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  1. 3 minutes ago, diane90 said:

    I really like this PD's work: he doesn't need idols's cameo for rising his dramas's ratings 

    like almost dramas do ( like Arthdall chronicles ... they saw people critical, they add Nikhun and Jisoo

    just for the ratings)

    This PD always works with the same team, his team, when we watch his drama,

    it looks like ' un tranquille long fleuve qui coule " ..... no intense tension just ......sweets &  romantic scenes

    Love it :blush:

    You mean "un long fleuve tranquille qui coule". Actually, there is a French movie called "la vie est un long fleuve tranquille", but this is not a romance, rather a comedy. However, the topics are similar: family, education and the difference of social classes. 


    Since it took JH and JI a long time before being a couple, I trust that they fight together against the different hurdles. I can't wait for the new episode. 

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  2. I am wondering why MJH doesn't remember her promise to SYD and even his existence. I don't think that she is not able to recognize him because he changed so much (he was chubby, when he met her at high school and he has become handsome now). That's why I was thinking that MJH might have had a traumatic experience which made her forget her promise. Maybe she almost drowned again but much later...


    I was right that both were related, half-brothers. Since they have the same mother, SYD is the son from the first marriage. The mother left him behind in order to be with her soulmate. I guess, MS is from her second marriage. What SYD doesn't know is that he resembles his mother a lot in her behavior: the concept of soulmate and waiting for the soulmate, besides her self-centered and weird behavior as well.  

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  3. @chasen8888 I have been thinking about the reason why Mubaek says to Yeonsol in the preview, he would save him first. So far, Mubaek has never met Tanya's father, furthermore he has no idea about his abilities as well: creative, curios and intelligent. Only Tagon was able to perceive these qualities in the short moment he spent with him. Tagon is intelligent hence he could realize that he could use him for his own interest.

    Taealha and her father think that Tagon will always rely on them because only the Hae tribe possesses the knowledge how to create bronze weapons. But Tagon doesn't want to be Taealha's puppet. So my theory is that Tagon will trust Mubaek and tell him what he plans with Yeonsol as he will charge him with this important task, taking care of Tanya's father. In my opinion, Yeonsol will play a major key in creating the force against Tagon, since as soon as he realizes how to create these weapons, Mubaek can take him away from Tagon and Taealha so that Tagon is forced to rely on Taealha again, furthermore Mubaek would be able to have the same advantage in order to fight against Tagon. However, he can reveal to Taealha what Tagon had planned to do so that she no longer trusts Tagon and turns to Saya because he will be introduced as Tagon's son.   

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  4. 11 minutes ago, lu09 said:

    The reason why I thought JH knew the reason was because of the comment HS made regarding JH finding EW mom on the airport. I think it was when HS was telling GS about JH going crazy after EW mom disappeared and was looking for her like crazy. I don't remember what episode it was but at the same time, it's very unlikely JH would lie to JI:sweatingbullets:. Guess we will see when the woman shows up. Unfortunately, I'm not looking forward to this woman:joy:.


    Indeed, his mother made it worse. They say words are powerful:tears:.

    When HS revealed JH's secret, HS said that after looking for her, JI discovered that she went abroad. But leaving the country and leaving the baby behind are two different things. On the surface, it looks like the mother ran away from any responsibility, when she left the country. It was as if she wanted to put so much distance so that JI wouldn't be able to hold her back. If he had known that she did it because of her career or studies, then he would have mentioned it to JI. But he didn't... he even said that he had no idea about her reason.  


    However, even if she was forced by her family or even if she didn't want the baby to be the reason for losing her career, she should have talked to JI or left a letter giving a reason. Fact is that she did run away from her responsibility, even if in her mind, she had good reasons. It would be interesting to see her reaction, when she sees EW treating JI like his mom, while keeping his distance from her. 

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  5. @lu09 I don't think JH knows the reason why she left because he mentioned it in the car (episode 8). It took him a while to realize that the woman might have had a reason for abandoning him and the child. Then he even added that even if he acknowledged that she had had her reasons, he couldn't understand her action. In other words, he is still clueless about her reasons for abandoning him but he knows that she had some reason for her action. 

