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  1. @jongski I have been thinking that the young man could haven been used by the vet but I am inclined to think that he was innocent in the first case. However, I sense that the mentally challenged man has changed after spending some time in jail (maybe he experienced rape there) so that I can imagine that after his stay in prison, he might start committing crimes. It would be an interesting story if the police discovered that he was innocent before and now due to his stay in jail, he committed crimes. Imagine the disaster ... Because of this, they ruined the life of many people...
  2. No, I meant the mentally challenged man who met the sister at the store, he mentioned that they should meet or something similar that's why I thought that the police must have found evidence against him. Like f. ex. a witness who saw the scene at the convenience store or they found finger prints from him in her belongings. I am inclined to believe that the young man was in fact more a witness than a suspect but just like in the case with the mentally challenged man... the interrogation was not done properly and the lawyer didn't protect him. I also think that the father disappeared because he still believes that the vet is the real culprit.
  3. @Ameera Ali I have been thinking about GHR. On the one hand, GHR was introduced as a skilled spy (episode 1) and on the other hand she was called a rookie. Yet she was interviewed on the same year and day than CDG before he became a stuntman. The latter got recruited and became really good as a stuntman. So I can not imagine that withhin the same period GHR would remain a rookie, she must have become really good, just like CDG. Furthermore at different moments (like f. ex. she recognized the weapon from the roof and could give many info about the weapon or the way she managed not to get caught or the way she replied to director Min with the picture, the way she tried to stop the ambulance, she noticed quite quickly the kidnapping), she showed true abilities. Then at other times, she appeared as a rookie (the way she tried to arrest Min f. ex. or her reaction after shooting the assassin). Her different reactions are quite confusing. Finally, we shouldn't forget that she called someone using the codename Elsa. I have the impression that GHR is a double agent who infiltrated the NSI... which means that GHR could have been hired officially later that's why she is called a rookie, however she started much earlier. CDG saw her as a rookie as well as she has to maintain her cover. In my opinion, she had a different mission. We heard from GTW that some info had been leaked before, hence this could have been her real mission, discovering the real mastermind and his moles at the NSI. Don't you find it weird that she was sent to Morocco, where there are people working for the terrorist? They knew where the terrorist Jacque/Jerome was hiding, they gave him paper aso. The murder order was given from South Korea (the person was watching the captive and gave the order to kill by calling his minion). So they created a network in Morocco which needed "infiltration".
  4. Honestly, I have never been a shipper but here I have to say that I would like GHR to end up with KTW. CDG has just lost a family member and as such, his mind is more preoccupied to find justice for his nephew's death than finding a girlfriend. I would like to add another observation. Yoon Han Ki gave CDG some bubble gum in the car and it really looked suspicious. In my opinion, the gum was drugged so that CDG fell asleep later. That way, he wouldn't eat the drugged food. Therefore I suspect that Yoon knew about the plan of the assassination but wanted this mission to fail. So far, they knew that CDG had been able to survive many murder attempts. From my point of view, Yoon is working for Edward Park. The Prime Minister Hong is a double agent, just like the new assistant of Jessica, Mr. Hong, is a mole. He knew that Jessica had contacted Shadow. The way I see it, director Kang could be working for Edward Park, unaware that he has been helping the wrong guy in the end. (see my theory mentioned above) Notice that the doctor K was recommended by director Kang, yet the doctor K knows Min as well. We have the same situation with GHR. She feels close to Kang, yet she works under Min. Notice that Kang was the one who asked her to go to Portugal and he knew Michael. The fact that both Min and Kang have similar connections makes me think that Edward Park might have been in contact with Kang for quite some time. But strangely, I feel that Kang is not a traitor, someone who would have no conscience. I have the feeling that he could have been manipulated by Edward Park and the real mole at the NSI working for the weapon lobbyist head is someone else. The spy had to observe every move of Jessica. By the way, GHR's colleague is someone who works a lot with computer and programs. Maybe she could have been the one who put the virus in the USB stick. Don#t forget that Michael's phone was hacked as well... She is definitely suspicious, moreover she received the video first. From my point of view, Edward Park's goal could have been to get revenge on Jessica for her betrayal and to make sure that the people working for her at the NSI get busted. Shadow's identity has been revealed now.
