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  1. What a heartbreaking ending! But I must admit I prefer both of them to leave together than to leave one behind. The person who is left behind will suffer even more from the pain of moaning for/missing the deceased. Poor JG. Another trauma added to his already guilty scarred heart. Hope he marries Tak and move on. And for us, let's do a *group hug* and move on too....Take care everyone!
  2. Same thoughts! I find it rather funny for JS (Cat) to call him Ajashi when their age gap is probably only a few years apart? Oppa seems more appropriate? Now, I am confused. How come both guys have similar experience as her husband? Thought Kim is a fairy too? How come he is also a husband candidate? IMO YH and ON seems more compatible as husband and wife. Whereas Kim and ON looks more like Noona-dongsaeng.LOL No, there isn't. Maybe next week.
  3. Maybe we should ping the Dramamilk team to let them know that the whole village is waiting for them. Most of us are staying up late waiting to know the truth before we can sleep soundly.
  4. Haven’t had a chance to watch ep 14 yet. To be honest, I sympathize SG more than SDJ. At least for SDJ, there is a medical term for his illness which means there is a possibility that with the advance of medical science, he has a chance of recovery. Even if he doesn’t recover, he is coping well with the illness (tho now it may pose a greater inconvenience since the world knows about it.). Nevertheless, at least to the public, SDJ is still acceptable as a normal human being although with a cognitive disorder, that’s all. Whereas for SG, she is probably the only human being with such an illness (or maybe not? Her dad??). She can’t even explain her illness to anyone without being deemed a freak or psycho. Her illness is way too unpredictable. No set time of onset of the change. No clue who she will change into. When she will change back or worse, the uncertainty if she will even change back to her real self at all. This is probably the greatest fear of all. This also means she can’t conceive? (Ok this may not be such a big problem since they can always adopt a child.) Above all, no one knows what triggered the change and how she can reverse it to be fully cured. She will probably need a kiss from a Prince, an antidote from her dad or some fairy or simply a miracle from heaven? Who knows?! Oh well, I’m so looking forward to see what the writer has in store for us next week. How will she bring us to the land of the-happy-ever-after! Hopefully. Fingers crossed.
  5. Hi xtlover15 Thanks for the good news! I am ecstatic to know that EXO will hold a concert in 2019! Hopefully before XiuMin enlists. Do you happen to know the exact dates of their concert? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hahahah Yes!! they definitely need a wedding and a bed scene to break their curse and resume back to normal self!
  7. @AlexandraReid Annyeong! Thank you for all your effort in updating this thread! I'm a new EXO-L so I truly appreciate any bit of news of the EXO!! Wished they will hold some concerts next year!!
  8. This is the book .. LIVING WITH TRAUMA By Yang Kyung-mo Prologue : Living with trauma Chapter 1: son of a murderer – living as a murderers family member Chapter 2: the boy who lost his memory – he had to imagine his past Chapter 3 the kid that does not get hurt – What is left after two foster homes Chapter 4 His reason for hitting the dog – cycle of abuse Chapter 5: the kid survivor – After surviving that big incident Chapter 6: the dark 52 hours – The dark 52 hours after experiencing an abduction Chapter 7: The invisible girl – The ugly duckling of that rich family Epilogue: Love, Sympathy, and Time Cr: Dramamilk.com.
  9. Hahaha.. I like that! That would be so cool! Then DJ and SG will also match make the secretary and WM. And we will have the 3 couples go on a triple date together! LOL
  10. Same here!! Felt so cheated! IMO, too many random, irrelevant scenes that we won't care about. I was so anxious, kept looking at the clock, counting down every second, expecting for our OTP to meet and marry. Then..with only a few minutes left, they just reunite and kiss. The end. WHAT???? Where is the palace scene we have been waiting for? Would have been nice to get a glimpse of HS, all dolled up in wedding hanbok and declared as wife of CP! That would have ended the drama neatly. Now for me, it's a 9.5/10 instead of a 10/10 for this ending. LOL. Anyway, it's been a great journey watching with all of you here. Off to catch the next drama.
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