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  1. @avondale16 @luv_jinsoo cute-rabbit-emoticon-21.gif?1301940532Thank you very much for becoming my new followers. crazy monkey 037I have to admit that since posting on this thread, I have gathered so many new followers. cute rabbitIt is really incredible.crazy monkey 017

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    2. avondale16


      Thank you too.:love:


      I just notice this today.

      Now i think your message previously are gone without me noticing it. Sorry.

      What drama are you watching now? Me romance is a bonus book. I saw your analysis there once? Or i miss that too. Looking forward to reading analysis on any future drama too. Thanks in advance.

    3. bebebisous33


      I am watching also Touch your heart where I also write analysis. 

    4. avondale16


      Thank you. Have not watch . Ok , will try n find time to watch it.


      Thank you

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