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  1. I sense that for KTW, this mission will become the trigger for him to question his belief that a NSI agent has always to follow his orders. Remember that he criticized GHR because she disobeyed him. He said that he wanted to test her if he could trust her. For him, trust means that the agent has been faithfully following orders, it also means to never question the superiors. KTW never wondered why they had to investigate a certain office at the NSI agency.... and see the video was infected by a virus. KTW is the one who receives the order to get rid of CDG and the witness KWJ but he won't do it. That's why Min is forced to send an intervention FT to Morocco.
  2. First, the testimony of the KWJ is not entirely reliable. He knows that Michael is dead hence he can blame a deceased person. Nevertheless if it is true that Michael met the co-pilot, I agree with you that Michael might have not known that a plane crash was planned in reality. Like f. ex. Michael was told that the co-pilot and Jerome would ensure that the plane wouldn't arrive in Morocco... or the plane wouldn't have any passenger as it was a cargo plane. I mean, they just needed a plane from the rival company to have an accident in order to use the incident for their own product. CDG is right to question: why did his nephew have to die? I would like to add that there is still a mole among FT team, as Yoon knew that they had caught KWJ. I am now wondering whom Kang called just before his arrest. Was it EP? I am not sure if Yoon is Shadow because so far, the viewers have been misled once with Min. Maybe Shadow is working for both sides in reality. Now, the co-pilot and his wife will become the scapegoats. And I fear that the new TF team will raid the Korean Embassy in order to erase the last witnesses of the existence of a conspiracy.
  3. @katakwasabi Like I wrote last week, I can definitely imagine that Kang is working for EP. This episode seems to confirm this theory as he allowed Edward Park to be part of the interrogation. For me, EP is definitely dangerous.
  4. @bedifferent Yes, we know little about DB. First, we only know that she was abandoned by her mother but where was her father during that time? More importantly, who is her father? DB only talks about her mother who abandoned her, yet she never mentioned her father. In my opinion, she was a single mother. And unlike GP, DB does not seem to be curious about her father or even angered by him. Maybe the mother abandoned her in order to ensure her safety... what if the man was violent and after giving birth, she left him with DB as she feared that her daughter might die? Maybe a married wife on the run because she wanted to escape the abusive environment?
  5. @bedifferent I had this idea that with the discovery of the new victim (quite sure that HM is the murdered one), her mother might use this incident to deceive the police and the Joker. She lets people think that DB died. If her face is destroyed and there is DB's ID with the corpse, the police could think that DB has died. Besides, HM has no relative hence her DNA can not be compared so far. Her disappearance could be a trick to deceive the Joker.
  6. Don't you find it weird that the moment CDG saw the deceased journalist JBY, he met Edward Park a few minutes later? In my opinion, Edward Park is linked to the reporter, he faked his death. Notice that once CDG talked about the journalist to EP, he never mentioned it to GHR. In this episode, Jessica described Edward Park as a very bad person and from my point of view, EP is indeed more an evil than he seems to be. Director Min is not Shadow but it seems that he might work for him. Finally, this episode clearly indicates that GHR and CDG are an item, no more second lead syndrom... the writer made him look like a jerk. Sure, one might object that he wants to protect her but the way he talked to her or even ignored her showed disrespect.
  7. @thistle @mylovekge The other possibility is that Ms. Han has been Ms. Ha's lover in reality and wants to ensure that her son WJ becomes the heir.What if they used Insemination and Ms. Han donated her egg cell? This would maybe explain why WJ is a transgender and why he is so smart. I remember that in one scene, I found Ms. Han quite too close to Second Wife. And her affair, like in the episode 1, was a way to distract suspicion about her real sexuality. I know this sounds crazy but why not, since we have a transgender here... This would also explain why Ha hates her first son as he is not related to her lover, Ms. Han.
