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  1. Wow surprised not that busy here.  I binged watched all the way to episode 12 in 1 day.  

    It’s hard when ur left to hang dry for few days before new episodes come out.


    first off I found what may happen


    LB discovers his biological parents/family were murdered. Therefore he lost it and declared revenge by killing on those responsible.  It leads to him sent away for 5 years.  He returns and finds FL betrothed to someone else

    l hope FL can repair her relationship with her mother.  they are similar and it’s really sad seeing them against each other.

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  2. On 7/7/2022 at 1:19 AM, chococarmela said:


    Don't forget Days of Our Lives! Sami can slap the soul outta anybody! And Erica Kane was a force!


    She needs notes from Filipino teleseryes too... now those ladies there... THEY CAN FIGHT!!

    DOOL fan here.  love the soap references.  especially Erica. 

    I have been peeking and watching quietly on the sidelines.  Was on the edge of my seat when SOO Y Finally fight back with such fierce.  Glad I kept watching.  When SOO Y lost her baby, it was just too much and needed a breather.

    so thrilled father in law called SOO Y to take SJ away at the same time feeling sorry for him.  He is married to such a evil woman.  

    couldn’t help laugh at everyone falling for each other.  I started to imagine a caterpillar body when Soo’s cousin crushed foe Dong H’s Uncle.  

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  3. This drama is very very difficult to watch.

    I have skipped through a few scenes because it’s so difficult.  however I do keep peeking here and there.  I hope everyone that does FL wrong including her hubby received bad karma.   

    I will continue to peek in and out due to curiosity.  just disgusted how FL is being treated and I do want to puke seeing her being so submissive….  That is too old fashion for todays independent woman. 

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  4. 2 hours ago, jmaejmae said:

    Sugar ventures was own by haru with yuna dad money on it as investment but sure with haru money on it too...even he get kick as ceo actually haru still have money,he can pull out his own money on it and invest it on another business if he wants too lol

    I hope that HaRu will not be pulled down by Yuna plan.  I feel bad for her father.  he is sweet man with the devil as a daughter…. I hope HaRu is financially stable to withstand the business disaster ahead.


    At some points I do feel sorry for Yuna.  Every time Haru came home. she followed him like a lost puppy into his office.  I would say… here she comes… boom she follows… that is extremely pathetic.  She doesn’t know how live without HaRu or Daddy.  she always been taken care of.   She is definitely going fight back and milk HaRu dry of his riches… oh lawdy. This is going be a long revenge road to 100 episodes.



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  5. Maybe something physical happend to NHD that she is blocked mentally from remembering those good times with the group at beach.  Am partly still hopeful that YJ will be at the end of the road of this drama.  My vision is its actually BYJ all along.  BYJ changed his name since NHD can't recall the past. He re-enters her life as Kim "YJ"   the person NHD mom refers to as meeting BYJ is actually his younger brother.  Maybe NHD got hit in the head and her brain is dizzy mixed up.  So because there love is so strong just a name replacing the face.   Just my wishful happy end. (and hope to stop seeing "Back" instead of "Baek" on the subtitles.:angry:)


    I cant recall watching a drama with a road to nowhere...  Oh no... I can recall the disappointment in Reply 1988. But that was 50/50. split depending on the audience. Me the later was rooting for Ryu Jun-yeol.  Nice getting a real life  hook up though. So I dont carry too much disappointment when looking back at that series.. :D


    Despite the possibly dreaded end to nowhere, this overall is an enjoyable drama that can give laughter at the most unexpected moments.  Some simple things have made me laugh hard. and  I love the current bond NHD and BYJ have.  It was a smoothe love confession on his part. The age difference complaints from Netizens is nonsense.  Everybody in HS was with the older crowd at some point. Still happens today. So come on!  Plus BYJ is really harmless in the story.



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  6. 2 hours ago, Skysky said:

    The ending is terrible too, honestly I'm not fan of minchae scenes (and middle age NHD, sorry), totally the downgrade of yesterday eps, it is unfortunate too because more people would watch drama at sunday but our otp had little scenes and the cliffhanger is totally a turn off (I hope people wont give up this drama and still watching. . .)

    :D This feeling of being disappointed sucks.  so far the present day scenes are predicting that BYJ and NHD didn’t end up together.  
    adult NHD not remembering the beach trip is so disappointing.  KMC is so into reading the diary.  she is on the same page as us viewers looking into the past and hoping something happened.   

    am at a point now where I think will try to put off watching and just binge watch the last 6 episodes.  This storyline is driving me crazy now.

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  7. 7 hours ago, marrez1 said:

    Did I miss something? when Seo Dong Ma likes Sa Pi Young

    He is weird.  The emotionless he displayed at amusement park was too odd.  Suspect that he wants something he can’t have? Predicting 50’s wife is going be stuck between caring for her Bells Palsy ex.  I feel bad for her already.  it would be interesting if 50’s ex got back together with his ex.   That reminds me of season 2 ending again.  am going to go back and rewatch and see if there is any connections.  so far the ghost in JA and PY and SD only thing connected. 

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  8. 15 hours ago, maribella said:

    Did anyone notice the name of their kindy?  Star kindergarten. :getmygrooveon:

    Writer stop it. Soon we will see star pizza or star chicken ... ?

    Good Catch!   Guess writer is stuck on rhyming:D


    14 hours ago, booha said:

    Meanwhile KJ returns home and declares to SR who is ready to file for divorce immediately that he will never divorce…

    Just finished subbed episode. KJ is evil! Surprises he is going this far.  The positive side of this is SoRi  must stand up and be strong!!!!  I hope she doesn’t cower .   IF she does then Haru needs to find out asap.  I can’t bear watching her kneel to this idiot KJ!  am mad at everyone right now.  It’s a mess! 
    Everyone has selfish desires. 


    1 hour ago, UnniSarah said:

    I have a major question. Why does YA's father feell the need to remind HR that he is the largest Shareholder of his company. Is being the Largest Shareholder mean it is his company???  Will HR lose the company?? Can someone explain to me why this threat is worht HR's concern??

    HR will always feel obligated to those who invested in him when he had nothing. 
    Whatever YA asked her dad gave.  HR wouldn’t be successful without the investment so…. Kinda stuck 


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