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  1. Actually, I am worrying about Saya. We know that igutus are quick learners and have the ability to learn through observations. So Saya grew up in a cruel environment. This was not the first time that Saya saw his "dad" kill one of his men in order to keep his secret. Then he also learned that Taealha would do anything for her ambition and love for Tagon. She has no problem to kill someone that represents a thread to her dream. Since Saya was surrounded by ambitious and ruthless people, we have to imagine that Saya has become the same: ruthless and ambitious. He knows that Tagon wants to become king and it seems that Saya has developed the same dream. In my opinion, Saya wants to use Tanya just like Tagon uses Taealha. Notice that he let Taealha plan to kill Asa Ron. She had to do it if she wanted to become his wife hence queen. We shouldn't forget that Taealha asked the same from Tagon. She was the one who asked him to kill his father. As conclusion, Saya's "love" for Tanya that is about to come shouldn't be perceived as a pure love. His love for Tanya will be similar to Tagon's love for Taealha. That's the impression I've got.
  2. @thistle I must have been really tired when I wrote my last post. I made a terrible mistake: forgot to put "not". I meant the opposite: Western societies shouldn't be considered as better which I explained why. Still full of prejudices and no real gender equity either. That's why I edited this post. Besides, now children have even more "rights" than adults. As a teacher, I can tell you that the situation for teachers has worsened due to that. Students show less respect and have more protection than the teachers themselves. Teachers are now suspected if the grades of a student are not good. For bad grades, you need to write a long explanation. The students are really seldom punished for bad behavior. I really love my job but I am not sure if I would recommend it now. That's why I agree with you. Each society has its own flaws. However, the right to criticize adults, parents and even authorities in Europe has a historical origin: Enlightenment, French Revolution and the consequence of the Third Reich where authorities and parents manipulated the children in order to support this terror system. In Germany, teachers have now the duty to help children to develop critical abilities: question the system, question the behavior/mentality of parents aso in order to prevent another dictatorship, where filial piety, school and obedience were abused.
  3. @thistle Your last post was really interesting. But is it not the intention of the writer and director to question these values? I sense that filial piety and obedience are criticized in this drama and it goes further. The misogyny is here pointed out too. It is clear that the director and writer are supporting women's empowerment. Notice how the mother is supporting her daughters. They should never give up their life. JI and LSI are successful women. Fact is that South Korean society is evolving and changing.... More and more western values/customs are little by little influencing Korean society which is still very traditional. And here is the dilemma: selfishness and the right to choose their own happiness or sacrifice and having the burden to suffer the consequences? LSI has been trying so hard to remain filial and decent that she will do anything to protect her own reputation and her family's reputation. Sure, western societies shouldn't be considered as better. First, they are still not free from prejudices and traditional values. Furthermore, we can also observe the negative aspect of this evolution, when it becomes so extreme: the dissolution of families due to a high rate of divorce, remarriage, the constant moving of family members, the loss of traditional gatherings aso.
  4. 1. Your compliment moved me a lot. So merci beaucoup! Thank you again. I am glad that my analysis are appreciated. But your replies always add another aspect which forces me to analyse even deeper. In other words, this exchange is very enriching hence I am looking forward for your next post! 2. Yes, the father chose his sons-in-law with a similar personality: a huge ego but deep down some insecurities. SH is not really different. The physical abuse is his way to ensure that he can feel powerful, as he feels that he is losing more and more. By choosing his sons-in-law with a similar disposition, JI's father doesn't feel threatened by his sons-in-law, his authority is not questioned. GS is all meek in front of his father and we have to expect the same with JI's father. 3. In my opinion, this scene at the cleaning shop is important because JI decided to definite their relationship right from the start, something she never did with GS. She learnt from her mistake which outlines her maturity and abilities. She was able to point out why their couple failed. So she announced to JH that she would always express her opinion and even criticize him, nevertheless he shouldn't question their relationship for such comments. And this leads us to the conclusion that GS must have acted like that from the start. By each argument, he would threaten her with a break up... it was as if with her argument, she would question their relationship. All this made her feel guilty which turned her into a mute person. At the end, she was left voiceless. But what JI didn't realize is that right from the start, she was brutally honest with JH, she scolded him twice because she didn't like the way he treated his son. JH never took it to heart, he was able to reflect and even accept her point... sometimes not. And this proves one more time GS's immaturity. Not only he can not reflect on his behavior but he also doesn't accept any critic. If someone critics him, then he feels that this person is questioning his entire personality and he questions the love and affection. This is not correct. A parent has to scold a child for his mistake but this doesn't mean that the parent doesn't love the child. In reality, the scolding and even punishment are necessary so that you can learn from your mistakes, even correct the child's behavior. GS is not able to make the difference therefore he doesn't feel loved and recognized by his father.
