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  1. @fitzsimmons I agree with @ck1Oz and @cenching that the scene where OYS is wearing the red dress is a flashback. We will see what happened back then. We saw that LGJ scared OYS very much during that night. Furthermore, we saw that there were articles where OYS claimed that she was the victim of a stalker. In the episode 10, we heard that since the stalker LGJ had been arrested on drug charges, he lost his seat as the CEO of Jehuk Entertainment. Now he has become the Vice-CEO of Jehuk Holdings, the holding company for Jehuk Group which means that he has become even more powerful than before. So his return marks his comeback too. What we know from the past, it looks like the prosecution office tried to cover up the truth, when they pressed charges against LGJ (for drug). I have the impression that the prosecution office made it look like LGJ and OYS were having a "normal" drug party and they got caught. In reality, LGJ used a rape drug as he wanted to "have" her... but he might have been stopped before. So since there were drugs, the prosecution office couldn't totally change the facts... So LGJ was punished for the use of drug and since LGJ had enough influence, the prosecution office pressed charges against OYS too. But his real behavior was never revealed, they made him look like a chaebol who had planned a party which went wrong. On the other hand OYS was declared innocent but her reputation was ruined. The people only heard the word "drug" and they had no idea what the drug was about. And this leads me to this theory: the main villain of this drama might not be LGJ but the former prosecutor who became a lawyer for the conglomerates. Why? What caught my attention is that SW, OYS and KJR's father are all victims of corruption. SW wants to prosecute a conglomerate but he can't as the district prosecutor is related to the powerful lawyer Choi (not our hot Choi!). Then we also heard that YR's father was accused of fraud but the charges were dropped by SW hence YR suffered as it looked like her boyfriend had abused his position. Finally, we were told that the CEO of ALWAYS helped KJR 5 years ago. I had made the assumption that KJR might be a lawyer at a different law firm where he was asked to do something morally wrong which he refused. So KJR was fired and the powerful law firm made sure that KJR couldn't find any job elsewhere. Besides, I noticed a certain MO: SW is asked to prosecute the Vice-CEO so the charges are not changed or even dropped. They always need a scapegoat. The Vice-CEO is in fact a victim. That's why I came to the conclusion that OYS became a scapegoat 2 years ago, just like YR's father. Her father was not powerful and rich enough... In my opinion, SW will help KJR against LGJ but at the end, SW will have to ask help from KJR as well. KJR might become the lawyer of the Vice-CEO so that he doesn't become a victim and scapegoat. At the end, KJR will have to fight in court against the powerful lawyer and ex-prosecutor which I assume is now working where KJR used to work. Let me know what you think... @stroppyse @angelangie
  2. @turtle0217 Right now, I doubt that the manager is involved with LGJ because he did ask her and he didn't look pleased with the plant. He is very protective of OYS. However, I think that you are right about his past involvement. Back then, her manager might have been responsible for the scandal, unaware of LGJ's real plan and its repercussion. This would explain his protectiveness. He regrets his mistake. Let just say that he didn't take OYS's words seriously and thought, he would help her as LGJ looked like a good prospect on paper.
  3. Yes, he has someone working for him. When the person who followed OYS saw KJR putting back the scarf on OJS's shoulders, LGJ was still in the USA. So this person has been tailing OJS's movements all the time. The question is: who is working for him? Is there a rat or it is an unknown person? Yet, we wonder how LGJ knows that OYS is planning to work in that drama. Her participation in this drama is supposed to be a secret. This leads me to the conclusion that this secret has been leaked somewhere. We have 5 persons who know about this: - OJS - the CEO from that entertainment company - OYS's manager - the writer - the CEO from that law firm: Yun Joon Kyu I had this crazy idea. What if the person giving some info to LGJ was In her case, OJS can only be freed, if KJR and the prosecution office work together, that's where YR and SW intervene. However, it looks like SW might need help himself too.
  4. The song in the beginning of the first episode... Yes, it is really frustrating. Each day, I go to spotify and search for this song...