    His friend HS described him as crazy after the disappearance of EW's mother, he would search for her everywhere. So he was really upset and furios. His mother contributed to JH's insecurities.  

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  6. 23 minutes ago, thistle said:


    I was trying to remember what made me think they might have married, and it was something JH"s mother said about how he should marriage a divorced woman at least because she would know what it's like.  And I thought that was a loaded statement.  Someone else (YJ maybe) said something, too, but I don't recall what. 


    In any case, I'm sure that you and @Pmyonly are right about his marriage status.  It's just so tempting to theorize.  And, like you, I had also wondered if JH was not Eun-U's father.

    The mother was looking for a partner with a flaw, when she talked about scars. In reality, she is treating her son as if he had a flaw: single father. To me, she is partially to blame for JH's guilt. Remember his hesitation as he was afraid of the burden JI would face. That's why in her eyes, only a divorced woman can accept her son as a future husband. She also thinks that no normal woman would accept to marry him, furthermore she can't imagine that the family from the bride would accept such a son-in-law. She fears that a single woman would never see the child as her own and won't treat him well. However, the mother has never met JI and secondly, she is not aware of Eun Woo's affection for JI. Like I had mentioned it before, she thinks that the teacher and the woman JH likes are two different persons.


    For this week, I am just hoping that LSI intervenes and defends her sister like she had already warned her father. Announcing a divorce in her family would definitely lower the status of JI's family in front of chairman Kwon and jeopardize GS's marriage with JI. I hope, GS and LTH experience humiliation in the worst way. It would be even more interesting if LSI became bold and filed for a divorce creating a scandal so that her father would stop meddling in her sister's life. Finally, I would like to witness another fight between LTH and his wife, she is not powerless. In reality, she just lets her husband do, yet she has herself some fighting spirit.  

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  7. @thistle He is not married because he wouldn't be called a single father. They had planned to marry after the birth of Eun Woo. Remember that she appeared, when she was just about to give birth.


    @Pmyonly Yes, the mother might appear around the episode 13-14. In my opinion, GS and LTH will be more in the focus this week. They represent the biggest hurdle on JI's side. They plan to ignore JI's feelings and thoughts but I have the impression that once GS's father discovers that she is seeing someone else, he will force his son to give up. We heard that JH won't stay still much longer and I am really curious about JH's move. To me, the best would be to go to GS's father. We know for sure that YJH can be bold.

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  8. 3 hours ago, thistle said:


    Is there an echo in here?  Because you're thinking exactly the same thing I am! 


    It all just makes so much sense.  I hope that she doesn't try to take Eun-U away from his dad.  I find the custody arrangements in Asia a bit confusing and it seems that there is gray area about who gets the child or not.

    I think that YJH must have put the name of EW on his family register but I don't know exactly how laws about affiliation in SK work.


    Is there is a birth certificate mentioning her name as mother or not? Or is the mother's name mentioned in the family register? Because if she is not mentioned, then it will be much more difficult for her to claim her son. It will become even more difficult, if YJH marries... as JI would become EW's official mother. But if my theory is correct, Jang has more money hence she could use it as a reason for taking back Eun Woo. I even had this crazy idea that YJH wasn't even the biological father in reality but the pregnant woman knew JH's kindness. So imagine if JH is not the biological father.... however, since he put him on his family register... 


    Yet, I can imagine that GS would even use Eun Woo in order to disrupt the couple...   


    @Pmyonly And this drama wants to underline this aspect: Sharing the same blood doesn't make you a good father or good mother. Being a good mother or a good father is more about abilities. Being a good mother or a good father is not something you are born with, this is something you learn through your own experiences as a child (good and bad) and from then you develop your own ideas. 

    This is from a French song called papaoutai from Stromae

    Tout le monde sait comment on fait les bébés Everyone knows how babies are made
    Mais personne sait comment on fait des papas But no one knows how to make Dads
    Monsieur Je-sais-tout en aurait hérité, c'est ça Mr. Know-it-all would have inherited it, that's it
    Faut l'sucer d'son pouce ou quoi ? Should it be sucked out of the thumb or what?
    Dites-nous où c'est caché, ça doit Tell us where it's hidden, it must
    Faire au moins mille fois qu'on a, bouffé nos doigts Be a thousand times that we've eaten our fingers

    As you can see, the singer questions this aspect... nothing is inherited that's why it is important to question ourselves about the definition of a good mother and a good father.

