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  1. Peace) But I did not argue with you. How can I argue about how you personally hear her speech? I just tried to say that knez did't write about her pronunciation because it is a problem. They also write that she is a plastic monster and she does't know how to play. Do you think she should be aware of the problem that she is a plastic monster and fix it? Unfortunately, it’s not always talking about advice, more often it’s just hate. They just love to hate Yumi herself said that some people told her that her voice sounded like she has renit. Someone finds it cute, someone does not like it, it's all individually, but she has no real problems with pronunciation.
  2. lt doesn't seem like a big problem. She was a radio dj for over a year and her show had a lot of fans. If her pronunciation is so difficult to understand, how could she have been radio dj for so long? Besides, I saw that many foreigners are learning Korean by listening to podcasts of her shows.
  3. It seems that you absolutely don't know JYM's filmography. Yumi doesn't play the stereotypical role of rich girls. In "Six flying dragons" she played a spy and a murderer who was raped as a child. In the "mother's garden" she played a humiliated and insulted "icon of patience". In "Master: God of Noodles," she was an orphan, who killed the director of the orphanage in her youth, and when she grew up she became a prosecutor. In "Maids" she was rich woman who became a slave. And I can give you many more examples. What stereotype are you talking about?
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