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  1. I love MY . Finally...something to look forward to on the weekends...after TKEM ended. Tsk...here comes weekly waiting for new episodes.
  2. All songs are awesome. I'm waiting for them to release the CDs that't what I meant. Also I noticed the event from ep.10 future LG visit is different maybe because LG succeed in his mission, so that the outcome of it would be different. Same visit, same flowers but different JTE..from clothes and her wearing the necklace.
  3. Just want to say that the OST of The King is superb and full of awesomeness. I can't wait 'till they release it.
  4. I voted LG+JTE...I was wayyy offfff. I guess the shoes was just a mistake from the wardrobe department.
  5. This is so sad actually...how many years he was stuck in 1994? From Tae Eul small to now.
  6. I have a feeling at the end, in order to the portals to be closed and everything back to the way it's supposed to, they have to be separated. Either LG or JTE's memories would have to be erased too. It has to be only one of them remembers. Based on the interogation scene on ep 1, my take it's JTE who doesn't remember. I could be wrong. My head hurts with all the possibilities.
  7. Can someone DM me the link for live stream? I accidently closed the page without saving it. Pretty please... Thank you
  8. I love Faith. It took me awhile to move on from LMH's general Choi Young. Faith brought me to lurk on soompi's forums. I remember the thread was exploding when the kiss finally happened. The King thread reminds me of Faith thread. I was enjoying all the theories, predictions, calculations etc, much like this thread. After Faith came out Heirs I think, and I just couldn't watched it after ep 5. Somehow it didn't click for me.
  9. It is sad the part when Lady Noh told JTE 'try not to stay in this world and the king', foreshadowing a sad ending?
  10. This is the one I was looking for. Thank you. Looking forward to hear the full version from the ost. So much longing
  11. I like the instrumental background music at the end of ep 3 or 4. Anybody know the title or the artist? It sound sad and romantic at the same time.
  12. So excited about this drama. Last Lee Min Ho's drama that I like wasThe Great Doctor or The Good Doctor. I think he had great chemistry with the female lead, even tho she is older. And what a great love story it was. I tried The Heir and LOTBS, but didn't get to finish them for some reason. Looking forward to my Friday and Saturday mornings.
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