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  1. To the one and only Kim Soo hyun,

    I can't believe how time flies. It's the fourth year of your birthday since I became a fan of yours and for me I am more than happy to see that your stars keep on shining brighter and brighter each year. For this year my wish for you is to be more successful in your endeavor and as always I hope you have good health all year round. Keep on doing your best and don't ever stop learning new things, keep improving and keep proving your bashers wrong. You may have things hinder your success but I have no doubt you'll end up winner in the end.

    Happy happy birthday! Looking forward to more years of celebrating with you in this very special day!

    Hi @lhynne!

    I remember your name, I saw it many times in the earlier days of this forum. Back then, baby was not yet famous as he is today but you with another girl were so active in pouring items about our baby....'though it is history...from dream high to moon embraces the sun...thank you for all your efforts and love for KSH. Thats the foundation of this thread, your tireless efforts in following our baby...more than 4 years ago you already noticed our baby back then, even before all of us here became aware of HIS existence...

    You should be promoted to IMMORTAL a long time ago because you really are one immortal fan of our baby!

    Now, let's celebrate together his birthday and thank God for all his blessings to our baby...

    I hope to see you post here more often again, although I'm a silent lurker here most of the time but you should know, active people here are all daebak! And you will feel that the love for our baby is always alive...

    Hqppy Birthday my beloved first love Korean! Thank you for simply existing in our life! I hope to see your new work again, drama or a movie...just show us again your acting.

    Annyeong my ikstars sisters!

  2. This girl posted this vid in youtube, late last January and back then I was just starting to follow KSH...so while watching My Love From the Stars, I was also searching for facts and news about baby Soo Hyun and I saw this vid just uploaded by Lucy...

    I was amazed at this girl for she totally nailed it. I hope you enjoy watching this...

    :x :x :x
  3. Dear Baby Soo Hyun,

    I know its not just me, there are millions of us from 4 corners of the world who are thinking of you everyday, every hour, every minute. You may not know or meet each one of us in your lifetime but I want you to know that we truly love you to the moon and back. How you made us happy SIMPLY BY JUST EXISTING AWESOMELY WITH YOUR GREAT WORKS AND YOUR SMILE. To some you may not be the best looking actor but to me you simply are the best. I pray that you continue to stay tough and resilient to all the trials that may come. Life goes on but I hope you keep in mind, we are here to stay...in this forum of yours at Soompi. Just stay awesome baby! This too shall pass...

    All my love,


  4. Some people don't seem to understand that they don't need to post comment...they just NEED TO CLICK THE LIKE BUTTON AT the NAMES OF ACTORS (Kim Soo Hyun) commented by Showbiz Korea. Otherwise it will not be counted


    Now his vote is 600+...help everyone, jebbal!

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