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  1. Interesting if they want the viewers to speculate... By the way, I had this crazy thought about the accident of Cha Soo young's mother. On the surface, it looks like an accident. But in her last moment, she was pointing at the umbrella asking her to take it. I mean, the mother is severely injured and she is more concerned about the umbrella than about herself. Sure, it looks like the mother wants her daughter to be protected from the rain, yet she gave the order: "take it"... She mentioned the umbrella twice. "The umbrella... take it". So why? Strangely, CSY keeps saying that her mother was murdered. Yet, it seems more like an involuntary manslaughter on the surface. In juridic terms, murder implies intention... and I don't think that CSH is calling it murder in order to feel less guilty. I have the impression that she is right: her mother was not killed by accident. And it could be linked to the yellow umbrella. The latter could have belonged to the boy in the car.
  2. I agree with you. It is better if the identity of The Guy is revealed much later... a twist no one saw coming.
  3. That's another possibility but this theory will be verified very soon because the last victim survived. However, I have some doubt because of the way the corpses were disposed of in the mausoleum which was different from the body in the suitcase. If the real culprit is interested in challenging OHJ, then this means that he has known OHJ for a long time, since the profiler disappeared 5 years ago. Only someone linked to the incident from 5 years ago can come to the idea to lure OHJ. But notice that KSH never mentioned OHJ therefore I can not imagine that KSH was entirely innocent and has been manipulated, when he came to police station to confess. For me, it is clear that KSH killed people but the question is: did he kill the woman in the suitcase of not?
  4. I have been wondering how the serial killer Kang Seung Hwa could kill so many people without getting noticed before. The police didn't suspect the existence of another serial killer. Now, he has been killed and the question is about the reason of this murder. Was he killed because he wanted to take the credit for a murder he didn't commit? because he could endanger other serial killers? The man looked mentally unstable. Maybe The Guy chose to form his own students as serial killers during these 5 years. Notice that the profiler Oh has started educating our FL.
  5. @noor1 I can return the compliment too!! The comparison between Sherlock/Moriarty and OHJ/ The Guy was really point on. This leads me to think that OHJ is aware that the real serial killer is working among the police forces therefore he is hiding from the police as well. This would explain why the team leader is the only one who is in touch with the profiler. Furthermore, your observation about the chameleon made me think that The guy must be like a chameleon as well. No one is suspecting him as he has been able to hide his true nature. Besides, his name "The Guy" is also a clue about his own needs and perception. On the one hand, the name underlines his "anonymity" (he is not different from other guys), yet his "normality" makes him look dangerous as he can appear at every corner. The name as such seems to instill fear too.
  6. First, thanks a lot for the compliment! To me, it looks like the young journalist. But the question is now: is he an accomplice of KSH or is he The Guy, the serial killer? Then I would like to add that since The Guy survived the explosion, it looks like the serial killer is not working on his own. The prosecutor mentioned "conspiracy" and due to other insinuations, I am inclined to believe that The Guy did receive help among the police forces. Let us not forget that he knew where KSH was detained, which locker he had to use in order to dress as police officer... His behavior showed that he knew where the CCTV were. Furthermore, the detective from RUI 1 had stomachache and this is not a coincidence. It was as if someone had put something in his coffee or water in order to force him to leave the surveillance room.
  7. I would like to add another observation about the identity of Kang Seung Hwa's murderer. Basically, he was introduced in the second episode at the press conference. It's this young man. Observe the colour of the coat and the coat of the man sitting behind him: beige vs. dark blue. Then the camera zooms on his right hand. Look at his thumb nail. It has a very particular form: quite small, square and even flat. Later, when our FL meets the killer, the man has the same form of thumb nail with his left hand. As conclusion, the person working at the press conference is the culprit. Furthermore, his question about the profiler Oh's whereabouts is another clue. In my former post, I had developed this theory that the serial killer The Guy was the real murderer of the first victim. This led me to the next question: why did he start killing again? And in my opinion, the reappearance of The Guy is linked to the profiler Oh. That's why he asked the authority about it. He is actually trying to challenge the profiler Oh again. He used the first corpse as bait, wanted Oh to come back, to return to the spotlight, so that he could start his game again. It looks like this man challenged Oh in the past, just like the profiler challenged him on TV. The serial killer killed the young woman without clearly revealing that The Guy was the real culprit. The peppermint candy was the only clue but this was not enough. This could have been the work of a copy cat. From my perspective, the serial killer wanted to cause some doubts and ambiguity so that he can remain hidden in the shadow, while forcing Oh to come back to his job as profiler. Right now, The Guy is officially dead and Oh's existence has been kept quite mysterious: dead or alive? This ambiguity about Oh's death is the reason why The Guy killed again. He wanted to confirm that Oh was dead and if not, then he should come back so that The Guy can challenge him again.