  5. Thanks a lot for the compliment! By the way, I have been thinking that Edward Park might decide to manipulate him, like f. ex. turn GHR into a suspicious person so that CDG stops confiding to her. Maybe the shooting in the beginning of the episode 1 has been organized by him but our hero is not aware of it, he was only told that the mole at the NSI would appear there. But due to the kiss, CDG won't pull the trigger.
  6. @imgreatgal @incoty @Ameera Ali @40somethingahjumma After watching the last two episodes, I came to the conclusion that the conspiracy is much more complex than it looks like. First of all, we have to question who murdered Michael. On the surface, it seems that Jessica was behind his death. But if we look at the episode 1 again, we see that Michael had been followed by two different kind of people. First, he could escape from three hired killers: I believe, they were the one hired by Jessica. But remember that he used his cellphone in order to warn for the terror attack but his cellphone was hacked. So from my point of view, Michael is now targeted by someone else. This person is working in the NSI based on the hacking and how Michael was tracked down and assaulted. When he called from the booth, the killer was alone. So the murderer was acting on someone else's order. In my opinion, Michael discovered Jessica's plan and disagreed with her hence she tried to get rid of him. He could have called Edward Park for instance. Since Michael had died, Jessica thought that the hired killers had succeeded. Notice that when Michael tried to call the airport from his cellphone, his cellphone got hacked hence he got aware that there was a mole in the NSI. Only people from the Secret service could use such a virus. That's why he threw it away. As conclusion, J&M is partially to blame for the plane crash. There was someone else who wanted the plane crash to happen. I am starting to suspect Edward Park and the existence of another mole at the NSI working for him as well. Mark the words said by Edward Park: "Lobbying is not about weapon, it is about people". We know that Edward Park was Jessica's mentor and the assassin Lilly described Edward Park as a real jerk and villain that's why she refused to work for him. All these clues seem to reinforce this idea that Edward Park is the real big villain. In addition, notice how Jessica's plan has been unveiled so quickly... In the next episode, Jessica is already arrested. This explains why Edward Park supported CDG very quickly. He thought that he was the perfect "person" in order to get rid of Jessica. From my point of view, Edward Park had another plan how to get rid of her but since CDG revealed very early that the plan crash was a terror attack and even survived, he thought, he could use him in the end and changed his plan. Aside from that point why would the company Dynamic hire a pilot who used to work for the competitor and was seen with the CEO Jessica? In my opinion, Edward Park knew from the beginning what Jessica had been planning and observed her every move. And he used the mole from the NSI for that. Notice that Jessica's new assistant lied to her. First she had no idea about the involvement of the journalist and secondly, he reports to her that he got rid of him, while we know now that the man is alive. JBY was used in order to give the info about the co-pilot to CDG and GHR. In my opinion, Jessica is not aware that her assistant is a mole in reality. I would even suspect that Edward Park made sure that Jessica would order Michael's murder in order to replace Michael with his mole, her new confident and assistant. However, there is another man working for Edward Park and he is at the Blue House. From my point of view, the Prime Minister is the other mole of Edward Park. On the surface, Hong looked like he was supporting J&M but in fact, it was the opposite. How come that the Prime Minister let DGC appeared in front of the president? This is no coincidence. He knew what the stuntman wanted and represented. Furthermore, I suspect that Hong is a double agent. On the surface, he is acting as if he was the president's best advisor but in reality, it could be the opposite. Now, the government will sign with Dynamic and Edward Park has achieved his goal. His company won't even need to pay compensation for the bereaved families. Edward Park is using GHR at the NSI so that he doesn't need to use his mole at the NSI. He can remain in the dark. Park gave the info gathered by the mole from the NSI through different people, never directly because if so, then people would have suspected him. But Edward Park made a huge mistake... he chose DGC who is stubborn and very resourceful. Seeing JBY alive will make him realize that the conspiracy is not over. That's why we can still suspect GTU's colleague or GHR's friend or director Kang for being a mole. Let me know what you think...