  5. What I really love is that OJS is always giving advices about dating and love, although she has never dated anyone before and KJR listens to her like a disciple. Yesterday, OJS was quick to react, when they were almost caught by DMH... she gave a fake excuse about work. And here today, notice that KJR is the one who reacts first. He tells her loudly what she has to do (staircase scene). So he is really a quick learner. Moreover, the way he tried to give her a dish she liked in front of everyone but without getting caught. He was really smart... after his gesture, OJS did the same. They are really so cute.
  6. @triplem No, LGJ's visit happens when he makes sure that KJR can not be there. That's why we see KJR running like crazy. I guess, LGJ organized a meeting in order to send KJR far away, while LGJ would pay a visit to OYS. To me, LGJ looks too angry and full of resent in that preview hence it seems to represent the climax of that stalker. But okay, I might be wrong here. Besides, if LGJ had already entered her flat, I doubt that KJR would allow her to remain there any longer. In my opinion, KJR sleeps by her side in order to make OJS feel safer after meeting LGJ again. He doesn't imagine that LGJ has access to her flat.
  7. @alleram95 Thanks for the preview and translation. I knew it! My prediction was correct. The investor of this drama would be LGJ. It makes also sense because the drama should take place abroad and LGJ was in the USA for a while. So from the preview, I can imagine what is going to happen. OYS has to meet the investor/producer for the drama in order to convince him and that's how LGJ reveals himself to her. I guess, OYS will refuse to play in that drama which forces LGJ to use the media and send them to the law firm ALWAYS. I think, he must have leaked the info to the media: OYS works there. However, KJR will do anything to protect her which results to the next action: LGJ visits her at her flat as all his attempts before failed.
  8. @alleram95 Thanks for the subtitles of the preview! I have the impression that it is SW's voice. Maybe SW will meet OJS, while she thinks, she is followed by someone. Actually, I loved KJR's reaction after reading the nasty comments in the Internet. For the first time, we could see him losing his temper. He was so angered and upset that he couldn't even hide his emotions. He was speaking so loudly, his facial expression was more pronounced too.
  9. To sum up, DMH "fell in love", when she saw a handsome face. In the last episode, she saw Choi's abs... no wonder that her reaction is even bigger than before! She never saw any abs before. That's why she has dirty thoughts now. With the men with a handsome face, she had more a platonic relationship. With Choi, she was hugged and saw his abs. She is definitely a passionate woman!
  10. And I knew it! The stalker would become the main topic in the episode for Thursday. However, I doubt that it will be finished in one episode. I guess, this will become the main plot for the next episodes. I find it interesting that KJR complimented her for her "acting". We know that KJR doesn't praise so easily, so she wasn't that bad... Moreover, she had a lot of offers before which she wouldn't have received if she had been that terrible at acting. That's why the scandal affected her career so much. She wasn't good enough to survive the scandal but she wasn't bad enough that people would forget her.
  11. I do think that Ms. Ko feels threatened by KDY because now, she knows that KDY has the same qualifications than she has: college degree and she had a really good career before taking a break. Notice that Ms. Ko has internalized that there is no female support coming from her former classmates. Her "friends" were just boosting about their husband, their kids and their wealth, Ms. Ko felt looked down by them. She met them regularly, until Ms. Ko couldn't help herself to underline her own success which led the other three women to decide not to invite Ms Ko any longer. To conclude, over the years, with this kind of treatment, Ms. Ko really thinks that all women are like that: envy, jealousy, arrogance etc. So yes... right now, Ms. Go really wants to fire KDY. She perceives KDY's modesty and empathy as fake and as hypocrisy. She is not aware of KDY's sincerity. @sgfanYes, this scene with her "friends" was important in my opinion.