  8. I agree with @Biology Lesson. I don't consider the profiler as a jerk due to his behavior in the explosion scene. Oh couldn't use his gun because it could ignite the fuel fumes. I would like to add another aspect why he chose to stop the killer first. In my opinion, he had different reasons to stop "that Guy" in the first place. First, it could have been his instinct as a police officer, the arrest of a criminal is priority. Old habits are hard to die. Nevertheless, I sense that the real reason could have also been that if he had decided to rescue his wife and let the serial killer escape, the highers-up could have blamed him for that. Notice that the situation is reversed now. The prosecution office is telling people that the serial killer died 5 years ago due to the explosion and back then, the profiler lost his loved one. So he sacrificed his loved one but the police didn't do its job correctly after the explosion. By saying that the serial killer died back then, they are trying to cover up their mistake. But for me, what is more really important is to talk about the investigation concerning the first victim discovered by our constable. We were led to believe that the serial killer Kang Seung Hwa was the perpetrator as he was seen at the crime scene, the police had a confession and there were evidences in his flat. But my problem is that after watching so many crime series/dramas, we know that serial killers have a MO. Notice the contrast between the way the first victim was disposed of (the corpse in the suitcase and the hand showing up from the suitcase) and the other corpses hidden in the basement and hanging up from the ceiling. It looks to me that KSH had created a mausoleum where he could enjoy his killings. He would go there in order to relive the killings. The bodies were wrapped up, while the body in the suitcase was not properly displayed. KSH never got rid of the corpses, he kept them all by himself. That's why I have been thinking that KSH made a false confession and wanted to be recognized as That guy. Furthermore, the peppermint candy was found with the first body and it doesn't look like there were some peppermint candies with the corpses in the tomb. From my point of view, That guy killed KSH because he wanted to take credit of his own murder.
  9. @nonski Well, the pace of the first episode was slow but the second episode (3/4) was better. My problem is the company he is working for. First, you have the impression he is the CEO the way he acts and deals with business partners. Then you discover that he is just a director, yet he gives the impression that he is really powerful. As for his phantom pain, it is definitely linked to sensations: visuals and the sound. Remember in the forest, when the birds started flying, a memory resurfaced which triggered his phantom pain. With the coffee, he felt as if he was standing in the forest.
  10. Does anyone know the title of the song played at the end of the episode 2, where they meet in the forest for the third time?
  11. I hope, CCG fails too in his attempt. Actually, if you think about it, CCG is really stupid. Being in SK, he has the chance to start a new life because his superiors have no direct control over him. Furthermore, he is officially dead. He could get off the grid and disappear with any traces, yet he chooses to help them believing that he can get back what he lost. CCG is on the losing end because he is not aware of many things: - SR's family: her stepmother and her father will do anything for her - the presence of F5 and their presence is covered up by JH's father - the new code for her house - SR has already sent people for CCG in her own way and her sister-in-law has no idea about it - the sister-in-law and her brother are not aware that SR's parents know about their involvement - the evolution of SD and GSJ's relationship and GSJ has even helped RJH. GSJ is actually CCG's new Achilles heel.