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  9. I have been thinking that the return of EW's biological mother will become the major problem for our OTP. I am still thinking that the mother could be the daughter of the Assemblyman Jang. We heard that she just became the youngest professor so maybe one of her reasons was her career... 

    Besides, I have been wondering if Eun Woo's mother left for another reason: YJH comes from a lower social circle. IF she is indeed the daughter from the assemblyman, I can imagine that she got scared that she wouldn't be able to succeed in her career. Maybe that's one of the reasons why JH brought JI to the laundry. He wanted to make sure that she was okay with his parents' social background.  

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  10. I believe that Eunseom couldn't use all his strength as he had been injured before. First, he was still recovering from the wound caused by Yangcha and later he got beaten by the soldiers. That's why he was weak.


    However, we shouldn't forget that he is linked to the sword which means his fighting skills will improve and he will become a real good strategist. But he needs Mubaek's assistance for that. 


    Tanya's power is symbolized by the bell implying that her strength will be the words. We already saw that her words ("dream", "master") have a huge influence on the people she talked to. She will be able to manipulated Saya and others. She already succeeded with Taealha, the latter didn't even dare to kill her due to the revelations. Even Taealha fears her as she has the impression that she is connected to the spiritual world. 

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  11. I have come to realize why in the episode 7 GS's father thought that his son had still some chances. After GS had told him that he had mentioned the marriage to JI and with time, she would accept the proposal, the father met LTH and during their conversation, GS's father realizes that JI has not announced the break up yet and even her intention of not marrying GS that's why chairman Kwon thought, GS might be right. Since he knew that JI was a self-confident and opinionated woman, he thought that the break up might be temporary and she could change her mind with time. Furthermore, JI had told him that when they started dating, marriage was not in their mind. As conclusion, chairman Kwon thought that GS's words could have been correct. Therefore he asked JI's father not to put JI under pressure, the latter would come to accept the idea. 


    Out of respect for GS and his father chairman Kwon, she didn't mention JH as he was not the real reason for the break up. Hence the father was not able to judge the situation correctly. He had been lied by his son who refused to accept the reality of the break up and JI had not told him the entire truth: GS had not treated her well enough and had looked down on her, while she had accepted this for too long. 


    However, I believe that GS's father is far better than JI's father in one aspect. The latter keeps telling that time have changed so much. So the idea of an arranged marriage forced to the daughter is no longer possible. Furthermore he even warned his son that he couldn't force JI to marry him. That's why I believe that chairman Kwon would have stopped GS before ... I mean, he already suspects that JI has fallen in love with someone else. JI's father lied to him. In other words, now his son and LTH are both lying to him.


    Imagine their face if JH decides to visit the chairman Kwon and tells him the whole story!!  This could be a possibility for JH who doesn't want to hide behind JI any longer.   

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  12. @chasen8888 No, I am not mixing up Tagon with Mubaek. It is just that you misunderstood me. :)

    - Tagon used first all the members from that tribe as hostages. But once he saw how Tanya's father reacted in that workshop, he saw an opportunity. So Tanya's father has been sent to the Hae tribe as spy. In my opinion, he wants him to discover the secret how to make bronze weapons.

    - Tagon made it look like a show of trust by sending him there.

    - For Taealha, she saw it as a necessity because she could use him as a thread in order to control Tanya.

    Then I said that Mubaek visited Tanya's father for two reasons. So in the preview, Mubaek visits Tanya's father and this is important because from that moment, Mubaek is acting on his own, while Tagon and Taealha are focused on destroying the Union and creating a kingdom. So far, Mubaek has not caught Tagon's attention. Mubaek will be the one who helps Eunseom to gather forces. Tanya's father is the lead of the Wahan Tribe. His words will have an impact on the other members. 

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  13. It makes sense why Mubaek will save Tanya's father first because Mubaek will need him. I suspect that Tanya's father will be the one who knows how to make bronze weapons since he has always been an inventor. So far, Mihol thinks, he is the only one with the secret hence his life can not be threatened. Another reason why Mubaek needs Tanyal's father is that he has a huge influence on the Wahan tribe.   


