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  1. Condor Heroes is one of my favorite stories but the last one with CX/MC totally ruined it for me. At this point, they really need to stop making them every 2 years lol. I'm sad that ZZH did not play Zhang Wuji in the new HSDS because the trailer looks pretty awesome. He would have been the most handsome ZWJ. =)
  2. *waves* I was starting to get sad that this thread seemed dead lol. I'm still reading the novel too, and loving it. I'm on C 489 but slowing down because I don't want to catch up the translated chapters because I don't want to wait every day for new chapters haha! I still haven't found another crack drama that's as good and addictive as this one! I will probably have to watch it again...for the 4th time soon LOL. I'm waiting for ZZH's new dramas and seems he's also filming some movies so hopefully they'll be out next year.
  3. Yes, so agree! I get so annoyed at female leads who are suppose to be strong and smart but let other people push them around or fall for stupid schemes by the same person again and again, and then the male lead has to save her. HYX doesn't need LFY but he's there to protect her when he feels she needs him. Yes, so far both characters are pretty consistent. I like how HYX can totally carry on her own without LFY, but also love how he just shows up and saves the day when she least expects it - though she doesn't know that he's always stalking her LOL. There's a scene where she punishes the empress dowager's maid with 50 canes and when LFY hears about it, he says it was a good beating (I'm paraphrasing) - I laughed so hard at how they think alike! They make an awesome team.
  4. I also love novel HYX! She's so smart and witty. I particularly love how she deals with difficult situations and how she handles all the annoying characters. It's also funny how ruthless she can be some times, similar to LFY.
  5. I figured out the other weirdly translated lines, but always wondered what this one is LOL. Apparently, Endymion was a handsome mortal from Greek mythology https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Endymion_(mythology) I'm watching Cosmetology High where he plays a bad guy...it's entertaining so far.
  6. Aw he's so cute. I'm sad his other dramas weren't that good...I finished them but didn't enjoy them even half as much as this one! He and JJY are too cute together...maybe they'll have a project together in the future. Edit: Hope he keeps doing period dramas! Still enjoying the novel a lot!
  7. I read it in a blog so I'm not sure if Dec is confirmed. I hope it's in this year and not pushed back to 2019! Maybe they have a lot of post-production to do? He said in an interview that he's working on a movie and will do a drama after that. I think he's also filmed two dramas previously that have not aired yet...so we have lots to look forward to! =)
  8. Thanks for the *um* preview of things to come ... I kind of like the development of their relationship in the novel. It does make it realistic since they were complete strangers and he was such an emotionless person. I also think the writers did a great job developing their relationship in the drama. No one fell head over heels so quickly and they truly fell for each other's personalities more so than looks...although ZZH is quite a hottie and JJY is very pretty so even if it was love at first sight, it would be believable. I'm like you, no other dramas can satisfy me right now. I watch an episode or two of the new Cdramas and I get bored. No interest in the main leads lol. I even tried watching Mr. Swimmer and the male lead really turned me off! so I'm enjoying reading the novel and will occasionally watch an episode to remind me of the lovely couple. I'm really looking forward to Zhao Ge (hope it's gonna be really good!!!) but I hear it doesn't air till December Let's keep this thread alive to entertain ourselves in the mean time lol
  9. The author is a good writer (and credits to the translator as well) - she leaves us wanting more. Chemistry is oozing off the pages, and there's a lot of s*xual tension between the two I read in the comments somewhere that they don't consummate their marriage until Chap 840+ hahahaha....we have a long way to go! Waiting for the Giant Iceberg to melt is really testing my patience! But I know why they had to change a lot for the drama because otherwise, we wouldn't get a hug or a kiss until Epi 40 lol
  10. Since the English translations are not done yet, if you can read Vietnamese, seems like the whole novel has been completely translated: https://truyencv.com/thien-tai-tieu-doc-phi/
  11. Yes! I think that's a huge part of why I like the novel! I'm on Chap 178 and I'm hoping they will have more translated so I won't have to wait long lol. I also like the Novel Yunxi is really smart and no BS kinda girl. I love how she tells LFY off and walks away with no qualms LOL. I think that's why he's so attracted to her because nobody has ever dared to talk back to him or treat him as an equal. It's funny how they always describe him so god-like. I wished they had shown LFY being on roof tops more in the drama, some of scenes described in the novel seemed so cool! I do love all his outfits in the drama though - he looked really good in everything and all colors. Drama Yunxi was a lot more innocent and naive . And I would have no problems being "visually assaulted" if they wanted to show more scenes of ZZH bathing
  12. Is anyone else reading the translated novel online??? It is soooo good! I love it so much! Now, I really wished they had made the drama much longer and added more scenes and characters from the novel! Like this scene: Unexpectedly, her first sight upon going in was an undressed Long Feiye preparing to enter the hot springs. His long, slender body was refined from all angles, the cold, stiff contours as beautiful as the edges of a perfect knife. The strong visual assault forced Han Yunxi to stop in her tracks and freeze in place. She only felt a rush of blood to her head and narrowly avoiding her mind shattering to pieces. Even so, Han Yunxi still couldn’t pull her eyes away. That wild, unruly back, sexy behind, long legs, each and every part was filled with boundless physical strength, overwhelming her brain with various thoughts. At this moment, Han Yunxi only felt one way: there was no saving her now.
  13. https://youtu.be/Lm_kYlr_6WY In case any one else, like me, cannot get enough of his handsome face
  14. I finished Ban Shu Legend but didn't enjoy it much LOL, too predictable and characters not well developed. Agree that the make up department failed for the drama - all the women have kabuki-style make up with very very white faces while all the males are so orange and tan.
  15. Wow she is so talented! I would have loved to have her and ZZH sing the theme song together, he has quite a nice voice as well. I'm enjoying the novel so much, a lot more than I thought I would! =)
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