  12. @andy78 Like you, I sense that SR's father has another secret, not just the con... and his wife knows his secret too. When she heard that SR was in NK all this time, her reaction was really telling that's why I suspect that his secret is linked to NK and division 11. And the scene at the beach could be interpreted differently, if this theory is true. The stepmother left her behind for another reason. Maybe she saw in SR the proof of her husband's secret and decided to send her back to NK so that no one would find out about his past and secret. As an illegitimate child, some people would question about the identity of the biological mother. And in my opinion, when SR is caught and sent back to NK, her father could be forced to reveal his secret so that CCG ends up with nothing. While thinking that SR would bring down RJH's family, in the end the opposite happened. Due to CCG's action, the identity of the member from the division 11 is revealed which caused a huge chaos. By the way, I noticed that SR's second sister-in-law has no idea that SR changed her door lock therefore she must have told CCG about the address and the code, unaware that this won't work.
  13. But don't forget that SD is there with GSJ and in my opinion, they are going to play a role in defeating CCG.
  14. @phoenixember Yes, the second sister-in-law is really dangerous and ruthless. She is the one who has a bad influence on her husband but the latter is clueless about her true nature. SR was able to perceive her predatory and greedy nature. Nonetheless, we shouldn't forget that 1. This woman is not aware that RJH is not alone and is supported by F5. 2. Furthermore, she has no idea that her mother-in-law has changed and even knows what she and her son did to SR. 3. Finally, she has not imagined that GSJ could become their weakness in the long run. GSJ could testify against them and even Cho Cheol Gang. She believes that money and info can solve her problem but she doesn't have the whole info. SD can become GSJ's protector. She has forgotten about GSJ's existence as he lives in NK right now...
  15. @Broaddaylight That's an interesting idea!! Maybe SR's father was a spy from division 11 and was sent to SK where he fell in love and married SR's stepmother. Before that, he conned GSJ's father in order to move in higher social circles. And SR's stepmother knew about her husband's past. What caught my attention was the zoom of the camera focused on the chairman's writing "father".... Making me wonder if in reality, SR is really his daughter, maybe his sister or brother's child. As for the ending, it would be satisfying to see that GSJ gets his revenge by becoming the CEO, while SR's family decides to give up on Queen Group. SR has her own company, her parents have enough money and without the huge Group, they can get rid of these terrible daughters-in-law who are only interested in the inheritance: the company.
  16. I was well aware of that but so far, we don't know anything about her biological mother. We just know that SR is not blood related to her brothers and the woman she calls omma is just her step-mother.
  17. stop posting the same gif because it has been hidden as there is no credit to the gif.

  18. I have been thinking that maybe SR's real mother was a spy from NK and SR's stepmother knew about it hence she came to the conclusion that SR was greedy and wanted to become the CEO. For her, the mother had seduced her husband because she was a spy and wanted to get money/power. Let us imagine now how SR's stepmother will react, if this theory comes true. First, for the stepmother, it is a huge blow because deep down she might come to think that SR was looking for her biological mother. The mother only heard that SR was in NK but she has no idea how she stranded there. In other words, she starts believing that SR doesn't consider her as her mother any longer. Secondly, she also hears that her second son wanted her to remain there... imagine, if SR's past is connected to NK, she might lose SR forever and we know that her stepmother had realized herself that she views SR as her own daughter. While her son will do anything to send her back to NK, the mother will do the opposite and even hide the origins of SR's biological mother. Someone pointed out that SR was found at a beach... maybe it was the place, where RJH appeared after leaving NK. SR might have forgotten her past due to the trauma (being abandoned at the beach).
  19. @mouse007 You are right. It was RJH's turn to get to know SR's life: her loneliness and the absence of love and warmth in her family. The fact that people around her have no idea who SR really is is upsetting. The workers think that she is a picky eater, in reality she is not. It is just a facade. They have no idea why she eats alone, why she works on Christmas eve... They are clueless about her since SR was able to deceive them. She doesn't want people to see her as vulnerable.