    First, Tanya's father was sent to the Hae tribe as a mole and hostage. He is working for Tagon as a mole so that Tagon can get intel about the Hae Tribe, Taealha needs him in order to control Tanya. Yet, Tagon and Taealha will be too busy to notice that Mubaek has already left their side. He knows that Tagon is not the real Aramun.


    As for Tanya, I am glad that she decided to look for the answers because so far, Eunseom had been too busy on trying to save the Wahan Tribe that he didn't think in a long term. I was actually disappointed by the behavior of the members from Wahan Tribe. Yes, he did leave them behind but he came back and that's what matters. I believe that the one who betrayed them will do far more worse with the excuse that he wanted to survive.  


    I have the feeling that the episodes 7-12 are about the establishment of Tagon's kingdom. So far, he is still perceived as the Union leader framed with ministers from all the tribes. Tagon acts as if he cares about tradition (he wanted to use an old tradition from Aramun). But just like in Hitler's case who was framed by ministers from other conservative parties, little by little he will remove one by one all the ministers or or force them to accept his ruling. If the ministers are removed, then Tagon will use the law for that... saying that they conspired against Tagon aso. At the same time, we will observe the rising of Saya and Tanya.  

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  14. 27 minutes ago, richelle said:

    I can understand JH's mother, she knows his son will have a very hard time if he will pick someone not the same status as he is. We all know JI will definitely not follow the same foot steps of SI but once their father knows about JH being a single dad, he will go ballistic. As Jae In said, JI might get killed lol. If they can't stop JI and JH, people around them especially JI's father will go to JH's family to stop JH. I am sure he will not accept JH and will do all the ways possible to separate the two. It is their love and trust that will overcome everything. I am still not sure what the ending would be since we still have 6 episodes left. But i am really hoping the writer and PD will all give us a satisfying ending:wub: And of course an ending with the 2 together with eun u as a family:D

    That's why I am hoping that LSI's abuse is exposed at the same time. Imagine his reaction, when he sees the pictures of the bruises caused by his beloved son-in-law.


    I am really thinking that LSI might intervene in order to stop her father. Remember that she warned him more than once... so in order to protect her sister, LSI decides to file for a divorce and announces it to her father.

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  15. 9 minutes ago, katakwasabi said:


    I like this theory and have similar thoughts. But...I think Seo Yi Do is a unique name so I find it weird if JaeHee does not relate or even question Yi Do was once her friend back then regardless of how he looks now. Unless he used another name when he was young. Or he was merely an acquaintance to her and he liked her single-handedly.


    I think Yi Do on a personal level doesnt care about external beauty, but his job requires him to care about it. The clothes he made (as what has been shown) are for model-like bodies and it is not really diverse in size. Maybe he will change later.

    Well, they met before high school as she is the one who rescued him from drowning. Due to this incident, MJH got scared of water. In my opinion, SYD must have had a different name in the past, hence MJH can not make the connection. Besides, his look and his behaviour are totally different from the past. He created the dresses based on MJH's body measures. Notice that she said: It was as if they had been made for her. So he kept her image in his mind, while he created the dresses. 


    As for his love-hate for YMS, I suspect that they are both related therefore SYD can not sent him away like that. What caught my attention is his phobia for relatives... so YMS is definitely related to him. Either he is a half-brother or a step-brother...  

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  16. I believe that JH's mother has already sensed that Eun Woo likes the teacher very much hence she asked her son JH about the teacher. However, he didn't really answer and only added later that there was a woman he likes. So in her mind, the teacher and the woman JH likes are two different persons. The mother didn't like the idea that JI has never been married before as she feared that she wouldn't treat Eun Woo very well as he is not her biological son. In other words, the moment the mother realizes that the teacher Eun Woo spoke about and JI are the same person, she will change her mind. 

