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  1. Mubaek will help Eunseom there is no doubt about it. While Mihol's accomplice thought, Mubaek would try to get rid of Eunseom, the former knows that Eunseom is the real Aramun Haesulla. I am quite sure, he will recognize Asa Hon's necklace. However, I think that Mubaek could fake Eunseom's death... like giving him another corpse in exchange. Neither Tagon nor Taealha saw his face. Maybe Mubaek might propose this to Tagon so that the rumor about his implication in his father's death disappears. On the other hand, Mubaek could help Eunseom to understand what is happening right now. So far, Eunseom only wants to save the Wahan Tribe, yet in order to succeed, he needs to have a different strategy: end the world of Saram like it is said in the prophecy. Mubaek will tell him about his origins.
  2. Even if it was a gender swap, I wouldn't feel sorry for the woman because she just abused her boyfriend emotionally and mentally for many years. This passive-aggressive behavior is the reason why this couple failed, not just because a third person appeared. If this woman is just like GS, then this means that she used to threaten the partner with a break up very often. Then trying to put the blame on the partner is not right, as she/he never reflects on his own behavior. GS didn't listen to JI, when she asked him to respect her.
  3. @thistle I had a lot of free time today hence I started watching the episodes from the start again, just like you. You are so point on about the similarity in the behavior between GS and his father. Both act as they are superior to others and keep looking down on others. While GS's father is trying to meddle in his son's life, GS is doing the same with JH's life. In the episode 3, he even makes the comment that they should find a lady for him. He is definitely not different from his father. He doesn't respect JH and his feelings. While in the past, I used to think that the coincidences of GS's appearance around JH could be a clue that he was already aware of JH's attraction towards JI, I realized that these scenes had a different purpose. GS's words and actions actually reflect something else: 1- When he visits JH at the pharmacy, he asks for vitamins because his girlfriend is recently stressed. His words outline that he is blaming JI for the momentary struggle in their couple. His words show that he doesn't even question his own behavior. 2- When at the restaurant, he asked her if there was someone else, it was the same. He is indirectly implying that someone else could have attracted JI's attention/affection. So here again, he was implying if she was cold and distant, it meant, someone else was responsible for the struggle in their relationship. At no moment, he even asked himself if he hadn't done anything wrong. Either JI or someone else was responsible that JI was not so happy with the marriage. To sum up, he is clueless because he doesn't listen to JI's words. She asked for more respect but he kept pressuring her. Furthermore, something else caught my attention about GS's words. He considers marriage as a duty because from the start, he keeps mentioning "we should get married". "We have been together for so long hence a marriage is inevitable". It is all about duty and convenience. In other words, just like his dad, he considers this marriage with JI as a business, while he keeps saying to his father that he wants to marry for love. He is a hypocrite. As for the father, he complains that his son is immature but in reality, he has become like that because of his father's remarks. Like the father, like the son...
  4. Yes, even JI said that after seeing her sister's marriage, she was kind of disenchanted by marriage. I have the impression that JI did put a lot of effort to maintain her relationship with GS like you pointed out. However, deep down, it was no real big love. I have the feeling that JI is someone who has a great sense of responsibility hence she always tries to do her best at everything. This explains why JI accepted all these threads of break up coming from GS. By doing so, GS made her feel guilty somehow... as if she was to blame for the break up. Furthermore I realize that she is always attempting to solve her problem with GS on her own. She aks for advice from her friend and sibling, yet she wants to solve her problem on her own. Now, JH is teaching her to rely on him which she never did before. And that is the major reason why GS is so lacking. In their couple, they never acted together, GS led his life without telling what kind of work he was doing. She had no idea about his job, there was no real communication. He told her what he was doing but that was it. When he was busy, he was happy that JI would spend time with her friend YJ so that he could work at home. As conclusion, GS and JI never had deep conversations and never spent time together, except eating and going home together.
  5. Tagon is just the product of his father's greed. Sanung is in fact responsible for Tagon's curse. The destruction of Saram is related to their arrogance and desire of conquest.
  6. I agree with your observations but since GS was the only one who pointed out the first month of the "honeymoon", it actually clearly shows that GS had more feelings towards JI than she had towards him and he was the one who asked her out. JI remarked that they were never lovey-dovey from the start which implies that JI's heart had never been so touched like it had with JH. But GS didn't love JI that deeply because he didn't really respect her. However, in the first episode, we clearly see that JI has definitely a romantic side which she hides pretty well. She is annoyed, when GS mentions the marriage in a casual way. Then with her colleague, she declares: "The first encounter could be all you need to be smitten by someone, like destiny". And the fact that she doesn't believe in horoscops indicates her strong will. She explains to her friend that she doesn't like horoscops because she feels restrained: "don't do this, don't do that". This didn't catch my attention during the first viewing, but it already showed that JI has always been strong-willed and doesn't like being told what to do but she allowed it with her boyfriend.
