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  1. @che_ojcute-rabbit-emoticon-21.gif?1301940532 smileysThanks for becoming my new follower! crazy monkey Which drama are you watching?

    1. che_oj


      Hi @bebebisous33! I was watching encounter. Even though the drama is already finished, still go back to the encounter threads and I love reading your analysis that's why I'm following you. For now I haven't watched any new drama yet, still looking for a new one. Thank you for accepting me as your follower. More power and God bless!

  2. @avondale16 @luv_jinsoo cute-rabbit-emoticon-21.gif?1301940532Thank you very much for becoming my new followers. crazy monkey 037I have to admit that since posting on this thread, I have gathered so many new followers. cute rabbitIt is really incredible.crazy monkey 017

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    2. avondale16


      Thank you too.:love:


      I just notice this today.

      Now i think your message previously are gone without me noticing it. Sorry.

      What drama are you watching now? Me romance is a bonus book. I saw your analysis there once? Or i miss that too. Looking forward to reading analysis on any future drama too. Thanks in advance.

    3. bebebisous33


      I am watching also Touch your heart where I also write analysis. 

    4. avondale16


      Thank you. Have not watch . Ok , will try n find time to watch it.


      Thank you

  3. @lolipop86gorgeouscute-rabbit-emoticon-21.gif?1301940532  Thanks a lot for becoming my new follower! crazy monkeyI guess, Encounter is the reason, right?

    1. lolipop86gorgeous


      Annyeong @bebebisous33:love: sorry for the late reply.. I'm sleeping:joy: you are welcome chingu:heart: yesss encounter is the reason brought all of us here:love:really2 love your posting chingu.. I'm amazed with your analysis.. So brilliant:love:  so I guess I'm among of your loyal follower now:D can't wait to read you next analysis:wub:bring it on chingu:kiss_wink: aishhhhh.. I'm not ready for the last 4 episode:tears:

  4. red crabThanks a lot @rosiepeonie188 for becoming my new follower. crazy monkeyIn the last three days, I got so many followers. cute-rabbit-emoticon-23.gif?1301940532Thanks a lot for the support.cute-rabbit-emoticon-21.gif?1301940532

  5. @Glycie Manongsong cheerleader pink mouseThanks chingu for becoming my new follower!crazy monkey


  6. birth day candle smiley@yonaomi123 Thanks a lot for becoming my new follower! I am happy that my analysis and posts are appreciated by so many. crazy monkey 054balloons smiley

    Besides, I wish to all of you a happy new year!   crazy monkey 017


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    2. bebebisous33


      I can recommend you the k-drama "Encounter". A really moving drama! This is my actual obsession... that's why I posted so many and long analysis. Great cinematography, I love the connection between art, poetry and literature.  

    3. Tasia


      Always a fan of your insights, liebe chingu  :heart:

    4. evie7


      Happy New Year Bebebisenseinew-year-smiley.gifI've been obsessed w/ Jdrama and twitter these days but am always happy to see your updates. Miss your analysis chingu hopefully we will meet in a drama thread this year. 

  7. @ari_bian crazy monkeyThanks for becoming my new follower!! cute-rabbit-emoticon-20.gif?1301940532 This hadn't happened for a long time.

  8. @mimisl123smileys Thanks for becoming my new follower! red crabcute-rabbit-emoticon-21.gif?1301940532 I guess, you liked reading my analysis in Money flower. Next time, I tag you along. Is that okay? cheerleader pink mouse

    1. mimisl123


      Yes, i do read your analysis and love them. Yes please do tag me :)

    2. 0ly40


      Yes, please tag me

  9. @zinaa crazy monkeyThanks for becoming my new follower!!!smileys cute-rabbit-emoticon-21.gif?1301940532Black episode 14 kiss.png Black is really the best drama of 2017!!

  10. I wish you a good recovery. I read about your surgery... it sounded quite serious.

  11. @Killa92 cute-rabbit-emoticon-21.gif?1301940532Thanks a lot for becoming my new follower!!smileys So far, I haven't posted much on The king loves... but if I am not mistaken, you are also watching Bride of the Water god, right? 

  12. @athena22 I am glad to be your second follower!! I really love your gifs, MV and pictures!!

    1. athena22


      I'm glad I'm following you and love your POV's on drama:D  since we already met in many threads(it was like I was already following:tongue:) I just made it official today..:wink:

    2. bebebisous33


      Me too!:wink: IT is now official!

  13. @CatchMine_ID cute-rabbit-emoticon-21.gif?1301940532Thanks a lot for becoming my new follower.cute-rabbit-emoticon-20.gif?1301940532smileys Since Circle is finished... are you watching another drama?

    1. CatchMine_ID


      aaah you are always very welcome!:wub: I hope I can execute my plan to catch up Secret Forest! Do sometimes lurk there and there you are again:D  

    2. bebebisous33


      It's a great crime drama!!

