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  1. From my point of view, the stalker will appear in the episode 10, while in the episode 9, the focus will be more about hiding their relationship from the colleagues. I think, the CEO could use the drama where OYS wanted to play in order to separate the couple. Remember that the drama had issues with money as the story takes place abroad. The writer needed an investor... so in my opinion, the stalker could be the one who invests in the drama in order to ensure that OYS no longer spends time with KJR. OYS will have to face this dilemma sooner or later: what does she prefer? Working with her boyfriend or being an actress... Sure, her career seems important to her but in the last episode, people could see that her life wasn't so glamorous. She had no friend among actresses, she didn't experience much (BBQ party, trip with colleagues, aso). She was really lonely. Now through the law firm she got the chance to interact with people, show her social skills and she could make real friends. The stalker LGJ hasn't changed his MO: he uses her career in order to get what he wants... He punishes her for her rejection so that her reputation was ruined. Now, the situation is the opposite. Her career as actress will be the reason why he offers her the opportunity to get a role so that she is no longer with KJR.
  2. @staygold Yes, plappi is right. It started with She Was Pretty (2015). We are around 20 members... By the way, something caught my attention in the last episode: OYS used her cellphone in order to text KJR. In her message, she added hearts indicating that their relationship had changed. So it looks like the CEO has only hacked her cellphone. Seeing the hearts, LGJ will be furious and jealous.
  3. I have the impression that the secretary is aware of the change in their relationship.
  4. I have the impression that the stalker could be there witnessing the kiss. In my opinion, KJR will be his target first. Since he framed OYS once, he could use the same tactic. I do think that once OYS returns to the movie industry, KJR will miss her terribly. He was already calling her, although she was with his colleague. He only realized then his mistake. So to his boss, he will reclaim her return. SW and YYR will play a huge part in fighting that chaebol. This man has his connections at the prosecution office.
  5. I agree with @spark101 that she is just a close friend to YN.
  6. @jeonghyang In this gif (cr. to you @jeonghyang), I really like KJR's reaction. He smiles so much, when he is hugged but you can notice how the lawyer restrains himself right after and tries to hide his happiness, contain his emotions. When he turns around, he is still smiling but he doesn't let her see how much her action has affected him. Actually, he has always been hiding his emotions from others. When there is no one around him, he expresses his feelings... so people misjudged him by calling KJR cold-hearted and distant. He has just a poker face. But OYS was the only one to see this side of him, as she often caught him unguarded. He couldn't help smiling with her action.
  7. @alleram95 The man saying "Because there will be many competitors who want to work with OYS, you better do a good job" is SW, KJR's friend. I recognized his voice. @triplem The fact that OYS is asking for a kiss is not surprising but it offers a contrast to her previous relationship with the chaebol stalker. KJR is experiencing that OYS is not a seducer, he knows that she has never dated before (she didn't contradict him in the episode 6). So when the stalker resurfaces again and even blames OYS for her behavior ("she seduced him" aso), KJR is well aware that all this is a lie. Many men may court her but OYS is not falling for them...
  8. Yes, I know but the problem is that YN has started taking control over Saheonbu. MJH will help him but unlike in the past, YN will have another source of support: Saheonbu. So far, it was different in the past. Notice that the Norons had the control over this organization for a long time. During this one year, YN used the officer YK who is similar to Han and PMS (fight for justice) in order to reveal the corruption. MJH made it clear that YR's death wouldn't be investigated as he saw no benefit which outlined that MJH was the one pulling the strings at Saheonbu. By stopping the investigation about MP in the last episode, they made it obvious that the Norons had the saying in this organization. However, the corruption about the test exams was the perfect occasion for cutting ties between Norons and Saheonbu. But YN needed to help the officer YK by remaining anonymous because if not, it would have looked like YN was trying to use him for his own agenda. This is only partially true: YN is someone who likes justice and wants to protect his people. He wants to ensure that his brother's death will be "avenged". He can not let his crazy brother YT become the next king. Once it is revealed that PMS passed the test in reality, YN will gain more and more support within Saheonbu. DM is already started changing because unlike all the others, YN is someone direct and honest. @Yongzura Yes, for MJH YN is far more dangerous than MP because he is smart and can think on his own. Due to his intelligence, the prince can become powerful. MP always relied on MJH for a long time, until he made too many mistakes. That's why MJH supported YT due to his dependency of the Norons. YN is different: he will never rely on the Norons and on MJH entirely. His source of power will come from a different place: Saheonbu. Sure, YN needs the support from the Norons but YN will use Saheonbu as his real source of power hence the Norons will have to rely on YN in the end.