  7. Yes, we know that the two voices of Aramun are Eunseom and Tanya. However, it is different for Saram. They only know the prophecy: the return of Aramun Haesulla with two voices. In order to get the support of Saram, Tagon needs a second voice as he is bound to follow the prophecy which he doesn't believe. He had to find a second voice and since the boy considers him as his father, he knows that he will obey his orders. @Gumiho9 I agree that Tagon has been hurt by his father's murder attempt and his father's behavior contributed to his wickedness. But like Sanung said, he could have left Arthdal at some point but he refused. Tagon hates the prophecy that's why he doesn't believe in the return of Aramun Haesulla. If he did, then this would mean that the prophecy about his fate is true as well. He can not accept that he has been cursed just Tanya and Eunseom. He wants to escape his fate by becoming a god himself. But by doing so, he is unaware that he is actually following the prophecy. However, the rejection from his father and the prophecy can not served as an excuse for Tagon's actions. He is responsible for so many deaths, like the Neanthals, the Igutus, the people from Wahan Tribe aso. His hands are full of blood, yet notice that he seldom kills people himself. He lets the others do the dirty work that's why he has never been injured before. We only saw him killing: - Ragaz (arrow, so he never exposed himself to danger) - the two warriors from Daekan - his father When he was sent to conquer the territory Iark, he never went there himself. He just sent his troops with Mubaek as leader. Tagon has the same MO: he uses people to dirty their hands. He knew that Saram would kill people from the Wahan Tribe and allowed it, although they were innocent. Now, he is even determined to kill all of them.
  8. To me, JI started dating GS because he asked her and she had no reason to reject him. Since she said that they were never lovey-dovey from the start which was confirmed by her colleague and friend YJ, I suspect that JI had no strong feelings for GS, when she accepted GS as her boyfriend. She just went with the flow... her sister got married to SH and SH was an acquaintance of GS. She might have thought: "why not?", since he showed interest in her. As for GS, JI could help him not to feel lonely as he had to give up his dream and his friends. Notice that he returned to his friends, the moment he realized that JI was leaving him. This is no coincidence that he visited his friends from the band. Right now, I don't think, he chose JI because she was strong-willed because she never showed anything like that before. She let him rule her life. I also noticed that when she felt uneasy/unhappy with GS (episode 1), she never voiced it, she remained silence which GS noticed. However, JI gave up and said that this was nothing. I have been watching the episode 1 again after knowing the evolution of their relationship, we can clearly see that JI had never expressed her feelings in front of GS that's why GS could often threaten her with the break up... she never expressed her disappointment. She allowed him everything therefore he could say that she had always been lenient towards him. To sum up, GS and JI never loved each other from the start that's why their relationship was doomed from the start. IT has nothing to do with a long relationship. In the first episode, JI even prefers spending time with YJ than with her boyfriend (first scene and in the scene 19:00 in the car). GS even chose work over her.
  9. No, it is not possible as Yangcha was already among the soldiers who killed Eunseom's father, the Neanthal Ragaz. I was thinking about the person who released the blue fireflies. If it had been Eunseom's brother, then they would have flown to him as well, since he is also an igutu. About the children of the prophecy: the last episode revealed that Tagon, Taealha and Giseon from the White Mountain Tribe have been working together in order to get rid of their respective parent/tribe leader. They started this plan a long time ago. I found the conversation between Mubaek and Asa Sakan very interesting because it really shows that Tagon is actually challenging the gods. We have the prophecy of Daraburu saying that he will bring doom to Arthdal. Furthermore the god Airuju said that when the three heavenly objects appear, this will mean that he wants to end this world. Striking is that Asa Sakan as a priestess asked Mubaek to help Tagon because he would try to save this world. In other words, the priestess also challenges the god Airuju. It also outlines her arrogance and her ignorance. She is no longer a true priestess but has been misled by her own feelings. That's the reason why she can no longer understand the gods. Due to his meeting with Asa Sakan, Mubaek heard the truth about the death of Sanung. He was killed by his own son. I doubt that Mubaek will be misled by the event at the burial ceremony. Moreover, he saw Kanmoreu with his own eyes, found the true relics from Asa Sin. He knows the true origins of Asa Sin. She came from the Iark and returned there after creating the Union. So the gods had already foreseen the greed of Saram. Mubaek is a true believer of Aramun Haesulla hence he will be the one who will help Eunseom, especially after discovering that he is Asa Hon's son (her necklace). Furthermore, Tagon doesn't have the Wind of Hammer, the horse Kanmoreu and the flower as he is not a believer. Since Aramun Haesulla is supposed to return with two voices, I believe that he will use Eunseom's brother as the second voice. When she said that the world of Saram will disappear implying that civilization and wisdom would disappear, it really made me laugh because she has not realized yet that they are already the savages she doesn't want to become. Since Tagon has already killed all the igutus except Eunseom's brother, he thinks, he is superior to the others. He doesn't know for sure that Eunseom is also an igutu. He was surprised that Eunseom could hurt him so quickly. Yet, I still thinks that his arrogance will be the reason for his downfall.