  7. @QSD I believe that the mentally challenged man is not the culprit, it is the vet but since the young man followed her, the police found some evidence against him. His weird gaze can be explained differently: look at the behavior of the children towards him. they are bullying him hence he can sense that the person in the car has a similar gaze. Don't forget that he went to prison and I doubt that he was treated there very well. So this had a negative influence on him...
  8. Since he has been described as someone who would suck it up to his superiors, he is not perceived as a dangerous person by his colleagues. In their eyes, he is just an obedient puppet (he takes no real initiative and just follows orders)... while in reality, he could be someone who works for the baddies while hiding his true motives and this is another reason why I am suspecting him.
  9. The last episode revealed that prejudices and as such the perception of the detectives/prosecutors play a huge part in the investigation so that an innocent can end up in prison. Fact is that the detectives and prosecutors are put under pressure to find a culprit which leads to wrong accusation very often. The thing is that the prosecution is happy if a case is closed hence they are inclined to find a culprit very quickly ... finding the truth is not what really matters in the end.
  10. I have the impression that the director Min Jae Sik is Shadow based on his hair dress and his shoes.
  11. @1ouise @Latte_Anyday Just because I wrote that KJR was weak, this doesn't mean that I hate him. Well, he has his qualities, like f. ex. the moment he realized that PG was his son, he was trying to act as a father and to redeem himself. Furthermore, you can sense that he is missing warmth and a family. However, he still allows his wife and his mother-in-law to take advantage of him, while he could be more confrontational with them. I am quite sure that their social status is not that high (they are not that powerful and rich).
  12. @40somethingahjumma DB's major issue is that she has internalized this perception that she is cursed hence not worthy to experience happiness. This was the result of permanent bullying and ostracizing... even her only boyfriend KJR didn't protect her from that as he kept his relationship with her in the shadow. His colleagues never met her. He never stopped his mother from harassing her as well. So his image was much more important than his own happiness. After marrying Jessica, a small celebrity from the higher society, in order to polish his image, he has realized that he was wrong in the end. On the paper, he is married but in reality they are just two people living two different lives. So we can assume now that it was her mother who saved her life with the fire alarm, since she must have been following her for a while. The episode 6 was really entertaining but what caught my attention is the contrast between HM and DB. Both are in a similar situation, both outcast and without any family. Yet HM shows a totally different personality. She can understand people pretty well hence she could plan to "blackmail" NGT. DB has some problem to understand people... See how she judged YS as a weird person in the beginning. HM is different hence she is able to give love advice to DB. From the start, HM knew what NGT was looking hence she often used the words "respect". NGT doesn't feel respected by his wife. This is no coincidence that she used the right word. She got close to him and made sure that his next move would be used against him... his ambiguous offer (the trip) was turned against him later and he couldn't object, when she claimed that she had thought, he was interested in her. From a friendship, it became an affair... She is a very cunning, greedy and selfish person, quite the opposite of DB who is just looking for peace and acceptance. I am sure that HM will become the joker's target. However, DB is not clueless too. The ledger is the proof, she wrote everything that happened to her. Now that the wife has realized that NGT didn't have an affair with DB, she will look for the other woman. Actually, I was quite happy that HM blackmailed him because his actions definitely gave mixed signals and he didn't even realize that. NGT is just stupid, arrogant and weak. Just like KJR, he is running away from his problems... Both are weak men in reality as they can be easily manipulated. We could see the contrast between them and YS. DB said really harsh things against YS in order to push him away, yet he didn't give up and even try to release his frustration towards someone else. No, he showed his pain but remained calm. Unlike the two other men, he doesn't care about his image at all. Justice and heart are always in the center of his life. That's why he can not be manipulated like the others. KJR couldn't even stop the nagging from his mother-in-law.
