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  1. I'm gonna take the contrarian viewpoint here. The twins bio-dad is stating that DJ's mom was raped, and he was looking for the rapist...but what evidence do we have that he's telling the truth? He has lied over and over, and he's been bought off by KKH, so he may be spouting this rapist story as a cover to create drama/friction now that DJ is about to have the baby. WDH will be distracted with yet another fire on the home front, and lose his focus in the political arena--thus paving the way for KKH to win the assembly seat. I think DJ's mom may have been raped by the assemblyman back in the day, but this show has so doggone many twists as you noted, it may be pointless to speculate. As to how DJ would feel if she knew her father was a rapist....I think she would be proud that her mother chose life for her instead of the alternative. Knowing that her mother chose to have her and raise her was a primary reason why DJ decided to have JW's baby.
  2. Episode 12....wow, did that feel rushed or contrived for anyone else? Minimal emphasis on the kids, maximum on the political shenanigans. It's a good thing I like this show a lot, or I would have dropped it! However, we do have ample background on the elevator accident, how all that ties in with the political issues--and a solid foundation of the level of corruption WDH and his team are up against. My fear now is that the baddies will target the children or pregnant DJ. After everything she has been thru, I'd hate to see her lose the baby due to some dastardly deed by JH's father KKH. I do enjoy seeing JW now employed by SH's parents at the chicken restaurant. At least he gets to see a goofy but functional relationship between her parents. Like him or not, Han Tak is a perfect grouchy, disaffected teenage boy. He's got all the right mannerisms to make viewers scream in frustration. What a promising young actor. If he wasn't doing such a good job, there would not be such strong feelings toward him.
  3. For all that WDH goes on with his buddy/advisor Bong Soo about using the kids to try and get him elected, it's becoming clear that there is a dichotomy between his actions and his words. His words say that he is using the kids, but the reality is fast becoming that he acts like a responsible parent and the "scumbag" father of the twins is on his last nerve. WDH looked and acted like a real father when SY was sick at the hospital, while Idiot Dad went out to gamble. I was not happy that WDH gave that piece of trash who calls himself the father of the twins the 30 million won that was supposed to be for his wedding. His mother saved that money with her blood, sweat and tears, so it really irked me. He'll gamble it away and ask for more. I admitted to hoping that WDH gave him counterfeit cash, but noooo..... WDH also didn't help himself when he lost his temper and punched that landlord guy. Sure, he had it coming to him, and WDH was obviously replaying the scene in his head where his own mom got kicked out of her restaurant--but it looks bad on tape. JH as 2nd lead is quite refreshing--he is not the evil foil (at least not yet) and he seems to not want to ride on his dad's coat tails and resort to trickery and schemes to win the assembly seat.
  4. Maybe it's just me, but I saw a whole lot of coercion going on in Ep.6. It turned my stomach to see WDH as a grown man and a father figure lobby to abort DJ's baby, especially since DJ thinks WDH is her father. What the heck kind of grandfather wants to kill his own grandchild? Yes, I know he knows he's not her father; he has no "skin in the game" or blood ties, so to speak. She doesn't know though. That's gotta hurt. He only looks at this as more expense, more hassle and possibly a final kibosh on his plans to become an assemblyman again. It's so hypocritical too....didn't he have unprotected sex as a young man? Maybe more than once or with more than one girl? Hmmm. I believe that a woman's decision to go through an abortion is often fueled by coercion from the baby's father, other family members, friends, and even medical personnel. (source). A decision made out of coercion is not a morally valid decision. The intestinal fortitude it must have taken DJ to get up off that operating table was no joke. She's a tough cookie. In addition, that was pretty darn uppity of WDH to go and blow the pregnancy news up to the CEO of the agency without JW being there. Honestly, all of them (JW, DJ and WDH) should have gone together. The penalty is excessive, but one has to assume JW knew that clause was in the contract from the start. I'd really like to see the CEO publicly shamed for the 100 Million Won penalty (about $85,000 USD if my app is correct) now that everyone knows that the baby's father is one of his idol trainees and the future son-in-law of WDH. That's a lot to ask, and I don't expect it--but would love to see how that might play out. I nearly dropped this show, but the writer redeemed it for me at the end when WDH went live on-air and 'fessed up. WDH may go through all these hoops to put on a Great Show, but he seems to realize deep down that being honest with himself, those close to him and the public is the Greatest way.
  5. One thing for sure, this drama doesn't drag out the secrets at least so far. By episode 2, we knew WDH was not the father of DJ, then in DJ and WDH cooly write up a contract for their "family" (she also overheard and knows he is not her father, right?) Now the candidates are going to tackle the tricky topic of abortion...and DJ might be pregnant?!? Whoa! The writer is sure not playing it safe or going for the easy route. Some things are predictable, like the destruction of the fish tank, or getting lost at the amusement park. However the amusement park scene really turned when WDH hugged SY, and he seemed to realize how much he missed her and worried about her. I love this drama so far--it's heartwarming, and funny in the right amount.
  6. OK good, I'm glad I'm not the only one wondering what happened to the little boy who was kidnapped. He needed his medication, IIRC. I hope they don't leave this as a plot hole. For anyone who would like some additional insight into the economic issues (stock market crashing, panic, etc.) you might want to watch the Kmovie from last year "Sovereign Default" with Yoo Ah In.