  10. Yes, the mother-in-law is involved in the first manipulation but there is more to it. NIK was the one who chose BTM in the first place. Notice that NIK is always by SKK's side. Sure, I am wondering what is the relationship between NIK and SKK's mother-in-law but I sense that NIK is close to that CEO.
  11. I had thought about that as well but the way she looked at the pictures taken when he was with another woman showed that she was somehow affected. By the way, a detail caught my attention: "www" in the title. Sure it refers to the internet. However, "w" could also refer to woman and we have indeed three women in the poster. Each "w" could represent a certain type of woman, like our three protagonists.
  12. Na In Kyung is this woman In the following picture, we see her declaring that she was the one who chose BTM for the hearing. "This was my call". On the other hand, I have the impression that SKK's husband loves his wife but knows that his marriage was arranged for the benefit of the family Oh, his mother.
  13. Well, there is someone in Barro working for Unicorn. The spy has not been caught because Unicorn knew every move of the new created Task Force. I had another thought... what if Joseph's girlfriend is the one who works for Unicorn? Let just say that she uses her position to get info from the naive Joseph. Seol has been mentioning his girlfriend quite often...
  14. But while Tagon dreams of an absolute monarchy, Eunseom /Aramun Haesulla represents a different type of monarchy, like a constitutional monarchy where the king is bound to respect certain laws. We heard from the cult that there are rules, like no tribe rules over the others. Since it is said that Tanya will become a prime minister, it looks more like a constitutional monarchy, where you have an assembly... here it would be an assembly of the tribes, which actually doesn't exist right now. Only the leaders of three tribes are ruling this confederation. Yes, the story of Neanthals is nothing new but this doesn't mean that it is alright. They offered them to join the confederation (meeting on the peak of the mountain) but this proposition was actually just a bait. The Neanthals would have been exploited. Notice how the other tribes are now exploited by Asa Ron and Samung.
  15. Sure, the ex-boyfriend could be involved but I suspect another person as the real mastermind, since manipulating the ranking of real time search happened twice. Let us not forget that all this started with the actor Han Min Kyu who is a friend of Song Ka Kyung. A video of him as a host was released which created a scandal. So this person must have some power to have access to such a video. Striking is that Han Min Kyu was quite close to Song as he sought her twice. He helped her once and asked for her help the second time. So the person must be close to SKK as Han Min Kyu used to work for SKK. If we look back at the beginning of the story, we see that Song Ka KYung was a mentor and close friend of Bae Ta Mi. Yet, this relationship deteriorated as time passed one. As you can see, all these events have a common point: both were or are close to Song Ka Kyung. I have the impression that the culprit behind all this is someone who wants to isolate Song Ka Kyung so that she has no friend at all. To me, the mastermind could be Na In Kyung. Why? We shouldn't forget that NIK was the one who chose BTM to represent Unicorn at the hearing. She was put in front of a dilemma and don't forget that she was supposed to become a scapegoat. Since there was an hint of some attraction between SHK and Cha Hyun, I have the feeling that NIK could be the one who is in love with SKK and wants to ensure that SKK relies more and more on her. SKK described herself as a villain and NIK as an accomplice of a villain, however SKK could be wrong here. What if NIK was the real villain who made sure that SKK lost herself and her integrity because she was attracted to her? Since Cha Hyun knows SKK from her childhood (high school student), the culprit has no idea that SKK still has a close friend. In my opinion, someone leaked the info that BTM was linked to Han Min Kyu's attempted suicide because Barro didn't remove the keyword. However, we all know that Brian was the one who made the finale decision, furthermore the real culprit is the one who released this video. Someone is definitely manipulating people through the Internet.
  16. I have to disagree with you. Arthdal was already united as this was a territory where tribes worked together. No tribe ruled the others but at some point, they forgot Aramun Haesulla's words and one tribe started becoming greedy. Now, with the expansion, they forced tribes to pay higher taxes for the White Mountain Tribes which led other tribes to starve. Notice that Tagon's father was trying to increase his power while relying on Asa Ron and Hae Miho, although in reality he had to ensure that Asa Ron wouldn't win too much. Samung made sure that people's anger was targeting Asa Ron and his tribe... that's why he killed all the thieves but let the leader live. The leader would say that Samung saved his life, and blame Asa Ron for the death of the others. Sure, the Neanthals didn't want to join them but fact is that Arthdal was already an union of different tribes that worked together. As conclusion, a kingdom is not the right answer as such, it is about equity in reality.