  5. I really enjoyed your post because you noticed something important: the return of Jae In did have an impact on her sister's life. Remember that JI didn't want to spend time with GS, however JI was the one who incited her to see that basketball game. Without Jae In, JI would have never seen JH again. Fact is that JI wanted to leave right after the game but her sister insisted to join the team. In this scene, it clearly reveals how damaged JI is. She doesn't want to meddle with GS's people. Why? Because she might have feared that his "friends" could be similar to GS. In my opinion, JI secluded herself and had only YJ as her closest friend. And this is another clue that JI had been emotionally and mentally abused by GS. I have also observed something else: When Jae In was in her flat for the first time, she looked at a photography she made years ago and made a comment about it. This short scene gave me the impression that Jae In would have liked to become a photographer but her father didn't let her do it. But this is only an interpretation from my side. The fact that she learnt many things like piano, French aso made me think that her father forced her to study what he wanted and didn't allow her to do what she wanted. And this would explain why she hasn't looked for a job yet and she is not focusing on her future. MAybe her father destroyed her dream and love is the only thing that keeps her going. I believe that PYJ is the perfect partner for her because once he succeeds, he can give her the stability she needs but also supports her to follow her dreams.
  6. If she had waited, then GS would have hoped that they could get back together. If she had waited, GS would have kept acting as if they were still together... Don't forget that he called her during the same evening proposing to eat dinner together which she refused. For GS, they were still together because he had said so: nothing had happened. He would have claimed that he was still her boyfriend, if she had no one else by her side. Yes, it is painful for GS... but mostly due to his bruised pride. JH wanted to be considerate towards GS which shows JH's decency but the thing is that he doesn't know how GS was behaving during these 4 years. In JH's mind, if this relationship lasted so long, then they must have been happy in the past. Yet at some point, they drifted apart. Nonetheless I believe, this is not what really happened. GS could do anything to JI: drinking with his co-workers, even visiting host bars, preferring spending his evening working than remaining by JI's side (see the episode 1)... He never respected her which is the reason why JI said that he always looked down on her. JH has no idea about it. If he knew the whole story, he would no longer be so thoughtful.
  7. First, thanks a lot for the compliment! But I can return the compliment because your analysis helped us to see how wrong GS is. It proved that GS is treating everyone else in a similar way, his colleague HS, his friend from the band etc. I am quite sure that at some point, people will be disgusted by him as the bullying of HS is really visible for his co-workers. There is actually a reason why I am quite sensitive about mental and emotional abuse. I can only say that someone from my family suffered from it for many years. His ex-partner has a narcissistic personality disorder (among other things) in my opinion and was a control freak. It is a terrible experience and it leaves long term aftereffects. First, he lost all his friends and we as his family could barely see and even phone him. Just like in JI's case, it totally transformed my relative's personality. Not only Jae In said it, we can see too that JI has been affected by GS's temper and mood because after one quarrel with JH, she asked him if he was going to yell at her. She asked this question because she had been used to this kind of behavior. In this drama, GS is just a work freak hence it allowed her to spend time with her friend. Yet, we could sense that JI wouldn't meet her sister LSI so often and based on Jae In's comments, the viewer observes that Jae In hadn't been close to her sister for many years. Only after seeing GS at the basketball game, she saw GS as someone assertive hence she didn't know him that well. JI never confided to her sisters which underlined that GS did affect JI's relationship with her sisters and family.