    3. CatchMine_ID


      yess I really really want to watch that ASAP!! Hope to see you again, I like your posts


  14. balloons smileyThanks @sebastian27 cute-rabbit-emoticon-21.gif?1301940532for becoming my new follower!! cheerleader pink mouseWhat are you watching now? crazy monkey 009In any case, I can recommand you "Suspicious partner". It has become my favourite drama right now, well Man to Man is about to end this week.

  15. cheerleader 1 smiley@triplem bman group smileyThanks for becoming my new follower!! piece of cakeYou're the 60th!! admire2 onion headAmazing, isn't it? By the way, are you watching Circle?

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    2. triplem


      Oh i recommend Lookout as well. Crime thriller with vigilante theme. So far so good.

    3. evie7


      The one that sounds really compelling to me is Circle, I love Sci-Fi. I'm thinking of taking it up after MxM. I also have Lookout on my list too, I liked the first episode but this week my daily drama ends. 

    4. bebebisous33


      I can recommend Circle!! IT is really good!

  16. You have just opened a thread called "Four men" with PHJ but there is already one (right now, it is on page 2) that's why your thread will disappear.

  17. @Visually-wandering cute-rabbit-emoticon-21.gif?1301940532Thanks for becoming my new follower!! cute-rabbit-emoticon-20.gif?1301940532I really like reading your posts as well.

    1. Visually-wandering


      I'm your fans :wub: 

      Thank you for liking my posts too.

  18. cute-rabbit-emoticon-21.gif?1301940532Thanks @UnniSarah raccoonfor becoming my new follower. balloons smileyWe have met on so many threads for a long time hence I always felt that we were already following each other. 

    1. UnniSarah


      No problem chingu, I just happened to check out my profile and saw that you were following me. Yes we have met in a lot of threads with the same in the same drama. Looking so forward to you post in the drama that are airing now and in the future.  Thank you for following me chingu :heart::heart:

  19. @fashiondream cute-rabbit-emoticon-21.gif?1301940532Thanks a lot for becoming my new follower!!cheerleader pink mouse I guess that you like my comments on MSR. So next time, I'll tag you too.red crab

  20. @prkyjn smileysThanks a lot for becoming my new follower!!raccooncute-rabbit-emoticon-21.gif?1301940532 Based on your avatar, you're watching SWDBS! Hence: should I tag you in my next long analysis? 


    1. prkyjn


      Hey @bebebisous33 thanks for this, you're so sweet! :wub:

      I've been lurking on the SWDBS thread for a while now and loving your awesome analysis, among others. Since it's such a fast-moving thread, I followed you so I don't miss any of your new posts (I guess that's how following works? God, I'm such a noob! facepalm.gif?1450473045)

      Anyway, happy to be tagged as well, if you don't mind. party-corgi.gif?1488330086dancing_corgi.gif?1466642278

      fb-heart.gif?1464135070 yeojin

  21. @mjmartinez  cute-rabbit-emoticon-21.gif?1301940532Thanks for becoming my new follower!! raccooncute-rabbit-emoticon-20.gif?1301940532Honestly, I am quite surprised that I am still watching love is drop by drop because daily dramas are usually more makjang  

  22. Thanks cute-rabbit-emoticon-21.gif?1301940532@tintin92 for becoming my new follower! smileys I haven't written much these days on the thread General and I rice ball, but as I have finished the last episodes with subtitles, I'll post something!  

    1. tintin92


      Awww:) glad to be your new follower :) 

      waiting to hear your thoughts on the new episodes! :wub: 


  23. cute-rabbit-emoticon-21.gif?1301940532Thanks a lot @Athenaries for becoming my new follower!!:heart:cute-rabbit-emoticon-17.gif?1301940532


    1. Athenaries


      No no, the pleasure is mine <3 looking forward to reading more insights and discoveries on masterpieces like Goblin from you <3 

  24. hello-smiley.gif?1292867615@maryofbethany  cute-rabbit-emoticon-21.gif?1301940532Thanks a lot for becoming my new follower!!cheer1 onion headIn the last three months, my number of followers has increased so much. cheetahActually, the double in 3 months, while it took me maybe two years to reach 20 followers! Totally crazy!

    Thanks for the support! thank-you-smiley.gif?1292867689It really makes me happy.

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    2. bebebisous33


      No, not really... but this year, I wrote posts on really popular dramas (Goblin and ML Scarlet Heart), maybe that's the reason.

    3. maryofbethany


      i totally love your insightful posts, the metaphors. the deeper meaning.. and i was always kicking myself, huh, why i didnt see this or that... its totally like going back to taking literature class, so much fun analysis with you.... bring on more... hope by goblin end, maybe in future dramas, wish to meet you somewhere... btw, i will be very sure lodging on Ruler master of the mask. ... before that, i duno. Blessed growing followers. that shows your posts has "teaching" powers.. hahaha.

    4. Dhakra


      Well, if you say it that way, I followed you because of the "unpopular" drama WFKBJ. :lol:

  25. cute-rabbit-emoticon-21.gif?1301940532Thanks a lot @selenette  red crabfor becoming my new follower!! cute-rabbit-emoticon-20.gif?1301940532 It makes me happy to see that my comments are appreciated!! cheerleader pink mouse 

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