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  17. I have the impression that Yi Do was the friend she mentioned when she did her first walk... so she helped him but after that walk, she got pregnant and had to have a shotgun marriage. That's why SYD mentioned that he had been betrayed 17 years ago. While he helped her to achieve her dream and he thought, she would love him, she had a boyfriend. YD was a little chubby back then therefore he is not focused on exterior beauty. He was charmed by MJH because of her kind, pure and cheerful personality. She helped him as she considered him as his friend. She never judged him for his appearances. While MHJ thinks that HJN is YD's first love (reference to the book, where a man is waiting for a married woman) and he has been waiting for her, she doesn't realize that she was in reality YD's first love and he had been waiting for her. That's why he created all the dresses he never showed to anyone. He had always been his muse.

    HJN can never become YD's muse because she is more self-centered and more superficial. 


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  18. 1 minute ago, ForgottenSoulx said:


    I think the horse will comeback but i do dislike how weak EunSeom is.. getting caught and beaten by random people, unless he wanted to get caught i skimmed through the episode and will watch it later. 


    He was betrayed and it was an important experience for him as he had never seen it before. EunSeom needs to learn to be more cautious and less trusting. He needs to be more careful in his future plans, developed more strategies and take into account human nature (selfishness, greed, ambition aso), something he had never seen before. 

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  19. 25 minutes ago, Gumiho9 said:

    I'm glad Saya is not another Naive and innocent Eunseom. He is twisted, calculating and unpredictable and this will make everything more interesting. Even if he sides with Eunseom and Tanya to take down Tagon it could very well be for his own ambitions.


    And about Taealha and Tagon... Although I liked them as a dangerous and intriguing pair it seems like their enmity is inevitable and soon there will be a great power struggle between these two. Can't wait! And I'm wondering whether this power struggle will eventually result in Taealha siding with Eunseom against Tagon for her own survival and benefits.



    I think like that too. Saya is a very interesting character and his presence will have a huge impact on the pact between Tagon, Taealha and Giseon, the man from the White Mountain Tribe. Saya has already created a riff between Tagon and Taealha... he will damage much more.

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  20. 13 minutes ago, Moonlightsunline said:

    Saya is such a j*rk in this episode, he doesn't give a flying **** about the death of his brother and wants Tanya to give up on Eunseom immediately :tired: he gives Tanya no choice. Anw, what you guys' prediction is true, Saya saw Tanya in his dreams through Eunseom's memories, he said it out loud. I don't feel the "love" Saya has for Tanya, he's really possessive and creepy. :cold_sweat: 

    This doesn't surprise me because he was raised by selfish, ambitious, cruel and greedy people. So he became like them, especially after losing his first love. 

    EunSeom is a compassionate and honest person who had a loving mother and later he was accepted by the Wahan tribe.


    I sense that Saya will be one of the reasons why Tagon fails in the end, as Saya will become his father's enemy.   

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  21. 10 minutes ago, radianttreasure said:


    This is from Soompi article 


    "Although Ta Gon chose to spare Sa Ya’s life as a baby, his relationship with Sa Ya is described as one in which both of them are using each other. Sa Ya has the same “mutual use” relationship with Taealha, who helped Ta Gon raise him.

    Of greater interest is Sa Ya’s relationship with Tanya. Tanya is described as “using” Sa Ya, but Sa Ya is described as having affectionate feelings for Tanya. "


    So that's why I said Saya will not be using Tanya but it will be Tanya and even yesterday's precap suggested the same. 


         As you said Tanya is not a submissive woman. In my opinion all three ES, Tanya, Saya are strong and smart enough. I don't think they will let someone to use them. Anyways these three are the heavenly objects (Sword, Bell & Mirror) so eventually these three  ES, Tanya & Saya will work together to defeat Tagon & Taealha. 

    Well, I don't trust sypnosis and even articles because their sources are not sure. Taealha was presented as the last descendant of Neanthals but she doesn't look like one and until now, this has not been confirmed. I am only relying on analysis and what we saw. For me, what they give outside the dramas are often incorrect or incomplete. Sure, my prediction can be wrong but I have the impression that Saya will use Tanya first as he doesn't know her that well. At some point, he might fall in love with her but I doubt that he already loves her. He needs an ally that's why he used her dream in order to ask her to come to him. Don't forget that he chose her in the first place.