  8. I judge the character GS based on the episodes we saw and not the promo because we often have misleading sypnosis or info. Even if you see positive emotions in GS, I see it differently. To me, liking is not loving. The feelings are not so strong compared to love. Besides, since he has always treated her as an object and possession, he is naturally mad as he feels that his possession has been stolen. When he told to JH, this wasn't about winning, his words mirrored his own mentality. It is about winning in his mind and JI represents the reward, the trophy. Is it love? I doubt it, especially if you remember that he used to threaten her with breaks up on many occasions. JI was not allowed to voice her anger and disappointment. That's why at the beginning of this drama, JI never expressed her anger. She remained silence. Then, when you write: "He felt touched ,when he got his father's blessing"... this proves to me that GS has been more looking for paternal recognition and love than about his so called love for JI. Furthermore, he never mentions love... not even in the last two episodes. He never tells her that he can not accept the break up because he loves her. For not one moment, he said those words. He refused the break up because he wasn't the one who decided to end their relationship, like I had pointed out earlier. That's why it is not love in my opinion. The moment, he no longer had liked JI around him as an object, he would have decided to throw her away. And yes, one of his terrible habits is to use money in order to redeem himself: on many occasions buying dinner/coffee for her, giving her pills, buying a ring (when he thinks that meeting his father will help him to close the deal). For him money was always a way to make amend for his mistakes. He could save some time for something else. As you know, time is money. Spending money for JI was like spending time with JI. Hence he never took the time to foster his relationship with JI. He never realized that money can not buy happiness. Only in the episode 9, he finally admitted that he made many mistakes in the past... It took him a long time before saying it himself as he knew that if he hadn't, then JI would have become more determined to break up with him. He was cornered hence he could no longer overlook it any longer. Before, he kept saying: "I know. Okay. I understand." It took him a long time before saying "sorry". However he denied to have made mistakes the moment he saw JI and JH together. He is so dishonest.... he is not really different from SH. Even GS admitted that he had a short fuse, he became quite aggressive towards JI (twice) and JH... and imagine if he really married JI, she would have shared the same fate than her sister. We could sense that SH couldn't deal well with pressure. He got upset that his brother and his brother-in-law are doing so well compared to him. I believe that he only became a dentist because he couldn't become a doctor. So he is quite similar to SH. Only if he starts beating JI, we will declare him as a jerk? No, we can condemn him before that. For me, his emotional abuse occurred over 4 years and drained out JI. And it is as terrible as physical abuse.
  9. Let us be creative and gather every possibility how GS's plan to marry JI with LHT's support is going to be stopped: - JI goes to GS's father asking him to stop this farce - JH meets JI's mother so that the latter chooses JH over GS. But JI is not aware of it. JH asked for Jae In's help. - LSI intervenes and reveals her intention to divorce SH because of the abuse - JI goes on hunger strike - JI posted a picture of herself with Eun Woo and JH on social network telling how happy she is - JI asked for her mother's support and introduces JH to her mother - JH organize a meeting between his parents and JI - The mother threatens her husband with a divorce if he wants to repeat the same mistake. Any other ideas?