  9. @alekaonu Yes, Chingu I am watching this drama too. By the way, it seems that OSJ will have different "dates" with our clueless lawyer KJR: the observatory, then the MT where they meet alone, then the picture @triplem posted. I really hope that SW meets OYS soon... like in the episode 8 f. ex. Because as long as SW has no real connection to the actress, SW's character feels a little disconnected to the main story.
  10. So the king used YN in order to shaken the Noron that's why YN was sent to the genealogy office. YN was the sword Gyeongjong was talking about. I guess, the Soron won't like this alliance and will do anything to destroy this relationship by warning the king that YN is after the throne. It looks like the Norons won't support YN right away. YN needs to corner this party in order to get their support. MJH will come to realize that they need to support YN as the successor. Yi Tang is too crazy and unstable to become a king. His craziness is the reason why Mil Pong can never be the puppet king MJH has imagined.
  11. The bouquet could be a dream too... just like in the episode 4, where she imagined how he would teach her.
  12. The last episode confirmed my theory partially: - JSH did use the album against his own father - SGC also used it. However, I was wrong about the victim. He punished a criminal who could escape punishment by law. Now, KG is cornered: his colleague is backstabbing him and on the other hand, JSH wants to use KG as his pawn. This is now a race against time. KG has to retrieve all the items for him and DI will be the leverage. By using KG, the villain can escape from the claws of the priest. JSH can determine the victims' time of death (the one in a vegetative state) by cutting their pictures. However, I sense that DI's picture can not last forever... we saw what was happening to her in the dream. Her body started disappearing. JSH suffers from megalomania... a god complex. He enjoys playing god, giving death sentence or punishment... so he will get rid of his dog in the next episode as he views KG as his next "dog". @evie7 @joccu @raziela
  13. No one has ever mentioned your theory before. I do think, it is possible that the incident from 5 years ago is related to the law firm Jang & Park. We know that KJR became a lawyer because he wanted to be on someone's side. Maybe back then, when he worked for that law firm, he should have done something which contradicted his own convictions hence he refused. In return, he was fired. The law firm might have even tried to ensure that he couldn't find any job as lawyer, until KJR met the CEO of ALWAYS.
  14. Based on the preview, JSJ will reveal to SHR that CEH is living with DY. In my opinion, SHR will realize that CEH loves DY. The question is: will JSJ tell her too that CEH has known DY for a long time?
  15. @xXMzSmilesXx I still believe that CEH is KBJ's son despite the words "better than his children". In my opinion, these words underlined that CEH is an illegitimate son and as such, he is not recognized as his son by the law. The writer didn't put him on his family register. So "his children" are the legitimate ones. That's why KBJ offered his copy rights to G. company as CEH was working there. Notice that the company is not making any profit with his books sale as they are donated to orphanages. CEH grew up in an orphanage in my opinion hence CEH never told DY that he had found his biological father. A heavy secret. CEH is taking care of KBJ because he was "happy" to have found his biological father. He loves him despite his childhood. Nonetheless, CEH cares more for him than his own children. I believe that the children know about his illness but they are unaware of their special relationship. I also love how CEH decided to move DY's heart. Just like he said that growing feelings are like the changing of seasons, you don't notice how it started changing. CEH did little things towards DY which had an impact on her heart. Her mind/heart started changing.
