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  1. @raziela Yeah, she's even more protective of Qiu Ying than Qiu Ying's own father hahaha Oh yeah, talking about QY's past, I actually want to know what did she do before she became a host. Okay, maybe she was just a university student, I guess. But if she cut herself off from her family, and if she had to survived herself, then she had to find a part time job for the university and stuff.
  2. Exactly, I also never seen a male lead being so mysterious, not knowing anything about him before he became a professional gamer, aside from his relationship with Miya. And about Qiu Ying, I'm not really sure if she really survived through 5 years on her own. I think if she didn't have supports from any sort of relationship guidance, she must have had supports from her friends and stuff. I agree with you that Yi Yi seems to have more street smarts than QY a lot of times.
  3. @themarchioness Xia Ling's complete irreverence towards XK when they first meet is something that never fails to amuse me. I just love how protective he is as a little brother. It makes me curious to know how the dynamics of their relationship will operate in the future... on the one hand, they'll be brothers-in-laws, but they'll also be teammates too with XK their revered captain. One thing's for certain, Xia Ling will always look out for his big sis (and vice versa). I really love how protective he is towards Qiu Ying. And that first meeting with Xiang Kong also amused me as he is being protective towards his sister haha I'm also curious of how their dynamics will become, but as I can see, Xia Ling is starting to show his respect to XK as his captain, but as a brother-in-law, XK is getting there but not quite yet because he completely closed off on QY after Miya's return of an accident. However, XK is getting there, as long as he is good to QY, Xia Ling will surely cheer for them This makes me want to see season 2 of this drama. I want to know XK and QY's relationship developed, or how will the unexpected incident occurred (and I want to know about QY's past besides her family, and how she survived after she left her home if, IF she didn't have any supports (BF) back then, other than her best friend), how will our main leads face their problems together? How will XK's relationships with Xia Ling and QY's family developed? And will we see XK's family cause we never hear him talk about his family at all, or does he really have no family? Cause from what Miya had talked about her past with Xiang Kong was that they both were poor and couldn't even afford any food, so I wonder if he really don't have his parents... PS. Talking about what Miya said, about how she and XK were so poor back then, and they only had each other for support, but then, in the present, both XK and QY were also left with almost nothing after they left their companies (due to misunderstanding controversies), and just like what what happened with him and Miya, he and QY helped each other to get XK back to his dream by helping each other forming his own team. But then, after YX sold all his trophies to terminate his contract with Legends team to join Phoenix, XK sold everything, he even sold his favorite motorbike for YX to join his team. So I see the counterparts between Miya and Xiang Kong/Qiu Ying and Xiang Kong relationships there. If first love is not easily to forget, I'm sure last love is harder to forget and is stronger of hold; what I'm trying to say is that even though the first love between Miya and Xiang Kong are not easy to forget, but I think it would be even harder for Xiang Kong to forget Qiu Ying as his last love (IF she is his last love, but I'm sure she is) and their relationship will hold stronger, and even be deeper than his relationship with Miya back then. As for Qiu Ying, I'm still not sure if Xiang Kong's her first love or her last love, or both. Oh yeah, forgot another thing, the relationship between Qui Ying and Xiang Kong must really be fate because I just noticed that when one fall, the other fall as well, and when one rise, the other rise too, it's like they are meant to be. Also, as for 5 years ago, when Miya and Xiang Kong had nothing but each other at that time, Qiu Ying also left her home and had no supports at that time too, and then they met at the time when they were both on the brinks of losing their positions and careers, they are totally meant to be.
  4. May you translate this, please? I can't read Chinese, and thank you
  5. Hi everyone, I'm a new member! I watched the whole episodes on this drama with English subtitles and without it. I really enjoy the drama, especially because of Wang Yibo. I enjoyed him in The Untamed (but I knew him from a Chinese-Korean boy group, UNIQ), so after I was done with that drama, I came to watch this and I must say that I really loved the chemistry between the main leads and their best friends are the best friends they have As I found this website, I came here in a light of speed haha If you guys don't mind, I would like to make friends with 'Gank Your Heart' fandom here PS. Have anyone here read the novel of this drama? I would like to know if Ji Xiang Kong is Qiu Ying's first love or first relationship because she doesn't mention about her past love life, except for her family past. She also never said that Xiang Kong's her first love nor have she mentioned that she never had a relationship before Xiang Kong, not even her best friend mentioned it. So I would like to know if anyone knows, and thank you
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