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  1. Welcome to the forum! Yessss, always here for Ji Hyo stans, @jma030201 too! I definitely agree that this is the best drama she's been in that's more contemporary. I haven't watched Jumong or the Fugitive of Joseon, so I can't comment. I would say that her second best drama is "Listen to Love", followed by "Emergency Couple". I had second lead syndrome in "Emergency Couple", so it wasn't as enjoyable as I would have liked LOL. Thankfully, I'm on board the DO-AJ train, so I am just VIBING with this drama right now haha. Although, I normally detest the bad boy male lead, but in this case, I think
  2. @iamnowhereforyou OMG, I really want to see "Intruder", but I live in the US, so theaters aren't actually open yet. I'm sure it would have been screened here as well if it weren't for COVID. (Everyone stay safe!) I know it opened in like Taiwan and a few other countries. I heard really great things about her acting, but the story apparently had something left to desire, according to the Naver reviews. I'll definitely watch it, but what did you think? Not to get too off topic LOL. On to your amazing post though! I really appreciate a lengthy and well thought out post LOL. Keep it u
  3. @rita96 Yea, unfortunately, you won't be able to find it on Youtube. The clip doesn't have anything really new that we haven't seen, but if you're really curious and have an instagram, search up "songjihyointernational". On July 1st, she posted the trailer on her fan account! @iamnowhereforyou LOL, YASSS! Another Ji Hyo stan! She really is the best haha. I think the lookalike in PD's past is his ex-wife. I think she's definitely dead if that's the case because his son said that she died while he was young. As for your theory that RJ is DO's brother, that would be super makjang L
  4. It's nice to see some familiar faces @whiteclover! Compared to Born Again, I'm hopeful that this drama isn't total trash by the end LOL. I still kind of have PTSD from Born Again *shudders* haha No doubt, if you couldn't tell by my profile picture, I'm a HUGE Song Ji Hyo stan. That being said, I'm not totally biased in the sense that I will stop watching her dramas if I think they're going no where (Lovely Horribly, Ex-Girlfriends Club). The aforementioned dramas were written terribly. Luckily, I'm actually quite hopeful that this will be her best drama yet. In terms o
  5. Dang, I haven't watched the last two episodes yet, but the writers really did Jae Young dirty. He's like the worstttt now. The first couple of times that he c*ck blocked Hari and IS were funny because it was petty, but making him repeatedly do that makes him seem like overly obsessive and stalker-ish. I watched that clip where Hari and JY were in the car together, and I got scared that he was going to kidnap her. At least, he's moving out of their house now. He was such a good character too initially. I feel like the writers overdid it to the point where people are actively rooting against h
  6. This is all of us who continued to watch this drama, thinking that SH-SB was endgame. LOL, it looks like it was the majority of us though, which is why the backlash to this drama is so bad. I haven't watched the last two episodes, and I don't really have any intention of doing so. I started this drama because of Jang Ki Young, and I stayed for Lee Soo Hyuk. I'll definitely be looking out for his and the other two actors' work though. I just wish that they had pushed JB-SB more in the beginning and hadn't made this love triangle straggle on for literally the entirety of the drama. T
  7. LOL I'm definitely in the minority here, but I'm a fan of Jae Young, specifically Park Byeong Eun. He's just so charming to me. I've definitely become a fan. In the press interviews and the behind the scenes clips, the actor's jokester personality really stands out. I guess he's more my style than the other two male leads. I'm just a SUCKER for the best friend angle in dramas. I just love the bickering and the slow burn realization that you're in love with your best friend. He's also great at being comedic relief! That being said, it's pretty obvious that despite whatever hurdles come their wa
  8. LOL just a disclaimer, I haven't watched the full episode yet. Kind of just skipped around, but from what I've gathered, SB didn't outright reject JB after the kiss, and she even told him that her heart is wavering towards him? She said at first, she felt her heart flutter around SH, but now she feels her heart doing something similar when she's around JB. To her credit though, she let him know that she might just end up going to SH again She's confused, but not as confused as the rest of us HA. Also, when she said this, she hadn't regained her past memories yet, so I guess there's that. We'l
  9. The story is still as ridiculous as ever. I don't really try to make sense of it anymore. I kind of ignore the whole crime aspect of the drama tbh. I'm just waiting out on a happy ending for our leads LOL. I laughed again when JB woke up in the middle of the park, and people were just going along with their normal routine. It reminded me of when SH was like on the floor, and the bookstore keeper was just chilling. It's like they live in their own world. LOL despite the reactions to this episode, you and I both know that we're all going to tune in tomorrow. I definitely think she's
  10. @scarletlover1 I AM LIVING FOR YOUR POSTS lol. As far as I'm concerned, you're the club leader of team SH/SB Anyways, I was reading the Naver live chat comments and was surprised by the backlash on SH's actions at the end of the episode. Understandable since we know he's innocent, but it makes sense from SH's point of view. All the evidence that he has right now points to JB being the culprit. He literally just found out that JB was stalking SB and for him to kidnap SB wouldn't seem like a stretch. He knows that JB was on the scene of the crime as well. Plus, JB was caught in a pre
  11. "CAN I DO AN EXPERIMENT TOO?" Lol, dang, that line has me swooning over here haha. SB and SH chemistry FTW. I've been like obsessed with this drama lately, but not really for its plot. I basically just watch for the formalin couple scenes. The plot is kind of crazy and ridiculous at times (like the dog just happens to dig up some IMPORTANT evidence against Sang-Ah in JB's presence ). More than that, to be honest, I don't really understand SB's motivations like at all. I get that she believes in nurture versus nature, but she is SO committed. It's actually kind of frustrating. If
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