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  1. Hi Sunnies, Koo is full of surprises- parasailing, diving and now sky diving - WoW! She's certainly is very interesting. Hi bro @obbor4 She's over-coming her fears - I'm wonder if she's preparing to do something she's not comfortable doing?? In general, I so happy that Koo is reaching out & updating her fans via Instagram. Did you see the latest post- Mango (?) sitting on her artwork and Ahnjoo is showing up in the background AGAIN, but getting his presence known- haha! I love Ahnjoo; I think he's hilarious!! BIFAN event - I got so excited the night of the VLIVE event but forgot that's it's in Korean (no subtitles). @junding2009, it was still super cool, right I was hoping for subtitles a few days later like Koo's last VLIVE (Dark Yellow) but I could not find it on VLIVE?? Thanks goodness for the xportnews article & for your translation sis @cheerkoo so that we can understand a little of her current feelings about film making. It's so awesome to hear that she's still want to make films and want to understand audience's feedback to improve her film making. Really wish somehow Int. fans can access/watch her movies, Dauder, Mystery Pink, Deep Sleep. Does anyone know how/where I can watch Mystery Pink. Excited for her upcoming endeavors. Fighting Koo!!
  2. Hi Sunnies, It's been a while- sorry :| Not sure if everyone know of GHS VLive talk. Hope many of us will log on to participate in this rare opportunity "be there" with our Hye Sun. I'll surely be up at close to 1am my time. Director #Koohyesun will have a VLIVE for Megatalk Event 'Movie and I' at the 2018 Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (@bifanofficial). Date: 2018/07/14 Time: 4:50 pm KST. https://m.vlive.tv/video/79617 . Cr: @ahnkoovely. #구혜선 #Goohyesun #BIFAN https://m.vlive.tv/video/79617 Won't you join me Sunnies? We're chat afterward, yes? I remember back in 2015 when I first joined Soompi, our forum used to be so lively & busy with lots of chit chats. It's been quiet for a long while. A big Thank You to sis @cheerkoo and others for keeping things going for our forum.
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