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  1. The Kookmin ship in my opinion might just turn out to be real. I started noticing this when I first saw them interact during RM 372. There was a part where KJK's showed how he shows his interest to a girl. Everybody made fun of his style, including YJS and LKS but notice the reaction of the 3 ladies that are on that episode. Bomi and SJH both had that "eeww" reaction clearly indicating that they are not the lovey-dovey sweet type of ladies. So Min on the otherhand, reacted differently and was the type who like to be swept off her feet with such messages. KJK's style perfectly matches that of So Min's which is funny and weird because they have a polar opposite personalities. Given KJK's personality, he's an alpha-male type who is very , very shy and sweet inside. His personality has been proven by his colleagues as well as interviews that he's made over the years. Even the answers he had during his guesting on Healing Camp a few years ago reveals the kind of personality he has including how he handles his lovelife. He's a very shy guy who will keep things to himself (remember the comment made by Gary that KJK is like a "rock")unless the girl would send overtures or show interest on him directly. Now, you might be wondering why I highlighted these things. It's simply because, the coffee date that everyone learned on RM 441 happened because So Min was the one who initiated it. She sent a text asking him out which from the looks of it completely rattled the Sparta thus he ended up asking LKS to come over. Her direct approach is what likely caused KJK to react like this on SNS. His interest have definitely pique on her as to whether that's just plain interest or more is something that nobody here can answer unless you're personally close with both of them. The small things that everyone is pointing out like a hawk on RM are just an after effect as they've become closer to each other. Also, it's likely the reason behind why we see KJK reacting and posting comments on So Min's instagram . This is definitely something that you don't see from him as he tends to be very reserve. They look perfect, right? but I'll try to drag everyone's delusions to the ground. We don't know whether or not KJK will have the guts to show his affection and try to make a run for So Min given the age gap but one thing I'm pretty sure of is if KJK decides to go for it, he'll be very happy with So Min's response.
  2. Just passing by to react on the comments left here...
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