  10. No, she had three interactions with Eun Woo. But it even started very early. JI got in contact with EunWoo in the episode 2, when she listened to JH's conversation with his son. That's how she got to know his name and realized that JH was lying to Eun Woo (claiming that he hadn't been drinking). Moreover, her interaction with the girl at the library showed that she didn't dislike kids. And this showed that she became curios about Eun Woo. The third interaction was when JH was talking to his son over the phone at JI's house. She tidied up her room while listening to the conversation. At some point, you could sense that she wanted to talk to Eun Woo but even JH's son asked for her. They had a quite lovely conversation which moved JH so much that he even started having tears in his eyes. The viewer could feel that JH was loving JI even more for that conversation. One of my favorite scenes (JI-JH-EW)! As for GS's low self esteem, I am not so sure because of his huge pride. His pride seems to be a contradiction to a huge lack of confidence. His insecurities are linked to the father. In my opinion, he doesn't feel loved and recognized by his father, that's more his biggest issue. He knows what he is capable but he would like his qualities to be acknowledged by his father which the father never does. The latter always points out his flaws. At some point, GS has become deaf to all these critics.
  11. I can not feel sorry for GS. When he criticized his father for embarrassing him because he hadn't told him that JI had expressed that she wouldn't marry him, he has to blame himself for this situation. First, when his father asked to meet JI and realized GS's surprise and discomfort, the father asked him if they had broken up. GS denied it and we all know that he was lying. Furthermore, he used his father to stop the break up, when JI announced it for the third time. Back then, he really thought that with his father's status he could win her over. That's why he thought, the deal was done with the meeting hence he bought the ring. To me, he used his father in that scene to his advantage. So he created this embarrassing situation for the father who expected something else. His own lies came to bite him. Notice that he blames his father for not accepting JI earlier but the point is that GS never tried to introduce her to his father. He never put the effort. He blames the father, when it is convenient for him. However, we could see that his father does care for his son: he pushed his son to go further and even helped him by asking the father not to meddle too much in the couple's life. Yes, he observes his son because the latter keeps lying to him, however I believe, his love for his son exists but he has been a terrible father as he goes from one extreme to the other. He definitely spoils him (showing his constant support for JI, the money, allowing him to use the gym for his basketball games), while he keeps saying harsh things: you're immature aso. To sum up, the father's love has been misguided and turned him into a terrible father: wrong education. Yes, the father is overbearing and treats his son like a child. Fact is that GS is acting like a child. Furthermore, the lesson of life as human is to be able to find your own path... distancing oneself from the parents is a necessary process in order to find your own identity. Instead of putting a "fight" with his father and showing him the boundaries, GS didn't even try to really fight against his father. He is not even able to recognize that without his father's support, he would be a normal person. He resents his father but at the same time takes profit from his father's status. That's why I say that GS is really immature and a hypocrite. He will always try to blame someone for his own failures: JI, JH, his father, HS aso. The list will get longer and longer at some point. Mark my words: when the scandal with SH is revealed, I believe that GS will resent him for ruining his chances. GS was even willing to lend him money, although he knew the financial situation and even his own father warned him. He is the one who makes the decision, then he should take his responsibilities, when his delusion is destroyed. No one forced him to harass HS and JI, work with JI's father... Imagine, they organized everything for the wedding and he is stood up at the altar because JI never agreed to it. Who would be responsible for this humiliation? JI? No, GS would be responsible for this embarrassing moment, yet I am quite sure, he would blame the father (for not being strong enough to force JI to appear) and JI. Besides, there is another reason why JI couldn't imagine herself married to GS as the latter behaves like a child. The constant threats of breaking up could be seen as the behavior of a spoiled child who wants to make sure that he can impose his will on his parents, in his case his partner. JI has recognized her own mistake: she allowed him too much and stopped complaining. She acted as if she loved him, where she could no longer feel love for him. GS took her for granted because he treated her like her "mother" who would never abandon him and always accept his mistakes, like f. ex. visiting host bars with colleagues and women. But we all know that a mother can abandon a child, when she views it as a huge burden, just like in Eun Woo's case. GS used JI's feelings as a sensitive and responsible person to his advantage. From my point of view, he only wants the whole focus on himself, he needs the attention hence he never paid attention to JI's needs and keeps acting as a generous co-worker who keeps paying dinners and drinks. I doubt that GS has ever been thinking about family and having kids. That's why his points for a marriage were: a comfortable life (where there is no child), time spent together and his father. It was never about love and family. His only focus is "a single father" and as such, he doesn't perceive the existence of the child in reality, his attention is only on the father. Eun Woo is the reason why JI felt attracted to JH more and more. With Eun Woo, she could feel the warmth from the family, something GS will never be able to create. GS doesn't express the wish to want to create a family.
