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  1. The production is probably gonna tone down scenes like this. What a pity. I don't know how old YKS is but he doesn't look old enough to be an ahjussi from my point of view. So I don't know why some people are fuzzy about the age difference. See My Ahjussi, the huge age gap is so apparent there but the romance although subtle worked out, another is Goblin, eventhough GY still looks like the same GY in coffee prince ages ago, KGE looks so much younger but they made our hearts flutter. So I'm looking forward to this. Is this webtoon available in english? Like the line webtoon app, or is there a group scanlating this like they did in cheese in the trap, you can view it in naver but the scanlations overlap the webtoon so you can read it in english but the artist can still earn from it.
  2. I really like this series. I'm only watching this and Come and Hug Me right now and I love both. At first, I was a bit awkward watching L and GA mainly bec GA looked so much older than L. But I googled and found that he's only 2 years younger than her. He looks younger, seriously. I really love the message of the drama. As judges, they need to be impartial and unemotional during cases. This is the first time I've seen a drama with judges as the main lead so I have no point of comparison. But I like how both characters are open for growth. IBR is uncompromising but not totally close minded. He listens and muddles over PCOR's actions. My fave part is his silent thoughts. It shows how cynical he has become, maybe bec of his time as a judge. He always say what is on his mind during the hs flashbacks, but he is more introspective now. He is exactly what OR needs. OR is emotionally hasty. BR is her voice of reason. On the other hand, OR has been helping BR to be more empathic to those around him. Can't wait for the next episode.
  3. Minho was supposed to be the end game accdg to the writer based on his post-drama interview. ( http://mosen.mt.co.kr/article/G1110903035#imadnews ) That's why MH got that much airtime and that's why the ending felt inconclusive and there are a couple of things that were not revealed in the end like why he rejected her in college. And the writer had to make MH pathetic in the end to justify the YeLine. Someone posted a translation of the interview on dramabeans and I'm posting the part about Jang Dong Yoon here. ----------------- "Han said he was “Sorry” to Jang Dong-yoon who played Sin Min-ho who frustrated Bo-young(and us) with one-sided love. “I was sorry because Jung Dong-yoon ssi’s character was cursed. There was some part changed from what we planned. As viewers wanted the loveline with Ye Jae-wook, the story went that way. We didn’t decide that loveline in the beginning. Actually there were 80% possibility Sin Min-ho was the person. But as we took the path of loveline with Ye, Min-ho character became annoying, and because of him, Ye Jae-wook was able to shine more. In a sense, Jang Dong-yoon ssi made sacrifice. Jang Dong-yoon si looks girly outwardly, but actually he has various licenses including emergency medical technician and Scuba diving. Also he does work-out, so he has good build. I only found out while filming, but he is actually very manly. He already finished his army duty. He is strong actor.“ Han said Jang also did action scenes without using double.”
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