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  1. Hello! Not had time to hang around Soompi so often but glad to still see familiar faces I wasn't too sure about this project initially, but having watched a couple of episodes, could see why he picked it. He's forever the devoted guy - in all his projects, he's always picked characters like that. Loyal, faithful, devoted, unwavering. Fighting! Hyuk Hyuk. Will always be rooting for you. celes80
  2. Hey there, how is everyone? Sorry I haven't been popping in much. Busy w real life and not much time to daydream about Hyuk, although he is still always at the back of my mind. Dropped in to say hi and that I hope all of you regulars still have him in your hearts. In a way, no news is good news. Hope to catch up with you guys soon. Miss ya! Luv, Celes
  3. OMG, the new Soompi is so glitchy! I can't edit the above post so I am reposting again here. @‌booha and folks, go here to see the translation http://celesc.livejournal.com/15259.html. Actually it was already translated from J to C, and I dont have access to the original article so this is a translation of a translation. Pardon any inaccuracies!
  4. ​@booha - for some strange reason, your earlier tag was not flagged out to me earlier and I only got the notification today... I would be happy to take a look at the article and let everyone know if there is anything interesting. Do you mind posting the link here or PM-ing it to me? P.S. Thanks for your wonderful posts as always
  5. Hey Soompiers! It's been a while. Forum is quite quiet... wish we had more people posting here. @booha - Thanks so much for all your interesting posts and keeping this forum alive. To the regular Hyuk girls - can you head over to my blog? (You would know where to head to... ) I posted something I "owed" for sometime.. hehe. @vforvintagevera - are you still here?? Now that I'm back and more or less settled back home, I hope to be able to work on a few more pieces in my spare time. Interesting pieces that no one has translated thus far. P.S. How do we hide content? Is it using the spoiler t
  6. @ell4u - hello, I'm still here. Incredibly tired though since I only recently just returned home after returning halfway around the globe and am jet lagging like crazy. Hope to be more active here when things are more settled on my end. When PP was airing, I was way too busy to be able to follow it and I only recently just picked it up again. I just finished episode 9. @booha - it's amazing how you read my mind and just posted pics of PP episode 10! That makes me excited for the next episode, lol. Now, I know most of you have finished PP already but I've only recently picked it up and it's kin
  7. @booha - thks much for posting the pics... He lost so much weight!! I've heard that the basic training is the toughest... It should be easier for him from here on. P.S. Thanks for asking abt me earlier... Was too busy packing to reply. Well now, everything's almost done and I'm counting down to the last few days... Wish right now JH's countdown was as short as mine!! Our regular forum should be back soon! Yeah!!
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