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  1. cheerleader 1 smiley@triplem bman group smileyThanks for becoming my new follower!! piece of cakeYou're the 60th!! admire2 onion headAmazing, isn't it? By the way, are you watching Circle?

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    2. evie7


      The last time I watched and re-watched episodes was for KMHM, at that time I wasn't working so it was easy. I generally don't as a rule re-watch episodes too. I can usually relate but SP has me deep in obsession mode so I'm making the exception. :wink:

    3. bebebisous33


      @evie7 Yes, SP is definitely an exception. @triplem I watched Tunnel and loved it!! As good as Signal!! Each episode is great: tense, funny, very emotional sometimes !! So I can recommand it!

    4. Guest


      @bebebisous33 Oh that's good. As good as Signal. That's got me excited. Signal ranks at the top of my fave dramas along with Healer & WLFKBJ. I'm obsessed with M2M but love SP too.

      @Visually-wandering lol! I know - the different time dimensions and all. And it can really torture your emotions. But they fascinate & confuse me all at the same time. So i think that's the fun bit.

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