  7. Sorry to cut your post. This just sends me over the edge. Are there really guys like this? Not just in Kdramas?! Episode 9 left me in tears so many times. I especially liked how PMJ helped his future wife with her court case without being condescending, rude or "man-splaining". How could she not fall for a guy like that? And he proposes after taking her son to the hospital?! **swoon** He's so considerate, and yet he doesn't act like he should get awards for being a decent guy. As a single lady, I'd love to meet a PMJ type of guy in real life. Give me logic, reason, loyalty and facts....and he's so intelligent too without being arrogant about it. A KAIST grad/prof would be most awesome, but I might work with a Cal Tech or MIT grad/prof too! Thanks for letting me know about that show "Where in the world".
  8. Lurker here....just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed everyone's commentary and insight. It's been a while since I enjoyed a Kdrama like 60 Days... I was left a little confused by Episode 9, and the 'scandal' regarding President Park's (adopted) son Si Won. (Full disclosure--I had a bad week including the death of a foster kitten. I am not functioning well.) So the biodad of Si Won is blackmailing the First Lady for money, and threatened to go to the press with the 'scandal'. We know the biodad is a scumbag. What is preventing him from doing this again? Did he get paid off, or threatened by Jun-O? Is there any evidence the biodad is in cahoots with any of the baddies? And Si Won has figured out that PMJ is not his father. But there was no follow-thru. Or will that be for another episode? Si Won doesn't seem like a bad kid--he looks and acts like a textbook normal male teenager. In a way, I feel bad that his parents lied to him about who his dad was, although I can certainly understand why they did it. Any insights would be much appreciated.
  9. I was not being serious--I was thinking only of us viewers (thus the winking emoticon) and how quickly this drama is moving. Us mortals (viewers) only have 32 days left to enjoy this drama!
  10. Angel Dan circled July 11 as the 100th day on his calendar : That's the last day of the drama too! (Assuming no pre-emptions by the network.) Sooo...he's got about 32 days left! 10 episodes for us mortals.
  11. @briseis said: I think you are mistaken Dan never used his handkerchief to wipe the blood of his feet nor was it ever shown to have any healing properties so far. He only used his hand and a towel, look: Yes, you are right--that's what I get for impatiently watching on my phone screen at lunchtime!
  12. I thought it was interesting that Angel Dan used the handkerchief to wipe up the blood and pull out the broken glass on his feet after he protected YS from the falling chandelier. What happened then? All his wounds were healed, the blood disappeared and his foot was whole again. But the handkerchief doesn't magically heal YS's feet, or remove the blood--at least us viewers have not seen this yet. It's suspicious enough that YS has seen Dan's wings. It would be way crazy for her to see a wound disappear--and it would blow Dan's cover sky high. YS wearing the hankie does not seem to provide her with physical protection against injuries or even poisoning like during the dinner cruise fiasco. That takes Angel Dan's presence. But I do think it gives her a smidgen more of confidence. There are a whole lotta vipers and evildoers around her--and the delusional JKW. That can make a young lady cranky and grouchy! Angel Dan shows us yet another manifestation of his love by being amazingly patient and kind to YS--even when she acts unloveable. Sure he gets frustrated! (I picture angels who watch over us face-palming and saying "Do they ever get it?!?" over and over) But Dan persists--and not in an obsessive, stalker-y way like JKW does. Dan puts YS's needs first--and not his own. (remember he helped rebuild the whole beach dance scene for JKW). That's why he is a better angel than JKW, and why (I hope and pray! pun intended) he won't have the same fate.
  13. OK, here's my theory. I'm sure I will get ripped for it, but here it goes: Angel Dan's mission was to have YS love again. Sunbae Angel did not specify that the person YS was supposed to love was JKW. I think Dan (inexperienced with humans) assumed that. Perhaps Dan's mission is to BE the person YS loves. That's why the feather glows when they kissed....because he's on the right track. When JKW puts the ashes of Matil in the Buddhist temple, I think that the feather turns black for a couple of reasons. First of all, her ashes are in a place where there are idols....just like he made her his idol and put her above his relationship with God. It symbolizes the blackness of his heart and soul--because the next scene IIRC, was that JKW tried to hang himself. And then overdose on pills. He is doomed to be alive and endlessly grieves Matil's death; a sentence of Hell in itself. Dan also is a rookie angel because he feels he can't say he likes YS. He doesn't want to do what JKW did and put his love for YS above his love for God. However, the scripture says that a man should love his wife like Christ loved the church. By loving YS, and (hopefully for us viewers) marrying her, he fulfills his mission and keeps his relationship with God. I agree with @briseis. It's been a long time since I've seen such a cracktastic drama, with so much to ponder. The writing is amazing and the beautiful cinematography adds to the magical feeling.
  14. How unprofessional. It's not like these daily dramas have a bed scene, or anything resembling a hawwt kissing scene. She couldn't even stand a back hug?!! Wow. No wonder us viewers saw such a mess at the end. I thought PYJ did an above average acting job (given the limitations of the script) and he is easy on the eyes as well.
  15. I couldn't find much info...but yeah, I love her hair. So nice to see when everyone else colors their hair! https://mydramalist.com/people/22846-yang-hye-jin
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