  13. The friends are now guilty of the death of two persons. By blaming the cop, they thought they could blame someone else so that they would no longer feel responsible for the death of their friend. And the result was that they pushed the cop to commit suicide.
  14. First, thank you for answering my question. We know that DB arrived in Ongsam in 2013 and since the last crime took place on 29th June 2014, this means that he started killing on 9th July 2013. So 6 persons were killed in one year. I am curious to know if all the victims somehow met DB. I have the impression that the killing could be somehow related to her. Like I had mentioned before, I suspect that there are two persons involved in the serial killing.
  15. Yes and she is really selfish too. Now, we know why HM became close to DongBaek. She had many reasons too. First, DB is in a similar situation. HM is also an outcast hence she had problems to find a job. Secondly, she knows about DB's kindness and empathy which made it possible for her to take advantage of it. She can live at the bar... thanks to the bar, she is able to meet guys so that she can get some money. The arrogance of No's wife makes her blind hence she believes that DB is the one having an affair. HM has realized the consequences of the affair but she won't stop at it as she wants to realize her dream. In the end, she will get killed... As for YS's mother, I am not surprised by her reaction because many people are like that. They act as if they were generous and kind, but when they are concerned with such a problem, they don't want to be involved. Hypocrisy is rather common. Her words to DB (she wished, she could marry her son YS) were just empty promises. In my opinion, the stalker is the one who saved DB's life in the past. It is a woman... I had always said that the stalker and the Joker are two different persons and this episode seems to confirm it. The killer went to the bar in order to see if she could recognize him but she didn't... Now, I have a question: Do we know when the killing started? DB arrived in Ongsam in 2013 and her friend was murdered in 2015. She was the last victim.
  16. @thistle Please continue posting... I agree with you, @nrllee and others that this drama is definitely lacking in some areas. In my eyes, this drama has its flaws but mainly due to the writing. They turned GHR into a superficial and naive NIS agent. Her reactions were sometimes quite disturbing... like f. ex. when she is happy because she thinks, she will get promoted for discovering that the plane crash was a terror attack. How can she rejoice about such a promotion, when it is connected to the death of more than hundred people? It makes her look like insensitive and selfish. Besides, she was initially introduced as a super agent (she has a cover in Morroco), then once week later, she is described as a rookie. Then we see her having a gun unloaded (?) in her flat... as a NIS agent, her gun is supposed to be loaded. Her colleague came aloof too... I can not see her as a NSI agent due to her comments. I guess, the main error is that the writer tried to create funny scenes but this doesn't work here. They should have sticked more to the action and the thriller. Comedy is in the wrong place here. But now, let's focus on the story itself. I have the impression that the real issue of this "incident" is not just J&M as such but the politicians and the NSI. Like the director Kang Joo Chul said it, the NSI's work has changed. The agents have become the errand boys for the government. Jessica would have never been able to organize such a plane accident, if the president and the Prime Minister hadn't already decided to support J&M. I have the feeling that there could be another person working at the NSI who has been helping them... the one who was smoking a big cigar. So the corruption is the real problem in reality which explains why CDG has to work outside the box in the end... he is forced to become a vagabond as he can no longer rely on the authorities. He will try to use the media and ask for the president's help, in the end he will fail. That's why he will leave GHR's side. GHR is definitely too naive, when it comes to NSI. She has not realized that agents in the NIS are traitors.
  17. @lollyminx The ahjummas will change their behavior, once they see that Dongbaek is in a relationship with YS. So far, they resented her because they saw her as a thread, she would seduce their husbands. From the moment she is with YS, they have no reason to perceive DB as a femme fatale. YS will make them realize that the reason for their husbands to visit the bar is a different one. They want to escape their control, this is a room where they can breathe and feel free.
  18. @larus Well, my theory is that we have two killers. Either it is the work of a copy cat (death from the episode 1) or they are working together. I am more inclined to believe in the second assumption because this would explain why they were not able to find a common denominator between the victims.