  12. Well, Ms. Ko is not a villain per se hence she can redeem herself. Until the episode 12, I had been defending her more but for me, the episodes from last week marked a turning point. I was disappointed in her in two scenes... Sure, the one with CEH where she ordered him to fire KDY. But actually, my real disappointment started when she lied to her ex-fiance telling him that she was married. Here, her lie revealed that her pride mattered the most. Instead, she could have come clean with him but she didn't. He was honest with her, told her his failures aso but she didn't. So her lack of honesty annoyed me and she wasn't honest with CEH on many occasions, when it came to KDY. She uses the SNS in order to give a false impression of herself... At some point, her true personality should be revealed. She is definitely messy and lacks imagination, although she wants to leave the opposite impression that she is organized and very creative.
  13. Actually the incident from 2 years ago should be revealed to the media because so far, OYS became a "culprit" in the eyes of the netizens despite her acquittal. So he needs to uncover the past and reveal LGJ's connection to the prosecution office in order to stop the stalker. I am also expecting that at the end of this week, KJR discovers that OJS's cellphone has been hacked.
  14. @Yana Mujay I had to laugh that you couldn't spell my name correctly (bebe =baby / bisous =kisses, in French) Yes, sticking to the rules and regulations is as such a good thing, but in my opinion she only uses the rules for her own advantages. Actually, she asked DY to take care of her own clothes (send these to the cleaning store) which has nothing to do with the company. KDY could have refused, it is not her job to take care of Ms. Go's clothes but she did not because she was afraid of losing her job. She also was in no position to refuse indicating that Ms. Go was abusing her position. This example proves to me that she doesn't stick to the rules per se, it is just when it helps her. Moreover, she shows a lack of flexibility like CEH pointed out earlier. If everyone just does what he/she is supposed to do, then there is no team work, no help. Besides this undermines the motivation. Their commitment will decrease, people will stop to put any effort.
  15. That's what I had thought first but the way she wanted to fire her and her explanations contradict this. First, she could have confronted DY and told her to come clean with all this, tell her to apply with all her qualifications. But she doesn't, she acts behind her back and uses CEH to announce it to KDY. Moreover, she had asked her acquaintance how her company would deal with this...
  16. It seems that we are all waiting for the OST... the song is quite obsessive, it becomes an earworm. Actually it reminds me of KIW (his obsession, his violence/rage...)
  17. @lightbringer06 I read somewhere that YT tried to take the throne by force later, when YN was already king and he ended up executed.
  18. Yes, the ring allows him to change his appearance. He can become the young cop. @anony12345 I agree with you. I am frustrated with the evolution of the story. The prosecutor KG is frustrating. Moreover, there are some plothole. Prosecutor Han said that the crimes started after KG's return to Seoul which is totally wrong. The first man was killed before his return. He was hidden behind a wall and KG was still in the province, where he met the man with the bracelet.
  19. I have to disagree with you about KIW. He doesn't care about YMR because if he did, he would have listened to her but he never did. In my opinion, KIW will never change because he knows why she is running away from him. KIW has been saying all the time that he expected that she would run away. He was already insecure from the start. Remember when he said, her eyes would betray her... he could see what she was thinking, that she would betray him and run away.
  20. It is not the main focus... He can not even hold her hand yet, while DM has already caught on about his feelings. He gave him the medicine without YN had asked him for, if I understood it correctly.
  21. I'm surprised by the pace of this story. I had thought that YN wouldn't become the heir so soon!
  22. She has no idea that the CEO intents to give CEH his seat. Notice that she often brags in front of the CEO... yet she is unaware of their close relationship. The CEO knows CEH's secret. Imagine her reaction, when she hears that he wants to give the seat to CEH... Deep down, she might have even imagined that the CEO would nominate her. She considers herself superior to CEH because she ordered him to fire DY. CEH never fought against her therefore he confirmed her this perception.