  12. GS doesn't deserve any pity because even if his father is not a good one, he is now an adult and can make decisions on his own. Look at JI. She has a terrible father but she was able to develop a strong personality. Sure, she has two loving sisters, yet GS is not really alone with his father as he mentions his mother. GS could rely more on his mother which he doesn't. GS has the tendency to blame others for his own shortcomings. People have already told him where his shortcomings were but he wouldn't listen. Furthermore, we discover how GS used to behave in the past. Each time JI got mad, GS used to threaten her with a break up and force her to meet him so that at the end she always gave in. Really.... to me, it looks like emotional abuse and this explains why JI had no longer feelings for him as she was drained out. I have been thinking about the next move of GS and JI's father. Both are really stupid and it shows one more time that they have no idea what kind of person JI is. LHT thinks too highly of himself. In the scene, where he sat on his throne and criticized his daughters, they were acting as submissive and "scared" of him, while in reality it was not the case. Out of respect, all the females accepted his yelling, however JI was bold enough not to retrieve and even challenged her father saying that there was one man who would understand her. In the end, her father gave in. Since in his eyes LSI's marriage is a success and happened due to the scheming of him (JI's father) and SH, the stupid father believes that he can pull it off one more time. However, JI's mother knows more than the father (the disrespect of SH towards LSI and her intention of divorcing), I have come to the conclusion that this time, his wife will intervene and refuse to let it happen. The mother needs to know about the pregnancy so that she will come to accept a single father.
  13. I have the impression that history is repeating itself. GS is trying to force JI to marry him by using her father and setting a date for the marriage. From my point of view, JI's father must have forced LSI to marry SH because SH decided to plan the marriage with LHT and LSI couldn't handle the pressure and gave in. We heard before that LSI was pressured by her father therefore I believe that GS will try to use the same tactic and think that he can succeed with the support of JI's father. But unlike in the past, JI has a boyfriend hence I doubt that JH will remain passive. Besides, JI is different from LSI. Finally she witnessed her sister's unhappiness. In an earlier episode, she even mentioned that her sister's marriage had affected her so much that she didn't want to marry. For all these reasons I have no doubt that GS's plan is going to backfire on him and her father. What can JI and JH do in order to stop her father and GS? Either JH proposes to JI and her father or maybe LSI steps in for real and reveals her intention of divorcing SH. Maybe JI could post a picture of JH with herself and his son so that with this move, she reveals to anyone that she has definitely broken up with GS and the father can no longer ignore it. The marriage would become a farce. Actually, I would like to see more scenes with EunWoo because he is really cute. I hope, JH introduces JI to his father very soon. What caught my attention in the episode 10 is that JH took her to his parents' workplace. That way he makes sure that she knows where he comes from and can see her reaction. Unlike GS, JH is really showing himself completely to her. He wants her to know everything about him: his past and his social background so that she doesn't feel surprised. GS hid JI from his parents and never took her to his parents' place because he thought, his father would never accept JI. Remember how JI became upset when JI revealed all of the sudden that she was well aware what was his father thinking about her. GS has never spoken about himself and his father. Little by little, GS is losing his "friends": HS complained how GS treated him. See how two-faced GS is... He claimed that nothing had changed and he would perceive HS as a friend. The reality was totally different. He already treats him as an enemy.
