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  1. Although some may think it’s too slow, but I actually like how they are taking the time to flush out each character and family dynamic. Every episode feels like a warm bowl of soup, warm, and nutritious. After reading the book, I’m enjoying the flow of the story being painted on screen. A few highlights of the show: - All the grandmas are supper adorable and full of feels. - 大娘子 is such a surprising comedic relief hahaha. - the little looks they give, or gentle hand gestures, especially from the backup characters. - This show is truly a light and enjoyable family show. My mom was like is this a comedy hahaha. The music really helps to highlight these golden moments haha - We both agree the drama is shot beautifully. From the gorgeous and historically accurate sets, to the use of real candles instead of electric lights, to the natural plants and cinematography, everything feels so purposeful. We never felt jarred out of this century like many bad period dramas. - as for the characters. I’m surprised to find myself liking the development of each family and how they ultimately help shape our characters and the path they will go on. It feels more like a life drama, with a slow wave of character understanding, and growth coming. This feels more natural and actually better developed than the novel. - also compared to the novel, they did make some changes that is more world building, and we get to better understand each main character better not through flash back but actually see into their homes. In the novel we kinda stay within the view of Minglan’s family and flashback more. I think the show can better help those who didn’t read the novel to understand the characters, their growth, and how in the end they make their decisions. Hhaha I love how everyone is team 2nd lead already (he is cute eh haha) Let’s keep watching Shall we ^v<
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