  23. @raziela I have to say that I was disappointed after the episode 6 because the prosecutor KG behaved too emotionally and he was too stubborn. This drama is definitely flawed, like f. ex. the stupid cops. However, I have to say that the twist in the episode 7 took me by surprise. The priest and the cop are one and the same person. But now it makes sense why he is helping the prosecutor Han, why he wants to have prosecutor Kang arrested. The priest has definitely lost his mind because he is not different from the ones he is after. So the serial killer is after the corrupted higher-ups but based on the preview, he also believes that KG's father was responsible for the incident in November 2003. So prosecutor Kang has been adopted hence the profiler SSY has no idea that she is helping the son of the supposed "culprit" as his name has changed. Since the father had blood on his hands, the son must pay for his crimes that's what the priest is thinking. However, I doubt that the priest has realized that he has been targeting the wrong persons: he only goes after the puppets. JSH is the mastermind and no one has realized that JSH has been playing god for a long time. Now, we know why prosecutor Han is on JSH's side. The latter helped her mother (maybe she was terribly sick, back then she accepted the offer unaware that she had signed a pact with the devil). The bodyguard has no idea about the consequences of this generous help. I also understand why JSH doesn't want to enter himself the room of wishes because he could die himself. Notice that DI is trapped in that room, unaware of its true purpose. She has no idea where she is. JSH fears death the most in my opinion. It looks to me as if history is about to repeat itself... JSH's father might have tried to discover that room of wishes but he ended up causing the incident in November 2003. This would explain why JSH knows about the existence of items and of this room.
  24. Now, DM is on board... So the team is getting bigger. It was great to see how YN could convince DM to support him. YN never expected that the Norons would side with him so soon. He knew how his brother, the King, would react. He would come to the belief that YN had used him. The seed of mistrust had already been planted by MJH. So in the next episode, YN will be put under pressure, since the King no longer supports him. So the possibility of MP being the possible successor is higher. We all know that this won't happen in the end, yet the fight for the throne is back. That was the reason why YN tried to fight for the throne on his own because the more people would know about his true goal, the more likely the actual King would suspect him to have deceived him.
  25. Well, if she is not even allowed to see her friends, how can she not feel lonely? But there is even more to it. She has no one she can talk to. Even her friend smiled at her husband, when she met him later. YMR couldn't even confide to her friend as WIK represents the perfect husband on the paper. In my opinion, her friend is too stupid... she knows that YMR has to meet her in secret and use a different phone, yet she doesn't even question this. Then when the husband visits her, she doesn't even wonder why YMR left him. Then you describe him as caring about her and taking care of her... I guess, you are thinking like that because she gets pretty dresses and nice jewels. But would you like to be forced not to move freely, not to choose your clothes? He chooses everything, she has no control over her body and her life. The disagreement started because she wanted to become an artist and have her own career, while he wanted her all to himself. From the start, he had imagined her living in a cage, his home. He deceived her by manipulating her career: he used people so that she thought at some point, she was a terrible artist. No one wanted to buy her paintings. He made sure that she believed that she was not successful, until she discovered the reason behind her "failure". That's why she started using her friend in order to sell one of her paintings. As for KIW, I don't feel sorry for him because at the end, he never saw his own mistakes, just like he never apologized for his violence. In fact, all this time KIW blamed his wife for his "outbursts" - If she had remained by his side - If she hadn't run away - If she could smile for him - If she hadn't lied to him - if she had wanted to get pregnant As you can see, the list is endless... This man used every occasion to blame YMR and never questioned his own behavior. He was the reason why she wanted to run away, why she had to lie to him, why she didn't want to have a child... So the beating started, when YMR expressed a different opinion and showed her own will. How can we say that he takes care of her? He treats her like his slave... she has no right at all. Only in the episode 4, he realizes that he has become like his father. Yet, he keeps tracking down YMR illustrating that despite his self-awareness (of his brutal behavior), he still wants her. He won't change. There is a reason why I saw KIW as the dead wood: he has been so damaged by his father that he can never change and he is even refusing to change. Now, he has realized why his father asked for a grandchild, why a child was so important. This would bind her to him forever. The child is not loved, the child is just a tool to oppress the wife. In other words, KIW has even accepted that he will be like his father. He hates his father and himself BUT he won't give up on YMR, hence his fate is sealed. If they had a child, KIW would have been exactly like his father: threaten the child in order to torment the mother!! Then they reproduce another monster. A vicious circle.
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