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  1. In a way, he was. They both were forced, but it just happened XQ's fallen for Awu after he saved her from the fall from the roof. It was not so bad for him but bad for Awu at the time.
  2. Awu's cousin and her mother are trouble. Can't stand the empress and empress dowager. Ugh
  3. Oooo...pretty posters. I don't like the general's hair up like that but ...it's ok
  4. Where did you watch episodes without subs? I tried ChinaZone on youtube but it stuck on ep. 23.
  5. I'm so bad, I watched up to episode 19 no subs and spoiling myself but not really since I don't understand what they say. I'm going to watch again when the subs out. It's tortureee...1 episode a day.
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