that in reality Hayoi's plan to have a humble home and be married was not his real dream. 321 had ambition and deep down, he wanted to climb the social ladder but thought, he couldn't dream big due to his social background and his own insecurities. He kept admiring CKH for his flat and car, he knew the model which showed that his frugality was not real. He was greedy. On the other hand, this is exactly the reason why CKH was attracted to ZWW from the start because her life plan reminded him a lot of his lost dream: a family. But at the same time, he saw the flaws of this plan: too strict and too rigid. Yet, CKH wanted her to realize that this could never come true like that. Nonetheless this also confirms once again that this plan was never the true wish of Hayoi because he planned it like an event. This was not something natural... that's why ZWW could never be happy with 321, as deep down he wished something else.
  19. @lsylvia Well, the queen dowager has never tried to challenge the king before and she seems to have a close relationship with the Crown prince. She let the prince live for so long without any education hence if she had planned a putsch, she would have made it possible that he receives proper training. I doubt that she is determined to plan a coup d'état in order to get rid of the Crown prince and his father so that DW could get his rightful place. In my opinion, her true intention is more to get rid of the Second Chancellor. Sure, the crown prince is married to his daughter but the Crown Prince can divorce her and marry another noblewoman, if her father was to be arrested and convicted.
  20. This episode clearly revealed why CKH started distancing himself from GZY and why he could no longer love her. It becomes clear that he actually disliked more and more the pressure and the abortion was the trigger for him to resent his girlfriend. But due to the promise, he didn't break up with her. He wanted a family in order to have a haven of peace, a space where he could relax. But GZY saw this as a burden because she wanted him to be on the top. She forced him to climb higher and higher so that he would belong to the elite. Yet, this was never his dream. Even before meeting WW, he could no longer enjoy his life: drinking and sleeping around was a way for him to cope with his job. I can also understand why CKH got upset with GZY all the time as she was always diminishing his own hard work. In reality, GZY is not really interested in CKH, she just wants him to secure a high position that's why she will propose this deal to ZWW thinking that CKH will choose his career over his love. GZY has never realized that this ambition was never his in the beginning. CKH will choose WW over his career by leaving everything behind. First, CKH runs to rescue WW from 321 and then ZWW decides to leave the company in order to help CKH to keep his job. Hayoi is a terrible person and this twist with sister Maizi was really interesting. In reality, he was the one cheating on ZWW because deep down he really thought that his boss had some feelings for him so that he could use this to his advantage. In my opinion, he kept his options open... if she was interested in him, he would have dumped WW. His clinging reveals one thing: his huge ego.He can not bear the thought that he was defeated by someone else. He was not just selfish and even narcissistic, he was also a hypocrite. He is a mixture of a complex of superiority and inferiority. Due to his social background, he saw himself lower but wanted to climb the social ladder and thought, he could use people in order to achieve it. He never believed in his own skills. He never imagined that sister Maizi would hire him due to his competence. He met her through CKH that's why he thought, connections are everything. This contrasts so much to CKH's personality who never wanted to rely on anyone and wanted to succeed on his own. This also points out that GZY never really trusted CKH's abilities, she thought that he always needed support and connection to succeed in his work. As you can see, this episode was not a filler in my opinion. It explains why CKH was rather rude in the beginning but could shine more and more. WW was the reason for him to escape from the pressure... she gave him a goal in his life as he had lost his own long ago.
  21. I have to say that I found the words and behavior of the director rude and not just once. First, she kind of insulted him, when she didn't shake his hand immediately. Then she already implied that she was just being used for his campaign and he had no interest in the movie. You could sense that she was prejudiced. However, PMJ showed her that he knew all her movies and could even analyze them which surprised her. Furthermore due to his words (who could describe perfectly her longing for her coming out) she decided to come out and didn't take into consideration, how PMJ would react. Later, when the Acting president chose to postpone this bill, he personally visited and told her the reason why. Yes, her reaction shows that she got disappointed but let's face it. Even if PMJ had pushed it through, there is no guarantee that this law would have become a reality as the next president with his administration could have cancelled it. Besides, he clearly explained to her that he was just postponing it, yet she decided to perceive him once again as a typical politician who would tell lies. In reality, PMJ made the right choice because by postponing it, he has higher chances to get elected and with a new administration, the bill can go through and with the time, this antidiscrimination law is a good thing. Rushing was not right... actually, the environment is far more important than this. This woman was not really threatened, while pollution has a direct impact on health. In this matter, the citizen safety is in danger.
  22. We have Officer Min's father-in-law who was accused of treason. We also heard that he was a scholar... so in my opinion, it is related to Dowon's father. We know too that the Second Chancellor has no idea that Dowon is not related to the king (his son). In other words, the latter decided to protect Dowon by hiding his true identity. That's why I believe that the actual king might have been forced to take the crown with a coup d'etat in the end. This would also explain why the Queen Dowager never attempted to undermine the actual king's authority. Nevertheless, she feels that the ties between her son (the actual king) and the Second Chancellor have to be cut. I really liked that GHR was taking the initiative with our prince: taking his hand and even telling him about herself. Female leads are usually more passive in that matter.
  23. Tailor Kim knew exactly what kind of man OYS was as he reminded OYS that Benito Mussolini, Hitler and Hugo Chavez all had a tragic ending. Furthermore he explained that all of them were placed by VIPs but once elected by the citizens, they escaped the control from the VIPs. However, what Tailor Kim is saying is actually nonsense, when it comes to Adolf Hitler. This is not so simple as he represents it. Anyway, after watching this, it became clear to me that OYS was never supposed to become elected (due to the words about Hitler). He just used him as puppet and in my opinion, he has another goal in mind. I sense deep hatred for the citizens, he criticized them for being so relaxed... so I am wondering if the ultimate goal is to destroy SK as such, hurt the Korean citizens and here I see a connection with Han. I am wondering if Han has been his mentor, confident or even he is the VIP.
  24. While watching the episode 14 RAW, I had the impression that the tailor is in reality the VIP because of the tears and resent, when he was standing next to Tae Ik (the naturalized Japanese ex-boxer).
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