  17. I agree with you and this proves to me once more that he never loved her and still doesn't love her. He used her in reality and this explains why he often threatened her with a break up. First, he knew that she had a fighting spirit hence he could use her in order to stop his father from meddling too much in his life. Furthermore he considered himself superior to JI (socially and financially) therefore in his eyes, JI had every reason to remain by his side: he was considered as a good party. I suspect GS will use JI's father in order to put JI under pressure thinking that her father is similar to his own father. Moreover, he can not imagine that JI would defy her father. Yet he doesn't know about JI's strong will: she went on hunger strike in order to change school and she succeeded.
  18. GS told his father, he wanted to marry for love, while his father had in mind that a marriage should be perceived as a business hence his father was for an arranged marriage. Imagine the irony... Now, his father wants JI as a daughter-in-law and GS has to marry her, although he knows that she doesn't love him. So his dream of marrying for love hasn't come true, quite the opposite. He needs to marry JI because of his hurt pride and because of his father. He is now determined to marry her as an arranged marriage, which shows his hypocrisy. And the preview shows that GS keeps lying to his father: he will get married at the end of the year and GS thinks, he is saving JI from becoming havoc! The man has learnt nothing. He never treated her as something precious, took her for granted, bullied her with his passive-aggressive comments to the point that she lost her fighting spirit. I am glad that JI will tell her father the truth, she doesn't want to marry GS and has someone else in her heart.
  19. Interesting is that JH's mother thought that the woman JH liked was someone like him. She had been married before. Once she heard that JI has never been married, the mother asked him to give up. I like how the writer is making sure to surprise the viewers.
  20. I knew it!! The father perceives JI as a good spouse for his son! The fact that she speaks her mind and is not seeking his approval made him realize that she was a decent woman. He always thought that the daughter was like the father. Now, GS is pressured by his father to make this marriage happen!! His father didn't tell him that JI announced that she wouldn't marry his son.
  21. From what I understood, JI confessed to her father that he is a warm person. I guess, she announces to her father that she broke up with GS and has found someone else. I also understand that she confesses: "I'm in big trouble. I love JH."
  22. GS thinks that JI is acting like him. He used to threaten her with a break up so in his mind, she must be thinking the same that’s why he thought that she is not serious. Moreover he doesn’t know that there is someone else. He sometimes suspects it but he can not believe it as he considers himself superior to JH.
  23. And that's why her relationship with GS was doomed from the start. Like she said to GS's father, they started dating without thinking about the future. From their words, it becomes clear that JI had never thought about what kind of boyfriend and husband she wanted. She had no expectation from the start hence G could take advantage of her. After meeting JH, she not only realized what her relationship was missing, she also got aware about GS's flaws (he doesn't respect her, he is passive-aggressive, mean) and she realized what she needed. With JH, JI behaves differently. She is not submissive. She wants to show her true personality, not hide her feelings and her thoughts. She is even willing to admit her flaws so that she ensures that JH can see for whom she is: if he still likes her, then it means that he accepts her with her strengths and flaws. JI has already in her mind that if she decides to be with JH, then it means that this relationship will have a marriage as goal. She definitely told JH that she wanted to find what kind of boyfriend and husband she wanted... since she mentioned marriage, this means that marriage is not something she dislikes. Both are honest with each other and JH is not passive-aggressive. Both admit their mistakes, while it took GS a while, until he admitted that he needed to change. He only did it after being cornered. He knew that if he didn't, then JI would definitely dump him. Moreover, JH is different from GS because he lets JI have the upper-hand in their relationship. He will wait for her, he lets her make the decision hence he never yells at JI. As for the friends, they seem to accept it first. Yet, in the preview, they say as if JH was stealing JI from GS. Their remark bother me a lot, it was as if JI was an object. No, JH didn't steal JI from GS as JI never belonged to GS. Yes, she was his girlfriend but if he had been more committed to this relationship, then JI's heart wouldn't have fluttered. GS took her for granted and even abused his position to emotionally abuse her: the constant threads of breaking up was a huge sign. JI allowed him to trample on her. And now, JI has decided not to accept such a behavior any longer. Since JI made it clear to the father that she won't marry GS, the latter can no longer hide it from his father. It was a great move from JI because if he had been there, he would have pressured her to hide it. GS is a little manipulative.
  24. It is not just about learning a language but also a culture. Why not Dutch? There are a lot of Dutch tourists in France and people are always surprised to hear that someone can speak a little their language.
  25. Or he could just ask her directly: "What can you bring to our household, if you marry my son?" If he asked her such a question, this would reveal two things: - He thinks that JI is like her father. She is interested in marrying into a powerful family. - He thinks, every woman is interested in his son. He can not imagine that a woman would refuse to marry his son. This would outline that both, father and son, are alike. GS's mindset has been influenced by his father: arrogance and selfishness.
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