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  1. On 9/29/2018 at 5:25 AM, Cache Sand said:

    Glad to see LYY finally appeared in public events after the end of the drama. Love to see her bright smile. Actually I was a little upset when she did not attend the wrap up party on last Thursday. It was also the first time she joined this movie's promotional activity. 

    For our onion couple, I found something interesting in the end of the drama press conference video. They showed the same hand gestures on the same time. Their minds were in sync. 






    Wowwwww i love it, thank you for sharing. I think she is busy for shooting Diva so she cannot join any programe about DJ wrap up party and movie activities /Wonderful ghost. And now Shin min ah goes to Paris and LYY can join movie activity. Maybe she has a free time for these days


    She is so cutieeee, hope she will have a brightly smile everyday from now.

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  2. I just finished last ep with subtitle. Full of tears!!! beautiful storyline, the writer made the reason to make sense and clear. Im glad that they added the story about her sister SoEun  and family to remind SoEun to understand KangHo, his liar has happened coz just wanna be with SoEun only. And the ending is so impressive, just walk beside together, holding hand. Thats enough and romantic for me. 

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  3. 2 hours ago, rachelyun said:

    New OST, to be released today! 





    In other more important news, LYY was injured while filming her movie "Diva", they say she's okay and can still keep shooting both :tears: 

    Whatttttt, but she can shoot until the end! Hope she get well soon_/\_

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  4. Im newbie here; i fell in love of acting LYY first from tunnel. I've never known before that her smile shining brightly coz her cold character in tunnel. For YSY This is the first drama of him that i saw and his acting for 2 twin characters are so amazing. Their chemistry of acting is natural, so impact and touchable for me. Hope their friendship is long forever coz they are so cute together!

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  5. ayronics said: It is me again. Now with more Q&A. Dont miss this if you are KSH and JJH shipper.

    More Q&A By KSH

    Who was the one who asked to act in the Star? Was it JJH or KSH?

    Actually before discussing the Star, JJH and I were already chatting with each other through texts. At first, it was just a simple greeting and asking about each other. Then we continued to chat and it led to us saying “it would be great if we can work together in a drama.” So we will share with each other what types of script we received. At first it was noona who raised this, then naturally we met each other at the Stars. Prior to choosing this drama, we were already discussing (what kind of projects will be better for us).

    OMG YOU KNOW RIGHT, this will cause us to spazz a lot again!! my favourite again


    Then something else that I read but was not captured in the original set of Q&A.

    What is your best scene

    It has got to be the snow lake frozen kiss. That day it was snowing very heavily. the snow was very deep and that ice has to give a very warm feeling. What is special, the script did not specify what to do when kissing her, so I was troubled what should I do, whether to hold her shoulders, or her neck and in the end i chose to hold her hands (!!!!!!!!!!! am dying here!) In the end at the celebratory dinner, the script writer says she really likes that scene where I held her hand, so that made me very happy (YAY)

    adding gifs from soosoosoohyun

    removes gloves (Sexxxxy)


    Holds hands




    Everyone is curious what happened during the celebratory dinner. How did the actors and staff spend the night?

    Actually its no different from the usual celebratory dinner, we laughed and talked, took photos, signed autographs and a lot of seniors got drunk (laugh), it was very comfortable and natural.

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