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  1. @africandramalover I am sorry that I have to disagree with you. I don't think that MG "hang on to his idea and assume everyone thinks the same". The so-called marriage is his dream. But from my view, I believe what he dreams of is a family of his own. A family which may or may not be one with legally married. It is just a person he loves and loves him, being together, share everyday life together. He even mentioned to TM that he does not care whether she will get married with him or not. He just loves her now. He is just waiting for her to truely open up to him and walk with him hand in hand, day by day. Whatever future may hold, just let it be. It is TM that hold her value tight in her mind. Like I said in my earlier post .. what's wrong with her? Does she has any background trauma? I mentioned that I am still rooting for this couple, MG/TM. I am still have trust in the writer. She has write brilliantly so far. If she just wants to manifest that different values in relationship is actually different. There is no way to solve them. Only way is to go separate ways. I will just ... ummm! But, if she is really good to my expectation. Let's see which solution she will find for them to come back to be together again.
  2. My gosh..Park Mogoen! My heart broke into pieces for him! What wrong with you, Bae Ta Mi? What is of your logic? Being older to know better.. that’s b_llsh_t (sorry for being rude here..I am very upset). What is wrong that you hurt a person who loves you (and yourself, too). Bae Ta Mi, you are not Morgan’s mother (like someone said in earlier post .. my apology that I cannot track your post looking through my phone). Even being a mother, a mother should consider what her son truly wants rather than what 'she wants' for him, by the way. How fortunate if you can find a man who is an arrogant young man who already established himself, who loves you so very much with passion, understanding, supportive, and wise enough to guide you through your hardship (many times), and love you enough to go through hell to let you go (to free you for you to do get what you want – her crazy own thought of being good for him) Love is foundation of a couple (whatever marriage or not). Lives after being a couple are to compromise. Give and take are a must. You give some-You take some. Much or less depends on different circumstances. I love this drama because of its story line, each created characters, and their dialogues. I love the writer as I consider her the best to write such a drama with different vibe than other normal ones I have seen so far. I am still trust in her for a happy ending for TM and MG which I will be waiting to see whether she can show me how their relationship can be resolved. Please don’t go the crazy in love but can’t be together route. My dear heart will not be able to bear it, for sure (I will start cursing, too, if so … lol)
  3. Signed in once again with tears !! My heart ached for both MG and JH. They have been trying very hard to get to the loves of theirs. It happened to be like they ran into the invisible walls that both their loves, TM and SC, are building around themselves. For Tami, MG just crushed into walls after walls she has been creating within her mind. While JH ran into a big thick wall that Scarlett has created. D….ng, this is depressing. Being older.. so what.. if the man is that mature and wise enough to comfort you through many of your difficult times (MG) .. if the man has a very kind heart same as yours (SC). I am really depressed and want next week to come fast so that so I can scream, curse the writer, or can sigh out my happiness at the end. (kind of let get it over with .. lol) By the way, I don’t like the piano teacher. I suspect that she might know that TM and MG is in some kind of relationship. If not and if she is truly a decent person, how come she lost someone else belonging (TM earrings) without remorse. This kind of person will be happy if she can have someone else belonging, either things or men (sorry .. it’s my bias saying .. haa)
  4. @mywebfoot .. bravo to your insightful comment .. I truely like it. Just want to let you know
  5. @chickfactor .. Thank you so much for your recap. I now knew what was going on to my JY and YJ last night (after kept refreshing the page like crazy lol). Seem not much telling on back stories about YJ marriage (at least as much as I want to know and dying to know that I want the less 3 episodes to all come tomorrow .. ha). Watching the story gave cancer to JR, first I thought what the heck .. again? Are there too much cancer in Kdrama land..almost every dramas...and in ep13 .. and to JR, suddenly? .. for what? Then, I thought to myself that probably the writer would like to point out that everything can happen .. poping out of nowhere when you are not expecting (am I sacrastic?). But when looking at YJ brother during JR bursting out at him, he definitely tried to hide his emotion. He was very much effected by her words and action. Then I realize that YJ and her brother (SJ, right) are the same. They appear lively, happy, strong/confident. But actually they are scare .. scare to really love someone. It seem to me that they are scare that the ones they love would left them (like their parents, girlfriend, daughter). For them, it might be less hurtful to not love or walk away first. I will watch the whole thing when the sub came out to get my real feel (as well as keep refreshing this thread to read your cooments which are all insighted). I will wish for tonight and next Thursday to come fast & I hope for my JY YJ to be together happily at the end.
  6. Please someone kindly tell me what happened in tonight episode .. pleaseeee
  7. Would someone be kind to guess the age of YJ's daughter? The one she held her hand while walking? Is there any possibility that he was JY's? Is there a possibilty that YJ got married to the doctor due to drunken night or because she was pregnant? Any comment?
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