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  1. Hmmm interesting...that would mean that they won't reunite until after a time skip ? If so, I hope that it doesn't just stop there for the couple. Like you, I don't want it to end with just a few minutes of the couple. Crossing my fingers that we'll get a proper happy ending!
  2. It's not super clear, but in Seo's flashback of YC on his deathbed trying to whisper something in his ear, it looked like there was a similar scar on his neck too. Such a bummer. I was hoping we would find out who/what is the cardboard ahjussi by now. I wonder what he meant by CM following the sound of his destiny. You're right - there were a lot of cute and happy moments! A fellow drama friend had told me to be warned when we get a flood of cute and happy moments when we're not quite in the clear for the ending. It's a premonition that something bad is going to happen. Looks like it based on the preview (sigh...). I hope the nonsense doesn't get dragged out. I still want to see SY truly come back to her mom and dad. Plus, a fulfilling ending of the OTP. I have to mention my fave part. It was where CM and SY were apologizing to CM's mom for the bed incident and their roles were reversed. I LMAO'd when the mom asked SY if she was going to marry her son and she responded that after she sorts out the complications in her life, she will ask for CM's hand in marriage and hopes that the mom approves of them then. CM's beaming smile after that was just so adorable and he looked so proud of SY. Then fast-forward to the end. SY really does pull out a ring and ask CM for his hand in marriage. CM blushing and joking about it not being his style was just too cute. If only the writer could write the mystery/crime part of the story just as well as the rom-com, it would be a much more fluid drama.
  3. Was the 7th rule revealed in this episode? I won't be able to watch until much later (~ 9 hours more ). But seriously, CM dies??!
  4. Thanks for sharing this @Sejabin - I haven't had the chance to look up the story of Giselle myself, but finally did after reading your summary and I can see some parallels with ALML. While the drama appears to be inspired by Giselle, personally, I hope the writer doesn't follow the literal story to its end. Maybe similar to what you meant by a "waiting for a surprise and beautiful ending" - I am giving the writer the benefit of the doubt that she will give us a miraculous and happy ending while teaching us the true meaning of love and maybe sacrifice. I love the drama so much so far. I really don't want to be disappointed with it. I'm trying my best to be patient and see how it all unfolds and come together.
  5. @raziela Thanks for the GIFs! They are my favorite BTS of the two lovely cupcakes so far! I love the first one and how PBY comfortably places her head on AHS' shoulders . @lingx2 As always, thanks for the photos! They are so cute in their matching couple sweaters. I am going to miss them too! It does look like SY is wearing the engagement/wedding ring. Her hair is long again so my guess is that there is a time skip. Maybe it's after the wedding and she's back to SY again? I am hoping the mystery of Abyss and the nonsense with the bad guys is over by episode 15 so that we'll get to see how CM and SY adjust back into normal life. I want a warm and fuzzy final episode 16!
  6. I watched about 20 mins of episode 10 and had to hit pause. When I finished watching episode 9, I was emotionally affected after Dan recovered his memories particularly the ones involving his abusive dad. Why be so cruel to allow him to remember the most painful moments in his life when he's already forgotten them? Now I understand when watching the scene of him explaining to YS that he had gone to meet his dad. How he was able to ask his dad what he wanted to know and say goodbye. YS asked if his dad apologized. Dan said fortunately yes. It doesn't erase the past, but in this way, hopefully, both Dan and his father can free themselves from some torment, if not all. I have to re-watch the beginning to remember how Dan's mission of love was phrased to him. In this part, Dan said, "he (his dad) should have loved him". This made me realize that Dan has never felt love. So, I wonder if the mission of love goes both ways for YS and Dan. YS will also show Dan what is love. When YS was comforting him, it seemed like feelings and emotions are still foreign to him. Maybe Dan will gradually learn to experience them as we do as human beings. Anyway, I really liked how this part was written. KMS' acting was spot on.
  7. Hello ~ I just finished up to episode 9 and still need to watch 10. Throughout and especially to this point, I'm so confused with the deity's last mission to Dan. The deity must know of Dan's human past and his connection to YS. Out of all the angels, why is it Dan who is tasked to find love for YS? If YS' love is destined to be Dan, how was it ever possible for Dan to complete his mission and join the realm? In addition, what is the purpose of having Dan recall back his human memory piece by piece? Is it meant to be a bridge to YS and the mission somehow? For his father to finally be able to apologize to his son before he passes and Dan to forgive? I am finally admitting I am being tortured by all of the emotions and all of the angst and will be preparing myself for more to come. However, in the end, there must be reason for both Dan and YS to endure all of this. Life has been already so tragic for the two (especially Dan ), I can't imagine that there will be a sad ending, right? Angel Hoo said that the deity always provides an answer. It's just we're too blind to see his answer. Dan said he will find the answer on his own. I am hanging onto hope that Dan will uncover the loophole because there has to be one. There must truly be a rainbow for Dan and YS at the end of all of this, right? I haven't read the 150+ pages, but will find a way to.
