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  1. It's wednesday, and i done re-watch all episode ALML... And still looking another drama to make me move from this drama..
  2. @ayupkurnia i never expected for bed scene, but that's YS' bed.. I remember for sure.. How can he wake up at YS bed?? Can't wait for tonight episode..
  3. @taeunfighting the wing didn't come out when KD fell to the river (when he pushed by KJW), it means the wings corellate nothing with wet KD, but only with rain...or maybe with danger situation just like @Ni Wen said?? Not sure either.. But we still have 4 episodes left, maybe the answer will be revealed soon. Im still praying for happy ending... Pleaseee...
  4. @kokkuri33 you don't have to worry, you know that Kim Dan very protective to Yeon-seo, so he won't let Ru-na do something that harm his love.. I wish heaven let me have someone like KD...I'm jealous with YS...
  5. I just found out about this forum last night and i feel i found heaven where Dan angel pic where everywhere and I thing that I love most is averybody share their thoughts about this drama. I do hope this drama will have a happy ending and DanYeol story wil be different from JKW's but i don't want to kee my hope high.. But i like how many share about this possibility so i still have hope for happy ending.. Why i just found this forum when only 4 episodes left?
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