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  1. Who's not besotted with these two, our lovebirds in “I Will Never Let You Go” airing now!  I hv always liked Ariel since Prince of Lan Ling with FSF and when i saw her pairing with hottie Vins Zhang, it was absolutely mind blowing from Ep 1 onwards cause they were just so cute, well matched and oozing with chemistry, yeah despite their 10 year age gap. I hope Vinz Zhang has more dramas in the lead roles from now as am sure many fans of his cant wait to see him take on more roles and i'd like that he gets the girl as i am quite tired of VZ always giving me the second lead syndrome (like inThe Flames Daughter & Pretty Li Hui Zhen), and not getting the girl. Enough!! His time has come...glad for VZ!! As for Ariel, she is already a success!!

    Ariel Lin and Vin Zhang Binbin are Oozing with Chemistry in I Will Never Let You Go


    Gonna add this link for future ref: https://38jiejie.com/2019/01/11/ariel-lin-and-vin-zhang-binbin-are-oozing-with-chemistry-in-i-will-never-let-you-go/

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