  20. I didn't feel like this episode was a filler because it served at least two purposes: - first give a critical look about SK society, because so far, the NK society had been mainly shown and criticized. Sure, it was often under a comical aspect, yet we could see negative aspects about NK. So it was SK's turn. From SR, we hear that SK has so many CCTV and cellphones with internet so that SR gave the impression, people are also monitored in SK. Another example would be that RJH acted like a gentleman at the door, which was noticed by people... it was as if the writer was saying, due to anonymity, people in modern society tend to ignore people around them. Notice that no one was willing to do the same like RJH. They liked his behavior but no one helped him or did the same. Another aspect was the problem of traffic and indirect pollution... - secondly, the repercussion of RJH's discovery and his trip to SK: right now, many people around Choe were arrested. A blood bath was in fact mentioned, but the question is if RJH's family will be spared in the end, especially if RJH's presence in SK is noticed. So far, the villain has no idea that RJH is not alone in SK as the F5 have not met SR and RJH yet. Nonetheless, they will play a huge part in SK. Remember that RJH saved them back then from Choe and now it is their turn to help him. Finally, this episode marks a turning point, when it comes to SR's family. Until now, no one had any idea about SR's struggle, when it comes to her family. RJH is the first one who witnesses such a betrayal. Furthermore, the mother discovers little by little that her own sons are the greedy ones. She hears from her elder son what the second did to SR but she is fully aware that they are only telling her this so that she would stop the brother from being the CEO of Queen. @INeedAFan The scene with the shaman illustrates too that people in NK are still using shamans but it is prohibited. They could get arrested therefore someone was outside making sure that no one would notice the shaman session. Since NK is a communist country, religion and spirituality are considered as toxic. Karl MArx, the author of Manisfest of Communist, said once: "Religion is the opium of the people". For him, - religion was a idea from the bourgeoisie - religion is a form of alienation - religion is a screen Indeed, the promise made to the proletarians of a better world in the afterlife differs from revolt here below. It is therefore an illusion that benefits the ruling classes, an idea that strengthens their power. Religion used to help the ruling classes. That's why in socialist/communist countries like in GDR or Poland, churches were perceived as enemies and monitored by the communist party.
  21. Yes, but remember that the company linked to the import is in Russia and Seo Dan lived there for many years which means that her uncle could have been the one who created a link between the Russia mafia and North Korea. Don't you find it weird that Seo Dan and her family is so rich too? In my opinion, the uncle could have used the mall as a cover as well. By the way, I have been wondering if the deceased wife of the uncle returned to him before the wedding because she was forced. We heard from him that she came back crying... what if she and her loved one were arrested because he used his position? The uncle helped RJH because he knew how much his niece Seo Dan loved RJH, hence he couldn't let CCK destroy him. However, in the latest episode he noticed that SD even allowed RJH to remain in prison. Furthermore she implied that RJH was keeping his distance from her... Then he sees SD protecting another man that's why now he is no longer obliged to protect him, especially if his secret/corruption is about to get discovered.
  22. @lavanta @Ss79 We can definitely assume that CCK is connected to Dan's uncle for many reasons. First, we heard that CCK was an orphan, however he was able to get a high position. I doubt that he could achieve it on his own therefore we can conclude that he had the backing of someone powerful. Secondly, Dan's uncle was called, when CCK's trial occurred. However, he is not officially connected to CCK. then he gave some signal to the main judge at that trial which shows that they were interested in closing the case as soon as possible. Third, so far CCK has been judged for murder, drug dealing and raiding tombs but it was never mentioned that CCK is also involved in helping criminals to hide in NK. So far, RJH has not questioned why SJ was in NK in the first place, while he is an acquaintance of SR. Furthermore what caught my attention is CCK's words at the end of the trial: "There's one thing you've missed. Because of that, that richard simmons will die at all cost!" IF CCK represented a thread to Dan's uncle and other higher-up, they could have get rid of him but this didn't happen. Why? It is because there is a connection between SR's brother, SJ and Dan's uncle in reality. Remember that CCK was asked to keep SR in NK which he interpreted as a killing order. SR has not realized yet what her brother and her sister-in-law did behind her back... She is not really aware how SJ came to NK too. And this shows how big the corruption is. SJ has been living in a huge mansion which is not recorded. SR could be the one who exposes the whole network (SK-China-North Korea). In my opinion, CCK has been kept alive because he is the only one who can kill SR. The latter represents the evidence that some higher-ups (Dan's uncle is one of them) are connected to SK. RJH has just discovered the ice peak of the crimes committed by CCK's network. If SR gets killed, then the authorities from NK can claim that CCK was a criminal who escaped from jail... That way, the corrupted highers-up are covered. Besides, I have the impression that Seo Dan's uncle could have been the one who told CCK that RMH wanted to send him to a trial... How did he know about that? Remember, CCK had discovered that RMH was investigating behind his back which means, someone had tipped off CCK. From my point of view, I suspect that SJ will play a huge part in the fight for SR's company... SJ has still the money he conned from SR's brother who had embezzled money from his father's company.