  14. @thistle In the preview, it seems that the father was more begging her than anything else. Based on the preview, the OTP has another good time. Furthermore, JI has iron nerves because with her hunger strike she could as a student force her parents to accept her decision. In my opinion, the bomb with LSI's situation will explode around the episode 13. And here is the question: will GS become violent at some point? Actually, it would be interesting if GS loses his temper and hurts JI. First, her father tries to diminish GS's action, until LSI is so fed up that she confesses what she has been put through with her marriage.
  15. @lu09 Thanks for the recap. I can not wait until the release of the new episode. I am so glad that JH was introduced to LSI. I am quite sure, JH gave her a good impression, while I am quite sure that LSI was kind of put off with GS's remarks. I really like the bound between the sisters, just like the bromance between JH, HS and PYJ.
  16. In the preview, it looks like JI's father is begging JI to reconsider GS. Really, honestly I am so fed up with JI's father. I really want him to experience pain and humiliation, when he discovers that he is responsible for his daughter's misery. He thinks, he is superior to his wife and his daughters, while in reality they just allow him to show off. The moment his wife felt hurt, she demonstrated that he couldn't intimidate her. I think, it is the same with Jae In and JI.
  17. @thistle @lu09 Yes, I have been thinking about the possibility of a miscarriage due a beating. He couldn't hurt LSI's face as she worked as a news anchor. So he had to hurt on places which could not be easily seen. Unaware of her pregnancy, SH hurts her so that she has to be brought to the hospital, where the doctor announces her miscarriage. IF this happens, SH can no longer escape from his wrongdoings. He can no longer lie and hide behind his "good manners". This would be definitely a blow to JI's father as he even ruined the father's dream. If this happens, then @mintip's idea about a trial against SH could happen. I can imagine that the father would not remain inactive and would press charges against SH. The father might be coward and very conservative but he is definitely decent.
  18. I doubt it because SH has no idea about the pregnancy. LSI will hide it from him because if he knew, he would use the pregnancy to refuse the divorce. However, I want SH and GS to get beaten respectively by JI's father or HS and JH. It would be interesting if HS contacted LSI (info from the loan file) in order to tell her what is happening.
  19. Well, I don't think that this will be the only good deed he did because I am expecting that every trick he will use, will backfire on him. Don't forget the loan... He will rely more and more on SH, unaware that he is supporting a sinking ship. Furthermore, at some point HS will distance himself from GS and no longer respect him. I have been wondering if we could have three couples in this drama: -JH and JI - Jae In and Park Yeong Jae - HS and LSI ... Hs likes to be on a leash with his girlfriend. Moreover he is also very open-minded. LOL!
  20. In my opinion, the conversation will take place after LSI met GS who told her that JH was a single father. After hearing this, LSI is able to confide to her sister. The latter will show her support telling her that there is nothing wrong being a single mother.
