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  1. Guys, really into this drama. I have no idea how they're going to revive Cha Min, but it is a fantasy drama. They can introduce basically any new rule as they have done already (only those revived by Abyss can see it, etc). I'm not worried about his return...The only thing I'm concerned about is utilizing the Abyss too much, like you can't revive people every time they die; it ruins the tension. It's going to have to be destroyed at some point, so that the story has some stakes in it. Can't wait to see how everything develops. Also, really random and totally a side note, but am I the only one totally charmed by Lee Si Eon's character? I think he's so sweet. Not going to lie, kind of shipping Ga Young with him after this latest episode. Am I the only one???
  2. I'm a little confused over how Sunny wasn't that upset over NWS's death and how he was basically an afterthought. I mean I get that he wasn't able to appear in the last couple of episodes, but when Sunny is thinking about her time at the palace, there were no flashback scenes to the moments that she shared with NWS. It feels cheap, considering that the writer had put in the time to develop their relationship as something meaningful to the both of them. I'm firmly in the camp that she never had any romantic feelings for him, but she definitely had a strong relationship with him, as referenced by the fact that they both have risked their lives to protect one another. It's honestly really poor writing. To make matters worse, her lack of response to NWS's death is almost immediately juxtaposed by her dramatically crying over Lee Hyuk's death. This is over a guy that she has openly been disgusted with and has hated. It doesn't really make any sense to me for her character to be so upset over his death in comparison to the one guy that she had promised to protect this entire time. Maybe she was so upset over his death because she realized that his feelings for her were actually sincere and because of how tragic his end was at the hand of his own mother. She definitely wasn't reciprocating his intense love for her because as he was dying, she never said that she loved him or anything along that vein. She just told him that if he actually felt sorry, then he has to pay for his sins in the right way and not die on her. Does that mean that if he had survived those gunshot wounds, she would have forgave him? I'm not quite sure. When Lee Hyuk asks Sunny if their relationship is truly over, she says that she could never forgive him, considering the fact that he has never owned up to anything that has happened and has never stood up for what is right. He did so this time in a valiant effort, but would she have fallen back in love with him if he had survived? I'm skeptical and hopeful that that isn't really the case. I'm just frustrated that we got definitive answers that Lee Hyuk and NWS both liked Sunny, but on Sunny's end, we're not quite sure where she stood with either of them. I guess you could validate this decision by saying that Sunny's purpose in the palace was never to have any kind of romantic relationship with anyone and that it was simply just to take down the empire, but it just feels messy to me. I guess you could reason that the scenes between Lee Hyuk and Sunny were necessary to have the audience believe that he did love her and could turn on his mother and the empire for her. The writer probably also played into the fact that a lot of Korean fans shipped the two together and didn't mind those scenes. I guess you could also reason that NWS and Sunny had to have their moments for NWS to be so protective over Sunny and to develop Lee Hyuk's character. I mean think about it. He flipped out on Min Yura for having known NWS personally and stopped feeling anything for her (probably his lust) because of this; however, when he finds out about Sunny's knowledge of who NWS is, he ends up forgiving her because he actually does love her and not lust after her. Ultimately, I think the direction of the story worked well for Lee Hyuk and how his character developed, but I'm confused over the trajectory of the other characters. I'm glad that Sunny got her vengeance, but I'm disappointed by the writing. I have to watch the last four episodes in subs, but this is my initial reaction. How do you guys feel? P.S. I would definitely be down for a SSR- Jang Nara romantic comedy. If you ignore mostly everything when it comes to the context of their relationship, they do have chemistry. It would be cool to see them in a relationship, under normal circumstances like Lee Hyuk wanted. LOL.
  3. I am so shocked by this news. It literally makes no sense. Why would you extend the drama, knowing that one of your main male leads cannot shoot the extension episodes? They did Choi Jin Hyuk dirty. I'm Korean American, so I know some Korean. In his instagram post, he's just acknowledging the news and thanking his fans. I'm looking at Naver, and the news is the number one article right now. Here are some rough translations of the comments: kill**** 아니 남주가 스케줄이 안되는데 연장을 한거임? 이게 뭔ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ (+4444, -52) Why would you extend the drama it doesn't fit into your main lead's schedule? What is this? juwo**** 주연 스케줄이 안되는데 왜 굳이 연장을 하지ㅋㅋㅋ 이런 경우는 처음 보네 여러모로 역대급 드라마; (+2148, -41) Why would you even bother with an extension when the main lead's schedule doesn't align...this is the the first time I've seen this scenario happen. kind**** 진짜 갈수록 답이 없는 드라마였어요 고생하셨어요 ㅠ (+857, -34) Really this was a drama that made less sense as it developed. You worked hard. ejle****댓글모음 이제 더이상 황품 안봐도 되니 좋아요..진작 안보고 싶었는데 진혁님 때문에 억지로 본거거든요.? .잘되었어요. 팬미팅 대성공바랍니다♡♡♡ (+640, -127) I'm glad that I don't have to watch this drama anymore. I didn't want to watch it anyway. I only was watching for CJH and was forcing myself. It turned out well. I hope your fan meeting goes well. Source: https://entertain.naver.com/ranking/read?oid=018&aid=0004311464 This is such a disappointment. I wonder how they framed the last two episodes. Definitely a bad sign for CWB's character, but they did say that he was terminal. That being said, this is also a makjang drama, so who knows? The writer obviously didn't plan his or her script very well.