  8. @nasaan ka Alex? There seems to be another evidence for HS's involvement with the Joker. Look, in this scene, NGT is holding a wire that looks really similar to the one that has been used by the Joker. But like you, I suspect that HS is not working alone. HS could not be someone who is so smart that he could erase all the evidence. Actually, there are two persons. Why? Because of the lighter. The lighter found in the episode 8 doesn't look like the one seen at the end of the episode 4. (here episode 4) Notice that the lighter has a sticker, while the other doesn't. (episode 8). Furthermore, I have also observed that there seems to be two MO: one person writes the messages (see the two writings on the wall), while the other appears to burn something. 1. During the last murder in 2014, a fire alarm went on. 2. Someone burnt the message on the wall, after it was discovered. 3. After reading the last message on the wall, a fire occurred at PG's school. I had suspected that DB's mother was the one who triggered the fire alarm in 2014. What if she created the fire at the school, in order to scare her daughter so that she would leave Ongsan? Don't forget that after that incident, DB broke down which was observed by YS. In my opinion, the arsonist is not the Joker but someone who wants to protect DB. The mother fits the profile. She can't say who is the Joker as she acts as a person suffering from dementia. Yet, she gave her daughter this warning: Don't trust anyone!! In my opinion, the message could have been addressed to HM this time. That's why I would like to ask if DB's name was mentioned in the last warning on the wall. While the mother might think, her daughter is targeted, in reality, HM has caught the Joker's attention. Notice that he hasn't written any date. Let me know what you think... @40somethingahjumma @stroppyse @Latte_Anyday
  9. Sorry but Ms. Han has definitely worked against MWP and MSH. It was even narrated by YD in the beginning of one episode. So she was against the idea that SH becomes the heir and successor. Like I wrote before, I suspect that the judge Han resented the chairman Mo for destroying her career after she gave that harsh sentence. Notice that she is loyal to MC Group and not the family Mo and there is a reason for that. She wanted to use the power from MC Group in order to tame or even disempower that family. Notice how little by little the table has less and less guests. Now, there are only three left: WS, Ms. Ha and WJ. Sure, SH is about to return but so far, Ms. Han thinks, she has almost succeeded. I am even suspecting that she is waiting for the right occasion to get rid of Ms. Ha.
  10. Because Mubaek is a true believer of Aramun Haesulla. Asa Sakan is a member of the White Mountain Clan and they have changed their belief and gods. That's why the walls of the temple/sacred room were changed. They put different gods on the walls... Asa Sakan and her clan have used their religion to abuse the other clans. The cult of Aramun Haesulla is: no clan stands above the others. He wants to correct the wrongs.
  11. But it makes a difference if MWP had an affair with his daughter-in-law or not... it is more scandalous. So the reputation of SH's mother would be really tarnished and destroyed. It is different, when her biological mother has been working for WMP for many years. After his wife's death, he could have married her but he didn't. @thistle @DreamCatcher2011 It was never questioned that SJ's father was not chairman Mo. I am quite sure that a paternity test was done before. Ms. Ha would have requested it. WS only declared, he was SJ's father as he had been ordered by Ms. Han. I hope, the actual TOP members get punished for their wrongdoings. I mean, the judge Lee was literally kidnapped, another member hacked into YD's account aso. They all committed crimes but legitimate their actions for the sake of MC Group. They helped Ms. Han to corner Young Joo Il and drove him to commit suicide: defamation, fabrication of evidence, coercion, aso.... They need to be sent to jail as well. Sure, in the last episode, they started having some doubt but they still followed her orders. They are as guilty as she was.
  12. That's why I am thinking that AJR is not SH's biological mother in reality. I can not imagine that AJR would cheat on her husband with her father-in-law. This would tarnish her image we had so far from her: an elegant and kind woman. Furthermore it would make no sense why the grandfather would give some sperms in order to have another child. Since SH was raised by AJR, she never questioned her identity. However, we heard in an earlier episode from SH that cheating was normal in her family. Her grandfather and her father were cheaters. In other words, the existence of an affair concerning her grandfather is known in the family. Yet the identity of the mistress was not mentioned. Secondly, we also saw that Ms. Jung had been working for years for AJR hence when Ms. Ha appeared, she threatened Jung. Either she would become her ally or she would lose her job. So Jung and AJR were close. Besides, Jung's father was the driver of MWP . Her father was killed in the car accident. This shows that MWP and Jung were connected through her father and AJR. She even took care of him for so many years. This indicates that she was very close to him. She ensured that she got in touch with her with the burner phone. As you can see, I am more and more convinced that Jung could have been the mistress of MWP. When Ms. Ha criticized AJR for her inability to continue the Mo bloodline, this could have been the trigger for AJR to ask that SH becomes her daughter. I mean, let just say that Jung discovered her pregnancy... As MWP feared that his son could do something to his future child, he proposed AJR to fake her pregnancy and let her raise SH as her own daughter. She wouldn't have to suffer from being labeled as an illegitimate child. Notice that MWP met her alone without the presence of her mother...