  8. @raziela Thanks for the tip!! The 6th one was revealed in episode 12 where YC mistakenly thought HJ would be able to revive him. So it makes more sense we'll only need to find out one more before the finale. 1. It can revive anything that has died. 2. The dead revives into the form of its soul. 3. Only the ones who were revived by the Abyss can see it. 4. It activates only when the owner and the corpse are alone. 5. If the owner of the Abyss dies, the next revived is its temporary owner. 6. If the temporary owner dies, the Abyss returns back to its owner.
  9. Before looking, my gut was telling me that there should be 6 out of 7 revealed, but I only could think of and find 5. It's definitely possible I missed one!!
  10. I went through the episodes to remind myself of the Abyss rules (had the day off today ). Here they are if anyone still cares : 1. It can revive anything that has died. 2. The dead revives into the form of its soul. 3. Only the ones who were revived by the Abyss can see it. 4. It activates only when the owner and the corpse are alone. 5. If the owner of the Abyss dies, the next revived is its temporary owner. Let me know if I missed any. I believe number 2 is the confusing and inconsistent one. Also, I was reminded if the changes of colors mean anything? I think its now purple.
  11. Ah thanks, I do remember that part. If that's all we get, that's pretty weak LOL. Aside from solving the crimes, I hope they elaborate more on the Abyss. I don't even recall all the rules we've learned so far (consistent or not). Does anyone? @lingx2 Thanks for the photos! The little girl with AHS is way too CUTE!!
  12. AHS chose an interesting outfit for the wrap up party. I see he's sporting a tank top by the end of it haha. @raziela The cardboard man is definitely very mysterious. Maybe he's both alien and CM's dad? I agree there's still a lot of mystery to be resolved. I definitely want the the Abyss to vanish or be taken back from the humans. The inconsistent pattern of Abyss is confusing and has been bothering me throughout. I'm hoping we'll find out why the pattern is the way it is. If it ends with us not knowing, I'll be so irked. Interesting thought on CM's real body. Hmmm... And we still don't whose body CM took over. Is it really as simple as him revived as his soul? Also, you and @mskk1354 had mentioned that the circumstances around the chief prosecutor's coma son remains a mystery. I hope we'll find out more what happened and will happen to him by the end too.
  13. Who knew CM’s mom and SY’s dad would become drinking buddies! The unexpected meeting of the in-laws was a nice surprise. It’s refreshing to see CM’s mom finally have a normal temperament and get along with SY and her parents. CM and SY’s relationship seems to be taking major strides. I guess it better after 20 years. It’s adorable how CM is so natural with his I love you’s to SY. His proposal to SY wasn’t quite what I expected, but the commitment itself was touching and sweet. They are just so lovely together. It didn’t feel like there were major breakthroughs in the crime fighting department. Seo got revived by CM and is out there somewhere. The detectives are still trying the put the evidence together. We knew that YC was sending things to Seo. Park Gi Man goes to see the chief prosecutor again though. I’m curious what Park Gi Man has up his sleeves. Maybe the chief prosecutor will work with Park Gi Man now that he’s in a bind with shady Seo. In the upcoming final episodes, Seo seems to turn himself in at the police station, but I’m not going to hold my breath on that. Does it seem like CM will be dealing with a dilemma of some sort…possibly relating to the Abyss? The cardboard man shows up again in front of CM. Maybe he is another alien like some of you have been speculating. What’s weird is that he seems to care about CM more than a mere stranger would. Hmmm…
  14. Just finished watching...I can't believe shady Seo kidnapped the mom's body, HJ and SY all at the same time . He is getting desperate and spiraling out of control now that his identity is getting jeopardized. The preview for the next episode looks intense. I will be upset if Seo dies so easily. I want to see him be punished for all the bad things he's done. Regarding Park Gi Man, he knows the shady truth about Seo and the chief prosecutor. I can't figure out why he doesn't just reveal it especially when CM was asking him if he could think of anyone who would want to set him up about the car accident. I could be wrong, but these are my thoughts. When SY took the photo from the crime scene in episode one, I believe she truly took it as just a momento of her victim friend not knowing that it had contained clues about YC and Seo's father-son relationship. Should she have eventually noticed YC in the photo, but maybe not Seo because he was just a kid then? As smart as she is, probably yes. It is a big oversight, but I still think the leads are doing their best to reveal the truth with what they've got. @lingx2 Thanks for those photos you just posted of the couple - oh my heart!!
  15. Seeing this makes me want the alien couple to have another cameo at the end - to take back the Abyss from the humans would be cool. I know it's unlikely though. Either way, their joint coffee truck to the cast/crew is indeed so sweet and thoughtful! Can't believe filming is coming to an end. For me, it feels like this drama isn't supposed to end LOL. I'm glad they are all smiles and laughing in their final shoots. Looking forward to this week's episodes!
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