  19. I have still the impression that HM will be the victim of The Joker. Why? Because Oh has started getting close to her. Now, his attention has shifted to the waitress, the moment she started complimenting him and showed respect towards him. When the wife visited the bar, she saw that HM had received the cream and not Dongbaek. This would explain why the writing on the wall was burnt as Dongbaek is not the woman Oh has been flirting with.
  20. @Sunny Choi On March 12th, 2012.... My assumption is the following: Dongbaek announced him that she would break up with him. We heard from his colleagues that he resented Dongbaek for abandoning him. She was described as heartless by him. On the other hand, we clearly saw that Dongbaek never met his friends and colleagues because of her social background: an orphan. Furthermore, it is clearly shown that his actual wife comes from a privileged family. she lives in a different apartment, a high class flat. So their marriage was a business deal. I am now wondering if their separation was due to his family. The parents might have seen Dongbaek as a thread, she would ruin their son's career or even worse she would marry him for his money and fame. Imagine the irony...if my supposition comes true. His actual wife is exactly what they feared.
  21. @bedifferent I have the impression that there could be two killers. First, I also noticed that the hands looked different. Here, the fingers are rather thin and the skin is smooth. In the second shot, the wrist is definitely bigger, just like the fingers. (cr. to @bedifferent) Here, the creepy visitor's shape looks more like a woman than a man. This person is rather slim, no broad shoulders... So in my opinion, this person is a woman. On the other hand, the person who was at the bar while YS was painting the wall, was the repairman Heung-Sik. He is a regular who always receives peanuts for free. Moreover, he had gloves on, when he came to the bar. So it is quite obvious that Heung-Sik is definitely linked to the Joker. This person wanted to burn the words on the wall with his lighter... but back then he did not as he couldn't do it. Due the takings above, I have the impression that someone else showed up at Camellia. It was not Heung-Sik due to the shape. To sum up, due to these shots, I am inclined to believe that the Joker might not be one person but two persons. This would explain why the victims were all different. Right now, they are all thinking that the Joker is a man, yet right from the start I felt that a woman could be involved as well. For me, Noh's wife, the lawyer, is definitely a suspect. Don't forget that she owns buildings hence she can have access to the different places. She is upset because her husband doesn't respect her but she doesn't even realize that she can not get respect from Noh as long as she keeps looking down on him.... This is surely a vicious circle.
  22. Could you please refrain from writing such comment? Everyone is entitled to express their opinion in this forum. Users can express their disappointment and even criticize the drama. @thistle, @nrllee and @tarjig's comments were not disrespectful but your comments are definitely lacking respect. You can disagree with them but you don't need to get personal. If I read another such comment from you, then you'll get warning points.
  23. Well, I am not disappointed by the ending, even if it looks right now like an open ending. We saw how Tagon and Eunseom could rise and now they are about to fight against each other. We know for sure that Eunseom will win because every prophecy has come true. Tagon will lose in the end, Arthdal has already been cursed by Tanya and Tagon is not aware of it. At the end, the viewer realizes that the union between Taealha, Tagon and Saya has been broken. Saya knows now about the existence of a twin brother... he is aware that Tagon is hiding something from him. Tagon plans to use Taealha's child to have his real heir... In other words, Tagon will never proclaim Saya his heir. Finally, Tagon and Taealha have already planned to betray each other, just like they promised each other in the past.
  24. I agree with you that the writer has planned another season as the first season only showed Tagon's rise as the future king of Arthdal. I don't expect a showdown between Eunseom and Tagon in the episode 18. It is too soon as Eunseom has just started gathering his "followers". He won't just unite the Ago Tribe but also the other tribes whose members were sent to the mine in D. I have the impression that the Red Craw is Ipsaeng's uncle who works as spy for Tagon. The fight between Taealha and Tagon will definitely weaken Arthdal...
  25. I wished, we had more scenes with Eunseom! Taealha had to hear from Tanya that in Arthdal, if you are useless, then you will be thrown away... She repeated the exact same words Taealha had told her, when she was a slave.
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