  13. Now, Joo Young Il's son wants to help SH in order to punish Han for his father's death. This doesn't surprise me very much that SH is in fact the half-sister of chairman Mo.
  14. About WJ: I hope, his ex-wife appears again. Remember that SH gave her something that she had to keep. So the true justice would be that 1. WJ betrays his mother in order to save himself 2. WJ loses his position and even has to leave the company and the house 3. His secret as transgender is revealed 4. WJ sees his ex-wife leading a happy life with her new husband I don't think that WS should become the heir... maybe the reason why he can not be the true heir is that he is not Mo's son in reality.
  15. @stroppyse From my point of view, KJR has always prioritized his career and social status over DB hence he never let her met his colleagues or didn't really protect her from his mother. I have the impression that he pitied more DB than he loved her. When he claimed that YS would pity DB hence he thought, that was love, in my opinion the baseball player was actually projecting his own thoughts onto YS. I am quite sure that Jessica must have boosted KJR's ego in order to woo him and this worked. Furthermore, I can even imagine that she ensured to get pregnant so that KJR would take his responsibility. But once married, she doesn't need to do that any longer, she has become a celebrity by association. She is determined to use his reputation and her followers in order to boost her career. KJR is indeed a selfish man but too weak in reality, he can be easily influenced by people which distinguishes him so much from YS. The latter is so strong-willed, his strong sense of justice and his past are the reasons why YS doesn't care about people's opinion.
  16. @Lmangla Joo Young Il's son is so naive. He idealizes his father too much. He never thought that his father is a corrupted prosecutor. YD's words did trigger something in him.Due to YJI's words ("No son has the right to judge his father"), I have the feeling that in the end, he will even be the one who ensures that his father pays for his crimes. Even if Ms. Han is the one who killed AJR, SH's mother, I would like to see Mrs Ha and her husband Mo being sent to jail, like Mo for bribe and Ha for theft (she stole SH's inheritance with the paintings and she acts as if she was YS).
  17. I have the impression that the Second Lieutnant Lee is a victim too. I doubt that the deceased Nam JS was the only one bullied there. The commander of the 16th division has been already introduced as a bully.
  18. We saw HS, the repairman, in the episode 7 again. He was the one who installed the CCTV. What caught my attention was that DB's mother criticized her daughter for giving him food for free. HS is now my main suspect. I am wondering why he is still focused on DB. I was happy that the lawyer decided to support DB and gave her good advice. In my opinion, with her help, she has another reason to change.
  19. @ii panda Your preview is a little different from what I saw. It is even better. With the press conference led by YD, the media will hear about the murder of SH's mother and LS's retrial. SH will make sure that everyone in her family suspects the other. I have the impression that WJ will betray his mother in order to divert suspicion from him. He will discover what his mother has done with the paintings and the gallery. Imagine, her favorite son will be her doom.
  20. Since CYM's family was close to DDJ's parents and they were never targeted by the authorities, we can assume that CYM and his parents are close to the minister Heo Yoon. Notice that now the king is suspecting him for plotting something against him. 2-3 I read that Gwanghae only became a king in 1609 and in 1613, the prince Yeongchang will be killed. This means, the event with the baby and DJ's family must have happened, when Gwanghae was not the king himself, he was just the Crown prince who acted like a king, since his father fled in front of Japanese invasion during Seven Year war (1592-1598). Maybe the King's former friend Jung Yoon Jeo was supposed to have died protecting Gwanghae's child, when the Japanese invasion occurred. I believe that the minister HY had already planned a coup d'état, using the opportunity of the Japanese invasion in order to get rid of the future next Crown prince. However, HY failed in the sense that Gwanghae's son should have been killed. HY didn't bring upon himself to get rid of Jung as they used to be close friends. He thought, if he jumped from the cliff, he and the child would never survive. That's why he didn't kill him himself... he thought, fate would take care of it. But the problem arouse, when an official close to the King told him that he had seen the official Jung who was supposed to have died. If Jung was alive, this means that the baby was alive too. This would explain why the king is looking for the child. The question is now: why didn't JYJ go back to the king's side? I actually suspect that he knew that his friend HY would frame him after killing the child by saying that JYJ faked his death, in reality he had killed the prince... Since Yeongchang has a lot of supporters, Gwanghae has every reason to look for his own child as he can ensure his succession.