  4. To be honest, I don't understand how people can want Lee Hyuk to end up with Sunny. You can root for redemption, and you can root for him to become a better person, but I simply don't understand how you can root for their relationship. It's just toxic. It's basically the definition of an abusive relationship, except the emperor is actually a psychopathic killer. He literally pulls some psychopathic bulls*it, and then, apologizes to her, saying that he didn't really mean it and tells her he loves her. That's just not right. He obviously has a lot of mental issues because of his upbringing, but that doesn't cancel out the fact that he KILLED CWB's mom and has no remorse. How can you want Sunny to love him when if you were in her position, you would never stay with someone with this kind of character? Sunny has shown no reciprocation of his one sided feelings, and if the writer ends up putting them together, what kind of message does that send? Promoting toxic relationships is not a good look and definitely NOT OK. You can't forgive this kind of behavior. However, I do actually like Lee Hyuk's character a lot. He's a very complex character whose psychopathic tendencies were shaped by how he was nurtured and his environment. He has moments where he is charismatic and does what is just, which leads you to believe that if it were not for his toxic upbringing, he would be a good person. It would be poetic if he died saving Sunny, which I think is where we are headed. In this scenario, he would prove that despite all of his outbursts, he did love her, and in a different life, perhaps they would have had a happy marriage. His character is compelling because his story arc is so tragic, and you can genuinely feel bad for him too. He definitely CANNOT end up with her though, even if he survived while trying to save her. He needs to pay his due. That being said, I also don't like CWB with Sunny either. The writer hasn't really invested that much time into developing their relationship. We know that CWB has feelings for Sunny, but that is about it. Sunny is rightfully focused on avenging all the injustices committed by the imperial family rather than her love life. Her protectiveness towards CWB feels to me like a very strong bond of loyalty rather than a bond between romantic partners. She supports him because he is another victim of the imperial family's corruption. At this point, I would just rather that the writer not write in and force their relationship into two episodes. What do you guys think? How do you think the last two episodes will play out?
  5. I think she meant that maybe one day the geisha could become someone like her who can take up a more proactive approach in the quest to save Joseon.
  6. Hey guys. I just started watching "Mr. Sunshine", and I must say that I'm not completely invested in the show just yet. I'm intrigued most by the tensions between the countries and the relationship dynamics between the characters, but to me, the love lines kind of fall short. First of all, can anyone tell me why Kim Min Jung's character, the owner of the Glory Hotel, likes Eugene? Did I miss something? At what moment did she suddenly fall in love with him to the point where she is willing to threaten Lady Ae-Shin and suggest to Hee Sung that he forcibly marry her? As for Eugene and Dong Mae, neither really appeal to me. I can't quite put my finger on why I don't really like Eugene. To be honest, it may be the actor who is playing him, or maybe it's just that I don't feel a lot of chemistry between the two just yet. I do like the backbone of their relationship though. He's someone who accepts and loves Lady Ae-Shin's real self, not the role that she's supposed to play as the dainty noblewoman who only knows how to paint and arrange flowers. This is in direct contrast to Hee-Sung's character who appears to see her as just that. He's a playboy too, and he only becomes enthusiastic about the idea of marrying her after seeing her beauty. He's being portrayed as a pretty superficial character thus far. I loved when Lady Ae-Shin called him out on his bullsh*t too. I also don't like the whole vibe that he had in episode 7 with the whole "I don't want to do anything with any ill intentions". It feels sinister. On the other hand, Dong Mae seems like he has some serious insecurities over his societal status, and I can't help, but question his infatuation with her. Why does he like her so much? Is it because she was the first person to have treated him like a decent person, or is it because she's someone that he can't have because of who he is? I also didn't like the whole scene where he like touches the bottom of her skirt and wouldn't let go for an extended period of time. That was not a good vibe either. All of this being said, I'm willing to give everyone a chance since there are so many unanswered questions and plenty of time to develop their characters and relationships. All I know so far is that I'm TEAM AE-SHIN. She's bad a** haha. I care more about her mission to save Joseon than any of these love lines put together. Despite the pretty weak love lines, I'm fascinated by most of the characters individually. Out of all the characters, I want to learn more about Hee-Na and Hee-Sung the most. Before it was revealed that Hee-Na was the daughter of the main antagonist, I just saw her character typecasted as someone who was just going to gas light the conflict between the three men who are interested in Lady Ae-Shin. I saw her character previously as someone who was just going to push that plot along. I'm glad that her role isn't so one dimensional. I'm so mystified by her mother's storyline and her husband's shady death. I love that she stands her own ground and is a strong female character here, too. Hee-Sung is interesting as well because despite what we've seen so far, there's definitely more to him. I suspect that his constant smiling and joking attitude is just scratching at the surface of his character. All of the girls and his extended stay away from his family could be a distraction from confronting his own personal conflict as a nobleman. He definitely is aware of his position and the potential sins that his family has committed. I think it's quite odd that when Eugene besmirches his parents, he doesn't even question it. He doesn't get angry, and he doesn't seem surprised. I might even venture to say that he may feel apologetic? Maybe that's me just hoping that I'll end up liking his character since I like the actor portraying him. I'm wondering what the writers have in store for his character. What are your thoughts?
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