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  1. hope shinhye will find a good, kind, and gorgeous man whom will give her a happiness, make her a queen in his heart, .... for minho firstly i really disappointed with your choose about woman, but i respect your decision, and with this news, i dont scare anymore to see you in movie or drama or another project with other girl, cause you not belong to shinhye again, ... hope both of you always happy uri minshin ... especially for you shinhye .... go go go girl ... one day you will meet with a great man whom will be your husband .... figthing shinhye .... really love you

  2. ommo .... i know this news from @jasey park ff .... for a moment i became speechless ... i just saw my phone, i dont dare to read all of the text, i just saw my phone, ommo my heart .... after a long minutes i start to read again, and then comment in jasey ff .... i really dont dare to open minshin thread, i'm really scare, but i want to know why why, so here i am .... i want to share the sadness with all my family "minshiners" .... OMG ..... this day really sad .... my heart was broke ..... hiks hiks hiks ;( ;(

  3. zerra24 said: sin2sa said: MadethV said: minshin0900 said: purpleismycolor said: hotbb said: Chingus, I still think it's v fishy. One month old courtship progresses so fast? Short 3-day honeymoon hol so soon? Suzy is so young, barely out of her teens. I'm a woman, my heart goes out to BG, her songs Arm Pillow, My Dear; his Song for You... His deferment to military service. The sequence just don't measure up to today's heartbreaking news. Minshinners don't cry, tmrw will be a better day. Let's pray that BG will be strong & live a happy blessed life with God's chosen for her. I'm a woman, I take BG's side in this.

  4. wow ... shinhye airport style is always gorgeous .... i like all her airport style .... day by day she became a beautiful and sexi woman .... oh gosh she really beautiful .... and for minho .. is that yellow flower from shinhye ... so did both of you met each other .... and about shinhye phone .... i dont want the thief know the secret in that phone ... but little in my heart ... i want to know, is there a secret between her and minho in that phone .... hahaha sorry

  5. Thank you @giselle_tw for posting the various versions and emphasising the correct one and setting the record straight. It makes everything so spazzworthy now isn't it?

    I'm especially tickled that she mentioned KRW's acting rather than MH's when actually many of the movie reviews have praised MH's acting. It's like she didn't want to mention him too much in case she gave herself away isn't it? Or afraid that she will appear too enthusiastic if she praises his acting and it will give rise to people's suspicions! It's good that she's being careful; the more you try not to show something, it shows you have something to hide haha!

    agree with you chingu .... when i want to hide something, i will try my best to avoid that thing

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