  23. First, there is Koo Seung Joon who is attracted to her and just like SR, he comes from South Korea. Actually, KSJ is the living evidence of Cho Cheol Jang's misdeed. Remember that KSJ has been asked not to reveal his true origin therefore the people taking care of him are not aware of his true identity. So after meeting Seo Dan, KSJ will try to meet her again. And at the end, KSJ will cross path with SR. Both will recognize each other. In my opinion, KSJ won't be safe anymore, the moment CCG gets aware that KSJ and SD are close. SD comes from an influential family, hence once SD discovers KSJ's true identity, CCG's crimes will be revealed and discovered. It would be interesting if SD decides to help RJH in his investigation... remember that Cho Cheol Gang asked someone to dig some info about RJH's fiance. What if with her help, RJH is able to create a fake identity, until she is able to leave NK? I do think that RJH needs to have the help from someone other than his father. CCG has created his own social network, it would be great if RJH had the same by including SD. She became already involved the moment RJH asked for the uncle's car. Sure, it was posted here that we would have some melodrama in CLOY which I am not fond of honestly...
  24. But in MLFTS, the second lead was already jealous of the female lead for two reasons: - her love interest loved the female lead - she was not so popular compared to the female lead I think, we shouldn't compare her previous works because it would mean that she always uses the same ingredients. Here, we have a second lead who is totally different from Yoo In Na in MLFTS as she is confident, independent and has a high position. Furthermore, let us not forget that if SR was caught, then RJH's career would suffer. SD has every reason to help SR and her fiance because she would lose more than she would get in the end. His father would lose her position as well and she would lose her fiance. Sorry but I am still hoping that SD will have a different path...
  25. On the surface, it looks like we don't know much about Seo Dan. But the few scenes she had, revealed a lot about her: Seo Dan looks like a cold person due to her calm and distant behavior. However, we can observe too that Seo Dan is a strong-willed and confident woman. She doesn't fear her uncle who has a high position. She considers herself equal to him. She travels on her own (see the trip to her fiance's village) underlining that she is independent. Furthermore she doesn't avoid confrontation, when she is insulted. She is definitely courageous. She knows how to fight back without being violent and brutal. She is not main-stream either as she is not married like many women around her age. She is not blindly following the way the majority thinks: marriage, children, depending on the husband aso. She is also intelligent and capable as she studied for 10 years in Russia. She is not a spoiled woman in the sense that she doesn't rely on her parents. She spent 10 years away from her mother. She is filial: she accepts the engagement and even does what her parents asked her (take a picture of them in Switzerland) Besides, she is eager to protect her mother (she saw her mother and herself insulted and she fought back). Despite the crush on RJH whom she met in Switzerland, she doesn't seem clingy. She remained in Russia for 10 years and it doesn't look like she complained that RJH would never meet her. In my opinion, she is not an idealistic person either (devoted to the party), although her family has a high position in the party. Look how she managed to get the taxi driver to drive for her. She took her money right away and knew that she had to pay a lot. She doesn't rely on her family's power... she made no reference about her family. Since she doesn't refer to her family (taxi driver), it illustrates a certain humbleness. It also shows that she is quite similar to RJH as the latter hid his social background. I doubt that he just did it because of his investigation about his brother's death. He could have mentioned it to his comrades close to him... but he never did. Her modesty is outlined too, when the taxi driver sang. She was definitely bothered but she didn't complain. She decided to listen to her own music. She could have asked him to stop singing but she didn't. In my opinion, SD and RJH are quite similar. Both are filial, dedicated and calm which could be a clue why SD could fall for the second lead, when the latter starts wooing her. @RobinM
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