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  1. No, everyone mostly uses a sword to fight, or they use some sort of weapon.
  2. I read about the news of the mobile game and the weibo accounts on douban here. This person is a fan that does daily updates on the rumors etc that they find from weibo and the net on the fate of the show.
  3. No problem! Hopefully it does air soon, this time around a lot of reputable sources on weibo are saying it's tomorrow. But then again, this show and The Investiture of the Gods from last month have taught me that nothing is ever certain in drama land. Lol I'm such a Debbie Downer.
  4. Le sigh, now people are saying it's airing tomorrow. Lol, so much uncertainty going around. However, the official mobile game that's supposed to launch when the show airs also put out a notice just over the weekend hinting that the show and the game are coming soon so...
  5. Good to hear of Kim Jung-Hyun's return! He was really special and wonderful in Time, I didn't watch the entire drama, but he gave an incredibly memorable performance. I was wondering about how he was doing the other day, nice to see that he's well enough to accept work again.
  6. I think this really may be airing on Monday/Tuesday because I see the promo clips back on the youtube channel that's officially uploading the drama. And all of the trailers and clips promoting the show are available to watch again on Zhejiang TV's youtube channel, which were previously hidden/deleted, I believe. Let's hope it really happens. Edit: Everyone is saying it's Monday on weibo, if there aren't anymore surprises or accidents. And the youtube channel I mentioned above, apparently they uploaded 11 new clips, I have no idea how true that is because I read it on douban, and I can't verify because I never watched the clips before. But all of this looks promising though.
  7. Dunno, but My Robot Boyfriend is confirmed to not be airing after all.
  8. So Zhejiang TV ended up airing Running Man again tonight in the time slot. #stopplayingwithmyheart
  9. Zhejiang TV is playing Running Man again today, I guess it's good news for now since they're not airing another drama in the time slot. I'm remaining cautiously optimistic for now lol.
  10. All of the official weibos involved with the show have been keeping mum, so I'm going to take it as a good sign that they're scrambling behind the scenes to try and fix whatever issue there is in order to air the show asap. Because if they're replacing the show or whatever, I assume at least Zhejiang TV would have posted something about the replacement, like what has happened with Prince of Tennis.
  11. Eh, I don't think it's the SARFT's decision to yank it off air, if it was, they've had plenty of time to do it and not like right before the airing time, which was like 9:30pm. I've seen some theories on weibo that say either it's one of the companies having some issues (like Tencent) and having to halt the release so Youku and Zhejiang Official TV had no choice but to follow since all three were supposed to air at the same time. Another is that the show got reported by Hunan Official TV and hence why it got yanked off the air so quickly. There's just so many rumors flying around right now but hope the show airs soon or at least will be able to air without any substantial cuts.
  12. I'm reading the rumors on weibo, and one popular idea is that the it's going to air on or after June 6th so that it doesn't affect the high schoolers taking their college entrance exams. There's still no word from any official sources so it's annoying that they're just leaving the audiences hanging like that.
  13. @zenya22 You make a really good point about Fukada not trusting YJ completely when she told him about KWB and Manchuria. He was acting very ambiguous there, and he doesn't outright say anything that confirm or deny whether he believes what she says or not. I don't know whether he is suspicious of YJ yet but he is definitely hyper aware of KWB because of the reports that he's a spy that's been hanging around YJ.
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