    As for Saya, it is not sure if Saya will be working with Eunseom in order to defeat Tagon. Another possibility could be that at some point, Saya might have a similar behavior than Tagon. Don't forget that Tagon committed a parricide and Saya could do the same but for a different reason: to become a ruler himself. We shouldn't forget the environment he grew up. Saya is the mirror... and he could be the mirror of Tagon. If he sees Tagon as his enemy, then he could disrupt his father's dream by undermining his authority... He would repeat what Tagon did to his father and Tagon has to share the same experience than his father. This could be the reason why Saya is the third tool that destroys Saram. We were told by Ragaz that they would kill each other... so the implosion is bound to happen soon.     

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  22. 21 minutes ago, radianttreasure said:

    It could actually be the other way. Tanya would be the one who would be using Saya because Tanya should have known more about Saya through Eunseom's dreams and she may use Saya to find Eunseom. Even as per the character description chart Tanya , Tagon & Taealha is described as the ones who will be "Using" Saya. 

    But the poster with the arrows is not complete. Taealha has a business relationship with Saya but we saw what she did to him. But this is not reflected in the poster. Besides, this idea (Tanya using Saya) doesn't exclude the other. Tanya is not a submissive woman hence she won't let people use her so easily, just because Saya fell for Tanya in the long run.


    @UnniSarah After the episode 7, it becomes clear why Tagon refused to leave Arthdal, when his father asked him. If he did, he knew that Taealha would never follow him. He knew that her biggest dream was to become queen. So Taealha influenced Tagon in a bad way. Tagon told her that if he killed Asa Ron, then he would be exposed to people's fury and he would have to leave Arthdal. Taealha made it pretty clear that she would never follow him. So her ambition is stronger than her love for Tagon. And she will have to face the consequences for her decision: Tagon will never marry her. They can only remain lovers.

    Striking is that Tanya's father will play a huge part in destroying the power from the Hae tribe. Right now, Mihol feels safe because he is the only one who knows how to produce bronze weapons. Since Tanya's father has been an inventor, he will be able to discover how to produce bronze weapons, hence Mihol's power and knowledge is obsolete. And since Taealha will become the leader of the Hae tribe, it is the same for her. With the loss of exclusivity, Taealha will be losing some power. On the other hand, I can see that Tanya's position will change as she will be perceived more and more as someone with mystic powers.    

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  23. Actually, I am worrying about Saya. We know that igutus are quick learners and have the ability to learn through observations. So Saya grew up in a cruel environment. This was not the first time that Saya saw his "dad" kill one of his men in order to keep his secret. Then he also learned that Taealha would do anything for her ambition and love for Tagon. She has no problem to kill someone that represents a thread to her dream. Since Saya was surrounded by ambitious and ruthless people, we have to imagine that Saya has become the same: ruthless and ambitious. He knows that Tagon wants to become king and it seems that Saya has developed the same dream. In my opinion, Saya wants to use Tanya just like Tagon uses Taealha. Notice that he let Taealha plan to kill Asa Ron. She had to do it if she wanted to become his wife hence queen. We shouldn't forget that Taealha asked the same from Tagon. She was the one who asked him to kill his father. As conclusion, Saya's "love" for Tanya that is about to come shouldn't be perceived as a pure love. His love for Tanya will be similar to Tagon's love for Taealha.   That's the impression I've got.

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  24. @thistle I must have been really tired:huh: when I wrote my last post. I made a terrible mistake: forgot to put "not". I meant the opposite: Western societies shouldn't be considered as better which I explained why. Still full of prejudices and no real gender equity either. That's why I edited this post.


    Besides, now children have even more "rights" than adults. As a teacher, I can tell you that the situation for teachers has worsened due to that. Students show less respect and have more protection than the teachers themselves. Teachers are now suspected if the grades of a student are not good. For bad grades, you need to write a long explanation. The students are really seldom punished for bad behavior. I really love my job but I am not sure if I would recommend it now. That's why I agree with you. Each society has its own flaws.


    However, the right to criticize adults, parents and even authorities in Europe has a historical origin: Enlightenment, French Revolution and the consequence of the Third Reich where authorities and parents manipulated the children in order to support this terror system. In Germany, teachers have now the duty to help children to develop critical abilities: question the system, question the behavior/mentality of parents aso in order to prevent another dictatorship, where filial piety, school and obedience were abused.   

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