  21. We know as a fact that the prince YC will die and I can not imagine that the writer will deviate from the course of History. But here, we see that the king Gwanghae is warning the minister HY with his story about the boy and the insect eggs. The minister YH is planning a revolt hence a coup d'etat. Sure, in the last episode the king appeared in a bad light again, especially when the young prince YC is presented as innocent. However, he did represent a thread to the king... and so far, the king had no child himself. Since the assassin group is not painted as evil as they appeared to be, I am more and more inclined to think that in the end, they will help ND. The minister wants the child to be killed and they have found his new whereabouts that's why I am still thinking that ND is related to the king. Now, his brother has been mistaken for him, especially because the former official (his father) stood next to him. So far, the female assassins tried to kill HT in the first episode as he was alone with his father. In other words, this confirms for me that ND is in reality the one they are after but they made the mistake to take HT for the child they have been looking. Don't forget that Minister HY had no contact with his "friend" for 15 years and I am quite sure that he didn't know that he had a son himself. As for DJ, I understand now why she acts as if she doesn't know CYM that well and is keeping her distance from him. She is supposed to have died hence she can not say that they knew each other from the past. He can not claim her as his fiancee as she has died in the eyes of the law. So he watched her from afar but I doubt that his father would accept DDJ as a daughter-in-law.
  22. @Lmangla The other reason why I am suspecting Ms. Han is that the grandfather's accident happened just before SH's mother was murdered. And this is no coincidence because this means that the murder of her mother was planned. Without the grandfather's protection, SH could be sent away to the USA. WS and WJ don't fit in that category. Honestly, it would be great if Ms. Han discovered at the end that the one who ruined her career was not the grandfather, but SH's father. We saw that the latter would often bribe people... Sure, the grandfather was at the trial but we heard that during that time, Mo was actually the one who had developed different strategies aso. So the grandfather was only acting in name, he let his son run the business. We shouldn't forget that Ms. Han has been described as hot-tempered and impatient. Seeing the grandfather at the trial made her think that he had been the one who gave the order for the pollution... and later took revenge for the strict sentence, while in reality the grandfather came in order to see what kind of person she was as he was already looking for a mentor. Imagine the irony. This all tragedy happened because of a huge misunderstanding.
  23. You mean, Nokdu could be the son from prince Imhae, Gwanghae's older brother. Yes, that's another possibility.
  24. @gilaswan After watching the episode 3, it becomes clear that 1. the minister Heo Yeon is in reality the big villain of the show 2. HY is a supporter of the prince YC, the half-brother of the King Gwanghae. Why? because the prince is so young hence the minister can rule in his place. 3. Nokdu is actually the crown prince who was supposed to have died. 4. the minister Heo Yeon must be the one who blamed Jung Yoon Jeo for the kidnapping of Nokdu and his death. 5. Heo Yeon has been using the female assassins in order to get rid of his opponents. He has definitely manipulated them into thinking that he is helping them to achieve justice. 6. Heo Yeon must be the one behind the death of DJ's family by telling the king that the revolt/civil war had been planned by her family. I also think that the bad reputation of the king is definitely linked to Heo Yeon's advises. Notice how Nokdu was able to change the king's mind after the incident with the stone. The man is not a bad person per se, just due to the war, the supposed betrayal of his friend and his son's death, he has become very suspicious of everyone. The question is now: who caught the female assassin? I have the impression that this person could be linked to the king.
  25. @Lmangla I am joining quite late the poll but I am inclined to believe that ms. Han is the one who murdered SH's mother. So far, SH is not suspecting her at all. She just thinks that Ms. Han was sent there in order to clean up the mess. But we saw that she went to the house that day. Why? Furthermore Ms. Han mentioned the CCTV to the Mo family, well aware that they would all feel uncomfortable. They might even suspect each other. She never told them that she was there that day. By erasing the CCTV, she ensured that she wouldn't be suspected. No family member would resent her for destroying the evidence... And here is the motive for Ms. Han. We know for sure that she was against the idea that SH becomes the heir. In my opinion, there is a reason for that. Don't forget how resentful and angry she became because MC Group ruined her career after her ruling. So it was said that she was against the wish of SH's grandfather. And this is no coincidence. In my opinion, Ms. Han wanted to get revenge by destroying his dream and even become the real leader of MC Group. She is not just the king maker, she is in reality the real king. Notice how Ms. Han was able to manage to "get rid" of all heirs: SJ, SH, Mo... Right now, there are only WS and WJ left. With WJ as the CEO, she can control the company. WS is different, he is a free-spirit which means that he won't always follow her orders.
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