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  1. Where did you watch episodes without subs? I tried ChinaZone on youtube but it stuck on ep. 23.
  2. I'm so bad, I watched up to episode 19 no subs and spoiling myself but not really since I don't understand what they say. I'm going to watch again when the subs out. It's tortureee...1 episode a day.
  3. I'm so hooked after only 1 episode. I'm so glad I gave it a try when I was looking around for new drama to watch. I love the male lead, manly and oozes charisma not some pretty flower boy. The female lead...no need to comment, she's just awesome. I wish I understand chinese so I don't have to wait for subs.
  4. Is it just me or the story kinda like the anime Inuyasha. It crossed my mind because of the shooting arrows scene.
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