  21. I doubt that LSI's mother has realized that her daughter has been abused by her husband. She saw SH showing disrespect towards LSI but that was it. I am quite sure that once she hears that JH is a single father, the mother will have some doubts. However, I sense that once LSI's family gets aware of her true situation (the abuse), the mother will side with JI. SH's social background looked fine on the paper and it is the same with GS. Both were or are considered as good marriage candidate based on their social background. They look fine on the paper but they are terrible as men. The personality is much more important than anything else. GS's father is a little more intelligent than his son. He knew that GS couldn't put JI under pressure hence he told the father that the couple just needed some time. He was definitely helping his son. Like he said it before, it won't be easy to get her. So he knew that cornering JI is actually counter-productive. Due to the 4 years, where he abused her emotionally (the threads of breaking up, the disrespect he showed to her and as apology, he tried to act nice the next day), GS thought that he could do whatever he wanted with her. Actually, his behavior reminds me a lot of the behavior of an abusive husband. JI allowed him because she had no real reason to fight against him which created a false image of JI in GS's mind. As conclusion, GS doesn't know JI at all. First he has not even imagined that JI would dare to say to his father, she wouldn't marry him (GS). Secondly, he thought that by acting like everything was fine, the truth wouldn't be revealed. He didn't even anticipate that JI would reveal the break up and even announce that she likes someone else. That's why he thought that he could act as if they were still in a relationship. Deep down, he imagined that JI wouldn't dare to date JH so openly, admit her feelings to a man who is a single father. Now, the contrast between JH and GS is even more striking. The former saw JI's true personality right from the start: she was daring, open-minded and even kind to her son. She was not afraid of scolding him, if he did something wrong to Eun-Woo. She never tried to hide her flaws, just like JH. Both had nothing to lose in the end. This allowed them to be honest to each other and even listen to their counterpart. JH respects JI so much that he asked her what she wanted in their relationship. I liked how he kissed her, he wanted to make sure that she was fine with it, especially after she had told him that she was happy with their relationship right now. Finally, when JI wanted to talk to GS at the end, he stopped her and showed her that as her new boyfriend, he is now responsible for her. He won't let her remain close to that "jerk" and ensure that she doesn't see him any longer. Furthermore, it only took JH a few months to decide that marriage will be the endgame. JI already has this in her mind as well. She wants a warmhearted man as husband. They are both on the same page. On the other hand, GS never had in his mind to marry JI in the first place. He knew that his father wouldn't like JI hence he never introduced her to him. Besides, when he proposed to her (episode 1), he did it out of comfort. He wanted to make his life easier. Later, his point was that they had been together for 4 years that's why they had to marry. Comfort and time were the reasons why he proposed the marriage. Now, he has two new points: his father's approval and JI's savior. Since she is about to commit a huge mistake in her life, he needs to save her from ruining her life. As you can see, love is never the reason why she should marry him. He never said that he loves her. He only mentioned love once: "Let's love each other more". Striking is that JI has not reproached GS yet that he never loved her. She only said that if he really cared about her, then he should respect her feelings and her wishes. With these words, she asked GS to prove that he indeed loves her. JI was right: when they started dating, they never thought about marriage and now, with JH it is different. Both are already thinking about marriage.
  22. And this is what worries me. 1. GS was described as having a short fuse and a temper by different people. Furthermore, we saw two scenes where GS barely hold himself and showed a violent tendency: the exchange in the hallway and in the episode 9, where he put his hands on her shoulders and shakes JI a little. Furthermore the way he screamed in the car out of frustration showed that he could barely contain his anger and frustration. 2. SH and GS are both liars and manipulators. SH has no problem to let people think that he is doing very well as a dentist. The truth is that even if he changes the office, he won't be able to have more clients as his major flaw is his arrogance. Besides, I sense that the owner of the new office where he wants to move in decided to sell it because he wasn't doing well financially. It has been said that it is difficult for dentists and doctors to make a profit. LTH, JI's father, is not a businessman (see the book he read), hence he is clueless... Recommending to move to a chic district is not the way to have more clients, especially if there are so many dentist offices. His wife seems to be more level-headed. As conclusion, SH has no remorse to lie to his in-laws in order to create the illusion that his marriage is fine. GS is not different. He lies to his father, his friends and his colleagues and lets them think that there is no problem as well. Right now, his friend from the band called him because he thought, his girlfriend was cheating on him. There is no coincidence that GS went there in a fury. We clearly saw another dark side of GS, when he used his position in order to threaten HS. Friends are not important, he should support GS and cut ties with JH. 3. Both keep saying empty promises: "I'll change", "I'll make you the happiest woman on earth", while in reality they see no reason why they should change. They are not able to reflect on their own behavior as they don't listen to their counterpart. LSI warns him that by refusing to sign the divorce papers, she will hate him more and more. JI still shows respect towards GS but at some point, she will come to hate him. Since both are in denial, they will be pushed until a huge scandal appears: at some point, I can imagine that LSI will file for a divorce suit if she has no other means and the consequences will be that SH's career and reputation will be ruined forever. I guess, JI and JH will go to his parents' workplace in order to continue their date due to GS who appeared there to make a scene. One of JI's countermeasures against GS will be to meet JH's friends and colleagues more openly and let her friend YJ come with her. She wants to show to people that she is doing nothing wrong, she lets people know that GS and her are over.