  16. After seeing that you are watching it, I gave it a try. I have to say that I like the story so far and although it is similar to LMIH, the main focus is totally different. Here this is about how to escape from the claws of her husband. Besides, we see the ending of the story: one of the men will be shot... I would say, IW will be the one. This is based on two elements: - the body shape - the scene where he explained why he liked shooting moving targets IW is not just possessive, but also obsessed. The actor is doing a great job. I also agree that the man with SW's wife was his best friend and colleague HSH. In my opinion, Ha must resent him for always being better than him, for always being praised. Nevertheless I have the impression that SW knew about her infidelity. His face expressed pain and you could sense that he was trying to save his marriage ("we need to talk"). He never proposed the concert tickets which reveals that he knew, if he gave it to her, she wouldn't like these.
  17. Now, I am thinking that there could be 8 items due to the main poster: Each person has an item. The villain : the book; the priest: the whip; KG: the bracelet, SSY's colleague: the ring; the second person on the right: the cap; the other prosecutor is also holding an item.
  18. My theory is that Cha Eun Ho has been adopted that's why he had to fight for his inheritance after his mother had passed away. He had to fight against his step-father. This would have made no sense to argue about the inheritance if he was her biological son... but if we go to that adoption, then it makes more sense why a step-father would try to fight for the inheritance using the point that CEH is not biologically related to her. KJB discovered much later that CEH was his son... This would also explain why CEH could serve DY as her errand-boy for one year, if he was back then living at an orphanage. No one would be so upset, if he spent so much time at the hospital. CEH is just an illegitimate son of KBJ which explains why there is this secret. I also think, JS and CEH are both related to KBJ.
  19. Episode 6. It happens during the scene where CEH follows his friend and colleague Jae Min to the tree where the wife's buried. Just before, Jae Min hands over some document from KBJ.
  20. @Latte_Anyday This is not a theory. It was explained earlier that the writer is his father.
  21. Well, KBJ was not tied up the entire time because we heard that he fell from the stairs. So he could move freely before. However, after his accident, the person in charge decided to tied him up, when he was not around like he had to open the door. He thought, if he is not monitored properly, something terrible might happen again. There is a reason why CEH has not sent him to a proper facility. His face and name are famous. If it was revealed that KBJ was suffering from dementia, they would argue about the copy rights. CEH might have forced the writer to sell the copy rights to G. company. But CEH's relationship with his father is a secret. He would be forced to reveal that he is his son... which neither the writer nor our hero wanted to reveal which I can totally understand. Even DY is not aware of their relationship. I do think that CEH and JS are blood related but CEH has no idea about it.
  22. I agree with you. It is too exaggerated. JH would have been fired in real life for such a mistake. But I think, JH is not just there for comic relief. Notice that her mother has been raising JH for one purpose: marriage. So the girl has been taught that work is not really important... it is just a phase. She only needs to work for a while, until she gets married. That's why JH is not dedicated to work. Moreover, the mother's over-protection is the reason why her daughter acts like a baby. JH has no real "personality", she is like a child... she doesn't know what to do and what she likes. She works at the company but she has no connection to book and whatsoever. The mother did one good thing in this episode: cutting her credit cards. JH needs to learn how to live on her own, become independent. Imagine, JH gets married... this girl would end up just like DY. This underlines the same aspect: marriage should not be seen as the "endgame" of one life. @avondale16 I like the metaphor, a person is like a book. Actually, in German there are different expressions associating a person with a book: - someone is like an open book / to read someone like in an open book
  23. There is one thing that bothered me in the last episode. How can a prince YR walk in the streets alone without any bodyguard? The circumstances how YR got killed looked so unreal... He is alone and there is no one walking in the streets. Then the prince YT appears and wants to kill himself. A prince would usually give the order to an assassin... So in order to create some tension, the writer planned such a scene... On the other hand, I liked the confrontation between DM and YJ. The latter was right to question DM's moral. He is fine as long as someone else gets hurt which proves that he is not different from the others.
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