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  1. 3 hours ago, justanotherfan said:

    I can provide some translation for this interview, past their self-introduction which hasn't been subbed yet in the captions. Not translating the scenes in the drama


    0:43 When asked about what was charismatic about her character, PMY said MIso's smile has some power/strength?(sorry, not sure what word to use), and that Miso is an independent and confident person, which she liked a lot. When asked if she is similar to the character, PMY said very similar and got shy, and PSJ teased that was why she kept talking about it. PSJ said with regards to YoungJoon there are more differences in personality than similarities, but over time he integrated YoungJoon's character into himself, and to get the best portrayal of YoungJoon, he will work hard on it. PMY adds on and says that he is already very similar now, and PSJ agrees but he said in the beginning it was really different.

    1:28 Next question was whether they had any narcissistic moments in real life and PMY said during filming/poster shooting she will self-hypnotize herself to believe that she is the prettiest etc, which is quite common for them. PSJ gives her a look and says that it is not them but only PMY herself. PMY was shook and asked him that he didnt self-hypnotize himself while shooting for that poster? and PSJ calmly agrees. 

    2:13 Last question was whether there were any lines or scenes that were most memorable. PMY happily says the scene where they rode the rollercoaster was interesting because it was the first time she ever took one, so it wasn't acting on her part. PSJ says that it accurately portrays YoungJoon's and Miso's characters

    Ooo...wow, i felt their sexual tension during their press conference but this intw (The IQIYI interview (May 30th, day of the presscon)), is showing how PSJ is affected by PMY's proximity and the way she leans onto him is just so sweet and intimate to watch and i cant help getting more than ideas abt them!!

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  2. 3 hours ago, minseojoon said:


    Hahahha...that should be the title of this thread! What's Wrong With Park Seo Joon 2018new_taikaixin_org.png


    I just discovered something  here......

    Watch...when he turned around, since he couldn't look her in the eyes...his eyes went straight down....OOOPSSS...can't look there either! That's off limit too Mister Park 2018new_touxiao_org.png



    Her outfit was just too distracting for PSJ hahaha...



    3 hours ago, minseojoon said:


    Ramble and spazzzzz all you want! That's what this thread is for...haha.


    He had to close his eyes here....too much closeness for him to bear...LOL




    After PMY's body contact you can see PSJ clearly blushing and "high"....hahhaa

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  3. On 6/26/2018 at 7:37 AM, minseojoon said:

    During this KaKao Talk, they haven't film with each other for that long...so we don't know their comfort level with each other yet. But apparently PMY was also taking care of him off-screen as his secretary...and she looked annoyed after giving him the phone...LOL



     Sometimes a guy just wanna be able to be himself i guess (when he's around someone he's got a soft spot on hehehe), hence PSJ showed his vulnerable side and wanted PMY to just give him some TLC hahaha.  I seem to think she's still in character or what? 

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  4. Huhu...Luo Jin is super hardworking this year and I am just so excited to see him non stop cause though i discovered him this late i am truly glad to have known him now (hey better late than never right?) as Luo Jin is one fantastic and talented man and actor!!


    Heres the Royal Nirvana booting ceremony pics and LJ as usual looks super fit and handsome:


    photo royal 1.jpg


    photo royal 7.jpg


    photo royal 4.jpg


    photo royal 2.jpg


    photo royal 8.jpg


    Source: https://www.avirtualvoyage.net/2018/05/luo-jin-and-li-yi-tong-begin-filming-royal-nirvana.html

    credit as tagged


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  5. On 5/15/2018 at 9:15 AM, minwoojin said:






    O wow! PMY and PSJ look so complete with each other as gorgeous and beautiful to look at.  Their explosive chemsitry or did i sense their "sexual tension" in their press conferences was so captivating to look and "feel", hahaha.  This pairing is just so awesome and beautiful to watch and admire.  Perfect casting! Cant wait to see them in the episodes ahead....come soon!!!


    @minwoojin - hope u dont mind me reposting ur lovely pic of this handsome couple & thanks for posting them here:



    Too sweet not to repost:


    credit as tagged

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  6. For ZLY's XingYue lovers and fans who still cannot get over the unjustified death of her YWY please read the novel translations here and its updates.  I found relief reading them.....


    YWY's last words to XE:  “Live, keep living, don’t forget you still have many dreams.”:

    Credit link to:  http://ninja-reflection.com/2017/08/30/princess-agents-novel-translation-just-bits-not-whole-thing/






    credit as tagged

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  7. Is this rumour or what!  Does this mean we'll get to see Hu Ge and ZLY in movie?  I cant wait as i wanted to see them in a drama like yesterday....


    Google Translate: "The play passes: Hu Gezhao Liying for the first time cooperation new opera, this is must hold the single rhythm! Recently Zhao Liying and Hu Ge hopeful cooperation large-scale costume piece "Su Dongpo", this soap opera in the next year starting photography.

    This Hu Ge and Zhao Liying fans were happy after all Zhao Liying can make a movie with the male god, Zhao Liying expressed long ago the respect to Hu song, called him own male god.
    Does not know how these two people will bring the marvelous show!"


    [剧透:胡歌赵丽颖首次合作新剧, 这是要托单的节奏啊!最近赵丽颖和胡歌有望合作大型古装剧《苏东坡》,这部电视剧将在明年开机拍摄。


    Edit:  Changed their pic.


    credit as tagged


    Looking radiant:


    Image may contain: 1 person, standing and text



    credit as tagged


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  8. 24 minutes ago, icyphoenix said:

    Yes that's true.. She is really passionate about her acting.. We r lucky to have her.. Coz of her I stick to Chinese dramas.. 

    I know what you mean.  I actually watched all her dramas as i find her appealing and outstanding in all.  She has this star power and ability to draw in your attention and get so emotionally attached to her character.  

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  9. 9 minutes ago, icyphoenix said:

    @gentlelily12 thanks for sharing the info.. Zly is really popular.. So much endorsement.. God!!  I m really amazed by her.. She never gets tired of shooting it seems

    i think ZLY is very passionate and dedicated abt her work.  I also hope that she will manage her time & hv enough rest.  The best part is as a fan, we get to see her in 2 dramas and 1 or 2 movies a year, isnt it?  So, we dont get ZLY deprived!

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  10. ZLY rank #1 for being best ideal type girlfriend. Comments were she looks gorgeous on screen but in person she's very private and simple. She's participated in many charity events and donated money that's why people chose her as best Girlfriend.  So true, she's also very sincerely helpful to newbies and friends due to her own struggles in the inital years. She's a good example to everyone:

    Image may contain: 7 people, people smiling, text

    No automatic alt text available.



    credit link: http://k.sina.cn/article_2708947324_a177417c001001hra.html


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