  23. After watching the preview with the subtitles, GS's comments made my blood boil out of anger. GS is now trying to act as a victim as if he had done nothing wrong towards JI. Jae In was right: the relationship really ends, when you see the ugliest part of the ex-partner. Even in the episode 9, JI tried to protect GS's reputation. She broke up because GS was not the right man for her. As for the last part of the episode 9, I don't think that JI did anything wrong because she went to the cafe where his friends played. Fact is that GS hadn't visited them for a long time. He only went there, when he realized that JI had fallen in love with someone else hence JI didn't see them as close friends to GS. Moreover, she broke up with GS hence she doesn't need to hide anything. GS is really mean and sneaky because he will use JI's relatives in order to put JI under pressure: first her sister LSI, then her parents. He acts as if he knows JI very well, in reality he doesn't. He still views her from their long term relationship. She used to comply to his needs and never really complained hence if he keeps pressuring her, he thinks, she will comply at the end. He just needs to push her, just like he did in the past by making her feel guilty. JI was right: GS has always looked down on her and he keeps doing it. He shows no respect for her feelings and thoughts. I have also noticed that he often gives orders to her: - "Get in!" - "Let us talk inside!" - "Let us love each other more" - "We should get married" - "I will forget about it, so should you as well" - "I said nothing will change" - "Come to your senses" - "Get yourself a reality check" He thinks that his words are laws and JI has no saying. She just has to obey. Striking are the following words ("I mean, talking about making things work out over and over again could have tired me out, and I could have said, we should just call it quits") which reveal what I had written earlier. He can be the only one who breaks up, not the other way around. He won't let JI go because he can not accept that she broke up with him. His pride can not accept it. Furthermore in his mind, she chose another man who is far inferior compared to him. His words outlines that his refusal and denial have nothing to do with love. He doesn't love JI, he treats her like a possession hence he has no problem to bring trouble into JI's life. He will hurt her so that respect for him will vanish for good.
  24. Each time GS smiles, I want to shake him because his smile is really so misplaced and fake. He acts as if nothing happened... really in denial.
  25. GS is so immature. He hasn't learnt his lesson. Even Jae In told him before not to look down on JH because he was a single father. She said that JH was a man after all. For GS, JH never represented a thread in the beginning as he still thinks like his father: reputation, social background and family are the most important points in a marriage. This man is stupid and very narrow-minded. I hope that GS makes the most stupid decision by giving a loan to SH so that this backfires on him in the end. GS really thinks that SH will help him, while in reality SH is just looking for his own interests. Even GS could lose his job because he supported such a high risk case! @lu09 And this shows that timing and time are really important. The arrogance of GS's father blinded him. He came to realize his mistake. It is now too late. GS took her for granted and never had the time to show care and concern for JI. Now for him, time is the reason why they should have gotten married. They invested too much time in this relationship. Married, he would save some time (no more picking up at the library aso) too. @lu09 GS is not able to discern real from false friends. In my opinion, he looks down on HS, JH and the others because they don't belong to the same social circle. That's why he often pays for the dinner/drinks... He often shows off with his money. He has the impression that they are not doing well. Don't forget that he gave EW some money. It was as if JH was not able to provide for his son. But JH has a good job, just like HS. They are definitely not poor. I guess, this comes from his father who disliked GS being with his music friends. Deep down, he has internalized these values. However, his father confused him, when he warned him about SH. The reason why GS is so proud, narrow-minded and immature can be explained by the father. The chairman Kwon never allowed his son to make his own decisions.
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